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Share your co creation initiatives
Share your co creation initiatives
Share your co creation initiatives
Share your co creation initiatives
Share your co creation initiatives
Share your co creation initiatives
Share your co creation initiatives
Share your co creation initiatives
Share your co creation initiatives
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Share your co creation initiatives


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Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. CCA Awards 2011 – Share your initiatives
    From September 15th – September 28th
  • 2. Share your co-creation initiative(s)….
    Do you know great, exciting and cool co-creation initiatives?
    Check the category definitions to see whether your initiative is a customization, community or crowdsourcing initiative…
    Check whether your initiative is already on the long-list…
    If it is not….Share your initiative by posting the case title, brand & year of launch on the CCA Co-creation AwardsLinked-in Group…
    Co-creation initiatives for the CCA Awards 2011 can also include cases which were launched before 2011 and are still active…
  • 3. Selectionprocess - CCA Co-creationAwards 2011
    15th September – 28th September
    15th November
    30th September – 17th October
    20th October – 7th November
    1. Shareyourinitiatives
    2. Nominateyourfavouriteinitiatives
    3. Voteforfavouritecategorynominee
    4. Votefor overall winner
    Upload your favourite initiatives via the Linked-In group discussion page.
    Spread the word to colleagues, friends and family.
    You can help nominate an initiative by sharing detailed information of your favourite initiative, as mentioned in the selection criteria (next slide).
    You can vote once in all three categories. The result will be; one winner for each category.
    At the event you can vote for the overall winner of the CCA Co-creation Awards 2011.
    An expert jury will select an additional winner from all nominated initiatives.
  • 4. Category definitions, characteristics and selection criteria
    • An initiative where the customer has the ability to configure a product or service selecting between predefined variables or by adding own content. Therefore, the customer has the opportunity to transform a standard product into an unique, personalized product.
    • 5. An open call from a firm to the collective intelligence of “the crowd” to complete a task, a solution to a problem, within a selected time span.
    • 6. A group of people with similar goals or interests connect to work towards a common good. By contributing in ongoing, new forums and challenges, the community continuously creates user generated content in a peer2peer environment.
    Co-creation facilitation
    • Customization tooling
    Typical outcome
    • Personalized product or service as desired outcome
    • 7. Additional value of customization targeted at narrow target group or individual
    Co-creation facilitation
    • Specific assignment/challenge
    • 8. A set timeframe for the initiative
    • 9. Jury process in place for selection process
    Typical outcome
    • The solution is implemented to provide benefits for all participants or all customers
    Co-creation facilitation
    • ‘Soft’ facilitation, moderator
    • 10. Centered around and structured by goals, topics or themes
    • 11. High level of self-sustainability
    • 12. Open timeframe
    • 13. No specific assignment/challenge
    Typical outcome
    • The joy of the process itself, rather than the outcome of a specific product (fun, altruism, belonging to group of enthusiasts, showing capabilities)
    • 14. Instant peer2peer help from honest source
    Selection criteria
    Selection criteria
    • Features & possibilities of customization tooling
    • 15. Level of personalization (e.g. number of product variables) vs. scale of market
    • 16. Success of customization initiative (amount of website views, amount of products sold)
    • 17. Amount of products actually produced or ideas / services implemented
    • 18. Success of the crowdsourcing initiative (amount of website views, amount of participants, amount of products sold)
    • 19. Involvement and number of participants (idea / voting / discussion)
    Selection criteria
    • Impact of the community (number of community members, value of information for organization, number of break through insights)
  • Customization initiatives
  • 20. Crowdsourcing initiatives (1/2)
  • 21. Crowdsourcing initiatives (2/2)
  • 22. Community initiatives
  • 23. Thanks for contributing…
    From end of September you can further help your favourite initiative to win the CCA Awards
    Spread the word…
    & keep checking the
    Linked-in Group
    CCA Co-creation Awards