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I attended and helped out a bit with Sports Connect TO. I geeked out when I got home and cranked out this PPT as an overview of the event and some best practices.

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  • Baseline review of scto

    1. 1. Sports Connect T.O.<br />An event review from Baseline Marketing’s perspective<br />Prepared by:<br />Ameet Wadhwani<br />Founder, Baseline Marketing<br />May 21st 2010<br />
    2. 2. Best practices in action<br />Take a page from this playbook<br /><ul><li>Within an hour of game time, the XConnectTO Twitter feed provided some simple yet valuable information
    3. 3. They used the Twitter feed to share user generated content, provide useful information to attendees, and give fans a voice and a channel to communicate on
    4. 4. By maintaining a profile, they actively moderated the conversation and provided a way for attendees, organizers and guests to interact</li></li></ul><li>Basic Snapshot of Twitter reach*<br />And some quick stats on the event<br /><ul><li>Total Number of Organizers: 8
    5. 5. Total reach of organizers’ personal Twitter feeds:~10,000
    6. 6. Reach addressable and in Toronto during event: no idea. If you can crunch that number, I have a job for you.
    7. 7. Total reach of key event participants (not counting over-laps, ‘bots’ or multiple feeds from one organization): ~33,000
    8. 8. Percent of registrations collected through Guest List App: 100%
    9. 9. Percent of registrants who provided a Twitter ID through Guest List App: 69.5%
    10. 10. Total number of registrants: 276</li></ul>* Followers of key participants as at May 21st, 2010<br />
    11. 11. Panelists can help expand reach<br />And can help keep momentum going after the event<br /><ul><li>Social media gives participants an opportunity to continue their enjoyment of an event
    12. 12. Sponsors and panelists are able to maximize their exposure
    13. 13. Fans who couldn’t attend are able to participate, learn from and enjoy an event without being there</li></li></ul><li>Opportunities<br />Simple ways to use social media to enhance an event<br /><ul><li>Ride the trending wave and capture metrics, sentiment, and feedback to help enhance future events
    14. 14. Develop follow-on opportunities for personal or business relationships
    15. 15. Collect links and additional value-added information that surrounds the event
    16. 16. Encourage attendees to generate their own content and help them to distribute it</li></ul>Opportunity for sponsorships? <br />What does TwitterVille think?<br /> <br /> <br />
    17. 17. Mobile & Internet Technology ruled the day<br />Some interesting tools for event planners to consider<br />Guestlist was used to register attendees. Handy little app!<br /> was used to broadcast live from the event and now houses the replay.<br />Crowdreel was used to share photos on the fly.<br />
    18. 18. More Tools & Apps used at #SCTO<br />Simple, FREE apps enhanced the experience<br />Trendsmap was used to show how much buzz there was around #scto during the event. Trendsmap can be used find out what keywords are trending in a specific location, but doesn’t have the drill down power of commercial applications. <br />During the event, an LCD was displaying the Seesmic Look desktop app in Playback mode showing the #SCTO search tag. Very cool. <br />
    19. 19. Participate & engage<br />Organizers, sponsors, guests and friends can participate at their leisure and on their platform of choice<br />It doesn’t take much to join the conversation and participate in an event without being a panelist, sponsor or organizer. Attendees can blog, post photos, broadcast video, Tweet, or find other ways of sharing their experience at events. <br />Organizers and event planners should have a social media strategy in place and publish guidelines for attendees in advance of the event.<br />Other Blog Posts:<br /><ul><li>Baseline Marketing’s Lessons Learned
    20. 20. Karim Kanji’s Post
    21. 21. Erin Bury’s Blog TO Post
    22. 22. Blackberry Winter’s Blog</li></ul><br /><br />
    23. 23. Other observations <br />Control the things you can<br />This tweet was sent with best intentions, but with the wrong ID. In this case, @SCTO, a natural fit for the ID for this event, was taken by someone in Vermont, so the message may never have been received.<br />If you’re hosting the event, beware the photo-bugs.<br /><br /><br />
    24. 24. You made it to the end!<br />I hope you enjoyed the preso<br />Next Steps:<br />Consider how you can use social media in your next event<br />Tune in to XConnectTO for more social media driven events in Toronto<br />Think about how you’d like to engage or be engaged at events and share your thoughts on the Baseline Blog<br />