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Magnetic Content: Strategies for Customer Attraction


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Learn the essential strategies to transform your website into a customer attraction force field. Turn on the power of content marketing to generate traffic, leads and sales. Achieve what advertising …

Learn the essential strategies to transform your website into a customer attraction force field. Turn on the power of content marketing to generate traffic, leads and sales. Achieve what advertising usually does not: get people to know, like and trust you.

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  • 1. MagneticContentStrategies totransform yourwebsite into acustomer attractionforce field.
  • 2. ONHERE’S THE PLAN TOTURN the power of content marketing.
  • 3. Content marketing is... The process of creating and delivering valuable content to your target customers.
  • 4. What’s the point? The point is to get traffic, leads & sales. The plan is to achieve what advertising usually does not... Get people to KNOW, LIKE & trust you.
  • 5. Trust.You have to earn it. What if you were to... • Be found when people are searching? • Give people the information they need to make smart decisions? • Position your company as a generous advisor and friend? • Teach (instead of pitch)?
  • 6. Be the media.
  • 7. Become theAUTHORITY.
  • 8. STOP withinterrupting peoplestuff they don’t want.
  • 9. ☒ Advertising☒ Jargon☒ Being dull☒ Repeating yourself☒ Stealing content☒ Sounding like a corporate stuffed shirt
  • 10. STARTbeing the expertprospects rely on.
  • 11. ☑ Help, advice, answers☑ Relevant stories☑ Personalized, customized content☑ Fun, provocative☑ Objective☑ Easy to find☑ Easy to share
  • 12. create a customerattraction force field.
  • 13. First Determine what actionyou want customers to take. You might call this: “define objectives.”
  • 14. SecondDetermine what potentialbuyers need to know.Shush up and listen.
  • 15. Third Create a content plan. Thou shall create stuff people want,deliver it where they consume media, based on where they are in the process of buying. *Even if they don’t have their wallet with ‘em.
  • 16. FourthPut a content creation team together. Put your money where your media is. Scrimping ain’t smart.
  • 17. Fifth Get your digital ducks in a row. Digital outlets. Digital platforms. This is the information age. You got that memo, right?
  • 18. SixthPromote what you publish. Social media school starts tomorrow. Enroll today.
  • 19. Seventh Measure. If you really want to make this work, you need to know what is and isn’t working. You can handle the truth.
  • 20. It’s time to get agnetic...
  • 21. Target. Know your customer Establish personas Be relevant Don’t publish this.
  • 22. ontent to’s tips shortcuts secrets tutorials recipes stories casestudies comparisons demonstrations pros n’ cons dangersmyths pitfalls mistakes lies interviews roundups Q&As productapplications real world examples exceptions screenshotshighlights research test results best-of’s ironies rules bloopersmilestones events re-caps records reviews reasons jokesparodies quotes interviews opinions opposing views glossariesbest practices profiles news opinions glossaries trends lists
  • 23. Connectthe dots. Use a mix of media for more touchpoints Stay on topic Integrate Link everything to your site/blog
  • 24. create a customerattraction force field. never publish this. [unless flies are your target market]
  • 25. create a customer.comattraction force field. c is for compelling o is for original m is for memorable
  • 26. Point your browser to FeldmanCreative.comfor all your online marketing needs. Owner Barry Feldmanhas been a copywriter and creative director since 1988.A seasoned storyteller, Barry will help you create ultra-magnetic content and offer pointers to sharpen your site,attract and engage prospects, nurture relationships,generate sales, and build loyal brand advocates. I created this stuff for you. Free pointers at Feldman Creative Barry’s blog: “The Point” Educational SlideShare resources Features at Social Media Today Posts & podcasts at Content Marketing Institute 101 Persuasion Pointers (short videos) at