Drought Tolerant Corn


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BASF and Monsanto are working together on the challenges in agriculture. The project target is to create the first-ever GM corn with drought tolerance. The presentation explains Plant Biotechnology in general, shows the projects of BASF Plant Science, and gives details on the drought tolerant corn that is developed in cooperatio with Monsanto.

More info: http://www.basf.com/group/corporate/de/microsites/chemistryworldtour/innovationen/drought-tolerant-corn

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Drought Tolerant Corn

  1. 1. Drought Tolerant CornBASF Plant Science
  2. 2. Global megatrends drive demand for agricultural productsDrivers Limitations Agricultural Population Demand Growth Arable Land Meat Consumption Water Demand Biofuel DemandSource: UN, FAO, FAPRI, 2030 Water Resources Group, BPS CONFIDENTIAL
  3. 3. Market development plant biotechnologyGlobal GM crop area Key factsin million hectares; 1 ha = 2.47 acres 148  Global GM crop area140 continued to grow in 2010120  In 2010, 15.4 million farmers100 grew GM crops in 29 countries on 80 148 million hectares 60  Biotech crops cover about 10% of 40 the total cultivated land 20 11  Over 90% are cultivated by small 0 1997 2000 2003 2006 2010 and resource-poor farmers in* CAGR 1997-2010 developing countriesSource: ISAAA 2010 Economic gains (2006-2008) € 38 billion
  4. 4. BASF Plant Science Key facts DNA Crop Plant Science Sweden  Founded in 1998 Design Metanomics LandMarks SunGene Ames Iowa Limburgerhof  Leading platform for plant Midsouth RTP North biotechnology Carolina Hawaii Puerto Rico  7 R&D and 13 field site Tamil Nadu centers Ceara  750+ employees Sao Paulo worldwide St. Catarina  Annual R&D spending ~€150 million R&D sites Field site center Global research network at biotech hotspots
  5. 5. Our StrategyWhat? Increase crop yield through Plant Biotechnology for a more sustainable agricultureHow? Focus on yield traits for major crops Develop the leading technology platform to deliver the best traits for the best seed Access market through partnerships with leading seed companies Trait Technology Partner strategy
  6. 6. More yield by BASF and Monsanto  Joint development of higher-yielding crops and crops that are more tolerant to adverse environmental conditions such as drought  2007 agreement focused on corn, soybean, cotton and canola Potential investment of US$ 1.5 billion  2010: expansion of collaboration to wheat Potential additional investment of >US$ 1 billion  Exclusive commercialization through Monsanto’s channels 6
  7. 7. Drought Tolerant CornMonsanto CollaborationSecure corn harvests by increasing yield byup to 6% to 10 % when under drought stress conditionsProject target First-ever GM corn with drought tolerance Sustainable production in regions with variable water availability Product family market value 2020: US$ > 250 millionPartner Monsanto is one of the worldwide leading companies for agricultural solutions and products
  8. 8. Drought Tolerant CornMonsanto CollaborationStatus: Prelaunch stage final phase before commercializationNext Steps: Initial introduction in the US in 2012 through large-scale on-farm field trials to give farmers additional exposure to the technology Pending all regulatory approvals commercialization will occur in the Western Corn Belt region beginning in 2013
  9. 9. 9INTERNAL