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Gamification - Gamification in Sports - Nike – Adidas
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Gamification - Gamification in Sports - Nike – Adidas



What is Gamification?

What is Gamification?
How does it work in sports?
How does Nike use it?
How does Adidas use it?



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Gamification - Gamification in Sports - Nike – Adidas Gamification - Gamification in Sports - Nike – Adidas Presentation Transcript

  • Panteion University of AthensDepartment of Communication,Media and CultureAdvertising and Public Relations Lab 1
  • Social Mediaand Entrepreneurship class 2
  • What is Gamification?It is the concept of applyinggame-design thinkingto non-game applicationsto make them more fun and engaging. 3
  • More about GamificationIf you want to get peopleto do something thatthey might no do otherwise,make it a social game.Because games are fun. 4
  • and moreGamification is not equal togames. It is the applicationof gaming concepts tonon-game experiences inorder to drive desiredbehavior from an audience. 5
  • How to achieve success in Gamification?Have an objective.Start with real businessgoals.Engineer a path toyour goals.Identify the behaviorsyou want to elicit and thenyou choose tactics. 6
  • Rewards, rewards.Incentives mustmean something.Take a holistic view.Look at the big picture,especially if you’reapplying gamificationprinciples to a product.Make it fun. 7
  • About GamesGames addict usday by daymore and morein their world.Many gamers bringinto their real liveselements of the gamesthey play. 8
  • The game’s AdvantagesWay of education.Entertainment with learning.Gaining money.Exercise of imagination.Creativity.Taking ownership.Creating a word like we want. 9
  • Feeling of success.Consistency.Undertaking initiatives.Creative thinking.Interactivity.Respect.Cooperation.Leadership. 10
  • The game’s DisadvantagesAddiction.Fear.Nervousness.Obsessions or fantasies.Trembling,Insomnia.Nightmares.Isolation - antisocial behavior.Vision problems. 11
  • How is Gamification effective in sportsvia :Organization and discipline.Promotion and shareon social networking sites.Constant improvementand renewal of options.Applying various rewardschedules. 12
  • and via :Mobile phone applicationsthrough which you gain pointsand bonuses.Game dynamics applications.Opportunity for costumers toexchange views.Opportunity to discovernew products not yet released .Awards and competitions. 13
  • Gamification and NikeNike + Basketball• shoes with 4 pressure sensors,• accelerometerHow does it work?• counting steps• tracking the distance• counting the height of the jumps 14
  • What is the mechanism to make it effective?Motive to enhancePerformance.Competition.Community.Recognition. 15
  • Nike + Fuelband• wrist activity logHow does it work?• using acceleration to recordactivities throughthe movement of the wrist.• monitoring and measuringthe movement of the body• by 4 measurements available(time, calories, steps, Nike Fuel)• new measurement unit of Nike Fuel 16
  • What is the mechanism to make it effective?same as Nike + Basketballand also:Goal.Scaling. 17
  • Gamification and asddAdidas miCoach Football – miCoach RunningHow does it work? ​• speed sensor miCoach Speed Cell• measuring average speed,highest speed,number of steps,distance,number of sprints,stride rate 18
  • and• Uploading data tothe statisticswww.micoach.com• Design an individualizedcoaching program.• Share on social networking sites.• Digital design datain micoach World Champion.• MiCoach for android. 19
  • What is the mechanism to make it effective?Achievement.Community.Organization.Discipline.Improve capabilities.Objective.Competition.New identity. 20
  • Links:• http://gamification.org/• http://techcrunch.com/2011/06/18/web-of-games/• http://mashable.com/2011/07/18/gamification-marketing/• http://www.ekped.gr/praktika10/gen/112.pdf• http://www.pi.ac.cy/InternetSafety/gamesandeducation.ht• http://portal.kathimerini.gr/4dcgi/_w_articles_kathworld_1• http://blogs.sch.gr/tgiakoum/archives/category/%CF%80%C• http://www.tovima.gr/science/article/?aid=442865&fb_sou 21
  • • http://www.mtvgreece.gr/article/nea/i-nike-paroysiazei-tin-epanastatiki-• http://www.techgear.gr/nike-plus-basketball-training-shoes-app-39735/• http://tech.in.gr/presentations/article/?aid=1231146815&fb_source=me• http://www.gameover.gr/articles/%CE%A4%CE%BF-%CF%80%CE%B1%CE• http://www.ethnos.gr/article.asp?catid=22733&subid=2&pubid=3016894• http://healthnotesandnews.blogspot.com/2011/04/1972.html• http://www.typos.com.cy/nqcontent.cfm?a_id=26371• http://ygeia.tanea.gr/default.asp?pid=8&ct=1&articleID=4604&la=1• http://mashable.com/2011/07/18/gamification-marketing/• http://www.slideshare.net/margitafx/urban-gamification 22
  • Mouskas Vasileios-Ioannis @th_stroumfisameEfthimiou Lydia @LydiaEfthimiouGkrimopoulou Koralia-Aikaterinh @koralliaGrimPapageorgiou Sotiria @PsotiaGlarou Vasiliki @lilseagalMylona Christina-Nina @xristinamylonaAnastasia Kourou @Natakii 23
  • Giannakeas GeorgeDoxaras IoannisSiligardakis NektariosTsene Lida – coordinatorTsakarestou Betty – professor 24