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13 Ways Content Marketers Miss the Mark


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  • 1. waysContent Marketers Miss the Mark 13+ +
  • 2. accessResearch reveals readers’ #1 peeve is “too many requirements to download.” Make sure your content is easy to find and get and your website is easy to navigate. 1
  • 3. trustContent marketing now faces the same scrutiny and skepticism of traditional advertising. The only way to engage prospects and gain their trust is to be genuinely helpful. 2
  • 4. depth Content consumers want breadth and depth. Skim the surface with information they can get elsewhere and you’ve lost them. 3
  • 5. clarityIs your content 100% clear 100% of the time? Understandability and readability are major factors that will affect the success of your content. 4
  • 6. originalityContent seekers value original thinking. Offer it. Too few companies have well-conceived, customer- centric themes with strong and original content. 5
  • 7. timelinessThere’s value in offering timeless lessons, but timely insights score points with content consumers. Stay on top of your market and be nimble enough to report on what’s going on now. 6
  • 8. production Too few companies have the partnerships, capabilities, and effective delivery networks to consistently perform well. Examine your people and platforms and invest in your content production capabilities. 7
  • 9. personalization Content must be personalized to increase consumption and inspire influence and action. Having the ability to get specific information to the right decision maker on a just-in-time basis is a weapon few possess. 8
  • 10. engagement Leading content marketers are using customer discovery groups focused on staying in touch with customers. You need to understand who needs what— and when. Put in the effort. 9
  • 11. process A rigorous and strategic process for researching the market, generating ideas, developing compelling content across a variety of media is deficient in many organizations. 10
  • 12. integration Ineffective marketers fail to integrate people, processes and technology. Enlist sales and support to work with the marketing professionals to map effective customer journeys. 11
  • 13. focus Self-serving and promotional content turns off buyers. Focus on the customer by offering educational, entertaining and inspiring content. customer 12
  • 14. measurement Do not perform random acts of content. Plan and refine continuously. Use analytics and reliable tracking tools to gather the data that informs the your strategies and tactics. 13
  • 15. free eBook > download
  • 16. visit Research from CMO Council’s “Better Lead Yield in the Content Marketing Field”