Newsletter 1 -08-2011


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Rotary Club of Parramatta City Newsletter 1st August 2011

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Newsletter 1 -08-2011

  1. 1. Rotary Club of Parramatta City COMMUNITY NETWORKER ROTARY CLUB OF PARRAMATTA CITY PRESIDENT MESSAGE OUTBACK ROTARY What a week it has been, Tony Warner gave us a marvelous insight EDUCATIONinto his life just after completing his studies and attending schools in the SCHOLARSHIPSChicago area to raise the level of learning among the disadvantaged. (OUTREDS) To say that the level of expectancy for employment to them wasfast food sellers, otherwise long term unemployment or crime madeTony’s task very hard indeed as the success rate was very low, beforeTony’s arrival. I am pleased to say Tony is heading up the RYPEN youth program for Originating in 1992 as a reciprocalthe club this year and I urge everyone to look around for some young work experience program between two Rotary Clubs, Silverwater –people to nominate. Homebush Bay (D.9690 and Bourke Kevin is looking for members with the catering skills to assist him with (D. 9670), this program has grown to encompass wider applicationsa BBQ on August 12th. He will need indication on Monday. and considerable Rotary support. OUTREDS is aimed at training young Our guest speaker will be telling about how our club can become people of secondary school age from remote communities to obtain skillsinvolved during our vocation month of October in the Skills Institute applicable to their own areas but notsearch for the ultimate apprenticeship, a joint partnership with Rotary. available in local training programs. With the involvement and support of In the magazine Rotary Down Under, there are details about an the Rotary family, a management plan has been approved and adoptedopen letter to the government concerning their decision to stop directed to attacking the deep rootedcontributions to Polio eradication, please follow Keith’s lead and do problems of unemployment that have lead to the lack of social cohesion andsomething about it. Keith has mentioned after his return from New socio economic division in some rural communities.Orleans Convention when Bill Gates said in his presentation to Rotary An OUTREDS Trust, offering taxation deductibility for donations, has beenthat only a few countries don’t contribute towards the eradication of established by the Rotary Club ofpolio fund and he then mentioned Australia as one. Silverwater–Homebush Bay and administered by the Rotary Club of Remember Polio, while it still exists in the world is only a plane flight Concord. Under its management plan, a tri-way from Australia, and when our level of immunization is around 71%, partite approach seeks to identify,this means 29% or just under 7 million Australians can still catch the 1. identification of applicants matched with actual job opportunities in thedisease and suffer death or become crippled. home district 2. identification of appropriate learning institutions in communities offering appropriate courses 3. identification of host clubs near to the chosen training institutions to offer surrogate family support services. The constant demands placed upon remote communities through drought, flood, fire and the subsequent economic crises across all aspects of rural society, make this project a vital vocational program accessible to all clubs. Contact : Albert Zenere R.C . of Concord Ph. 02 9743 1717 • Mob: 0418 653 176 • Fax 02 9736 1325
  2. 2. Rotary Club of Parramatta CityCALENDAR OF EVENTS August 1 Daniel Cairns- National Skills Week-Ultimate Apprenticeships 8 Stephen Burfield- Kenya, an African Famine 15 Former Exchange Student Signe Leth 29 Prashanth- The Wedding with all its glory and splendoredGUEST SPEAKERDaniel CairnsDaniel joined WPC Group as the NSW & ACT State Manager. A former chef, Daniel was employed by aGroup Training Organisation to undertake his apprenticeship in his early career. Daniel then moved ontobecome a Host Employer when he was the Executive Pastry Chef at Chaucers in Melbourne. He moved outof the trade to become an apprentice mentor before gaining a senior management role within a GroupTraining Organisation. Daniel has worked in the Group Training Industry for the past 9 years.He has also ran his own consultancy business and has assisted Universities, large organisation’s andGovernment departments with implementing and surviving organisational change, strategic sales planningand business development.Daniel understands business and is committed to forming mutually beneficial relationships with the corporatesector, business and Government. Through a commercially minded approach, and as an astute leader ofpeople, he enjoys assisting others to develop, grow and achieve their goals in line with organisationalimperatives and strategic plans. Having been an apprentice, host employer and also working within theGroup Training Industry for over 15 years in all, he has a strong all round perspective of what it means to be oneach side of the apprenticeship system. This provides Daniel with a strong understanding of how to handlesituations that arrive relating to any party involved in a Training Agreement. In the years that Daniel has beenin Group Training, he has worked extensively with Indigenous, mature aged and entry-level candidatesincluding at risk and disadvantaged groups. Assisting candidates to not only enter into their career but alsocomplete their chosen qualification. Daniel believes the reward for working in this industry is watchingsomeone begin an apprenticeship or traineeship program and complete their training with skills, confidenceand practical experience. Daniel’s interests include motorsport, golf and spending time with his wife and theirthree young children.MEMBERS MATTERS Colin Gray is making great leaps after surgery and welcomes phone calls until his return Kevin Wylie went into hospital on Friday for a day surgery to make adjustments to his heart City to Surf: Keith & Glennis Henning Glennis and I are participating in the annual City to Surf event – from the city to Bondi – 14kms which takesplace on 14 August. We have decided to participate in the Australian Rotary Health Supporters Team andhopefully raise some funds for medical research. This team was formed as a result of the initiative of RhianShephard, one of the Club’s PhD scholars. If you would like to sponsor either one or both of us you can do so on the following web sites.
