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A powerpoint presentation presented by …

A powerpoint presentation presented by
Dr. Linda Bartlett
(ASCEC)Engineering Partner

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  • Building Information Modeling UAB School of Engineering Submitted By: Linda T. Bartlett


  • 1. Ecotect A 3 D Building Analysis toolA
  • 2. What is Ecotect
    • A definition-It is a 3D building analysis program by Autodesk
    • Developed by Andrew Marsh ‘s PhD Thesis at University of Western Australia
    • Created several years ago
  • 3. Why was it Developed, Who uses it?
    • Developed to assist architects with a particular emphasis on creating energy efficient, sustainable design
    • Grown to become the leading application for analyzing building performance
    • Architect’s analyze many aspects of building performance
    • For architect’s and other design professionals Ecotect offers a diverse suite of tools for assessing aspects of design exposure, thermal performance, acoustics, lighting and shading
  • 4. How does Ecotect work?
    • The Ecotect model is relatively simple and unrefined, it can be used to provide valuable information during schematic design phase of projects
    • It has the ability to import climate data files, confirm longitude & Latitude, time zones
    • The software can perform thermal, ventilation and wind calculations
    • The software can be used to geographically locate and orient the site of project, and weather impact on building
  • 5. How Ecotect works (continued)
    • The software converts weather data, summer and winter solstice, spring equinox, shading design data,sunrise,solar noon and sunset data into model.
    • Provides 3D stereographic sun paths diagram onto the model
    • Contains management functions allow date and time orientation/re-orientation as if standing on the sun
    • Provides overshadowing of adjacent properties
    • Zone management to look outside shadow, and shading test points.
  • 6. Features of Ecotect
    • Ecotect allows input of thermal simulation
    • Allows impact of air temperature, relative humidity and wind speed
    • Allow wind directional analysis
    • Ecotect allows the use of data bases which diffusion irradiation is observed
    • Ecotect allows for direct irradiation, cloud cover and rainfall
  • 7. Advantages of Ecotect by Autodesk
    • Architects are better empowered to make decisions regarding matters
    • Provides a holistic approach towards building design
    • More energy efficient buildings and green approach
    • Creates a more sustainable approach toward development
    • Climate change and dimensional resources addressed
    • Significant impact on design & construction built environment
  • 8. Advantages of Ecotect(continued)
    • Building design professionals no longer rely on generic applications
    • “ Rules of thumb” for design energy efficient buildings a thing of the past
    • Updates and transfers of data can take place seamlessly in applications
    • Consultants who work at the end of the design phase can model 3D
    • The “just make it work somehow” attitude is replaced with a cutting edge 3D modeling tool
    • Saves time, money and resources for designers, engineers, contractors,
    • owners
  • 9. Prepared By: Dr.Linda Bartlett Engineering Partner
    • Presented to Snaffey Groups
    • Date : September 18, 2011
  • 10. Questions?