Agenda EuroCloud dogodka 14.septembra
Agenda EuroCloud dogodka 14.septembra
Agenda EuroCloud dogodka 14.septembra
Agenda EuroCloud dogodka 14.septembra
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Agenda EuroCloud dogodka 14.septembra


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“Vloga in pomen računalništva v oblaku (»cloud computing«) za ponudnike in kupce”

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Agenda EuroCloud dogodka 14.septembra

  1. 1. OPENING KEYNOTE:<br />????????????????<br />SESSION ONE:<br />CLOUDSCAPE – AN OVERVIEW OF THE CURRENT MARKETPLACE<br />Cloud computing has become one of the hottest IT enterprise topics of recent times. It is fast becoming mainstream with large steps being made in a relatively short period of time. The opening session to the conference examines where the industry currently is and how far it has come in the past year.<br />The Business Value of Cloud Computing<br />The cloud value proposition to enterprise<br />Why has cloud computing come of age?<br />Where the advantages really show<br />IBM or Microsoft or Oracle or Parallels<br />Speaker ???<br />The Competitive Landscape<br />Predicted market growth <br />Speaker???<br />On Demand Applications & Platforms<br />How to simplify your business colaboration<br />Simple and affordable online business communication solutions featuring Remote Desktop Support, Live Chat, Remote Access and Online Collaboration<br />Xlab<br /> Speaker ???<br />How to harness enterprise cloud infrastructure<br /> Cutting through the hype: the reality of cloud for the enterprise; The key benefits of enterprise class cloud computing,• Addressing the concerns of cloud infrastructure; Migration considerations <br />Quest Software<br /> Speaker ???<br />Control panel : <br />Software as a service landscape<br />Platform as a sevice landscape<br />Infrastrukture as a service landscape<br />How Parlalles can enable Clou offering<br />Parallels<br />Speaker ???<br />SESSION TWO:<br />CLOUD SECURITY<br />You may regard cloud computing as an ideal way for your company to control IT costs, but do you know how private and secure this service really is? Not many people do. Session two will take a look at what’s at stake when you trust your data to the cloud, and what you can do to keep your virtual infrastructure and web applications secure. <br />Protecting Access to You Cloud<br />Why is access a risk?• Do you really know who’s really accessing your cloud?• How access to your cloud can be compromised • How the risks can be mitigated • The future risks we can expect to see,and how to prepare for them<br />Security on the Cloud isn’t Bad, It’s Just Different?<br />Insight to some common security myths; When I move my data to the cloud I will lose control of it? Is this true? There is no way of ensuring no one elsehas access to my data? Is this true?; I don’t control the network, so I can’t prevent a denial of service attack? Is this true?; Cloud vendors offer weak security so unless I find a way to secure my data it’s at risk? Is this true? Putting together a security model for applications and data that live on the cloud is simply a matter of leaving your preconceptions at the door,…..<br />In Cloud We Trust?<br />The major security concerns and issues for cloud computing; Understanding the risks of cloud computing; Best practice for companies in the cloud<br />SESSION THREE:<br />CLOUD CONCERNS<br />With any significant shift in technology adoption comes a number of concerns and criticisms. Session 3 will examine these fears and entry barriers in detail and answer the questions that many looking to implement cloud computing are asking.<br />Cloud, what Cloud?<br />What response a technology Department/CIO might make to this paradigm shift in the use and provision of ICT? What does it mean for a transition and investment strategy? What does it mean for your employees?<br />EuroCloud<br />Zitex Saas/EuroCloud competency center is Cloud oriented member companies all coming  from Slovenia, that trusts and develops their own Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering and place them on the market internationally through the common platform. The platform is  being developed for the sole purpose of getting the Slovene Cloud offering at one common place, so that the service providers are having common “go-to-market strategy” as well as buyers can find as complete as possible Slovene offering on one single location.<br />EuroCloud Slovenia<br />Speaker: Dalibor Baškovč - EuroCloud coordinator<br />DEPLOYMENT STRATEGIES AND INFRASTRUCTURE<br />Establishing and deploying a strategy around cloud computing is essential for an adoption process on any level to be seamless and successful. This session will include case study examples of how best cloud computing can be integrated into any organization.<br />Case Study : <br />Astec or …..<br />Speaker:???<br />Cloud Computing Infrastructure<br />A Practical Insight<br />Wants and needs of cloud service buyers today<br />Who’s in the cloud and what are they doing current and planned use of the cloud<br />What to do now – recommendations and advice<br />Parallels<br />Speaker: Matt_Domo???<br />Software as a service <br />The Deployment Saas model in Health Computing Within the NHS<br />Achieving greater value from your infrastructure<br />Planning for the cloud – best practice<br />Rolling out services in the cloud<br />Case Study : <br />Hermes Softlab …..<br />Speaker:???<br />SESSION FOUR:<br />INTEROPERABILITY<br />Session two will look at cloud Interoperability and portability issues and possible solutions. Discussions will feature service level agreements, switching between suppliers and vendor lock-in.<br />Challenges and Opportunities<br />Avtenta: <br />Speaker:Matjaž Jemec???<br />Ensuring Convergence<br />Assessing the business benefits for leveraging cloud computing. The powerful cost, value, and risk-related drivers behind the move to cloud computing; The technical underpinnings, supporting technologies, and best-practice methods you’ll need to make the transition<br />A Cloudy Future????<br />Villages vs Cities; Standard vs Unique; Global Challenges; Where in the Cloud? Mobility<br />Utility Computing<br />FMC: <br />Speaker:Žiga Kralj???<br />SESSION FIVE:<br />THE CLOUD COMPUTING ROADMAP<br />This session will be answering questions such as: How do I make the cloud work for the unique needs of my business? How do I ensure that I capture the required return? How do I build a long-term cloud roadmap and where do I start? How do I mitigateand manage the risk of moving to the cloud? How do I evolve my organisation to take advantage of the cloud?<br />Creating new applications<br />How to analyze and test applications and application components in the cloud; Development challenges unique to the cloud<br />Genis: <br />Speaker:Stane Štefančič???<br />Platform as a Service<br />How to manage business time through time management service, timesheet and time tracking solutions. It enables you to track your work time, projects you work on and tasks you perform. It is web based and can be used from any location at any time.<br />Špica: <br />Speaker:Tone Stanovnik???<br />Cloud Standards from Auditor's perspective<br />Which standards can we use to bring more security and confidence int he cloud services world<br />ABMSS, d.o.o. Speaker: Matevž Suhač ???<br />DEPLOYMENT AND INTEGRATION STRATEGIES<br />APPLICATIONS FROM WITHIN THE CLOUD<br />Enterprise application development with traditional software has always been too complex, too slow, and too expensive. With the emergence of cloud computing applications are delivered as a service so companies don’t have to buy and maintain hardware<br />and software to run them—or huge IT teams to manage and maintain complicated deployments.<br />THE FUTURE OF CLOUD COMPUTING<br />The final session of the conference will look at what the future holds in the cloud computing marketplace, in the short, medium and long term.<br />