SharePoint 2010 - Enterprise search overview
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SharePoint 2010 - Enterprise search overview

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Enterprise Search Presentation from SharePoint Saturday East Bay 9/11/2010

Enterprise Search Presentation from SharePoint Saturday East Bay 9/11/2010

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  • http://searchbeta/pagesQuery : Holiday - best bet - teasers - refiners/navigatorsQuery:Sharepoint - query suggestions - filter by date - filter by site - filter by subsite - filter by doc typeFAST Search - query :ERP – - show visual bets bet (banner) - show best bets - show refiners – exact counts, add’l custom refiners - thumbnails and previews - view in browserShow federated people resultsThumbnail, skills, Refiners, Show phonetic search
  • Central Admin-> Application Mgt -> Manage Service AppsFast Search ConnectorFast Search Query- Manages front end and UIShow statisticsShow crawl historyManage scalability – click modify to add crawlers, query partitions, etc.View Administration Reports – view query latency report, can refine over time, can use to tune deployment to improve the experienceView Web Analytics Reports – how people are using the systemDrill into a graphView top queries
  • Go back to fast Search ConnectorView Content Sources – location of content – show statistics configure crawl location and scheduleView successes, view pull down menu on an itemCreate a new content sourceName, type, etc.Go to Fast search query view fast search administrationShow crawl properties – props that map into the repositoriesGo into sharepoint – Type in “title” to view crawl propertsShow managed properties – find “Title”Can show terms in the crawl properties that map to the term Title.Edit the property – avialable for sorting, query or a refiner.Show custom property typesGo to MESG linguistics – custom props that map to managed propertiesBack at UIQuery for “loss”Site Actions->site settings at the site collection levelShow Fast search user contextAdd UC, give it a name, based on location or interest. Enter Project ManagmenetGo to Mange Keywords – add keyword, type in “loss” – can define one-way or two-way lossPull down on keyword and add a visual best bet, with URL, add a user context, and start/end dateAdd a best bet too –Show add document promotion/demotionLog in as Professional Services manager (Karen Berg) Requery for Loss – now she gets the VBB, BB, etc.


  • 1. Enterprise Search Overview
    Barry Boudreau
    SharePoint Technology Specialist
    Microsoft Corporation
  • 2. Enterprise Search Matters
    Create experiences that combine the magic of software with the power of Internet services across a world of devices
    Search is the key to engaginginformation experiences
  • 3. Today’s Choices Force Compromise
    Out-of-the-Box Products
    High-end Products
    easy to manage
    highly capable
    limited in capability
    hard to manage, expensive
  • 4. Solutions for Every Customer
    Quick, easy, powerful search (for free!)
    Complete intranet search
    High-end search delivered through SharePoint
    Visual experiences, extreme adaptability and advanced content processing
    Powerful platform to build on
    • 360° customer views
    • 5. Research portals
    • 6. Reputation analysis
    • 7.
    Basic search
    Intranet-wide search
    People and expertise search
    Family Values
    • Common UI Framework
    • 8. Social search features and integration
    • 9. SharePoint platform integration
    • 10. End user and site administrator enablement
    • 11. Common Connector Framework (BCS)
    • 12. APIs and developer experience
    • 13. Admin & deployment capabilities
    • 14. Operations advantages (SCOM, scripting)
  • You Wanted, We Listened!
    Scale – content and query scale becomes a non-issue
    User experience –guide users with rich, visual navigation
    Social and people search – search unlocks the value of the people and expertise
    Relevance –improving our matching and ranking capabilities and language support
    Platform –tools to customize, extend, or build new applications. 
    Management & reliability –reliable crawling, scriptable admin, improved monitoring.
    Rich Content Processing–extract metadata from my enterprise content
  • 15. Enterprise Search from Microsoft in 2010
    End User
    IT Professional
    Go beyond the search box
    Eliminate compromise
    Do more with search
  • 16. SharePoint Server 2010 SearchPeople SearchFAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint
  • 17. Go Beyond the Search Box
    End User Perspective
  • 18. Enterprise Search from Microsoft in 2010
    End User
    IT Professional
    Go beyond the search box
    Eliminate compromise
    Do more with search
  • 19. Eliminate Compromise
    Scale-out and Performance to Handle any Business Need
    SharePoint Server 2010
    Componentized the system, removed bottlenecks
    Scale Out –
    Crawl: multiple crawlers
    Query: partition and mirror the index
    Industrial strength resiliency
    Result: Sub-second latency scaling to 100M docs!
    FAST Search for SharePoint
    Maintains Columns/Rows architecture
    Extreme Scale and Performance
  • 20. Eliminate Compromise
    Easily Connect to Corporate Assets that live Outside of SharePoint
    OpenSearch Federation
    Easy to Connect
    Easy to Build
    Exchange Server
    Enterprise Content Mgmt Systems
    Line of Business Apps
    Custom Apps
    Asset Mgmt systems
    Indexing Connectors
    Lotus Notes

  • 21. Eliminate Compromise
    Easy Enterprise-class Manageability
    Administrative web parts
    Simplified Deployment
    With wizard-driven installation, a topology design with precise scale points and virtualization with native 64-bit support
    Manage Reliably
    with a consolidated admin dashboard, administrative web parts, built-in user and system monitoring, and SCOM support
    SCOM support
  • 22. Search Central Administration
  • 23. Eliminate Compromise
    Advanced Content Processing Out-of-the-Box
    The Content Pipeline
    Processing & refinement
    Configurable content processing pipeline
    Transform and process content automatically
    Strong linguistic coverage
    80+ languages detected
    45 languages with advanced linguistics features
    Property Extraction to create new metadata
    Prebuilt extractors: Person, Location, Company
    Generic extractors to extend
    REDMOND, Wash., andOSLO, Norway — Jan. 8, 2008
    Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq “MSFT”) today announced that it will make an offer to acquire Fast Search & Transfer ASA (OSE: “FAST”), a leading provider of enterprise search solutions, through a cash tender offer for 19.00 Norwegian kroner (NOK) per share. This offer represents a 42 percent premium to the closing share price on Jan. 4, 2008 (the last trading day prior to this announcement), and values the fully diluted equity of FAST at 6.6 billion NOK (or approximately $1.2 billion U.S. ). FAST’s board of directors has unanimously recommended that its shareholders accept the offer.

  • 24. Eliminate Compromise
    Advanced Content Processing Out-of-the-Box
    PRODUCT (Custom)
    CONCEPT (Custom)
  • 25. Administration – UI Enhancements
  • 26. Eliminate Compromise
    IT Professional Perspective
  • 27. Enterprise Search from Microsoft in 2010
    End User
    IT Professional
    Go beyond the search box
    Eliminate compromise
    Do more with search
  • 28. Do More with Search
    Solutions that previously required code
    Enhancements made more rapidly with unified APIs
    Bold, search-driven applications
  • 29. Search Application
  • 30. Do More with Search
    Developer Perspective
  • 31. © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries.
    The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.