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Shelterbox newsletter december 2012

  1. 1. ShelterBox Australia eNewsletter December 2012 Dear Rotary President Welcome our monthly eNewsletter for Shelterbox Australia.As 2012 draws to an end, its time time to look back and reflect on very busy year, with 29 deploymentsworldwide. We have responded to floods, cyclones, earthquakes, hurricanes and tropical storms, helpedrefugees fleeing conflict and, in the case of The Congo, even families affected by an industrial accident.In March we signed an historic agreement with Rotary International, becoming the first and only ProjectPartner, further strengthening our ties with Rotary around the world.We start 2013 better prepared than ever before to respond wherever disaster strikes. With extremeweather events becoming more and more common, no doubt it will be another busy year. Thanks topeople like you we know that thousands of families will receive the gift of Shelter, Warmth & Dignity intheir hour of greatest need.Below is a review of 2012s deployments. Click on the country name for more details.I wish you all a happy and safe New Year and thank you for your continued support.MikeMike Greenslade SRTCommunications OfficerShelterBox AustraliaNB. You are receiving this newsletter it is because you have either supported us in the past or signed up for it via the website or atan event. Should you not wish to receive future newsletters you can unsucscribe at the bottom of the page. Another great way ofkeeping up todate with whats happeining with ShelterBox Australia is via our blog, at: Deployments 2012 Help us to be prepared to respond quickly when disaster strikes .......
  2. 2. January - BRAZIL - FloodsFor the third time in two years, Brazilian scouts on hand to help ShelterBox deliver aid to displacedpeople in need of shelter, following severe flash floods and landslides in Rio de Janeiro State. 53 boxeswere distributed from pre-positioned stock.February - MADAGASCAR - Cyclone - PHILIPPINES - EarthquakeA category four cyclone hit the eastern shores of Madagascar in the early hours of the morning on 14February, bringing sustained strong winds of around 231 kilometres per hour and torrential rains. Localscouts were again on hand to assist and a MOU was signed with National Bureau of Risk and DisasterManagement. 206 boxes were disributed. On 6 February the Filipino island of Visaya was struck by a6.9-magnitude earthquake. Rotary were were instrumental in the success of the deployment, with 42boxes distributed from pre-positioned stock.March - PERU - Landslides - CONGO - Industrial AccidentHeavy rains and landslides have caused extensive damage in the mountainous region of Cuzco, insouth-eastern Peru, home to the tourist destination of Machu Picchu. Several Response Teams weredeployed over the next couple of months, delivering boxes across a wide area, over difficult terrain. 409boxes were disributed. In Brazzaville, the capital of The Republic of the Congo, an arms depotexploded on 8th March rocking the riverside city. It ripped apart the nearby neighbourhood Mpila, killingover 300 people and injuring 3,500 others. Houses near the disaster have been flattened displacing afurther 14,000. Once again, multiple teams worked over several weeks to deliver 754 tents and 200ShelterBoxesApril - FIJI - Floods - PERU - FloodsA total of 16 ShelterBoxes were distributed to flood-hit areas in Fijis largest island of Viti Levu. MoreShelterBoxes were stored as prepositioned stock to enable a quick response to any disaster there in thefuture, proving helpful later in the year. Continous heavy rain caused widespread flooding in the region of
  3. 3. Loreto, located in the heart of the Peruvian rainforest. Local Rotarians assited the SRTs in country andthe First Lady of Peru thanked ShelterBox for supporting the Peruvian people at one of their greatesttimes of need. 141 boxes were distributedMay - ITALY - EarthquakeOn Sunday 20th May, a 5.9-magnitude earthquake struck around 35 km north of the city of Bologna innorthern Italy. SRT members from the UK drove to Modena to work with volunteers from our Italianaffiliate to distribute aid. A total of 79 boxes were sent.June - SOUTH SUDAN - ConflictFollowing conflict in the worlds newst country, an SRT travelled to South Sudan to assess shelterneeds. After discussions with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), United Nations RefugeeAgency (UNHCR) and Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED), the decision wasmade to preposition the emergency shelter and store the 1,152 disaster relief tents in Juba to be usedas contingency stocks in the futureJuly - UGANDA - Mudslides - RUSSIA - Floods - NORTH KOREA - Floods & LandslidesHeavy rains resulted in a large landslide on the slopes of