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Link Engineering Catalogue 2009



Overview of Link Microtek Ltd. Engineering

Overview of Link Microtek Ltd. Engineering
Design and manufactured in the United Kingdom



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    Link Engineering Catalogue 2009 Link Engineering Catalogue 2009 Presentation Transcript

    • Engineering Division Short Form Products Catalogue Presentation 2009 Tel: +44 1256 355 771 Fax: +44 1256 355 118 Email:
    • A walk through the product catalogue
    • Adaptors / Adapters – Section 1 What we need to know:- Waveguide size – eg WR90 (WG16) 8.2-12.4 GHz Flange – eg UBR100 or UG-135/U for WR90 Coax connector – eg SMA, N, TNC, 3.5mm, K Power – peak, average / CW Frequency – full band, narrow Spec – VSWR Material / Finish Typical application – lab test Question – what does it connect to?
    • Adaptors – Rectangular WR75 low cost Satcom Ku-band N-type Adaptor Model: AM75A-N Ku RX 10.95-12.75GHz, TX 13.75-14.5GHz PBR120 flange with M4 tapped holes WR650 High Power Waveguide Adaptor to N-type Coax Machined from solid Model: AMR650A-N-HP Frequency:1.12 - 1.7 Power: 400 W CW VSWR: Full band 1.5:1 (14 dB RL) Optimised for 1.5 - 1.7 GHz 1.12:1 (25 dB RL). Flange: UDR14 Connector: N-type (f) Material: Aluminium Finish: Alochrom, painted satin black AM28A-K WR28 26.5-40.0GHz Low Power, K connector
    • Adaptors – Double Ridge AM750A-S WRD750 7.5-18GHz, SMA(f) AM650A-T WRD650 6.5-18GHz, TNC(f) AM750A-N(HP) WRD750, N(f) High Power AM650A-T(M)HP, 200W, TNC(m)
    • Adaptors – End Launch WRD650 End Launch Adaptor to SMA(f) WR62 End Launch Adaptor to SMA(f) Model: AM650A-S(EL) Model: AM62A-S(EL) Full freq range 6.5-18 GHz Plain Flange , alt tap & clear holes
    • Adaptors – Special / Custom Custom 45deg angled H & E plane adaptors Horn antenna adaptor for N-type input Long launch low frequency adaptor Custom double ridge adaptors WR975, 075-1.12 GHz For non 50 ohm Helix TWT output
    • Attenuators – Section 2 What we need to know:- Waveguide size Attenuation – fixed or variable Flanges or connectors Power Frequency Spec – VSWR, attn accuracy Cooling – forced air, convection Uni or bi-directional? Size / weight / outline Material / Finish Typical application – high power testing Question – what are the characteristics of the power? ie harmonic rich?
    • Power Attenuators WR90 High Power Attenuator – Short Directional Model: AM90J-10HP Frequency 8.0-10.0GHz, Mean Attn:: 10.0 +/-0.3dB WR62 High Power Short Attenuator with Coax Output Power handling: 400W mean Model: AM62J-20HP Attn variation with freq: +/-0.5dB Waveguide input, SMA (f) output, Freq: 13.50-14.50GHz Attn variation with temp: designed to meet +/-0.2dB Power: 200W av, VSWR: 1.2:1 max, Length: 150 mm VSWR: 1.3:1 max, Internal w/g air pressure: 15 psia Flanges: UBR140, Material: Aluminum Flanges (2pl): UBR 100 Finish: Alochrom, painted satin black Material: Aluminium, Finish: Alochrom Forced air cooling recommended Forced air cooling required
    • Power Attenuators WR112 25.5dB High Power Attenuator Model: AM112J-25.5HP Freq: 8.0 -9.0 GHz, Attenuation : 25.5 dB +/- 0.5 dB Power: 200W Mean, 160 kW pk, VSWR: 1.2:1 max Length: 410 mm, Flanges: UBR84, Pressure: 1 bar. Material: Aluminum, Finish: Alochrom, painted satin black
    • Coaxial Attenuators Coaxial High Power Microwave Bi-directional Fixed 30dB Attenuator Model: AMCOJ-HP-30N Frequency: 7.5-18GHz, Power: 300W CW, VSWR: 1.3:1 Connectors: N(f) - N(m), Attenuation: 30dB Length: 400mm max. This attenuator is convection cooled and does not require forced air cooling. Note:- goes hand in hand with Narda DC-6GHz 769 series!!
    • Variable Attenuators WR90 30dB Variable Attenuator WR284 2.6-3.95 GHz30dB Variable Attenuator
    • Couplers – Section 3 What we need to know:- Coupler style – eg broadwall, cross-guide Type – single directional, dual or bi Waveguide size Coupling values Flanges or connectors Power Frequency Spec – directivity Size / weight / outline Material / Finish Typical application – power monitoring Question – what coupling flatness to they need? what are they trying to measure?
