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Ruby on Rails






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Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails Presentation Transcript

  • Ruby on Rails developing web applications
  • Netguru Poznań-based web development and consulting company
  • • •
  • we’re gonna... • show you some live coding • give a talk about “why choose rails”
  • web development • before today • today and tomorrow
  • web development now • open-source technologies and tools • server-side frameworks • javascript libraries • shorter development cycles
  • with Rails you focus on • creating functionality, not creating code
  • Rails is... • Rails is opinionated • “If you try to design for the 20 percent of your target audience who are power users, your design may be not usable by the other 80 percent of users”. • if one feature satisfy 20% of your customers - it’s not worth implementing • convention over configurations
  • DRY, KISS • Don’t Repeat Yourself! • Keep It Simple, Stupid!
  • Code • the less code you write, the more maintainable and flexible your app is • you don’t have to ship your product to your customers - show it, get feedback, make it better, deploy a new version, get feedback...
  • most of the things are done for you. • routing • database • MVC • data, time zones • CSRF attacks • ...and many more.
  • developer’s tools for... • deployment • testing • maintaining code • monitoring your production application
  • deployment capistrano webistrano
  • testing • TDD • shoulda, factory_girl, cruisecontrol
  • maintaining code svn git ...and github
  • monitoring production application hoptoad newrelic
  • do things faster! • gems • plugins
  • community support • blogs, wiki, railscasts, podcasts, e-books, traditional books, irc channels, discussion boards... • it’s a great thing. really.
  • The Rails Myths: Rails • hard to deploy • hard because of ruby • ...only speaks english
  • Rails is hard to deploy • Phusion Passenger • hosting Rails in Poland? no longer a pain in the ...arm
  • Rails is hard because of Ruby • just try it yourself. • • it takes as much time as it would to learn a framework in language that you already know. • and then things go faster. and they are easier. and prettier. and better. believe me.
  • Rails only speaks english • UTF8 • internalization • time zones
  • downsides of rails? • convention over configuration • it’s harder to satisfy geeks and power users
  • Questions, comments?