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The step by step method to create a Business Page in Linkedin

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  • In September 2012, LinkedIn announced a new look for its Company Pages. From a usability perspective, this release became an effort in bringing a better experience to LinkedIn members. But what did the rollout mean for marketers? As Mike Grishaver, Product Management & Monetization at LinkedIn, said, “this means a more powerful way to build relationships with your target audience on LinkedIn.” With its emphasis on visual and relevant content, LinkedIn’s new Company Pages now give businesses a more complete set of tools to do effective marketing. But why should you care about marketing on LinkedIn at all? We’ll let the facts speak for themselves.
  • Without putting any efforts into building your company on LinkedIn, chances aremany of your employees are updating their personal profiles to show where they work. Every person that connects with that profile may potentially click on your company name and be navigated to your Company Page. Take advantage of this!Many users can easily land on your page through simple LinkedIn browsing. Opinions will be formed based on the amount and type of informationdisplayed. Every employee has the opportunity to promote yourcompany - so use this to your advantage!
  • Company Pages on LinkedIn provide a section for talking about specific products. While you can create a business page on Facebook, on which you can describeyour various products as a whole and see which friends ‘Like’ that page, LinkedIn is much more robust from product awareness perspective. It can narrow yourtarget audience and allow you to add multiple products. Not only are consumers learning about the products and services your company offers, but they can also see how many of their connections have recommended them. This form of product awareness is hard to find, and better yet, able to be measured.
  • Did you know that LinkedIn Jobs appear in search results and on Twitter? By having a LinkedIn Company Page, you will greatly increase your visibility across the web. Additionally, LinkedIn is its own search engine for finding jobs and companies, and if you’re not there, you will have missed a great opportunity to be found by a prospect, lead, or potential employee.LinkedIn Company Updates allow you to link to marketing offers, drawing in leads who are in need of your content or deals. When you post updates to LinkedIn, just as you would on Facebook or Google+, you suddenly have the means to drive huge amounts of traffic and leads back to your website. In addition to Company Updates, your Products page has huge opportunity for lead generation with its call-to-action capabilities. The giant, clickable cover image can link to a product, service, or offer, which will help you find the right people with a high interest in what your company has to offer. Right below this call-to-action are trustedrecommendations from fans and recognizable connections. So if a prospect wasn’t totally convinced about your products’ value before, he or she will be now!
  • marketers,LinkedIn Company Pages provide excellent opportunities to highlight products and services, tell your company’s story, generate leads, engage with your audience, share career opportunities within your company, and drive word of mouth at scale. For your audience, LinkedIn Company Pages is a place to conduct product and service research and learn about company updates, industry news, job opportunities, and companies of interest.
  • The Overview space is incredibly important for making a good firstimpression. Why should someone become interested in your company?When was the company founded? By whom? Has your companyaccomplished anything noteworthy since its first days? In addition to your Summary section, the Overview tab includescompany updates, job postings, new hires. This feed is your company’s way of communicating important messages to your audience. Do you post company updates for your brand on Facebook and Google+? Well, you can also post these through LinkedIn’s Overview section.Even better, you have the ability to post offers such as e-books and webinars, which will generate leads that help grow your business.
  • Your Products (or Services) tab is a great place to collect recommendations and showcase what you sell. This tab is especially important because it enables you to drive traffic back to your website’sproducts/services page, which can ultimately drive sales.70% of people follow links posted by friends and family, which is exactly why LinkedIn recommendations exist. Users have the ability to see recommendations from trusted LinkedIn members and see exactly who these members are connected to. This adds a more personal feel to a brand’s products, one that you don’t necessarily get from a website.
  • The Followers Insights tab will show company update engagement, followerdemographics, company update impressions, and your follower progressincluding recent users, new followers, and member growth. Through these statistics, you are able to take an even deeper dive into your page analytics by viewing engagement by clicks, likes, comments, shares, and percentage. You can also narrow down your follower demographics by seniority, industry, function, region, company size, or employee/non-employee.
  • The great thing about Page Insights is that it shows page views and unique visitors by tab and how many clicks you’ve received on your Products page.
  • So you understand a bit more about your followers and page visitors, butyou’d like to learn more about what makes your business actually run.Who are the people that help make the company function and what arethey all about?With Employee Insights, you can learn exactly which employees have new titles, which have departed recently, which previous companies the employees came from, top skills and expertise these employees have, and which employees have received the most recommendations.Now that you have an understanding of what LinkedIn Company Pages involve, let’s take a look at the brand new changes LinkedIn has made to its Company Pages
  • Now check your inbox...To continue creating the Computracks, llc profile, please do the following:Check your inbox for rbhammond@computracks.comFollow the instructions in the emailComplete your company profile information
  • Any company can add a Follow button to their website, making it easier for any consumer on the web to follow companies of interest on LinkedIn. When a user clicks the Follow Company button, as long as they are logged onto LinkedIn, they will automatically “follow” that company. If users are not logged on, a box will appear asking for their LinkedIn credentials.When those are typed in, they will automatically begin to follow the company. Companies will engage with users from their Company Page on LinkedIn and through status updates. Status updates will appear on a user’s LinkedIn homepage.
