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  1. 1. BAVIDEO FINALS PROJECT RESULTS 20% PANEL- CONCEPT & TECHNIQUE 20% PROFESSOR- PREPRODUCTION, PRODUCTION, AND POST-PRODUCTION 10% AUDIENCE- PROMOTIONAL IMPACT, BY QUALITY AND QUANTITY TEAM GRADES TOTAL PROF (20%) PANEL (20%) AUDIENCE (10%) (50%) SIGLO 15% 13.43% 10% 38.43%MOIRA DELA TORRE 19% 18.52% 9.2% 46.72% SOLTERA 16% 12.24% 7% 35.24% GOOD MORNING 15% 15.65% 9.4% 40.05% HIGH FIVES TONIGHT 19% 19.4% 9.6% 48.00% WE SLEEP KAPNOBATAI 13% 19.27% 8.4% 40.67%SUMMARY OF COMMENTS: TEAM PROF PANEL SIGLO Last minute shooting plan / concept No clear direction; evident of band’s First to shoot last to edit/submit boring performance Some shot choices are off You could have played more on the concept, since you have a really nice song to begin with Some shots are really nice; other shots are bad- vocalist’s head is chopped off.MOIRA DELA TORRE Clear shooting plan; everything Effort on design- but not utilized well in coordinated. some shots Lighting is bad- you know what I mean Make-up and styling are really nice, Polish editing and transitions, but cuts though I found one piece of clothing na are good. medyo off. I would like to commend you guys on Some shots are nice; some are not so a job well done!  nice, unflattering to the artist Lighting on performance is a big No-no! Concept is “baduy” but it’s sweet. Direction is ok; artist’s performance is nice  SOLTERA Unclear shooting plan, last minute Concept is bad, sayang. change of concept. Not so good on Confusing shot choices. But the
  2. 2. execution of the story part. vocalist’s solo shot is perfect. Prod shoot is a riot- too many Over-all look, design was obviously cameras, less people on the details neglected. Editing can save your work; transitions Editing is bland, “halatang minadali” coz are bad. most of the transitions are unflattering. GOOD MORNING Last minute shooting plans, job Concept is half-baked, it would have HIGH FIVES designations are unclear, lack of been a nice video. control over the situation. Production Kainis ng location, sayang yung kanta management is bad. ang ganda pa naman. Sayang execution of concept, lack of I like the cinematography- the rawness dynamics in band performance, there of the shots, pero sana more shot are waste footages. Good thing you dynamics on band performance. have nice shots to save your video. I like the simplicity of the edit but it The existence of 2 edited versions is a could have been better. reflection of a bad team dynamics. I really hate factions and senseless bitter attitude. TONIGHT Clear shooting plan; but someone is Very pro look. Good job! WE SLEEP clearly uncooperative while planning Location looks legit, awesome shot the project and it’s annoying. choices. It’s a total package! Super tagal ng shooting hours. It could Editing is superb! Taste on cuts and have been shot within a few hours transitions is a mark of a good artist. lang. Color grading lang medyo saturated to Post production plan went well and I the point you lose some face details. want to commend you guys.  It’s ready for broadcast. Props to the team who made this video! KAPNOBATAI No comment. You guys know what I Good job! I like the concept and mean, and you know what happened cinematography.  during your production. I have to be Sayang some shots are grainy but really fair with everyone. nice! The video has a good balance of concept and treatment. Band performance is simple yet polished! Good job!Note:Panel grading happened the night before the event due to last minute decision and unavailability ofsome of the guest judges on the event date itself. Panel is comprised of the following: 1) Wincy Aquino-Ong: Filmmaker; music video director and former channel manager of MYX. 2) Lorna Sanchez: Well-known assistant director and casting director for films, tv and commercials. 3) King Palisoc: Well-known and currently the most in demand music video director in the Philippines. 4) Jona Ballaran: Fashion designer / costume designer/ stylist for Film, TV, and videos 5) Emerson Reyes: award-winning filmmaker; faculty at CSB teaching Video production and post production. 6) Alma dela Pena: well-known cinematographer for film, tv and videos.
