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Read this collection of to-the-point pointers to learn what it takes to create an effective website.

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Sharpen your-website

  2. 2. DULL WON’T WORK.Shall we begin with goodbye?Your visitors are going to make theirdecisions to stick around and click around inseconds. If the pages you present don’tengage them immediately, say goodbye.Off to Google they go.Let’s get to the point.Your site should—and yes, it could—be yourmost powerful marketing tool.It can’t be cluttered. It can’t be confusing. Itcan’t be dull. Everything on it must be assharp as possible.This guide gives it to you straight. It presentsa series of concise, to-the-point pointers tohelp you understand how to develop a highlyeffective website.The tips are simple. However, it’s going totake some hard work to make them workhard. Are you with me? Unscientific and biased research by Feldman Creative reveals 3 of 4 sites are dreadfully dull.Let start sharpening.1. START SMART. 2. KNOW WHO’S THERE. 3. GENERATE SOMETHING.Starting from scratch isn’t necessary. No joke. Do you know who will come a- A ridiculous number of websites areSeriously, survey your competitors or any knocking at your door? Who belongs created for the wrong reasons. If your sitesites you like. Note the effective ideas and there? Get on the same page with this is meant to be a marketing tool, the rightallow them to inform parts of your plan. person. Examine his purpose. Know her reasons to put in the time and money willMix, match and make these strategies pain. Prove you understand the problem be to generate more visitors, leads, andwork to serve your purposes. It’s not that compelled him or her to enter your customers. What’s your goal? Define itstealing. It’s simply the smart way to start. domain and point the way to the solution. and then ask your visitors to do it.So get over it and get going.
  3. 3. 76% SAY “EASY PLEASE” 4. BUILD ON A SIMPLE PLATFORM. 5. SAY HELLO TO S.E.O. No law dictates you must make According to Vanessa Fox, author ofEasy does it. WordPress or another content management system (CMS) the Marketing in the Age of Google, “Your search strategy is your businessIn a recent study by platform upon which your site is built. strategy whether you realize it or not,HubSpot, 176 participants However if you want to update content because that’s how potentialwere asked “What is the fast and easily and steer clear of HTML customers are trying to find you.most important factor in the school, a proven CMS is indeed the School yourself in SEO and choosedesign of a website?” way to go and use keywords with great care.An overwhelming majorityresponded by answering,“Make it easy for me to findwhat I want.” 60 50 40 30 6. MAKE IT EASY TO NAVIGATE. 7. PROVIDE CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS. 20 10 The age-old KISS concept applies You’ve established who you want to when it comes to site navigation. Apply bring to your site and what you want 0 common sense by placing the most them to do. So make it as plain as day. important links first and prioritize from Create a compelling call-to-action that 1: Web traffic @ 58% 2: Sales lead quality @ 49% there on out. Fight the urge to buck maps to their needs. point their eyes 3A: Direct sales @ 41% convention and offer visitors an right at it and lead the way. 3B: Sales lead quantity @41% uncomplicated and uncluttered 4A: Customer feedback @ 40% interface with limited choices. 4B: SEO rankings @ 40% 5: Inbound links @ 30%More content,more leads.The Content MarketingInstitute and Marketing Profssurveyed over 1,000marketers to learn: 8. CREATE MAGNETIC CONTENT. 9. USE THE POWER OF YOU.‣ On average, B2B Content is your site’s reason for being. Without question, the most common marketers employ eight Start getting it together early in the mistake website owners make is different content marketing process. Develop a variety of media— fixating on themselves. You must come tactics images, video, audio, presentations, to grips with this reality: your visitors‣ 90% expect to grow their and of course, copy—to appeal to aren’t there to read about you. They’re business through content different tastes. Understand the more interested in solving their problems marketing content you offer, the more magnetic and meeting their goals. Remove as‣ Success is measured with your site becomes. And serve up more many mentions of “I,” “me” and “we” the criteria charted above— content regularly, daily, if possible. and put the power of “you” to work. web traffic ranked #1
  4. 4. 10. PUBLISH AND PUSH. 11. GIVE YOUR CUSTOMERS A VOICE. 12. BE SOCIAL AND SHARE.Most successful websites feature fun You want to get your customers talking. Social media has come to stay. Schooland informative blogs offering a steady Our network-centric lifestyles have yourself on Twitter, Facebook andstream of content users value. Your blog transformed word-of-mouth into “word- LinkedIn, understand the enormoussupplies the ultimate source of useful of-mouse” advertising. Never under- reach of YouTube and SlideShare, andcontent. The comment section that estimate this, the most powerful form of discover the bookmarking, news, Q&A,follows each article should encourage advertising. In addition to inviting and specialty sites driving onlineconversation. And the RSS (really visitors to comment on articles, offer interactions. Identify where yoursimple syndication) feed you provide surveys, polls, user forums, and customers are, engage them there, andautomatically delivers your stories to opportunities to ask questions and place the familiar buttons that allowreaders who choose to subscribe. review your products and services. visitors to share all over your site.13. TELL CUSTOMER STORIES. 14. PERFORM PAY PER CLICK TRICKS. 15. MAKE MOBILE MEANINGFUL.No one can weigh-in with more Remember, “A Field of Dreams” was Most websites are not optimized forcredibility than your customer. So fiction. If you build it... promote it. The mobile devices. Big mistake. You can’tstrive to deliver the kind of proof your real magic comes from pay-per-click afford to neglect the fast-growingprospects will respond to with programs such as Google AdWords. population of customers shopping forcustomer stories that showcase how Also, advertise on targeted sites your products and information on theiryour products and services deliver customers frequent. Locate smart phones and tablets. A largesatisfaction. Avoid the trite and too- opportunities to syndicate your selection of services make it cheapgood-to-be-true quotes. Develop content. And look for no-cost and easy to create and host a mobilestories that actually are true. opportunities to syndicate your stuff on version of your site. Doing so will sites that publish relevant content. create more traffic and a much greater user experience. A blog16. DON’T KEEP THE GUESTS WAITING. You’re either or you’re out.Trash the flash. And think long and hard Social media. It’s not a trend. It’s your friend.about plating up any porky pixels or Like it. Follow it. Get into it. It’s simply not optional.wondrous wizardry that might load slowlyor not at all. By the time your big fat page Your customers use it. Your competitors do too.loads, there will be no one there to If you’re not interested in joining the conversation,impress—or apologize to. you’re not as committed to making your online marketing work as you need to be.
