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Au psy492 m1 a2 ps thompson baroness doc.

  1. 1. Baroness ThompsonPersonal Statement Argosy University
  2. 2. (Personal Statement) and (BIO) My name is Baroness Olive Thompson. I am a single mother of three young children. I am adaughter, auntie and sister to a large family. Based on my malign childhood and adolescent years, I amthe epitome of perseverance. I believe education is the key to perseverance at any cost. I am a minority,and times have been difficult for my family. With various classes and counseling I believe Argosy is astepping stone for my life goals. My innate goodness has pushed me through various calamities. I was robbed, kidnapped andassaulted before the age of 20. Nevertheless, I graduated from high school at 17. I am from Oakland,California. My city has impacted various parts on my life. I have learned how to have empathy formyself. I’ve never wanted to be a victim, and I refuse to be a statistic in my community. As I grip hold to my education, I feel a sense of accomplishment. I believe we are the choices wemake. My educational experience is as followed, Currently, I attend Solano County. I attended Universityof Phoenix for 2 years. I believe this was an eye opening experience. I was a minority in my class setting.Many of the UOP (Fairfield campus) students worked for Chevron or a very lucrative position in variousinteresting fields... I couldn’t relate to my class mates, and I felt out of place. Based, on dire circumstceues I worked since the age 14. I worked from 8 to 5 in a youthconstruction program. I worked for Youth Build Inc., Job corps, Boys and Girls club before the mere ageof 18. I worked to get away from the calamities; I faced in my home and community. When I becamepregnant with my first child my family lost their home. This was a turning point in my family’s future.
  3. 3. I am the youngest of four. My mother is an only child. I have an unusual relationship with mysiblings. I also have 13 nieces and nephews. I have always been the (mascot), in my family. As well as thecounselor, psychologist and inspiration. I have always observed the predicaments my family faced. Myobservation allowed me to make better choices than my siblings and peers. My oldest brother is mymodel. His educational and professional experience is remarkable. He obtained his Masters inOrganizational Development from Pepperdine, several years ago. He is the Vice President of HR for hiscompany (Focus Frame). My family is the very unusual and dysfunctional. I am aware of my role. I worked for theVallejo School District for 7 years, as a Behavioral assistant. I resigned April 2008, due to burn out. Icurrently work as assistant teacher for Solano County office of Education. I was born in Los Angles, andmoved to Oakland with my mother when I was 8. My father suffered from (PTSD), and my motherdivorced him and returned home, (Oakland) I look forward to learning from this course. I have attended Argosy University diligently. My tenacity has kept me on track. My career goal isto become a counselor in corrections. I would like to focus on the recidivism rate among juveniles’would target would be privileged to work with juveniles. I would like to become a part of Argosy MastersProgram. This program is important to my goals and financial stability. My family isn’t in support of the loans and grants that will come in due time. They believe Ishould only pursue a Bachelor’s degree. I am an adult, and I believe a Masters degree or PH D isapplicable to my capabilities. I have come very far from the malign streets of Oakland, California. My life experience and educational readiness, will offer the MA program a great deal ofdiversity. I am capable and ready to step into a new chapter of my life. I know the MA program will be achallenge. Life is a challenge and we need to meet each situation deemed necessary. I will complete my
  4. 4. program with the help of staff, family and fellow classmates. Nevertheless, I will have to work diligentlyto obtain my career goals. In closing, life goals can and will not be obtained without struggle. I will continue to struggle,until I believe I have met my ultimate goals. My experience as a student has been rewarding and selffulfilling. All staff has been very amiable and professional at Argosy University. I would like to continuemy journey. Upon acceptance, I will become a model for minorities like myself. With drive, will anddetermination every individual can meet their goals.