  3. 3. BAVIDEO FINALS PROJECT RESULTS INDIVIDUAL FINALS PROJECT GRADES 50% PEER EVALUATION 50%- PARTICULARS (PROFESSOR / PANEL / AUDIENCE) TEAM SIGLO NAME PEER EVALUATION PARTICULARS (50%) TOTAL (100%) (50%)RASH LEANO 50.00% 38.43% 88.43%JOEY BILLEDO 50.00% 38.43% 88.43%AUSTIN CRUZ 48.60% 38.43% 87.03%KEN DE LEON 49.55% 38.43% 87.98%TIMMIE TABLANTE 49.55% 38.43% 87.98%SHATZ SUZARA 49.10% 38.43% 87.53%KAL POLINTAN 48.64% 38.43% 87.07%DEA LAMBO 48.18% 38.43% 86.61%SHANI DULAY 47.27% 38.43% 85.70%JOSHUA ARCEO 47.27% 38.43% 85.70%CHELSEA CHOI 45.45% 38.43% 83.88%ELISE SERK 47.73% 38.43% 86.16% TEAM MOIRA NAME PEER EVALUATION PARTICULARS (50%) TOTAL (100%) (50%)MACO CAOILE 42.78% 46.72% 89.50%KENNETH PE BENITO 47.22% 46.72% 93.94%INNO DELARMENTE 48.89% 46.72% 95.61%PAU ABUSTAN 46.67% 46.72% 93.39%KEVIN EVORA 47.78% 46.72% 94.50%WILL VALERIANO 48.33% 46.72% 95.05%NOEY YUHICO 50.00% 46.72% 96.72%JUSTINE BELANO 36.67% 46.72% 83.39%JERRY EVANGELIO 48.89% 46.72% 95.61%MICAJANE LIM 37.22% 46.72% 83.94% TEAM SOLTERA NAME PEER EVALUATION PARTICULARS (50%) TOTAL (100%) (50%)KUNE DELGADO 47.73% 35.24% 82.97%RINNA LEONG 48.20% 35.24% 83.44%MEERA DE VERA 47 .73% 35.24% 82.97%SHAI JESSWANI 44.77% 35.24% 80.01%YSH BRIZUELA 47.05% 35.24% 82.29%KAYLEB ANG 48.64% 35.24% 83.88%VJ NEPOMUCENO 48.64% 35.24% 83.88%SID JANG 48.09% 35.24% 83.33%ALJO TO-ONG 48.64% 35.24% 83.88%JENNY PURAY 48.64% 35.24% 83.88%LIO ROXAS 48.18% 35.24% 83.42%MATT PARADERO 49.09% 35.24% 84.33%
  4. 4. TEAM GOOD MORNING HIGH FIVES NAME PEER EVALUATION PARTICULARS (50%) TOTAL (100%) (50%)MAX CURRY 45.00% 40.05% 85.05%LARII CASINGAL 42.50% 40.05% 82.55%RALPH LAZO 46.86% 40.05% 86.91%JOYCE CO 41.88% 40.05% 81.93%JONATHAN RICE 41.88% 40.05% 81.93%KHAUFFER FUERZA 43.75% 40.05% 83.80%RYAN CUA 47.50% 40.05% 87.55%MITCH DAYAO 46.88% 40.05% 86.93%HOMER NIU 49.38% 40.05% 89.43% TEAM TONIGHT WE SLEEP NAME PEER EVALUATION PARTICULARS (50%) TOTAL (100%) (50%)KRYSTLE BALDONADO 47.86% 48.00% 95.86%PAT DAVID 43.57% 48.00% 91.57%PAO YANGA 48.57% 48.00% 96.57%DAN GAN 41.43% 48.00% 89.43%ALEK WEBER 47.86% 48.00% 95.86%MIKA MONROY 47.86% 48.00% 95.86%BLISSE TAYAO 40.71% 48.00% 88.71%JOANNA LITTON 39.29% 48.00% 87.29% TEAM KAPNOBATAI NAME PEER EVALUATION PARTICULARS (50%) TOTAL (100%) (50%)JADE STA. MARIA 47.78% 40.67% 88.45%ALVIN ENRIQUEZ 48.89% 40.67% 89.56%SHANE CHU 49.44% 40.67% 90.11%LANCE ATIENZA 48.89% 40.67% 89.56%TENTEN ALCID 48.89% 40.67% 89.56%KARA FRESNIDO 48.89% 40.67% 89.56%KEIKO ENRIQUEZ 40.56% 40.67% 81.23%MAKIE BAUTISTA 46.11% 40.67% 86.78%NHEL LAHER 45.55% 40.67% 86.22%ELISE LAGUATAN 43.89% 40.67% 84.56%