My aal is about sleep


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My aal is about sleep

  1. 1. SLEEP
  2. 2.  Every creature needs to rest, giraffes, little babies, elephants, dogs, cats, kids, koala bears, grandparents, mums, dads, and hippos.  It’s like giving your body a mini-vacation.
  3. 3.  Kids are very busy.  There’s school, looking after your pets, running around with your friends, going to sports practise or other activities ,and doing your homework.  Sleep allows your body to rest for the next day.  Not only sleep is good for your body its good for your brain too.
  4. 4.  Sometimes going to sleep seems boring.  There’s so much more you want to do.  Some kids have trouble falling to sleep.  But if you’ve ever had a little sleep ,you know you don’t feel very well when your not rested. 3 _ F
  5. 5. Stage 1 – Is where you drift off to sleep, its when you feel like you are floating away just before you fall asleep. Stage 2- This is when you heart beat slows down and your breathing gets deeper and slower and you go into a deeper sleep. Stage 3 – This is the deep sleep stage, if you dream or sleepwalk – you would be doing this in stage three sleep. Most of the night you spend in stage 2 sleep.
  6. 6.  Rapid eye movement is something that happens many times during the night when we sleep.  When we are in a REM stage, our eyes flicker (underneath your eyelids), and our heartbeats increase. Our brain activity is like when we are awake.  During REM sleep, our dreams are very clear and feel real.
  7. 7.  Most people dream.  Some people have nightmares, and can have the same nightmare over and over.  Most dreams are nice and normal and you don’t even remember them in the morning.  I had a dream that I being chased by zombies in my house, I ran around screaming and waving my arms around. Dreams are not real although when we are asleep they feel real.
  8. 8.  For humans – we need different amounts of sleep depending on how old we are.  A newborn baby needs 18 hours of sleep a day.  A infant who is one year old needs 15 hours of sleep a day.  A child our age (7 or 8) needs 11 hours of sleep a night.  A teenager needs 9 hour sleep.  A adult needs 8 hours sleep a night.
  9. 9.  I am going to show you something that around 30% of people do at night.  Snoring is really common for men and more common the older you are.  It is caused by sleeping in a funny position, or because your throat is not the right shape or because you have a cold.  If you are fit and healthy you are less likely to snore, but some kids snore too!
  10. 10. DOES going to sleep seem boring to you? How many hours do kids our ages need? A 4 hours a night B 7 hours a night C 11 hours a night Does it feel like you can float just as you feel like you can go to sleep.
  11. 11.  Is sleep good for your brain?  A yes  B no  What does R E M stand for  A – Rapid eye movement  B - Roaming eye monkey  C- Rapid eye monkey
  12. 12.  By Mackenzie  Hope you enjoyed.  I HOPE YOU LEARNT SOMETHING ABOUT SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!