Cayman Islands Project

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Project on Cayman Islands

Project on Cayman Islands

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  • 1. By: Heath Barnacascel Principle of Business Global Economy Slideshow
  • 2.
    • $1,000 United States dollars are equal to 833.333 Cayman Islands Dollars
  • 3.
    • In the Cayman Islands, Tourism counts for 70-75% of the annual GDP
    • One of the major attractions is the world-famous SEVEN MILE BEACH on which a number of the islands and hotels and resorts are located
    • The Cayman Islands are regarded as one of the world’s best scuba diving destinations because of its Crystal clear waters and pristine walls
  • 4.
    • The Cayman Islands have received about $866.9 million dollars since 2004
    • Some of the Imports are foodstuff and manufactured goods
  • 5.
    • The Cayman Islands have sent out $2.52 million dollars worth of exports since 2004
    • Some of the Cayman Island Exports are Turtle Products
  • 6.
    • Another one of the Cayman Islands Exports is Manufactured Consumer Goods
  • 7.
    • Since the Cayman Island have No Direct Taxation, they are a offshore thriving financial center
    • There is No Direct Taxation
    • The Cayman Islands have one of the highest Standards of Living in the World
    • Their Economy is in very good shape
  • 8.
    • The Cayman Island’s GDP is $1.939 billion dollars since 2004
    • The GDP per Capita is $43,800 Cayman Island Dollars
    • The Unemployment Rate in the Cayman Islands is 4.4%
  • 9.
    • A company that is used a lot by the Cayman Island Residents is Banks
    • One Bank located in the Cayman Islands is BNP Private Bank & Trust Cayman Ltd
  • 10.
    • The Economy in the Cayman Islands is doing very well
    • The unemployment Rate out of the WHOLE country is only 4.4%
    • Many Countries look at the Cayman Islands as a place that they want to be like