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  • 1. Analysis Test Marketing Video
    Public Response and Viral Impact
  • 2. Overview
    On January 16, 2011 a short, highlight clip of Basketball-the-Remix was posted on (WSHH). WSHH is one of the top urban video platforms in the world with 120 Million monthly page views and 30 million unique visitors. After four days, I reviewed the viral reach of Basketball-the-Remix as well as the conversation stimulated by the video post.
  • 3. Views After Four Days
    Views: 186,903
    2KSportsMix (Youtube) 55,057
    Tv. Gawker 1,357
    Total 243,317+
    Additional 23+ websites have embedded the video. View count from these sites are unavailable. 73% of embedded videos where taken from Youtube.
  • 4. Viral Reach After Four Days
    Facebook Likes: 6,000+ (3% of views) 80
    Thablack1990.blogspot 45
    Rickeysmileymorningsshow 5
    2Ksportsmix (Youtube) 18 Likes
    Facebook Fan Page: 70 New Fans @ Basketball-the-Remix
  • 5. Viral Conversation: Comments
    I have read every comment on every website that posted comments.
    In general there are four recurring and consistent themes. I have broken the comments down into three categories, 1) Positive in General, 2) Netball and 3) Negative in general. The positive comments captures two of the four recurring themes which are 1) want to play and 2) comments around skill required to play. The other themes fall under both Netball and Negative in general. These two themes either say the game is not new because its “netball” or “our playing basketball without a backboard is not new.”
  • 6. Viral Conversation: Comments
    Top Commented Sites:
    Worldstarhiphop: 232 (less than 1% of views)
    Netball: 54
    Negative: 25
    Positive: 13
     *The reason for the high netball comments on wshh is that wshh has a high concentration of Jamaican visitors who inaccurately view Netball as a sport native to their country and therefore resent the thought of an American claiming their sport as his own invention. 25
    Netball: 1
    Negative: 2
    Positive: 1
  • 7. Assessment
    Basketball-the-Remix has demonstrated there is a potential market for basketball-the-Remix content.
    Basketball-the-Remix has demonstrated the potential to “move a crowd.” Example, tweets, embedding video on other websites from Youtube, become a fan on FB Fan page.
    Basketball-the-Remix has demonstrated the ability to “be the conversation.”
    Basketball-the-Remix has demonstrated that people want to play.
  • 8. What’s Possible?
    What’s possible with:
    Professional good looking baskets?
    Professionally produced content?
    Skilled Athletes?
    Regular Production and Distribution of content?
    A national tour?
  • 9. Summary
    Its not a matter of “if” but “when”
    M. Tee Armstrong
    Face Book: Basketball-the-Remix
    Twitter: @bballremix