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Action plan

  2. 2. REASONS FOR APPLYING FOR ISA IThe nternational SchoolAward (ISA )is an • Support the existing curriculum and will makeAccreditation scheme for our students truly global.Curriculum-based • Enhance the language andInternational work in schools. The ICT skills of students andscheme provides Recognition of a mentors.Learning experience in which a • Add to the schoolGlobal Dimension is embedded. Prestige and Image
  3. 3. International Policy International Policy to beappended with the Dossiershould reflect the InternationalDimension feature of schoolpolicies and planning.
  4. 4. International Co- ordinator /Committee• Clear role and a written job Description• To be appended at the time of Submission of Dossier of evidence. (or an International Committee with a clear role.)
  5. 5. Curriculum-Based Activity• Reflect the International Work already going on• Is your International Work part of the Regular Teaching and Learning Process in school?• Does an International Dimension feature in your Curriculum Planning?
  6. 6. Curriculum-Based Activity• What International Activities are planned for the school year which your Action Plan will cover?• Are events such as International Days or Pupil visits related to the Curriculum?• Do International Teacher visits Result in Curriculum Activities involving others in School?
  7. 7. Range of Year Groups Involved• Which Teachers and Pupils are involved in existing or Planned International Activity?• Does your School’s International Work involve Pupils of different ages?• If International Activity is concentrated in one or two year groups, which other Pupils could become involved as part of the Action Plan?
  8. 8. Range of Subject Areas Covered • Does your International work involve Teachers and Pupils from a range of subject areas?• If International Activity is concentrated in one or two Curriculum areas, can you widen the scope?
  9. 9. “Things as fragile as a Year-Round Activity thought, a dream, a legend, they can go on and on!”• Is Your International Work a • If Activities Culminate in Events Feature of your School held in the Summer Term, can throughout the year? you show Planning work with Pupils in your Action Plan?
  10. 10. Are Activities Evaluated?• Do you analyse the Success of the • What will be the international activities in your Evaluation Method for school? each Activity? (e.g. Pupil• What Outcomes are you seeking Questionnaires, Pupil for each activity; what will have Interviews, Pupil group changed when the Activity is Discussions, Assessment completed? of Pupils’ Work, Staff• Do you record the Pupils Questionnaires, Staff International Experiences in Interviews/Discussions, P records of Achievement, a School arent Magazine, a Display of work, the Questionnaires, Parent School Prospectus, or in another Interviews / Discussions ) way? ?
  11. 11. Collaborative Work with Partner Schools in Other Countries• Do You have Established Partnerships • Do you have contingency plans with Schools in Other Countries? if a partnership experiences• If so, What joint work is Planned? difficulties or if funding fails to• Are joint activities linked to the materialise? curriculum in your school?• If not, how will you find partners and what joint work is feasible within the limited timescale of the action plan (eg a teacher visit to plan a later pupil to pupil project)?
  12. 12. Safe Learning and CollaboratingPlatforms for Teachers and Students
  13. 13. “A good plan today ACTION PLAN is better than a perfect plan tomorrow”• Include a range of • Should continue international activities throughout the year in and across your school • Should be across majority of subjects• This international work undertaken at school to be undertaken as part of the regular • Have collaborative teaching and learning project with an processes in your school international partner• Pupils from majority of school from UK or the year groups to anywhere else be engaged in • Include methods of curriculum-based evaluation international activity
  14. 14. ACTION PLAN FOR INTERNATIONAL WORK APRIL 2012 – FEBRUARY 2013 Curriculum activity Teacher Responsible Subjects Participants Period Evaluation Learning OutcomeA minimum of 7 activities Name and title of the teacher Include all subject Include no. of pupils & Month & Methods Refer to the Guidance NoteRefer to the Guidance Note for the desired responsible for each activity areas involved their classes and the duration of for ideas Refer to the Guidancemix of activities countries being covered activity Note for ideas
  15. 15. Curriculum Activity LearningCurriculum Teacher Subjects Participants Period Outcome Activity Responsible Evaluation Methods Minimum Name and Include Include no. of Duration of Refer to the Seven title of the all subject pupils & their activity Guidance Activities teacher areas classes and Note for responsible involved the countries ideas for each being covered activity
  16. 16. Sample Action Plan Curriculum activity Teacher Responsible Subjects Participants Period Evaluation Learning Outcome A minimum of 7 activities Name and title of the teacher Include all Include no. of pupils Month & Methods Refer to the Guidance Note for Refer to the Guidance Note for the desired responsible for each activity subject areas & their classes and duration of ideas Refer to the Guidance Note mix of activities involved the countries being activity for ideas coveredTitle: Presentation of Folk School to become a more1.My Global Friends Shama Kapoor General Pre-Primary May- Tales in assembly fun - filled place for tinyBrief description: (In charge) Awareness students & October Records of tots.Enactment of the folk tales from various Language staff 2011 invites and circulars Strengthening of thecountries depicting their rich culture, Preeti R. ICT for Inter-school meet. home-school bond. Walestraditions and societal system & also (Co-In charge) Art & Craft Response sheet- Creative skills of students India visiting teachers & & mentors furtherappreciate the moral behind them. Sarika A. Performing Russia invitees. enhanced & showcased.The children will learn about the Neha T. Arts China Blogs on Connecting Enhanced awareness ofgeographical location on the globe and Punam K.some aspects of culture of these countries Classrooms &/or F2F World & culture of some of Sonali B.viz a viz India. E-newsletter & You the nations. Dipika P.Learn the way people greet each other in tube links clippings of Language development, Neha V. uploaded videos better motor skills & alsodifferent countries. Shailja C.Students will be involved in making of School magazine development of inter- Nidhi D. report. personal skills.props (for eg. Colouring & pasting). Suchitra N. Students will learn theParental involvement will be invited for Kajal K. making of props (for eg.selection & making of costumes. Ashita M. Colouring & pasting) Better parental involvement as they will be involved in selection &
  17. 17. Dossier Contents Section 1 Section 3• About the school Evidence of activities as per the action plan• Experience of the ISA Coordinator • Activities One- Seven- Names• Approved action plan – Please add further sections depending on the number of• International Policy activities presented. Refer to the• International Coordinator Job dossier guidance while compiling Description evidence. Section 4Section 2• Completed Activity Summary • Supplementary Activities Sheet Section 5 • Future Plans
  18. 18. Nita AroraBritish Council School Ambassador Principal Sri Venkateshwar International School, Sector-18, Dwarka, New Delhi- 75
  19. 19. ISA JourneyMay it EMPOWER you, yourcolleagues and the youngglobal citizens further!