  3. 3. Rotary Club of Parramatta City To support Glennis go to To support Keith go to Please wish us good luck on our journey,OUR COMMUNITY Kevin Wylie is looking for volunteers for a BBQ detail on behalf of the Lord Mayor for Prostrate Cancer fundraising. Arthur Phillip Park has undergone extensive park improvements including car parking, circularwalking track, irrigation, BBQ and picnic facilities, children’s playground, cricket pitch and landscaping.The improvements were fully funded by Coca Cola Amatil. Coca Cola have agreed to supply all drinkson the day so Kevin just requires us to look after the BBQ component. We would be looking to cater for150 people. Event Details are as follow: Event: Arthur Phillip Park Opening Venue: Arthur Phillip Park, Redbank Road, Northmead. Date: Friday 12 August 2011 Time: 3.30pm – 5.00pmOUR YOUTHFrom Tony Warner, Just a reminder that the close of applications for the next RYPENCamp 7th-9th October is the 16th September.Don’t forget that you will not be able to contact the schools 2 weeks before the campas it is school holidays so don’t leave it till the last minuteContact Tony if you have a lead or contact you would like to attend this Camp.OUR INTERNATIONAL SERVICEGROUP STUDY EXCHANGEDavid Ross as the Chairman of the District GSE has two areas of opportunity for members, one is anopportunity to lead a GSE Team overseas, we all remember David’s glowing remarks when he lead agreat team of young people overseas to Nova Scotia and New Foundland two years ago.The second opportunity is look at people that you work with or do business with who would benefit andenhance their vocational skills by going overseas as a team member. Look at John Surian a GSE teammember as a young man in the 1970’s went abroad before joining Rotary. John will attest GSE was oneof the greatest and beneficial things to occur to him.For details see or email David Ross
  4. 4. Rotary Club of Parramatta CityFACEBOOK We have now available for the club a new facebook page the shortcut is Please visit, make comments, open discussions and for your initial visit please hit the ―like button‖. Thereason is the more members who like the page, we receive additional features. The Facebook page is not asubstitute for our website, but more of an additional way to reach our audience.QUOTE OF THE MONTH Arch C. Klumph –RI President 1915-1916 Rotary Club of Cleveland, Ohio, Rotary is built of men made of good stuff; the ideal of service is developing into practice. As aconsequence, the organization will never stand still.‖ — The Rotarian , April 1929REGISTER FOR 2011 ROTARY-UN DAYThe annual Rotary-UN Day will be held on Saturday, 5 November, at United Nations headquarters in New YorkCity.Organized by the RI representatives to the UN, this year’s event will feature presentations from seniorUN staff and Rotary leaders as well as panel discussions on health, water, literacy, and youth.High school-age students, including Interactors and Rotary Youth Exchange participants, can attend aspecial youth program in the morning and join the adult program in the afternoon.Download the registration form for RI-UN Day and the youth program.For more information contact Brad Jenkins.
  5. 5. Rotary Club of Parramatta CitySOMETHING FOR THE CAR BUFFS 29 July 2011VINTAGE CAR BUFF POLISHES UP ROLESCOTT HOWLETTMichael Parsons in Boronia Park, Hunters Hill. He is looking forward to the Moocooboola Festival in Hunters Hillon August 7. Picture: BRENT McGILVARY.MICHAEL Parsons is a self-confessed ―drum-playing, limousine-driving marriage celebrant‖.The 62-year-old is also a vintage car lover, who will lead the Moocooboola Parade in his 1962 Chevrolet BelAir from 9.30am.Mr Parsons, who has lived in Hunters Hill for 50 years, will then climb the Mary Reiby stage at Boronia Parkwhere he will fill the role as the Master of Ceremonies, from 10.40am.A number of vintage cars will be displayed during the festival, which was founded in 1980.―Older motor cars have also been a passion of mine and I have restored at least a dozen over the years,‖ MrParsons, who attended Hunters Hill High School, said.He is currently restoring a Ford Thunderbird, a Pontiac and a Morris Oxford.―My other big passion is music, particularly country and western music,‖ he said.He plays in a three-piece band named Silverhair.Mr Parsons hosted a country music morning program for 11 years on 2RRR (Ryde Regional Radio 88.5FM)which operates out of Henley Cottage and interviewed stars including Willie Nelson.As a professional limousine driver, Mr Parsons said he had befriended many country stars over the years.These had included Johnny Cash and John Denver.But the biggest stars he has met were Sophia Loren and Ray Charles, he said.
  6. 6. Rotary Club of Parramatta CityMr Parsons also has a deep love for Hunters Hill.―I am interested in community events, whether it’s something that the Rotary Club might do or helping at theMoocooboola Festival,‖ Mr Parsons, who is a marriage celebrant, said.―I like to keep my hands in the community and give something back to the place I call home.‖Courtesy of Northern District Times