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Overview of the game






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    Overview of the game Overview of the game Presentation Transcript

    • Overview of Basketball-the-Remix
      Basketball Without Backboards
    • Overview:
      Summary of Basketball-the-Remix
      Summary of Innovations
      Listing of Innovations
    • Summary of Basketball-the-Remix
      Much of human advancement is based upon an emerging generation building upon the work of those who came before them.
      We live in a REMIX culture. What’s created is REMIXed. The remixed work reflects the interpretation of the original work by another, producing a revision.
      Basketball-the-Remix is the modern interpretation of the original game of basketball that was played in the 1890’s with no backboards.
    • Summary of Basketball-the-Remix
      Basketball-the-remix is basketball without backboards. Basketball-the-remix is 3-on-3 full court basketball played with a 15 second shot clock.
      Played with no timeouts basketball-the-remix is the fastest and most challenging basketball game in the world producing over 145 shot attempts per game. The pace of the game and fewer players demand that each player handle and shoot the ball throughout the game creating the ultimate team / skill competition.
      With a 3 Point area underneath the basket, players earn three points for short jump shots, lay-ups and dunks. However, any shot taken within the 3 point area can be blocked, even on its downward arch.
      These rules regulating action around the basket creates a fast, more attacking and aggressive style of basketball around the hoop. A pace and skill challenge currently not experienced in traditional basketball.
      Basketball without backboards, remove the backboard, change the game.
    • Summary of Basketball-the-Remix
      Basketball-the-Remix mixes modern basketball, European netball, hockey and soccer to create an alternative to basketball that is faster more action pack game of basketball with limited game stoppage and disruption.
      Basketball-the-Remix is the challenge the modern basketball athlete needs to stimulate the next evolution of skill and athleticism.
    • Summary of Innovations
      The innovations and rules associated with basketball-the-remix can be mixed in various combinations to support play for six-on-six, four-on-four or three-on-three. The following innovations are associated with the three-on-three version:
      • Basketball without backboards
      • Demarcation of playing surface
      • 3 Point Key
      • 2 Point Lane
      • Face-off Circle
      • Running Substitution Box
      • Hoop
      • Running Substitution
      • Goal Blocking
      • Reduced Shot Clock
      • Face-Off
      • Roaming
      • Playing Periods
    • Basketball Without Backboards
      Height of hoop is 10 feet above the ground Can vary to 10’6”
      Diameter of hoop is 18 inches. Can vary to 16 inches
    • Demarcation of Playing Surface
      3 Point Key:
      The 3 point Key is the area 17ft x 20ft that extends from the baseline, underneath the hoop. Hoops scored within the 3 Point Key are worth 3 points.
      2 Point Lane:
      The 2 Point Lane is the space between the 3 Point Key and the 3 Point Line. Shot attempts made within the 2 Point Lane are worth 2 points.
      Face-Off Circle:
      The Face-Off Circle is located in the center of the court, similar to the location jump balls are held in basketball.
    • Goal Blocking:
      Any shot taken within the 3 Point Key can be deflected by any defender at any point and time during the balls flight to the hoop.
      Reduced Shot Clock:
      The time on the shot clock has been reduced to 15 seconds.
      Each period begins with a Face-Off. A Court Judge will stand between two opponents and smash the ball on the floor. Once the ball bounces above the heads of the players they may attempt to gain possession. Unlike basketball, the players may grab the ball and advance the ball themselves. They may also use the conventional method of tapping the ball to a teammate.
    • Demarcation of Playing Surface
      Court Size for 3-on-3:
      Size of court is 65 ft x 50 ft, with hoops on both baseline to a create a full-court.
      Running Substitution Box:
      This is the area on the court were players transition from active to inactive participation in the game. The box is demarcated on the playing surface.
    • Roaming:
      Roaming is the equivalent of traveling in basketball. However, the players are allowed three steps after they stop dribbling instead of conventional two.
      Playing Periods:
      Basketball-the-remix games consist of three playing periods of 15 minutes each. Total game duration is 45 minutes.
    • Basketball Without Backboards.
      Remove the Backboard. Change the Game.
      Change the Game. Create New Opportunities