Weekly newsletter 140113


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Rotary Parramatta City Weekly newsletter 140113

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Weekly newsletter 140113

  1. 1. Rotary Club of Parramatta City COMMUNITY NETWORKER ROTARY CLUB OF PARRAMATTA CITY 29/10/2012 MEETING 14/01/13 BOWELSCAN Bowelscan is a Rotary Community A Lot has happened in the world since the last issue of our newsletter firstly Service program, developed in the shooting in Newtown USA. 1982 in District 9640 and now conducted by more than 300 President Johnny sent an email to DG Brian Amey Rotary clubs across Australia. These clubs issue approximatelyDear District Governor Brian Amey, 150,000 kits during their annual colorectal screening programs.On behalf of the Rotary Club of Parramatta City, District 9690 in Since Bowelscan commencedAustralia, we would like to convey our sympathy and our prayers to all the more than 1500 people with bowelRotarians in your club and community on the terrible news of events in cancer and 5,400 with polypsNewtown. have been detected. Bowelscan is essentially a public awareness program, seeking to increaseRegards, community knowledge of bowel cancer and its symptoms with a view to its earlier diagnosis.Johnny ChingPresident The project also involves theRotary Club of Parramatta City distribution to the public of a simple scanning kit on which isDistrict 9690 Australia collected small specimens of faeces for laboratory analysis to detect evidence of minute Message from our beloved DG traces of internal bleeding.Hello everyone,   Bowelscan is a programNo doubt you have been following the news on the bush fires on the Tasmanian  supported by Australian RotaryPeninsula. I have been in contact with my colleague DG James Wilcox of D9830  Health since 2003. Details of the program’s administration are and the township of Dunalley has all but been wiped out with 65+ homes lost  available from:including community centre, primary school, police station and RSL Club and they are expecting it to worsen.  Lionel Phelps • Secretary of the  National Bowelscan CommitteeI have had enquiries as to how we can support them and also been offered  Telephone (02) 6624 2363 • Fax (02) 6624 4803 • E-maildonations so have attached below information from James giving several  lphelps@scu.edu.aualternatives, I would suggest what they really need is monetary donations to  www.nationalbowelscan.org.auassist Rotary in helping to rebuild the communities for the future.  Please see below and I will keep you up to date with any further information, particularly if anyone requires their donations to be Tax Deductable, in which case they can be directed through RAWCS once they have the account set up.    Best Regards  KEITH ROFFEY District Governor 2012 – 2013 Rotary International District 9690  From DG James Wilcox D9830 Tasmania Thanks to those that have already expressed concern and offers of support for those affected by the bushfiresthat have hit parts of Tasmania in recent days.
  2. 2. Rotary Club of Parramatta City  Sadly, there is every possibility that other communities in Tasmania and around Australia will also suffer during thisbushfire season. To assist those communities in Tasmania devastated by the bushfires,  our  District Emergency Relief Fund Committee has established  the ‘Rotary Tasmania Bushfire Appeal’ with an initial donation of $5,000 from the our Disaster Relief fund. The Appeal will  seek to fund recovery projects that will have a long term direct influence on affected communities. We will work closely with the Rotary clubs in those areas who have local knowledge of where the funds can best be used.   Should any of our ‘mainland’ Rotary friends wish to support our fundraising efforts there are several optionsavailable for donations:    (a) Send a cheque to Mike Whitehouse, District Finance Manager at 42 Auburn Road, Kingston TAS 7050. Cheque  to be made payable to Rotary Tasmania Bushfire Appeal. A receipt will be issued but the donation is not eligible  for tax deductibility.    (b) Donate through the Rotary Tasmania website at www.rotary9830.org.au (donations are not eligible for tax  deductibility).   I have been advised that Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) is looking to set up a process thatwill enable donations through the “Rotary Australia Benevolent Society”. This donation option will provide for areceipt giving eligibility to tax deductibility. Should this option become available it will take RAWCS a few days toset up the process for donations and to provide advice through District Governors.  Regards, James. James Wilcox District Governor 2012-13 Rotary District 9830 – Tasmania, Australia  Email: jkwilcox@bigpond.net.au Mobile: 0439 911 747 www.rotary9830.org.auFrom Secretary Joy:The next board meeting will be 5.30pm on Wednesday 16th January – at which time we have to appoint a Presidentfor 2013/2014! A change in menu starting from Monday for lunch. They will rotate through 4 weeks, so we get each of these hotdishes 3 times as they will change the menu each quarter. Salad • Traditional Caesar Salad with grilled chicken • Rocket, parmesan, cucumber, tomato & onion salad with home-made dressing (with chicken or without)Hot Dishes • Butter chicken with jasmine rice & roti • Penne pasta with chicken & prosciutto in a creamy Napolitano sauce • Scotch fillet with truss tomatoes & jus served with a choice of seasonal vegetables or mash • Market fresh fish with potato mash, steamed greens & lime beurre blanc (this is the usual fish dish, however the type of fish would change each time as usual)CALENDAR OF EVENTS January 2013 14 21 28 February 2013
  3. 3. Rotary Club of Parramatta City 4 Glenn Gardner, Polio Australia 11 Sandra Carvajal, Good returnAPOLOGIES Apologies to Joy Gillette on 8837 1900 before 9.30am Monday morning. The latest time for apologies to be made is 9.30am on Monday as that is the time Joy has to advise the hotel of numbers.   The Club is required to pay for the number of lunches ordered. Invoices for the cost of a meal will be sent to members who do not apologise for non attendance by 9.30am.  Keith Henning:: would like to remind you all that your subscription is now due please attend to this ASAP.  Christmas tree sales project  Expected profit about $9,800, roughly the same as in 2011.  Number of trees sold by Club down by nearly 25%  to about 430 trees. Sales by Scouts up. About 80 trees unsold.  Increase in sale price of trees from $50 to $60 enabled Club’s surplus to be about the same as last year.  The winners of the Christmas hampers were                Purchaser of Christmas Treasure Trove ticket                       Bruce Hodgkins, West Pennant Hills.                Return customer letter                                                                Ross Law, Cheltenham                                                                  Greg Mellis   Congratulations to Greg Mellis and his family for raising over $3200 for Children’s Hospital Bear Cottage as a result of the Christmas lighting and diorama display at their residence at Emu Plains.  Greg and Linda have now been supporting Bear Cottage in this way for a number of years.  The Club was sorry to receive a letter of resignation from Greg during the Christmas break.   We wish, Greg, a Past President of the Club, and his family all the best in the future and hope that he may be able to join us at a lunch meeting at some future date.    CELEBRATIONS Happy Birthday for last week Ken and Colin Happy anniversary Mark, may you have many happy years with Sarah and the KidsIt is with regret we received the resignation of PP Greg Mellis who has been a member of our club since September2002.Greg’s work commitments make it difficult for him to attend meetings.We are sorry to see you go Greg hope you will look us up when your situation changes.