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Web development

  1. 1. Build a community around your brand<br />WEB development<br />Anubavam Technologies<br />
  2. 2. <ul><li>Full Service Software Development Company.
  3. 3. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.
  4. 4. Offshore Development Center in Chennai India.
  5. 5. Custom Software and Web Development
  6. 6. Specialized Solutions for Small and Medium Sized</li></ul> Enterprises<br /><ul><li>CMMI DEV Level 3 Processes.
  7. 7. International Experience with Clients in USA, UK, </li></ul>Canada, Australia, Spain, Singapore and Malaysia.<br />About Anubavam<br />
  8. 8. Anubavam Offerings<br />Web<br />Mobile<br />Professional<br />
  9. 9. Anubavam Technical Expertise<br />
  10. 10. Web Development<br /><ul><li>Web Application Development
  11. 11. Web and Enterprise Portals
  12. 12. Website Design / Development
  13. 13. Web-based Database Programming
  14. 14. Web-enabling Legacy Applications
  15. 15. Opensource Software Integration</li></li></ul><li>Web Application Development<br /><ul><li>Application Development</li></ul> Custom application development tailored to the client’s specific business requirements. <br /><ul><li>Application Migration and Porting</li></ul> Our migration services include porting applications to a new technology platform, database and server porting, data migration, standalone-to-web migration of legacy applications. <br /><ul><li>Application Reengineering and Enhancement</li></ul> We provide reverse engineering of existing systems to understand their business functionality and technical architecture and introduce new/enhanced business logic and improved performance. <br /><ul><li>Application Audit and Testing</li></ul> Independent software audit and testing of your web application including code reviews, functionality-to-requirements verification, GUI usability and HTML standards compliance testing and performance/security/stability testing. <br /><ul><li>Application Maintenance</li></ul> Our web application maintenance and support services are aimed at ensuring stable and uninterrupted operation of your business system.<br />
  16. 16. Web and Enterprise Portals<br /><ul><li>Content Management
  17. 17. Digital Data Management
  18. 18. User Management</li></ul>What We Offer:<br /><ul><li>Strategy assessment and consulting
  19. 19. Business analysis and architecture design
  20. 20. User Interface design and usability
  21. 21. End-to-end portal application programming
  22. 22. Database design and integration
  23. 23. Integration with third-party Web Services
  24. 24. Integration with legacy business applications (like CRM, ERP, SCM, etc.)
  25. 25. Quality Assurance and complete testing
  26. 26. Portal performance optimization and tuning
  27. 27. Portal setup, maintenance and support
  28. 28. Portal upgrades and new features enhancements
  29. 29. Collaboration and Communication
  30. 30. Ecommerce
  31. 31. Security</li></li></ul><li>Website Design and Development<br /><ul><li>Professional Design
  32. 32. Look-and-Feel
  33. 33. Usability
  34. 34. Comprehensive Functionality
  35. 35. Front-end Functionality
  36. 36. Back-office Administration
  37. 37. Expert Back-end Programming
  38. 38. Dynamic page generation
  39. 39. Database design
  40. 40. Database performance
  41. 41. Optimization and tuning
  42. 42. Approach
  43. 43. Effective communication
  44. 44. Best industry practices
  45. 45. Extensive cross-domain expertise
  46. 46. High quality </li></li></ul><li>Web-based Database Programming<br /><ul><li>Investigation and Planning
  47. 47. Data Modeling
  48. 48. Workflow and User Analysis
  49. 49. Capacity Strategy
  50. 50. Interface Design
  51. 51. Migration of Legacy Systems and Data
  52. 52. Post-Implementation Review</li></li></ul><li>Web-enabling Legacy Applications<br />Migration Steps:<br /><ul><li>Take a close study of legacy application
  53. 53. Apprehend business functionality
  54. 54. Determine technological requirements and risks
  55. 55. Determine the optimal migration solution regarding your specific situation
  56. 56. Assure effective realization and smooth migration by means of constant monitoring and project management </li></li></ul><li>Opensource Software Integration<br /><ul><li>Operating systems (Windows, Linux, etc.)
  57. 57. Middleware (Oracle, DB2, WebSphere, Bea, etc.)
  58. 58. Back-office applications (billing, CRM, etc.)
  59. 59. Migration of existing systems to open frameworks
  60. 60. Custom Open Source-based development </li></li></ul><li>Advantage of Anubavam<br /><ul><li>Rapid development process
  61. 61. Outstanding experience on several tools
  62. 62. Creative themes and excellent user experience designs
  63. 63. Industry certified developers and business leaders
  64. 64. Well defined process and established QA practice
  65. 65. Expert in Integrating third-party applicatio.
  66. 66. US based project coordinators.
  67. 67. Proven Internet Marketing strategies and Search Engine Optimized architecture
  68. 68. 24/7 customer support / on call developers</li></li></ul><li>Our work…<br />www.energizedseller.com<br />Back To Home<br />
  69. 69. Our work…<br />http://taggleinc.com<br />Back To Home<br />
  70. 70. Clients<br />
  71. 71. Alliances<br />
  72. 72. &quot;We are definitely satisfied with the web development and integration work done by Anubavam. They helped us create our company&apos;s new corporate community Web site from the ground up. The project had some extremely aggressive timetables to meet, and they were not only able to meet those time demands by coming in on time, but they also finished the project within the originally promised budget, all with quality results. The company was extremely professional to deal with, provided excellent service, and were very responsive throughout the life of the project. We look forward to working with them in the future as our community continues to evolve.&quot; <br />David Marshall <br /> Director of Marketing, Hyper9<br />&quot;Anubavam was HUGE help in getting us live. !! Siva and his team have been both responsive and proactive in working our issues and a huge help in getting us up to speed on the product. The ability to quickly turn around requirements and their providing a “staging” area for us to review changes, improved the final products quality and allowed us to move forward quickly. I could not recommend a better business partner for your software and a better partner for your clients to engage. I would recommend that you keep Anubavam at the top of your partner list. &quot; <br />John Bonilla <br />OSIsoft, Inc.<br />&quot;Anubavam is a tremendous help to us. I have worked with Anubavam for some time now on a variety of projects from programming to web design and even SEO. They understand software, are very knowledgeable and bring new insights to every project.&quot;<br />David Garcia <br /> CIO, Icon Building Systems Inc.<br />What do our customer say<br />