Everybody is connected with the brand


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About your brand image. A generic look on what branding is, what it means and what you should/could do. A presentation from Bart Verbiest.

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Everybody is connected with the brand

  1. 1. Everybody is connected with the brand. Bart Verbiest
  2. 2. A brand is not a logo. 1 Borrowed from the presentation ‘The Brand Gap’
  3. 3. A brand is not a product. 2
  4. 4. A brand is not a service. 3
  5. 5. Okay, so what is a brand?
  6. 6. The real question should be: What is my brand image?
  7. 7. Or: How do people connect to your product and service?
  8. 8. Know your brand image Be great at the basics Ask the right questions
  9. 9. Experience: Somebody that answers the phone
  10. 10. Experience: A tweet about one production failure
  11. 11. Experience: E-mail left unanswered for days
  12. 12. Experience: A charity that thanks you on Facebook
  13. 13. Some of these things can be managed. ~ Branding
  14. 14. The brand image you now have The brand image you like to have Branding
  15. 15. Know your brand image Be great at the basics Ask the right questions
  16. 16. To deserve a great brand image you need to be great at the basics:
  17. 17. Product
  18. 18. Service
  19. 19. People
  20. 20. Know your brand image Be great at the basics Ask the right questions
  21. 21. ?
  22. 22. Why? Why does my company exist? Why do I work here? Why will anybody use our product?
  23. 23. How? How does our process work? How do we do things? How do I do things?
  24. 24. What? What are our core values? What does it mean to use our product?
  25. 25. Know your brand image Be great at the basics Ask the right questions
  26. 26. Now you can push towards the brand image you like to have.
  27. 27. Some examples:
  28. 28. Extra training for customer support; Connection with customers
  29. 29. Inspiring your employees with business insights and results; Connection with colleagues
  30. 30. Improving yourself in your e-mail response time, etc. Connection with partners
  31. 31. But what is the real secret of a great brand image?
  32. 32. A great story.
  33. 33. All charismatic brands.
  34. 34. “A charismatic brand is any product, service or organisation for which people believe there’s no substitute.”
  35. 35. A great story needs great design.
  36. 36. “Quality is the absence of non-quality signals” Gene Casey
  37. 37. If you are a designer or copywriter: Respect the brand image. Love the brand.
  38. 38. If you’re not a designer or copywriter: Fight for your story. Focus on non-quality signals. Give designers time and space.
  39. 39. Almost there. 3 tips:
  40. 40. 1 Show us what makes you different. Our mind is scanning for anomalies.
  41. 41. Quality is more important than time. People don’t have time, they make time. 2
  42. 42. Measure your messages. It must be honoust and understandable. 3
  43. 43. “Manage your brand from your brand image’s strenght. While you can push, nudge and point in the right direction, ultimately the client will lead you, not vice versa.” The little blue book of advertising
  44. 44. Thanks. Questions?