Play Tetris in your SAP system


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Before looking at scalable cloud infrastructure, smart Basis Consultants make their existing SAP hardware work to its full potential.
How do they do it? By playing Tetris.

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Play Tetris in your SAP system

  1. 1. © Basis TechnologiesInternationa Tetris play in your SAP system
  2. 2. © Basis TechnologiesInternationa Is your head in the clouds?
  3. 3. © Basis TechnologiesInternationa Everyone is talking about clouds…
  4. 4. © Basis TechnologiesInternationa But before you go all cloudy eyed and start thinking about moving to scalable cloud architecture…
  5. 5. © Basis TechnologiesInternationa Are you sure that your existing hardware is working hard enough?
  6. 6. © Basis TechnologiesInternationa Most SAP systems work really hard to cope with your business demands. batch jobs reports extracts interfaces
  7. 7. © Basis TechnologiesInternationa But during intensive batch processing your SAP hardware rarely uses more than 45% of its capacity.
  8. 8. © Basis TechnologiesInternationa Meaning that you’ve paid for all of this power that you don’t use.
  9. 9. © Basis TechnologiesInternationa So, if you add even more hardware, you’re wasting even more money. Simply because of the way that your ABAP code runs on your hardware.
  10. 10. ABAP code runs in a single process which limits the amount of hardware capacity it can use…
  11. 11. Meaning that your batch jobs run for a long, long, long time. time
  12. 12. © Basis TechnologiesInternationa Tetris This is why you need to play in your SAP system
  13. 13. © Basis TechnologiesInternationa if you get basic decisions In Tetris, wrong, things quickly get out of control.
  14. 14. © Basis TechnologiesInternationa fill every available gap and make the You need to work hard to most of your resources.
  15. 15. © Basis TechnologiesInternationa And the simpler the shapes, the easier they are to fit into available gaps.
  16. 16. © Basis TechnologiesInternationa But life doesn’t throw simple shapes at you…
  17. 17. If you can break your workload into smaller, simpler chunks you can fill in those capacity gaps.
  18. 18. Meaning your jobs finish sooner and your business runs faster.
  19. 19. Basis Technologies’ Batch Accelerator dynamically breaks your long running ABAP programs to run in smaller chunks. * that run in different background processes *
  20. 20. So that jobs like this…
  21. 21. Can run like this.
  22. 22. What’s more, you can even increase the processing power used while jobs are running. So if you’re running late, you can use your available capacity and go a bit quicker.
  23. 23. Get your head out of the clouds…
  24. 24. Get instead.
  25. 25. Faster, better batch