Mount Elgon in Bududa, eastern Uganda atthe end of June, sweeping away three villages and leaving hundreds of families homeless. A ShelterBoxResponse Team (SRT) worked with the Ugandan Red Cross Society (URCS) along with the localcommunity and authorities to make a difference to the families in need. 189 boxes weredistributed. Torrential rains caused flash floods to sweep across southern Russia, forcing many familiesto leave their homes and take refuge in trees or on rooftops. Australian SRT, Andrew Clouting led aResponse team that worked with the Rotary Club of Krasnodar to distribute 180 boxes. ShelterBoxInternational sent ShelterBox tents to the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea to help familiesdisplaced by flooding and landslides. 160 boxes sent.August - LEBANON - Conflict - MALI - Conflict/Food Insecurity
  4. 4. What started out as a peaceful protest against Syrias President Bashar al-Assad in the southernProvince of Deraa in March 2011 has degenerated into a regional interethnic civil war. An SRT travelledto Lebanon in August to explore a response with various agencies and contacts including the LebaneseMinistry for Social Affairs. ShelterBox continues to monitor the situation in Lebanon. ShelterBox sent 497disaster relief tents to bring shelter families from Mali, suffering from food insecurity, conflict andpolitical instability that forced countless civilians to flee their homes.September - PHILIPPINES - Tropical Storms - NIGER - FloodsThe Philippines capital, Manila and the surrounding area experienced its worst floods since 2009 due tounusually heavy monsoon rainfall triggered by Tropical Storm Haikui. The situation was exacerbatedby Tropical Storm Kai-Tak one week later. Australian SRT, Peter Pearce, joined with FilipinoSRT, Sonny Ongkiko to work with The Philippines Navy, Emergency Medical Services, local RotaryClubs and volunteers from the Asian College of Science and Technology to help displaced families. 473boxes were distributed. Extensive flooding in Niger caused significant damage and displacement acrossall of the African countrys eight regions, including the largest of Tillabery, Dosso and Niamey. SRTsworked throughout September and October to distribute 257 boxes.October - PAKISTAN - Floods - IRAQ KURDISTAN - ConflictTorrential monsoon rains in Pakistan left tens of thousands of people homeless in the provinces ofBalochistan, Punjab and Sindh. ShelterBox distributed emergency shelter using pre-positioned stocks inIslamabad to families affected in these provinces through the National Rural Support Programme(NRSP). 377 boxes were distributed. The continuing crisis in Syria led to refugees fleeing toneighbouring Iraq Kurdistan. ShelterBox worked with the Barzani Foundation to distribute 500winterised boxes in the Domiz Refugee camp.November - NIGERIA - Floods - USA/CUBA/HAITI - Hurricane Sandy - GUATEMALA - Earthquake - UGANDA - FloodsOver a million people were displaced in Nigeria, where the worst flooding in 50 years caused rivers toswell and forced families to flee their homes. Australian SRT, MIke Greenslade led the first team intothe country. Working closely with the State Government of Kogi subsequent teams have distributed over800 boxes. Team 4 will head to Nigeria in the New Year to continue disribution. Meanwhile, HurricaneSandy tore through the Caribbean and the Eastern Seaboard of the USA. SRTs responded in the USand distributed 5900 blankets, 4775 Children’s activity packs (2775 include a school backpack),2800 knit hats, 1000 knit gloves, 1699 scarves. In Cuba, an SRT worked with the government and in-country partners to enable a rapid response for possible future disasters. In Guatemala, 50 boxes weredistributed to families who lost their home to an earthquake in the San Marcos region along with 88
  5. 5. standard disaster relief tents and 410 midi tents. In Uganda, 110 boxes were distributed to floodvictims.December - PHILIPPINES - Typhoon Bopha - FIJI - Cyclone EvanTyphoon Bopha struck northern Palawan with winds of 120 kilometres per hour and gusts of up to 150kilometres per hour. Coastal, farming and mining regions were affected by the typhoon with CompostelaValley province, in eastern Mindanao, the worst hit. SRTs from the Philippines and the US are working todistribute to those affected. In Fiji, SRTs from New Zealand were on the ground soon after Cyclone Evanstruck the popular holiday destination. ShelterBox has stock pre-positioned in both countries.Have you held a sucessful fundraising event or are you planning one? Please send me the detailsfor inclusion in the newsletter and promotion on the Blog Help us to be prepared to respond quickly when disaster strikes ....... ShelterBox Austalia, PO Box 354, Parramatta, NSW, 2124 Tel: 1300 996 038 W | B | ABN: 21 143 129 220