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Cci Paper Cci Paper Presentation Transcript

  • Developing methods of tracking distributed political discourse
        • Barry Saunders
        • PhD candidate, Creative Industries QUT
        • Research draws on Opportunities in Citizen Journalism ARC Linkage project
        • Comic:
  • Thanks to
    • Axel Bruns, Terry Flew, Kay Saunders
    • Jason Wilson, Tim Highfield
    • Thomas Nicholai, Lars Kirchhoff
    • SBS, Online Opinion, Cisco, the Brisbane Institute and QUT
  • The problem
    • Visualising and tracking political discussion on blogs and websites
    • Network mapping (linkfluence) is only one aspect of the question
    • Google Pagerank is useful but limited
  • Network mapping approaches
    • From
  • Issues with this approach
    • Useful for identifying a static social network
    • But blog conversations are often not static
    • Also does not look at conversations themselves, simply linkages, privileges bloggers over the community
    • Can mistake blogrolls for article links
  • So then
    • A multilevel, iterative palimpsestic approach
    • Tools: Issuecrawler
    • Leximancer
    • datascraper
    • Excel
    • Many Eyes
  • approach
    • Choose issue and common search terms
    • Choose parameters
    • Develop seed list
    • Plug into Issuecrawler
    • Take generated URLs and add to datascraper
    • Take scraped data and add to Leximancer
    • Take Leximancer data and add to Many Eyes
  • Case Study
    • Australian political blogosphere
    • Search term “Australian 2020 Summit”
    • Generated seeds using
    • Fed into Issuecrawler
  • Issuecrawler map 2020
  • Detail
  • Detail
  • Leximancer
  • Leximancer
  • Many eyes
  • Club Troppo associated term frequency - “Labor”
  • Larvatus Prodeo associated term frequency: “Labor”
  • Ongoing research
    • Many-eyes can be used to track term frequency over time
    • Looking to map term frequency against linkages
    • Develop tools for visualising changes over time, with discussion terms, linkages and quantity and popularity of posts mapped
  • Ongoing research
    • Understanding development of political discussion online
    • Methods for tracking political opinion as we move to post-broadcast environment without necessarily clearly defined opinion leaders
    • Information for understand notions of the public sphere in the age of the internet