    • Couplers - Broadwall WRD580 Short 50dB Triband Broadwall Coupler Model: AM580C-50S WR28 10dB Broadwall Directional Coupler Freq: 5.8-16GHz, C, X & Ku bands Model: AM28C-10 Mean coupling: 50 +/-1dB, coupling flatness: +/-0.6dB Frequency: 26.5-40GHz, Mean coupling: 10dB +/-0.5dB Directivity:>20dB Directivity: >35dB, Freq Sensitivity: +/-0.5dB VSWR (5.85-14.5GHz): main line: 1.1:1 Flanges (3pl): UG-599/U, Finish: Painted satin black Finish: Alochrom, painted satin black. Note:- equivalent to obsolete Narda part V1067B
    • Couplers - Crossguide WR28 Waveguide Dual Cross Guide Coupler WR187 Waveguide 30dB Crossguide Coupler Model: AM28X-30K-40K Model: AM187X-30 Freq: 26.5-40GHz, Power: 50W CW, Two forward ports Freq: 3.95-5.85 GHz Connectors (2): K-type (f), Mean coupling: 30 and 40 dB With integral load, Flanges (3 pl): Round, cover Flanges (2): UBR320, Finish: Painted satin black. Customer: Matsushita?
    • Couplers – Sampler / Loop WRD580 30dB Power Sampler Dual Loop Coupler unit, Forward and Reverse Model: AM580P-30N Model: AM75CD-20LP Freq: 5.8-16GHz, coupling: 30dB Frequency: 14.5GHz, Insertion Loss: 0.3dB max. Freq sensitivity: +/-1.5 dB Coupling (both couplers): 20+/-1dB. Directivity: 0dB, Connector: N(f) Directivity 26dB (40dB design aim) Flanges (2pl): Alt tap & clear Power: 100 W CW, Coupling Connectors SMA (f). Finish: painted matt black epoxy Length 50 mm, Flanges UBR120. Unit includes a custom inline adaptor
    • Filters – Section 4 What we need to know:- Filter style – eg low, high or band pass, reflective, absorptive Waveguide size / coax connectors Filtering requirements – passbands, stopbands, rejection, insertion loss Flanges Power Size / weight / outline Material / Finish Typical application – Amplifier signal cleaning Question – what do they want the filter to do?
    • Filters – Bandpass & Lowpass WR75 Lowpass Transmit Reject Filter WR75 Bandpass Transmit Filter Model: AM75Q-LP Model: AM75Q-BP Passband frequency: 10.95 – 12.75 GHz Passband frequency: 14 - 14.5GHz Return Loss: >15 dB @ 10.95 –12.75 GHz Passband Insertion loss: 0.6 dB max Insertion Loss: <0.2 dB @ 10.95 –12.75 GHz Passband Return Loss: 23 dB max Rejection Frequency: 13.75 – 14.50 GHz Rejection: 60 dB min to 13.67 & above 14.95 GHz. Rejection: >70 dB @ 13.75 – 14.50 GHz Note: These are reflective filters
    • Filters – Coaxial & Absorption Coaxial Bandpass Combline 2.2GHz Filter WR90 Harmonic Low Pass Absorption Filter Model: AMCOQ-BP2.2 Model: AM90Q-HARM Passband: 2.2 GHz +/- 125 MHz, Flanges: UBR100, Length: 220mm max Connectors: 3.5(f), Pass Band Freq: 8.2-12.4GHz Ins Loss: <0.7 dB max, Return loss: 21dB max Power: 400 W CW max Reject Frequency: 14.5-18.0GHz Ins Loss: >35dB, Return loss: 17dB max
    • Filters - Microstrip Microstrip Bandpass Filter Coupled Line Fc 8 & 12GHz, BW 200 MHz Note: picture has 2 filters Microstrip Lowpass Filters Size: 20 x 25mm each Models: AMCOQ-LPX Reject: above 5, 8 & 11GHz Microstrip Bandpass Filter Note: picture has all 3 filters Wide Band Low Frequency Size: 20 x 30mm each Model: AMCOQ-BP2 Fc: 2GHz, BW 750 MHz Pass band IL: 1 dB Rejection: up to 50dB Power: 10W Connectors: SMA(f)
    • Horn Antennas – Section 5 What we need to know:- Frequency Range Gain, Beam width, far field Input – waveguide, coax Power Radome Typical application – EMC Chamber Question – does the customer need a rotary or swivel joint for changing polarisation?
