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Learn how to build your reputation, brand, and loyal brand advocates by engaging people across the expanding variety of channels.


  1. engagement How to create a love affair between your brand and your buyers
  2. engagement Building your reputation and brand depends on engaging people across an ever-expanding variety of channels.
  3. it’s a big deal Engaged customers buy your products, follow your brand, and share their passion with their friends. All you need is love.
  4. optional...? Hardly. If you don’t engage customers, your competitors will. Apathy kills.
  5. emotion Engagement can be measured by the intensity of the connection a customer makes with your brand. The heart of the matter: an emotional connection is all-important.
  6. but... Lovers are fickle Rewards are expected The bad outweighs the good We have different wants Itches must be scratched now The flame needs fuel
  7. bring on thelove doctors... An anthropologist, psychologist and neuroscientist walk into a bar... No joke.
  8. Dr. McCrakenanthropologist “Some brands are like that guy at the party who’s had too much to drink and just keeps talking; you can just see this circle form around him as people start to back away. Moving to engagement is about being responsive, nuanced, customized, companionable and playful.”
  9. .More McCraken...“Empathy is hard-wired into thehuman species... You can engage withpeople’s empathy. Empathy meanspeople will follow you anywhere.”
  10. Dr. Oliver Oullierpsychologist “Brands need to create a connection that brings people back—something in addition to the product itself. They must spark the imagination of the consumer... If people feel they are involved in a product and their voices are being listened to there will be more willingness to continue buying and participating.”
  11. More Oullier... “The brand must be a mirror of what people are thinking... In a world where consumers have never been so informed and so volatile in their decisions and preferences, storytelling makes engagement sustainable.”
  12. Dr. Thomas Zoega Ramsoyneuroscientist “Co-creation and community invite the customer inside, so they can influence and co-create products, services and brands. This can be used as a barometer for levels of loyalty and engagement.”
  13. “I’m just a love machineand I don’t workfor nobody but you.” ! ~ William Griffin & Warren Moore, connecting your The Miracles buyer brand & your
  14. the elementsof engagement Are you feeling it? ! connecting your Following are buyertricks brand & your the to forging hot and heavy relationships with your customers.
  15. access An essential element of engagement: Your customers have choices and are likely to ! make the one that is less connecting your brand & your buyer time-consuming, easy and convenient.
  16. aesthetics An essential element of engagement: People gravitate to the stuff ! connecting your thatbrand & your buyer Be attractive. looks good.
  17. An essential element of engagement:association People relate to what they know and base their decisions ! on things they associate and connecting your brand & your buyer feel comfortable with.
  18. belonging An essential element of engagement: We’re social animals. ! Aimconnectingwelcoming. to be your brand & your buyer Think tribal.
  19. desire An essential element of engagement: You have wants. Your! connecting your have wants. customers brand & your buyer Satisfy them.
  20. empathy An essential element of engagement: Engaged companies get this: ! people relate to other connecting your peoples’ your buyer brand & situations. Offer a reason to care or someone to care about.
  21. An essential element of engagement:enhancement Everyone is competitive. Everyone wants to improve. ! connecting your Can you & your buyer brand help them?
  22. escape An essential element of engagement: Everyone relishes a break from reality. Be their! connecting your transportation. Offer brand & your buyer opportunities to escape.
  23. experience An essential element of engagement: Good or bad, everyone ! connects with their memories. connecting your Call brand & your buyer ones or upon the good introduce ways to avoid the bad ones.
  24. followingAn essential element of engagement:We’re all looking for leaders !andconnecting your more tend to feelcomfortable buyer we join brand & your whenthe crowd. Consensus is apowerful principle of persuasion.
  25. integrityAn essential element of engagement:People seek consistency. !Build trustyour buyer honest and by being connecting your brand &keeping your promises.
  26. intrigueAn essential element of engagement:Ambiguity... suspense... fear...! connecting yourAn incomplete picture sparks brand & your buyercuriosity. It’s engaging.
  27. An essential element of engagement:involvement We share a fundamental need ! for control and value things in connecting your which & yourhave invested our brand we buyer time, effort and energy.
  28. meaning An essential element of engagement: Our quest for purpose! connecting your drives our or meaning brand & your buyer behavior.
  29. newness An essential element of engagement: Serious attention getter:! something new or original. connecting your We tend brand & yourto look into this buyer sort of thing.
  30. An essential element of engagement:pleasure! Please, your connecting please your peeps. brand & your buyer
  31. respectAn essential element of engagement:Recognize effort.!Recognize accomplishment. connecting yourRecognize buyer brand & your common goalsand shared values.
  32. $Companies that engage with customers viasocial media have more loyal customersCustomers who engage with a brand onlinereport spending 20% to 40% more on thatbrand’s products.70% of Americans are willing to spend anaverage of 13% more with companies whothey feel provide above-par customer service“The New Rules of Engagement”Wendy Lea, Inc.
  33. engage “This is our time to engage! In doing so, it is your declaration of independence from the shackles that have bound us to hollow and vain marketing techniques of yesteryear.” Brian Solis, from “Engage”
  34. “In order to be heard, we have to communicate as though we were speaking person-to-person with our customers.”engage Brian Solis, from “Engage”
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