The A-to-Z Guide to SlideShare


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The A-to-Z Guide to SlideShare introduces you to the language of #SlideShare and all it has to offer. Uncover the features of the world's largest content sharing community.

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The A-to-Z Guide to SlideShare

  1. TheA-to-Z Guide to SlideShare
  2. Asimpledashboardpresentsrobust analyticsoptions.Reportsreveal insightsintocontentviews,traffic sources,vieweractionsandmore. aa is for analytics
  3. analytics
  4. BuildabrandedSlideSharepage byselectingatheme,customizing thecolors,backgroundand bannerimage. bb is for brand
  5. brand Eloqua, a software platform from Oracle, provides an example of a company that’s used the available tools to give their SlideShare channel a branded look.
  6. cc is for calls to action Createacalltoactionby embeddingalinktoyourwebsite, blogorspecificlandingpages designedtocaptureleads.
  7. calls to action (Left) At the end of SlideShares I create, I often invite readers to download useful content. The entire slide is an active link.
 (Below) In this example, the slide features a traditional CTA button. A great lesson on creating CTAs for SlideShare:
  8. dd is for documents Increasethereachofstrategic marketingdocumentsby uploadingPDFsorOfficefiles.
  9. documents Documents are one of the four types of content you can publish. When you visit a publisher’s page, you find the content organized by type in an intuitive interface.
  10. Click“MoreTopics”foran “Explore”pagewhere SlideSharesareorganizedby topics,mostpopularand
 editor’spicks. ee is for explore
  11. explore You actually click “More Topics” to “explore” content organized by topic.
  12. ff is for forms Youcancollectleadsbyplacing leadformsatvariousplacesin yourdocumentorhavethem appearwhenauserrequestsa download.
  13. forms (Left) Customized forms can be placed within slideshows. Examples of CTAs above come from this book co-written by SlideShare’s former editor, 
 Kit Seeborg. Helpful resource:
  14. gg is for graphics Strivetocreatevisualimpactwith strikinglayoutsandgraphically pleasingcolors,images,and fonts.
  15. graphics Secrets to mastering SlideShare:
  16. hh is for Haiku Deck HaikuDeckisafreeappoffered viaSlideSharewhichmakesit easytocreatesimpleandbeautiful presentations.
  17. Haiku Deck A special section on SlideShare’s home page is dedicated to presentations created with Haiku Deck.
  18. ii is for infographics PostinfographicsonSlideShare andembedthemwhereveryou publish.
  19. infographics SlideShare provides HTML code to make it easy to embed infographics on blogs and LinkedIn.
  20. jj is for journalism Journalistscapitalizeon SlideSharebyusingitasa researchtoolandaplatformto extendtheirmediapresence.
  21. journalism
  22. kk is for keynote authors KeynoteAuthorsisaninvitation- onlyprogramSlideSharecreated toshowcasetheworkofindustry expertswhocreatequalitydecks.
  23. keynote authors
  24. LinkedInandSlideShareareunited brands,closelycoupledtomakeit easytopublishSlideSharecontenton LinkedInprofilepagesandblogposts. ll is for LinkedIn
  25. LinkedIn You can automatically add your content to your LinkedIn profile. (Right) You can customize how your content is displayed on LinkedIn.
  26. mm is for mobile Smartphoneusersseeamobile- optimizedversionofSlideShare andamobileappisavailablefor AndroidandiOS.
  27. mobile (Above) SlideShare offers a preview of how your content will look on a smartphone. 
 (Right) The SlideShare app is available free at Google Play and the Apple iTunes store.
  28. nn is for navigation SlideSharecanbenavigatedby searchandwithinpopulartopic sections,whichfeaturenumerous filteringoptions.
  29. navigation Five popular topics are available in the navigation bar. Inside each is a menu to filter by category (additional topics), type and language (or “featured” and “popular”).
  30. oo is for on the home page Muchofthebestcontentearns increasedexposurewhenselected bySlideShareeditorsand presentedatopthehomepageor ina“FeaturedSlideShare”section.
  31. on the home page When your content makes its way to the SlideShare home page it’s likely to get far more views and shares. In the deck “How to Get Picked for the SlideShare Homepage,” SlideShare editors offer 7 tips. (Link below.)
  32. pp is for presentations Presentationsmake-upthe majorityofSlideSharecontent andtendtoperformthebest.
  33. presentations With more than 34K followers and nearly 800 presentations to date, HubSpot is clearly a company that believes in the power of publishing presentations on SlideShare.
  34. qq is for questions ThesupportpagesofSlideShare areacollectionoffrequently askedquestionsandareupdated frequentlywhenfeatureschange.
  35. questions?
  36. rr is for reach SlideSharereachesanenormous audienceestimatedat60-million uniquevisitorspermonth.
  37. reach
  38. ss is for search SlideSharecontentoftenranks highinsearchengineresultsso usekeywordsandtagswisely whenyouuploadnewmaterial.
  39. search Moz analytics (below) indicate SlideShare has done very well with some of the important factors that measure into success with search (e.g. domain authority). So optimized SlideShare content often ranks well and includes image previews, which helps earn clicks.
  40. tt is for transcriptions Transcriptsofyourslideshowsare automaticallyextractedand publishedtohelpboostvisibility
  41. transcriptions
  42. uu is for upload from SlideSharemakesitsimpleto uploadcontentfromyourcomputer, Dropbox,GoogleDriveorGmail withadrag-and-dropinterface.
  43. upload from
  44. vv is for video SlideShareofferstheoptionto uploadvideocontentorembed YouTubecontentinpresentations.
  45. video You can embed YouTube videos 
 in your slide decks. Standard videos are another acceptable media type.
  46. ww is for websites SlideSharescanbeembedded intowebsitesandblogsandare easilyshareableonthepopular socialmediaplatforms.
  47. websites SlideShare content can be embedded in blog posts and web pages. This example comes from a post I wrote for the SlideShare blog about the feature. (Link below.)
  48. xx is for eXtras Youcanusebadgestoprovidea linkfromyourwebsitetoyour SlideShareprofileaswellasembed “Slideshelf” onyourwebsite.
  49. eXtras (Above) A variety of badges are offered to direct visitors 
 to your website to your SlideShare page. 
 (Left) The “Slideshelf” widget embeds your entire SlideShare library on your website.
  50. yy is for yes Yes,youshouldmakeSlideShare astapleinyourcontentmarketing publishingplan.
  51. yes… get started
  52. zz is for zero WhileSlideShareis immenselyvaluable
  53. zero cost Today, all SlideShare memberships are free and include many of the features that were formerly reserved for the paid “PRO” membership tier.
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