Share your co creation initiative(s)


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The Co-creation Awards 2011 are held again this year on the 22nd of November. Help us to create a long list of co-creation initiatives, which can be nominated for the awards.

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Share your co creation initiative(s)

  1. 1. CCA Awards 2011 – Share your initiatives<br />
  2. 2. Share your co-creation initiative(s)….<br />Do you know great, exciting and cool co-creation initiatives?<br />Check the category definitions to see whether your initiative is a customization, community or crowdsourcing initiative…<br />Check whether your initiative is already on the long-list…<br />If it is not….Share your initiative by posting the case title, brand & year of launch on the CCA Co-creation AwardsLinked-in Group…<br />Co-creation initiatives for the CCA Awards 2011 can also include cases which were launched before 2011 and are still active…<br />
  3. 3. Selectionprocess - CCA Co-creationAwards 2011<br />22nd November<br />10th October – 26th October<br />1st November – 14th November<br />2. Voteforfavouritecategorynominee<br />3. Votefor overall winner<br />1. Shareyourinitiatives<br />You can vote once in all three categories. The result will be; one winner for each category.<br />The event will take place at Capgemini, in Utrecht.<br />At the event you can vote for the overall winner of the CCA Co-creation Awards 2011.<br />An expert jury will select an additional winner from all nominated initiatives.<br />Upload your favourite initiatives via the Linked-In group discussion page.<br />Three categories are defined; customization, crowdsourcing and community initiatives.<br />Spread the word to colleagues, friends and family.<br />
  4. 4. Category definitions, characteristics and selection criteria<br />Customization<br />Crowdsourcing<br />Community<br />Definition<br />Definition<br />Definition<br /><ul><li>An initiative where the customer has the ability to configure a product or service selecting between predefined variables or by adding own content. Therefore, the customer has the opportunity to transform a standard product into an unique, personalized product.
  5. 5. An open call from a firm to the collective intelligence of “the crowd” to complete a task, a solution to a problem, within a selected time span.
  6. 6. A group of people with similar goals or interests connect to work towards a common good. By contributing in ongoing, new forums and challenges, the community continuously creates user generated content in a peer2peer environment.</li></ul>Characteristics<br />Characteristics<br />Characteristics<br />Co-creation facilitation<br /><ul><li>Customization tooling</li></ul>Typical outcome<br /><ul><li>Personalized product or service as desired outcome
  7. 7. Additional value of customization targeted at narrow target group or individual</li></ul>Co-creation facilitation<br /><ul><li>Specific assignment/challenge
  8. 8. A set timeframe for the initiative
  9. 9. Jury process in place for selection process</li></ul>Typical outcome<br /><ul><li>The solution is implemented to provide benefits for all participants or all customers</li></ul>Co-creation facilitation<br /><ul><li>‘Soft’ facilitation, moderator
  10. 10. Centered around and structured by goals, topics or themes
  11. 11. High level of self-sustainability
  12. 12. Open timeframe
  13. 13. No specific assignment/challenge</li></ul>Typical outcome<br /><ul><li>The joy of the process itself, rather than the outcome of a specific product (fun, altruism, belonging to group of enthusiasts, showing capabilities)
  14. 14. Instant peer2peer help from honest source</li></li></ul><li>Customization initiatives<br />
  15. 15. Crowdsourcing initiatives (1/2)<br />
  16. 16. Crowdsourcing initiatives (2/2)<br />
  17. 17. Community initiatives<br />
  18. 18. Thanks for contributing…<br />From 1st of November you can further help your favourite initiative to win the CCA Awards<br />Spread the word…<br />& keep checking the<br />Linked-in Group<br />CCA Co-creation Awards<br />