  • The information you see in the company pages comes from three sources: Capital IQ, Yahoo!, and LinkedIn user data. Our partner, Capital IQ, provides the basic company data such as company overview, revenue, etc. Our partner Yahoo! provides company news. All of the relevant people and aggregated company statistics are based on LinkedIn network data.
  • Companies can also post targeted jobs, recruitment videos, and other promotional material for recruitment, and provide information about products and services and showcase recommendations from within a member’s network.
  • Linkedin Company Page

    1. 1. • Presented by: Barry HammondSeminar by
    2. 2. • A Step-by-Step Guide to• Linkedin’s New Company Pages Brittnany Leaning Hubspot e-book
    3. 3. Essentials
    4. 4. “LinkedIn now offers „a morepowerful way to build relationshipswith yourtarget audience.”Mike GrishaverProduct Management & Monetization, LinkedIn Company Page
    5. 5. • What is one?• Products & Services• Company Information• Analytics• Find & Follow• FAQ’s Company Page
    6. 6. Browsing Employees Personal Profile Opinions formedCompany Reach
    7. 7. • Narrow Audience• Multiple ProductsProduct Awareness
    8. 8. • Company updates links to marketing efforts• Updates drive traffic and leads to website• Product Page = Lead Generation • Call to action capabilitiesLead Generation
    9. 9. • Highlight products and Services• Audience Engagement• Scale-Up WOM (word of mouth)• place to conduct product and service research• Learn about company updates• Industry news• Job opportunitiesTells the STORY
    10. 10. • It’s a centralized location where millions of LinkedIn members can go to stay in the loop on company news, products, and opportunities.• Opportunity:• Tell your company’s story• Highlight your products and services• Engage followers• Drive word of mouth at scale• Share open positionsWhat is a LinkedInCompany Page?
    11. 11. • Overview Tab• Introduction to your business. • THE CONVERSATION STARTER• What will members see? • A high-level overview of the business. • Company posts on topics ranging from company announcements to product releases to industry news. • Friends & colleagues who are connected to the business.What makes up a Company Page?
    12. 12. • Products Tab • Showcase what your products or services offered • Drives traffic to your website • Ultimately drives salesWhat makes up a Company Page?
    13. 13. • Follower Insights Tab• Update engagement• Follower demographics• Updates & Impressions by your company• Growth• AnalyticsWhat makes up a Company Page?
    14. 14. • Page Insights• provide information regarding page visitor demographics • analytics • seniority • industry • function • region • company size • employee/non-employeeWhat makes up a Company Page?
    15. 15. • Employee Insights • Who are they • Where did they come from • Past companies • Skills & ExpertiseWhat makes up a Company Page?
    16. 16. Only a Few Easy StepsSetting up a Company Page requires just a few steps Done in a matter of minutes •Go to the Add Company page •Enter your company name and company email address •Confirm your request through an automatic email •E-dress must be valid ~ NOT commercial e-mail sites. •Start filling in your company’s information Set Up A Company Page
    17. 17. • Incredibly Important for the 1st impression• feed is the way of communicating messages• post company updates for your brand • post offers such as e-books and webinars = leads• Why should someone be interested in your company?• When was the company founded?• Accomplished anything noteworthy since its first days?Overview
    18. 18. Showcase your products and servicesYour POWER TAB to showcase your business•Click on “Add a Product or Service” from the Products & Services tab. Fill out all required information- •Category - name – description - company URL - images •All to maximize SEO•Once completed then click publish.•If more than one product/service ~ repeat That’s it! Set Up a Products & Services Tab
    19. 19. Here you’ll see aggregated information about company employees, including job functions, educational background, and experience.Employee information
    20. 20. This tab is only visible to administrators of your Company Page.Analytics help you understand: who your followers are who is viewing your page what content appeals to them.Analytics
    21. 21. How Do I Find and Follow My Favorite Companies?There are three easy ways to find and follow a company1. From the LinkedIn header: Go to the Companies tab and click “Search Companies,”2. From any member’s LinkedIn profile:Mouse-over any company on a LinkedIn profile and clickthrough to the company page, or click the “Follow Company”.3. If you’ve searched and found the business, simply click “Follow Company” for status updates.Following companies helps you track developments at companies of interestto you, including job opportunities and other business developments Find and Follow
