Stroop effect m1 project 3


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Stroop effect m1 project 3

  1. 1. Stroop EffectBaroness Thompson PSY 360
  2. 2. The Stroop Effect The Stroop Effect is a very rewarding method. It can help young children learn there colors. Thus,it can identify disabilities with a young child. Many children learn quickly. Many children are unable tolearn new things. The stroop effect can help a teacher identify what errors a child is having trouble in.Thus, with extensive help, the child should over come their issues. If the confusion is still prevalent, thenthe teacher may seek outside help. The school psychologist could help identify areas of concern. It is important to identify issues inschool age children. Children become shy, and aggressive if their skill is different from their class mates.The stroop effect is the antecedent to curve behavior before it starts. I believe changing colors and names isconfusing, but or mind will process information automatically. Once a child is unable to identify thechanges, concern should be prevalent. Thus, many teachers are over whelmed with school work because of cuts, in California. There ison counselor peer school. There are a very high percentage of drop outs. I have seen many children digressbecause; they couldn’t keep up with the required curriculum. It is important for parents to be apart of eachChilds learning process. The stroop effect could be implemented in the home environment. The parentwould be able to identify, why their child is having a hard time school. In closing, many drivers have unnecessary accidents. These drivers aren’t paying attention.Drivers that are having conscious traffic violations, should be tested. The stroop effect could beimplemented in a controlled environment. Thus, is minds process information differently? After 10 tofifteen times of testing, their should be areas of concern. There could be special classes for drivers thataren’t paying attention. Many drivers are in a rush, and the cause unnecessary accidents. The stroop effectcould help CHP, and local police identify antecedents for accidents.
  3. 3. Reference: description of the strop effect known effect known as inference(John Ridley Stroop thesis published1935)Assignment 3 Grading Criteria and Respective Point Value MaximumPointsAccessed the online laboratory to attempt the Cog Lab demonstration on the Stroop Effect. 15Postulated the effects of the practice of automaticity on the Stroop Effect. 15Hypothesized and explained how to apply the Stroop Effect to clinical settings. 15Explained how to use the results of the Stoop Effect to effectively teach primary colors to a young childand mentioned how a person’s reading level impacts this process.