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  • How you know your ad is liveHow you measure if your ad is working
  • Digital Eyes Media - Facebook ads masterclass

    1. 1. Reach the exact audience you want with relevant targeted ads
    2. 2. Facebook Advertising Masterclass Welcome! General housekeeping rules Round the table
    3. 3. Facebook Advertising Masterclass By the end of this morning you will be able to …… • Understand FB advertising part of your over all SM strategy • Potential FB adverts can have on your business • 4 main ways to advertise on Facebook • Why the more targeted your adverts are, more cost effective & successful they will be • Reasons for using FB ads – more fans, more leads, new customers • How to set up and run a Facebook advert • Importance of testing and analysing campaigns
    4. 4. Facebook Advertising Masterclass Pillars of marketing Facebook advertising should only be one of the pillars of your overall digital marketing strategy. Another aid to get customers through the marketing funnel. Facebook will aid qualifying those potential customers.
    5. 5. Facebook Advertising Masterclass Facebook Advertising …what is it and why? Businesses pay Facebook to show adverts to people who might be interested In their message… • 97% of marketers stated they reply on SM marketing more than ever for their business. They also agreed that their businesses are really starting to invest in Facebook paid ads.* • Facebook generated over $5 billion during 2013 in Facebook advertising alone. • 64% of advertisers expected to increase SM spending during 2014. *Social Media Examiner
    6. 6. Facebook Advertising Masterclass TITLE Paid Ad’s
    7. 7. Facebook Advertising Masterclass Facebook path to the £££’s The basics first… 1. Get more Fans – Ave no. of friends per person is 229 2. Get Lots of leads – To convert them into contact information 3. Get new customers – Only % of Facebook pool will become paying customers. Are you attracting the right kind of visitors?
    8. 8. Facebook Advertising Masterclass 4 Ways to Advertise on Facebook 1. Page promotion 2. Boosted posts 3. Offers/ Events 4. Facebook advertising
    9. 9. Facebook Advertising Masterclass 1. Page Promotion Ad (*Under Build Audience) An ad which is used to build your audience by encouraging people to like your Page. When people like your Page, it shows in their list of likes and their friends may also see that they’ve liked you through a story in News Feed. The people who like your Page will also see your most engaging Page content in their news feeds. Best used for Getting Page ‘Likes’ & Brand awareness • Specifically meant for new businesses (to Facebook) without sophisticated targeting needs & looking to get more ‘Likes’ according to the company
    10. 10. Facebook Advertising Masterclass
    11. 11. Facebook Advertising Masterclass 2. Promoted Posts Promoting Page posts helps your post reach more people. When you promote a post, you can choose to reach more of the people who like your Page or expand your audience to everyone on Facebook. Whether a post is promoted or not, the more engaging and interesting it is to your audience, the more organic reach it will have. Click on “Boost Post” while you’re creating a post, or once it’s already posted, to promote it. Best used for getting more people to see your posts (Promoting special events, offers and news.
    12. 12. Facebook Advertising Masterclass
    13. 13. Facebook Advertising Masterclass
    14. 14. Facebook Advertising Masterclass
    15. 15. Facebook Advertising Masterclass 3. Offers & Events Facebook Offers are posts about a special discount or promotion that can be created right from the sharing tool on your Page. An offer post is special because when it shows to people in News Feed, it has a Get Offer button that encourages people to claim it. People have the option to share offers they claim with their friends, which means you’ll reach more people. You can track the success of your offers not just through the number of claims, but also by counting how many customers walk into your store and spend money. You can even create a barcode for your offer so that it's easy to scan them and keep track of sales. When you set up an offer, you need to add a budget to promote it. You'll be able to choose from different budgets, depending on how many people you want to reach. Best for Increasing sales in your store by encouraging foot traffic, Engagement and virality.
    16. 16. Facebook Advertising Masterclass
    17. 17. Facebook Advertising Masterclass Who is your target market? Take 5 mins to define your ‘perfect’ customer for your product/service • • • • • • • Location Age Gender Relationship status Education Size of business (B2B) Interests o Gardening o Video games o Movies o Fashion o Books o Theatre o Home Improvement
    18. 18. Facebook Advertising Masterclass Time for a 15min break!
    19. 19. Facebook Advertising Masterclass 4. Facebook Advertising The ad create tool is designed to help you meet your most important business goals & includes a powerful set of targeting options so you reach just the right people for your business. If you’re advertising a Page, app, or event, you’ll be asked to choose a goal: - Get more Page likes - Promote Page posts - Get more app users - Increase app engagement - Increase event attendance If you’re advertising a website off of Facebook, you won’t be asked to select a goal, but you can link your ad to a Page on Facebook so that it can show in the News Feed in addition to the right column. Best used for achieving specific goals & Targeting the right Audience
    20. 20. Facebook Advertising Masterclass Creating your Ad 1. Who is your target market? 2. Objective of your campaign 3. How to create your ad
    21. 21. Facebook Advertising Masterclass Facebook Ad…
    22. 22. Facebook Advertising Masterclass Where to send leads? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. On-site – to a Fan page/ Business Page/ App Off-site – to a website Squeeze pages – On of Off Facebook Facebook Events Facebook Store ( etc.)
    23. 23. Facebook Advertising Masterclass How to Create your Ad
    24. 24. Facebook Advertising Masterclass How to Create your Ad Define your objective
    25. 25. Facebook Advertising Masterclass Step 1 - Find a suitable image For all ads, the best size image to upload is 1200x627 pixels. A minimum width of 600 pixels for images appearing in News Feed.
    26. 26. Facebook Advertising Masterclass Step 2 – Create your ad content
    27. 27. Facebook Advertising Masterclass Step 3 – Find an audience
    28. 28. Facebook Advertising Masterclass
    29. 29. Facebook Advertising Masterclass
    30. 30. Facebook Advertising Masterclass Step 4 – Bidding
    31. 31. Facebook Advertising Masterclass Common reasons ads are not approved 1. Improper grammar and capitalisation 2. Images that are not appropriate or contain more than 20% of text 3. Deceptive or unclear offers 4. Inaccurate ad text 5. Poor ad targeting
    32. 32. Facebook Advertising Masterclass Measuring your Results
    33. 33. Facebook Advertising Masterclass Measuring your Results
    34. 34. Facebook Advertising Masterclass Measuring your Results
    35. 35. Facebook Advertising Masterclass Facebook Ads – Useful Tips Split test your Ads Change images frequently Check Facebook Ad Guidelines Sharpen your focus Inject personality Ugly designs work! Pick your focus Set a budget Stand out from the crowd Ask for what you want
    36. 36. Facebook Advertising Masterclass Glossary of Facebook Ad Terms Facebook for Business:
    37. 37. Facebook Advertising Masterclass
    38. 38. Facebook Advertising Masterclass Turbo charge your online marketing in 2014 Join the Digital Eyes Media Academy starting on 24th April 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. The shocking truth about Google Analytics The secrets that SEO professionals don’t want you to know Understanding which social media channel is for you (if any)! How not to lose your shirt when using Pay Per Click Why 70% of websites don’t work and how to avoid it Build a legion of followers by having a kick ass blog that’s the envy of your competition First month for just
    39. 39. Facebook Advertising Masterclass Offer ends 28th February 2014 “These days everyone needs to have an awareness of online marketing techniques. The course is great value and I recommend it to both beginners and intermediate practitioners alike” Graham Doyle D2NA