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Appraisal never to be used as there is no job description

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Apprisal forms

  1. 1. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL FORM (OFFICERS)Employee name : Shri Subhajit Barman Designation : Sr. ManagerDepartment : Appraisal Period : April’11-March’12Objective of the Appraisal: The objective is to evaluate personality, performance and potential of anemployee during a period. The basic objective is to highlight various achievements of the employee in terms ofeffectiveness; identifying skills that needs to be developed; removing work alienation and discontent;developing interpersonal relationship; aiding in wage administration, exercising control and improvingcommunication as well as recognizing promotion/incentive potential of an employee. Various parameters willbe assessed by self and superiors. Area of strengths & weaknesses will be found out which will help to improvein future. Training Need will also be identified in this process. Finally it is a management tool for the benefit ofthe organization and its employees so that employees can project their potentiality and the management canduly recognize and reward the same so that in turn organization is in a position to clearly understand theeffectiveness of an employee and its contribution towards organizations growth.Methodology: The appraisal carries three segments as stated below: 1) The Appraisee shall fill up his/her part after going through entire sheet. 2) Same will be reviewed by the Appraiser after discussing the same with Appraisee. The Appraisee should indicate the training need of the person. 3) The rating parameter should be evaluated in the scale of 1 to 4. (1: Poor 2: Average 3: Good 4: Excellent.) 4) The final rating will be eventually rationalized by a group of senior committee members in order to generate a balanced and unbiased performance report of every individual.Part A: Achievements During the Year (Rating: 1: Poor, 2: Average, 3: Good, 4:Excellent) Sr Tasks Performed During Appraisee Appraiser Reviewer Result Achieved No The Year (a) (b) (c ) Assisted in achieving team Trust, mutual respect and motivation 1 as well as organizational to achieve team and organizational 3 goals goal A number of project proposals were prepared and the case were perused. This lead to maturity of jobs like DPR on Teesta CADWM, DV CADWM, Preparation of project DPR on Destination tourism in West 2 3 proposals and follow up Bengal and Tripura. A MOU was signed between the Jt. Sec. GoI, Min. of Textiles and MD WEBCON on ISDP in PPP Mode ( Component –II) etc. Assisted in standardization of Detailed Project Repots on Tourism related projects so that the DPRs are 3 Standardization of products 3 in conformity with the guidelines of Min. of Tourism, GOI – this helped in establishing WEBCON as one of the
  2. 2. leading player in West Bengal & Tripura as well as in other states. Assisted in Standerdisation of DPR on Command Area development projects in conformity with the guidelines of Min of Water Resources, GOI Assisted in project planning and execution of multisite, multi-activity projects - Jute Service Centres (5 nos) Project Planning and 4 3 Execution of Assignments Preparation of DPR on Teesta CADWM, DVCADWM, DPRs on Destination Tourism and Rural Tourism Developed a panel of experts on natural resources e.g. Irrigation Human Resource 5 experts, hydrologists, geologists, 2 Development Hydro chemists, Agricultural experts etc. Guided Smt. D.Das in various Training of Young 6 assignments so that she may become 3 Professionals an asset to the organisation. Assisted in development of new clients e.g. Dept. of WRI&D, Govt. of West 7 New Client Development Bengal, Agro Industries Development 3 Corporation, Min. of Textiles, GOI, Min. of Water Resources etc.Overall Part B: Individual Attributes (Rating:1: Poor,2: Average, 3: Good,4:Excellent) Appraisee Appraiser Reviewer Details Sr No (a) (b) (c ) 1. JOB KNOWLEDGE Ability to comprehend 1.1 3 self/organizational goals Analysis of problem & 1.2 suggestion for work 3 improvement Accuracy, Precision, 1.3 2 Thoroughness 2. DELIVERY Priority Setting & Quality of 2.1 3 Output 2.2 Amount of assignment handled 3 2.3 Adherence to work Schedule 4 3 APPROACH TO WORK 3.1 Initiative and Drive 3
  3. 3. 3.2 Business Development Acumen 3 3.3 Innovativeness 3 3.4 Planning 3 Regular Attendance & 3.5 3 Discipline 3.6 Reliability /Dependability 4 4 INTERPERSONAL SKILL Ability to Coach and mentor 4.1 3 others 4.2 Team work 3 Capacity to develop 4.3 3 subordinates 4.4 Leadership Skills 3 4.5 Decision Making 3 5 COMMUNICATION Ability to express ideas & 5.1 3 thoughts(Verbal & Written) Ability to listen with an open 5.2 mind to seniors, peers & 4 subordinates. 6 ORGANISATION CULTURE 6.1 Integrity & Loyalty 3 Follows Organizational Policies 6.2 3 and ProcedureOverall 3
  4. 4. What are the self initiative taken by the Appraisee on his own which has been beneficial for the Organization? {Rating: 1: Poor,2: Average, 3: Good,4:Excellent} Comments by Appraiser Rating Introduced MD, WEBCON to Sec. Deptt of Water Resources By the Appraiser Investigation & Development, Govt of West Bengal which gave a scope to WEBCON to diversify to a new sector/ segment. Rating Comments FINAL NORMALISED RATING AS ASSESSED BY APPRAISAL COMMITTEE {Rating: 1: Poor,2: Average, 3: Good,4:Excellent} Training Feedback for this year1. Please give below the detail of training/seminar attended by you (Appraisee) in this financial year: Date Particulars of the training/seminar Facilitator/Organized Effectiveness of the By Program NONE
  5. 5. 2. Please specify areas where you would need training. Also specify what would be your efforts in developing yourself inthese areas. To be filled by the Appraisee. Training Need How would you develop yourself in these Remarks ( Appraiser) areasDecision making /change Better team membermanagementSustainable Development andenvironment To search for avenues in Environment Impact Assessment Studies and assignments Training need analysis ( If any): To be filled by the Appraiser Capability to take higher responsibilities To be filled by the Appraiser [Please specify reasons behind YES or NO]Signature & Date: _____________________________ ____________________________ Appraisee AppraiserSignature & Date: _____________________________
  6. 6. Reviewer PERFORMANCE EVALUATION (OFFICERS) (Annual Increment - …………)Employee DetailsEmployee Name: Date of Joining:Qualification: Initial Joining Post:Present Designation: Date of Confirmation:Date of Appointment in Present Scale: Date of Last Promotion:Last Increment Dates: Present Basic Pay:Appraiser: Present Pay Scale and Grade:Designation:Reviewing Committee:Appraisal Period: From------------------------ to-------------------------------