Amendments to the constitution pp

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  • 1. Amendments to the Constitution
    By: Catherine Barnett
  • 2. Overview
    Amendments meant to restrict the national-not state government
    First 10 amendments proposed on September 25, 1789
    Passed December 15, 1791
  • 3. 1st Amendment
    Guarantees freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition
  • 4. 2nd Amendment
    Protects the right to bear arms
    Originally for the Minute Men
    State and Federal Government can regulate
  • 5. 3rd Amendment
    Protected civilians from oppression of British troops
  • 6. 4th Amendment
    Search and seizure
    Protects: persons, houses, papers, and effects
    Exclusions: probable cause, oath or affirmation, and consent
  • 7. 5th Amendment
    Protection against self-incrimination
    Protection against double jeopardy
  • 8. 6th Amendment
    Right to a speedy and public trial
    Right to a jury
    Right to an attorney
    Right to know charges
  • 9. 8th Amendment
    Bail must not be excessive
    Prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment
  • 10. 13th Amendment
    • Slavery illegal in the United States
    • 11. Forbids forced labor
    • 12. Exceptions: punishments for crime, service on juries or in armed forces
    • 13. Ratified: December 6, 1865
  • 15th Amendment
    Gave right to vote to African Americans (previous slaves)
    Ratified: February 3, 1870
  • 14. 18th Amendment
    • Prohibition Act
    • 15. Banning intoxicating liquors
    • 16. Making, selling, transporting, importing, or exporting became illegal in U.S.
    • 17. Ratified: January 16, 1919
  • 19th Amendment
    Gave equal voting rights to citizens not based on sex
    Ratified: August 18, 1920
  • 18. 21stAmendment
    Repealed the 18th amendment (prohibition)
    Transportation, importation and distribution regulations to state
    Ratified: December 5, 1933
  • 19. 22nd Amendment
    Presidents elected to office may not serve more than 2 consecutive terms
    Franklin D. Roosevelt served 4 terms
    Ratified: February 27, 1951
  • 20. 26th Amendment
    18 becomes the new minimum voting age
    States may put the minimum voting age lower
    Ratified: July 1, 1971
  • 21. Sources & Sites
    Smith, Mary M. American Government. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1993. 736-42. Print.
    Pictures: (