  5. 5. M G AKINCONNECTIONS.17. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE F.There’s this amazingly scientific, oft-citedstudy that unamazingly reveals users fixtheir eyes first and foremost in anF-shaped pattern on the page. At the riskof stating the obvious, use the F spacewisely by showcasing a clean logo, thesite’s navigation, contacts, shortcuts andwhichever elements are most importantfor engaging your visitor.18. TRUST PROFESSIONALS.There are a number of ways to decreasethe cost and speed the development of Some scientists in Israel determined the Internet looks something like this. Isn’t it beautiful?your site. However, allowing amateurs towrite and design it is not one of them. Unscientific and biased research by Feldman Creative reveals 3 of 4 sites are dreadfully dull.It’s downright dangerous. If you want yoursite to do its job, team up with seasonedpros and allow them to do theirs.19. COUNT ON YOUR METRICS. 20. TEST AND COMPARE. 21. KEEP ON KEEPING ON.Your website is a business tool A/B testing, especially for your landing Is your site perfectly sharp? It’s not.designed to deliver results. As you pages, is a powerful method for It never will be. There’s no finish line inknow, you can’t manage what you achieving better results. When you’re website development. It’s a process.don’t measure. Use analytical tools for able to compare and contrast different So keep measuring. Keep refining.pinpointing what is and isn’t producing approaches to copy and design, the Keep creating useful content. Keepvisitors, leads and sales. Make task of refining your site becomes very making your site more valuable to yourongoing adjustments to perpetually simple and will have a significant effect customers and it’ll keep becomingproduce more favorable results. on your conversion rates. more valuable for your business.
  6. 6. PENCILS OUT, PLEASE. It’s time for a quick review of the “21 Pointers to Sharpen Your Website” presented here. Make a few notes. Give yourself some assignments. Get to work. And good luck. SITE-SHARPENING QUESTIONS YOUR ANSWERS HAVE YOU SURVEYED YOUR COMPETITOR’S SITES? DO YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHO WILL BE VISITING? HAVE YOU ESTABLISHED YOUR OBJECTIVES? HAVE YOU SELECTED A CMS? ARE YOU READY TO GO WITH SEO? IS YOUR NAVIGATION SIMPLE?Point your browser for all IS IT CLEAR WHAT YOU WANT CUSTOMERS TO DO?your online marketing needs. ARE YOU CREATING MAGNETIC CONTENT?Owner Barry Feldman hasbeen a copywriter and DOES THE COPY FOCUS ON YOUR CUSTOMER?creative director since 1988.A seasoned storyteller, Barry DOES YOUR SITE FEATURE A BLOG?will help you create an ultra- ARE YOU ASKING CUSTOMERS TO JOIN THE CONVERSATION?sticky website, deliverpersuasive copy, execute IS YOUR SITE ALL SET FOR SOCIAL MEDIA?strategic content marketing,and offer pointers to sharpen HAVE YOU PUBLISHED CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORIES?your site, attract and engage WILL YOU BE USING PAY-PER-CLICK ADVERTISING?prospects, nurture relation-ships, generate sales, and DID YOU MAKE A MOBILE VERSION OF YOUR SITE?build loyal brand advocates. ARE YOU USING SLOW-LOADING STUFF? ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENTS IN THE F-ZONE? DID YOU, OR WILL YOU, HIRE WEBSITE PROFESSIONALS? ARE YOU MEASURING AND ANALYZING? ARE YOU TESTING THIS AGAINST THAT? WILL YOU EXPAND YOUR SITE REGULARLY? 916.984.9988 | | Contact