    • Antennas – Standard Gain WR62 12.4-18.0GHz Standard Gain Horn WR112 7.05-10.0GHz 30 dB Standard Gain Horn Antenna Model: AM62HA Model: AM112HA-30 Flange: UBR140, Flange: UBR84 Midband Gain: 20 dBi, Units supplied with theoretical plots of gain and beamwidth Finish: Painted Satin Black. These units are not electrically tested
    • Antennas – Double Ridge & Octave WRD750 Horn Antenna & Swivel Joint Assembly Octave Band Horn Antennas, Freq: 1-2, 2-4 & 4-8GHz Model: AM750HA-SJ Models: AM1-2HA-N-OCT, AM2-4HA-OCT, AM4-8HA-N-OCT Freq: 8-18GHz, Typ mid band horn gain: 12dBi Freq: 1.0-2.0GHz, Gain: 9-14.7dBi, Far field dist: 1023-2046 mm Far field dist: 146mm, E and H plane 3dB BW: 49deg E & H-plane 3dB BW 66-33 Deg Flange: plain, WRD750, all clearance holes Freq: 2.0-4.0GHz, Gain: 9.2-15 dBi, Far field dist: 526-1053 mm Swivel rotation: 0-90 deg, VSWR: 1.45:1 max E & H-plane 3dB BW 65-33 Deg Suitable for power: 250W CW, 1kWpk @ 4% duty. Freq: 4.0-8.0GHz, Gain: 9.5-15.3 dBi, Far field dist: 275-550 mm E & H-plane 3dB BW 64-32 Deg Connector: N-type (f), VSWR: 1.5:1 max Power: 250W CW, Tripod mount
    • Antennas - Broadband Wideband Horn Antenna, Freq: 1-18GHz Wideband Horn Antenna, Freq: 0.2-2.0GHz Model: AM1-18HA Model: AM0.2-2HA Typical spec: Antenna Factor: 24-46dB Connector N-type(f), Finish: Alochrom E & H-plane 3dB BW 65-15 Deg VSWR <2.5:1 Connector: N-type (f) BW 85deg @ 0.2GHz reducing to 40deg @ 2GHz Material: Aluminum alloy
    • Antennas – Rotary Antennas Broadband Rotating Antenna 2-8GHz, N-type connector High Power Rotary Antenna 1-2GHz, 7/8 EIA connector
    • Antennas - Custom Circular Polarised Horn Antenna Microwave Gain 20dB, 3dB BW 20dB WR430 Horn Antenna with Magnetron Gain 20dBi, E & H-plane 3dB BW 19 deg. Length: 980mm Front to back ratio in the order of 30dB.
    • Antennas - Custom Custom Double Ridge Horn Antenna mmWave Horn Antenna 40 & 300GHz!!
    • OMTs – Section 6 What we need to know:- TX & RX frequencies Polarisation Typical application – Satcom Feed Assembly Port isolations, insertion loss Question – can we integrate TX filtering into the Ports rectangular, circular OMT assembly?
    • Rotary Joints – Section 7 What we need to know:- Freq: – eg Ku band Tx 13.75-14.5GHz Waveguide / coax Style: single / dual channel Power Movement: rotating, continuous, dither etc. Lifetime: contacting, non-contacting Typical application – Marine VSAT, SNG Question – Is the part used in a feedarm and so do they need filters or an OMT?
    • Waveguide Rotaries U-style WR187 Contactless Rotary Model: AM187RJU I-style WR75 Contactless Rotary Model: WR75RJI L-style WR75 Contactless Rotary Model: WR75RJL
    • Coaxial Rotaries DC-40GHz Coaxial Rotary, SMA DC-12.4GHz Coaxial Rotary, N-type (f-m) Model: AMCORJ-WB Model: AMCORJ-12.4 Ku –band 13.75-14.5GHz Coaxial Rotary DC-18GHz Coaxial Rotary, N-type (f) Contactless, N-type (f-m) Model: AMCORJ-18 Model: AMCORJ-12.4
    • Custom Rotaries Dual Channel Rotary
    • Custom Rotaries Wideband Coaxial Rotary Joint with Slip Rings DC-40GHz RF, 6 DC 15A Slip Rings
    • Sub Systems – Section 8 Tuner Coupler assembly TWTA Output Satcom Output Feedarm Feedarm
    • Waveguide Assemblies WR187 not straight pieces!!
    • TEM Cells – Section 9 EMC Testing Field Strength testing & calibration
    • Terminations – Section 10 What we need to know:- Waveguide size Frequency Power VSWR Flanges or connectors Cooling – forced air, convection Size / weight / outline Material / Finish Typical application – Amplifier Test Question – does the customer need couplers for power monitoring?
