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Unit 5 planner

  1. 1. [District Planner has this Unit scheduled for 4 weeks] Geographic Understandings: Students will locate important places in the U.S. Suggestion: Direct teacher instruction to review directions, latitude & longitude, map reading, compass rose, and legends. Could use brief video clips, map handout/worksheets, and Google Earth. Just make sure students can locate these places (both natural physical features and man- made places) which are important landmarks tested on CRCT: o Grand Canyon o Salton Sea o Great Salt Lake o Mojave Desert o Chisholm Trail – Unit 5 o Pittsburgh, PA o Gettysburg, PA – Civil War Unit, Qtr. 2 o Kitty Hawk, NC – Unit 5 o Pearl Harbor, HI – Unit 6 o Montgomery, AL – Civil Rights Unit, Qtr.4 Suggestion: Teacher-Taught Lesson: population, transportation & resources influenced industrial location in the U.S. between the end of the Civil War and 1900 Student Research/Project Topics: ♦ the Black Cowboys of Texas, cattle trails of late 19th century, the Chisholm Trail & the Great Western Cattle Trail  explain how price incentives affected decision to participate in cattle trails because of increased beef prices  Anton Foster, Aaron Meyers, Harris Moorer ♦ the Wright Brothers, beginning of aviation, Kitty Hawk  Derke Colvin, Jack Connor, Jamorris Hart ♦ George Washington Carver (science, agriculture, research, education)  Xavier & Jensen (Alazea if still here) ♦ Alexander Graham Bell (inventions, science, communication, technology)  Janilya & Kate ♦ Thomas Edison (inventions, industry, electricity)  Nadarius & Jameria ♦ The Spanish-American War (include William McKinley & Theodore Roosevelt)  Andrew & Nathan ♦ The Panama Canal (include Theodore Roosevelt)  Describe how trade promotes economic activity, such as how the Panama Canal increases trade between countries  Emma & Flora ♦ Immigration to the U.S. (why? Where did people emigrate from? Where did they settle?)  Nykia, Richeena & Riley
  2. 2. RESEARCH GUIDE 1. Research key people from the turn of the century (late 1800’s/early 1900’s)  Why is this person important to this time period? o What was this person’s time period? Birth date? Death date?  Why is this person famous?  What impact did this person have on American life?  What influence did their background or childhood play in who they became?  What obstacles did this person have to overcome?  How did geography or location influence this person? 2. Research important events from the turn of the century (late 1800’s/early 1900’s)  Where did this event occur?  Why is this event important?  How did location or geography influence this event?  What change(s) occurred in the course of American history as a result of this event?  What were the short-term consequences of this event?  Were there any long-range consequences of this event?  How might the course of history been different if this event had not happened?