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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. BAVIDEO FINALS: MUSIC VIDEO PRODUCTION1) GRADING SYSTEM: 50% PEER EVALUATION - Video production is a collaboration between team players. Your video output will reflect the relationship you have built within the process. You also know who did his/her part, and who did not; or did collaboration ever happen. SCHEDULE OF PEER EVALUATION- ATTENDANCE IS A MUST. DFS1(TUES/AM)- AUGUST 26, FRIDAY (Come as a group) DFS2(TUES/PM)- AUGUST 23, TUESDAY DFS3(WED/PM)- AUGUST 24, WEDNESDAY Contents of the peer evaluation sheets will be confidential, but the individual grade will be posted online. This will be final and irrevocable, so grade wisely and constructively. 20% PANEL - The panel will be mainly composed of industry practitioners and faculty members. You will be graded and critiqued according to 2 categories: CONCEPT AND TECHNIQUE, on the event date itself. The panel papers will be posted online as well. 20% PROFESSOR - I will be grading you according to 3 categories: PREPRODUCTION, PRODUCTION AND POST- PRODUCTION. I have been keenly observing and taking down notes since you started meeting for your video projects. Constructively, you will be graded on how you planned, executed and put together your video projects. I will be posting my finals grade sheet online. 10% AUDIENCE - On the event date itself, a table will be set-up outside the venue and small boxes labeled with your artists’ name will be on it. People coming will be given a small stub wherein they can cast their votes. Audience may or may not be constructive on their choices due to affinity to class members and artists, but this is where the 4 th stage of production comes in: the ADPROM stage (Advertising and promotion). 2) DATES TO REMEMBER - AUGUST 24 WEDNESDAY: FIRST CUT OF MUSIC VIDEO PROJECT, WITH OBB/COUNTING LEADER. (SOFT FILE COPY ONLY, NO DVD YET) - AUGUST 26 FRIDAY: FINAL CUT OF MUSIC VIDEO PROJECT AND 10-MINUTER BEHIND THE SCENE. - AUGUST 30 TUESDAY: MUSIC VIDEO LAUNCH AT B-SIDE, THE COLLECTIVE. 7274 MALUGAY ST., SAN ANTONIO VILLAGE, MAKATI (for directions, check our events page). Call time for class members is 5PM for set-up and tech run.
  • 2. 3) FINALS REQUIREMENT - AUGUST 24, WED: DEADLINE OF FIRST CUT a) .MP4 hires (H.264- 1080p / 720p) soft file only. With OBB/Counting Leader and proper black video spaces. b) ROOM: 14TH FLOOR FACULTY LOUNGE, 9AM- 245PM / 1206, 245-545PM - AUGUST 26, FRI: DEADLINE OF FINAL CUT a) Video content should be at this order: 5-secs black video > 5-secs obb-counting leader > 5-secs black video > music video > 5-secs black video b) (2) DVD-VIDEO- dvd-playable / tested Both discs and plastic case should be properly labeled with: TITLE / ARTIST / RUNNING TIME / FIRST TERM / SECTION / GROUP / DVD-VIDEO c) (1) DVD-DATA- exported file on disc ONLY. It’s as if you saved a file on your usb for storage, only in dvd disc; doesn’t play automatically on a dvd player. Should contain 2 files: .AVI/.MOV FILE and .MP4 hires (H.264- 1080p/720p) soft files. Both Disc and plastic case should be properly labeled with: TITLE / ARTIST / RUNNING TIME / FIRST TERM / SECTION / GROUP / DVD-DATA d) .AVI/.MOV and /MP4 hires soft files on USB/hard drive- ready for transfer to my laptop e) 10-MINUTER BTS Video (behind the scene) .MP4 hires soft file on USB/hard drive- ready for transfer to my laptopPLEASE BE GUIDED WITH THIS PAPER FOR YOUR PERUSAL.Love, Sir Nes