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Ed Andriessen presented New Job Marketing at the second annual PCC Employment Outreach Event on January 29, 2013 in Pennington, NJ. An all welcome, all community, all about getting employed free conference for PA and NJ residents.

Ed Andriessen's New Job Marketing talk affirms that searching for a new job is no longer a simple matter of getting a lot of resumes out to as many people as possible.

Your job search now requires the same strategy, planning, and tactics that companies use to sell products and services. This process includes a detailed marketing plan for the product that is you and the services you can provide to help a company achieve their goals.

Ed's talk reviews a marketing approach the job search and covers:
• Converting your resume to a marketing tool
• Automating the job search process
• The importance of networking
• Marketing yourself in the interview
• Smart job offer practices

Ed Andriessen is a small business marketing advisor, writer, coach, speaker, trainer and web geek. Since the 1990's he has helped thousands of individuals, small businesses and larger organizations learn to market, manage and improve. In 2007, Ed founded a company to help businesses learn to find more customers from the internet. You can find Ed at and

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New Job Marketing by Ed Andriessen

  1. 1. Marketing Creates Interest Fritz Brauner Financial Planner
  2. 2. Marketing Creates Interest Fritz Brauner M0NEY
  3. 3. Marketing Creates Interest FUEl?
  4. 4. Marketing Creates InterestOR Ingredient
  5. 5. “Sometimes Marketing isJust positioning your productproperly in the market” Paul Hawken Smith & Hawken
  6. 6. Job Search?
  7. 7. Or marketingcampaign?
  8. 8. How specifically did you do your job?
  9. 9. • The content of your cover letter is in the job posting• Select three job “criteria” and list how you meet that criteria• Be specific with job titles and company names
  10. 10. Ladies and Gentlemen,I noticed a recent job posting on your website that describes a position with qualifications that I have attained in my 10 years in the banking industry.You listed these requirements:• Handle bank reconciliations – I managed weekly bank reconciliations at TD bank in my role as assistant bank manager.• Post journal entries – I posted dozens of journal entries daily in my position at P&C bank. I received several commendations for accuracy.• Process payroll with ADP – I processed payroll for 18 employees with Quickbooks which is substantially similar to ADPI would like to speak with you about how I can add value to your organization.I have enclosed my resume and look forward to speaking with you.Kind regards,Me
  11. 11. DO• Be Direct -use names if possible• Be detailed – position, qualifications (use job post)• Be worthy – what value can you bring?
  12. 12. DON’T• Be generic – no spray and pray• Be careless – nobody will hire a sloppy person• Be cocky – bragging is a turn off
  13. 13. Keywords can be found in the job posts
  14. 14. Decoding the Job Posting
  15. 15. • Arrive 5-10 minutes before – if you’re too early, wait in the car• Demonstrate positive frames of mind• Don’t be a stalker• Dig a little dirt…lose a little ground• Having goals communicates that you have a direction
  16. 16. Do you have an “elevator” speech?I help (some group of people) solve the problem of (some problem) ORI help (some group of people) with (some situation)
  17. 17. DO:• Digital housecleaning – Google yourself, clean up your Facebook• Join networking groups –,• The Networking Exchange• Keep your profile (especially LinkedIn) up to date
  18. 18. DON’T:• Post about your job search on Facebook• Badmouth anybody…anywhere (especially the internet!!)
  19. 19. - search companies
  20. 20. - search – review interviews
  21. 21. Questions that show you’reinterested in company values,revenue, cultureQuestions about the interviewerand their experience with thecompanyDon’t discuss for salary info untilthe second interview
  22. 22. Guidelines: Follow up immediately (same day) with a thank you email Then send a printed thank you note Phone calls are generally discouraged
  23. 23. Spend some time researching company cultureUse Glassdoor for reviewsUse LinkedIn to call people for informationDetermine your unique situation
  24. 24. Niche Job Search tools