Removing the You're Overqualified Barrier by Michelle Lewis


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Presentation delivered at the second annual PCC Employment Outreach Event, An all welcome, all community, all about getting employed free conference for PA and NJ residents.

Is your experience level beyond the 1-5 years “sweet spot” of today’s job market?
Are the only jobs that are advertised at your target companies for positions below the level of your prior job? Are you trying to balance the effort of applying with wasting precious energy and resources on blind alleys? Attend this session to learn practical approaches to applying to “step down” jobs at the screening to the apply, application, and interview stages. With planning, you can effectively add such applications to your job search without spinning your wheels.

Get possible criteria for picking which jobs to put in the application effort and which jobs to pass up on. Acquire techniques for highlighting your experience advantage in your application. Just as importantly, learn how to “step up” the job description once you’ve gotten a foot in the door. Given by an experienced professional who is now working at a job that - as advertised - she was overqualified for. The skill set discussed in this session can add a new dimension to a search for those job seekers with valuable years of experience behind them.
Michelle is an experienced speaker, a member of Princeton Toastmasters, and a professional who successfully removed her "over qualified" barrier.

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Removing the You're Overqualified Barrier by Michelle Lewis

  1. 1. Removing the“You AreOverqualified”BarrierMichelle L. LewisRoom 166 Robin’s Nest12:30-1:15 pmPCC EOE January 19, 2013
  2. 2. Agenda Seeing the problem – firsthand Calculated time and energy investment  Screening to apply  Application  Interview Negotiation minefields Summary
  3. 3. Seeing the Problem -Firsthand
  4. 4. Preapplication Sceening
  5. 5. Base Characteristics of Jobs Location Industry Responsibilities Company culture Level/Compensation
  6. 6. Preapplication Sceening for“Overqualified” Jobs – MLL Location – No relocation expenses Industry – Same, current economy = less likely Responsibilities – No “stretches” Company culture – Leaning toward smaller, but flexible Level/Compensation – At least a plausible argument that higher than advertised could help
  7. 7. Make your ownrulesBut stick to them.
  8. 8. The Application
  9. 9. Specific Tips Leave ego out of it – remember your goal Leave off years on education section Leave off phrases with numbers  Nix “Over 20 years of experience . . .” instead “meets required experience level” Leave out jobs greater than 10-15 yrs ago, if possible and any skills now obsolete
  10. 10. Key word matchis “key” -- cribfrom the ad.
  11. 11. Consider Alternative Strategiesfor these “Long shot” Applications Send a video resume Pitchideas rather than past with 1 page job proposal Push the social media angle beyond your comfort zone Start a blog and use it as part of your application Consider volunteering to work “on approval”
  12. 12. The Interview
  13. 13. Click icon toadd picture Experience = asset
  14. 14. Counterstereotypes
  15. 15. Why should theposition beupgraded?
  16. 16. Negotiation Pitfalls
  17. 17. My End and Beginning
  18. 18. Summary Don’t ignore “step down” jobs Screen out suitable opportunities based on your aims and available volume Watch all references to dates or years Focus on experience, forward thinking, technical skills, value How can you solve their problems? Final bit of inspiration . . .
  19. 19. Click icon to add picture Gary Allen Me2DC Run 700 miles – one mile at a time!
  20. 20. Good Luck and Keep at it