    • Terminations – Low Power WR62 Medium Power Load Model: AM62L-2 Freq: 12.4-18GHz Power: 20W CW Flange UBR140 WR187 Low Power Waveguide Load WRD650 Medium Power Waveguide Load Model: AM187L-1 Model: AM650L-2 Freq: 3.95-5.85GHz Frequency: 6.5-18 GHz Power: 1W Power: 75W CW max, Length: 200mm Flanges UAR48 & CAR48
    • Terminations – High Power WR112 High Power Termination AM112L-3(600W) WR90 High Power Fan Cooled Load Freq: 7.05-10.0 GHz Model: AM90L-4(1KW) Flange UBR84, Power 600W CW Frequency: 8.2-12.4GHz VSWR: 1.1:1, Length 458mm Power: 1000WCW Finish: Alochrom, Satin Black Length: 570mm Flanges: CBR100 Choke WR90 High Power Load Pressure tight to 3PSI Custom Cooling Fins Safe working temp.(typ 120 deg C) Power: 100W Note: can provide equivalents to obsolete Narda models eg p/n 321B X-band 600W Load
    • Terminations - Coaxial High Power Wideband TNC Load, 4-18GHz Model: AMCOL-2-P30S-T Load with integral 30dB SMA power sampler Coaxial Load with special connector Freq: 4.0-18.0GHz, Power 200w CW, Connector: TNC(f) Model: AMCOL-1-T VSWR: 1.45:1, Power sampler: 30dB +/-2.5dB Frequency: 10 - 100 MHz, Power: 25 W CW Sample port connector: SMA(f) Length: 80 mm Connector: Push-on TNC(m) with M27x1.5 threaded fitting.
    • Waveguide Hardware – Section 11 Bends WRD750 Machined E-bend - AM750ME WR90 Cast E & H bends – AM90E & AM90H WR28 swept copper H bends – AM28H Custom angle WRD650 E bend
    • Flexible WR75 6 inch Flex Twist Section WRD750 Short Flex Twist Section WR90 Waveguide Assembly with Flex only Section WR62 Flex Twist Waveguide Assembly
    • Straights WRD650 Straights WR90 Flange Adaptors WR187 Misty Beige ‘Nearly’ Straights!!
    • Transitions & Tapers Custom taper from WRD584 to WR62 Model: AM584-62 Models: AM62-75 & AM51-42 Note: WRD584 5.84-18.4GHz Satcom Quad band Note: normal operation is only in overlapping bands
    • Twists WRD650 90deg Twist WR28 90deg Twist
    • Additional Products • Additional Products not in current short form catalogue – Swivel Joints – Tees / Hybrids – Mismatches & Short Circuits – Delay Lines – Windows – Quick Release Flanges – Fixing Kits & Waveguide Assembly Kits – mmWave parts – Pressure Inlets & Desiccators – Waveguide Switches – Active Products – System & Assembly Work • New web site –
    • Swivel Joints WR90 +/-45 deg WRD750 0-90 deg WR28 +/-45 deg
    • Waveguide Tees/ Hybrids WR284 and WR90 WR90 Hybrid Combiner Magic Tees
    • Mismatches & Short Circuits Low power variable mismatch High power 1000Ω coax mismatch load N-type mismatch load set Variable Short Circuit
    • Delay Lines Coaxial Delay Lines Model: AMCO-DELI-xx xx – ns delay Also inverted delay
    • Windows Kapton Windows Ceramic
    • Quick Release Flanges
    • Fixing Kits & Waveguide Assembly Kits Gaskets, Screws, Shims etc. WR75 components for SNG vehicle fit out
    • mmWave Components WR10 75-110GHz Waveguide Parts WR22 33-50GHz Standard Gain Horn Antenna mmWave Components - designed but not tested above 40GHz
    • Pressure Inlets & Desiccators Desiccators – keeping waveguide Pressure Inlet - for pressurising Systems dry / free of moisture waveguide systems
    • Waveguide Switches WR75 Waveguide Transfer Switch Model: AM75SWI Frequency: 10 – 15 GHz Voltage: 24 V DC Return Loss : 28 dB min Insertion loss : 0.05 dB max Isolation: 70 dB typ Pressure : 1 bar Material : Aluminium, Finish : Alochrom. Options : Manual over-ride, Manual, Indicators Failsafe, Latching.
    • Active Capability A very new capability for Link Setting up – early days. Looking for RFQs Areas:- Active modules Integrated assemblies Custom modules not available off the shelf. Small batch Not Hi Rel / Space
    • Active Capability Microstrip building blocks:- 0.3-3GHz LNA Module Amplifiers Mixers Oscillators Filters 5 GHz PA Module
    • System Work Microwave Power Monitoring Test System
    • System Work Microwave Power Monitoring Test System
    • System Work Automatic Electronic Motor Driven Variable-Phase Mismatch System WR284 High Power
    • System Work Communications Combiner System
    • System Work High Power Amplifier System Communications Controller System
    • System Test System on High Power Test 200W 7.5-18GHz
    • System Test Environmental Test of amplifier modules