    22. 22. Easily engage with your followers and page visitorsCompany Status Updates are posts made by the company to share anythingfrom company news to product releases to promotions to relevant industryarticles.Posts can be seen on the company’s Overview tab by any LinkedIn memberor on each follower’s homepage Updates feed.Encourage followers and page visitors to like, share, and commenton your posts- this helps spread the word to each follower’s entire network Company Status Updates
    23. 23. Grow your followers right from your own website Follow Button
    24. 24. How is information gathered? Gathering
    25. 25. Customizing the Company Page?Companies provide & update information Description Headquarters address Website Revenue.Customization
    26. 26. Company Page
    27. 27. How do I remove myself from a module on Company Profiles?If you don’t want to appear in the New Hires, Recent Promotionsor Popular Profiles sections of your company’s profile, go to yoursettings and click “Turn on/off your activity broadcasts” under“Privacy Controls”. Since settings on profiles is updated daily,there may be a delay before you are removed from the page. FAQ’s ~ Company Profile
    28. 28. Are there other opportunities to promote my company?Yes! Check out and get listed in our service provider directory. Broken down by business categoriesExplore using LinkedIn Ads to promote your businessControl How Much You Spend Pay by clicks or impressions. Stop your ads at any time. No long-term contracts. No commitments.FAQ’s ~ SPD & Linkedin Ads
    29. 29. Who will see my Company Status Updates?Followers of your Company will see the Status Updates on theirhomepage (when they login to LinkedIn) or by going to yourCompany’s “Overview” tab. Each Follower’s network will alsohave an opportunity to see the posts- as long as the followercomments, likes, or shares.FAQ’s ~ Status Updates
    30. 30. Who can post a Company Status Update?In order to post a Company Status Update, you must be anAdministrator of your Company Page, and your Company Pagemust be set to “Designated Admins only”.FAQ’s ~ Post Updates
    31. 31. How to Add Administrators?From the “Overview” tab, click on the dropdown “admin tools” andselect “edit”. In “edit” mode, select “Designated users only” and type inthe names of the people who should have Administrative rights. Click“Publish” to save. FAQ’s ~ Add Admins
    32. 32. How can a Company post a Status Update?Anyone who has Administrator rights and whose CompanyPage is set to “Designated Admins only” will be able to post aStatus Update on the “Overview” tab.FAQ’s ~ Status Updates
    33. 33. Will Company Status Updates support URLs?Yes, it will support text and URLs (website, image, YouTubevideo). URLs will be automatically shortened with the LinkedInURL shortener.FAQ’s ~ Updates & URL’s
    34. 34. Will Company Status Updates support Images?Yes, it will support URL links that are images. TheAdministrator will be able to preview the image thumbnailand associate a Title and Description to it. Posts can be up to500 characters (including spaces) and Title can be up to 250characters (including spaces). URLs will be automaticallyshortened with the LinkedIn URL shortener.FAQ’s ~ Updates & Images
    35. 35. Will Company Status Updates support Video?Yes, it will support URL links that are YouTube Videos. TheCompany will be able to preview the status update and associatea Title and Description to it. Posts can be up to 500 characters(including spaces) and Title can be up to 250 characters(including spaces). The videos will be able to be played inline.URLs will be shortened automatically with the LinkedIn URLshortener.FAQ ~ Updates & Video
    36. 36. How long can a Company Status Update be?Posts can be up to 500 characters (including spaces).FAQ ~ Update Length
    37. 37. Is there any tracking & reporting for Company StatusUpdates?You will be able to see impressions and engagement on eachCompany Status Update.An impression = views of the status update.Engagement = total interactions (comments, likes, clicks,shares)This data appears approximately 24 hours after an update ispublished and will continue to update on a daily basis.FAQ ~ Tracking & Reporting
    38. 38. How long will Status Updates appear on the Overview tab?At this time, the Overview tab is restricted to showing the mostrecent 20 posts. This will include status updates, any jobopportunity, new hires etc…Once a status update becomes the21st post, it will be removed from the feed.FAQ ~ Updates Up-Time
    39. 39. How can I see a history of posts? Presently, there is no ability to go back to old posts or the metrics related to those posts.FAQ ~ History of Posts
    40. 40. How can I control comments made?Administrators have the ability to delete inappropriatecomments. Simply go to the upper right corner of thecomment and click on the “x”.FAQ ~ Controlling Comments
    41. 41. Is there a limit to how often a business can post?No. However, business’ that post an excessive amount are subject toreview by LinkedIn and could risk having their page deleted.Are there restrictions on content posted?Per LinkedIn terms & conditions, posts that are offensive orinappropriate will result in the immediate deletion of the CompanyPage. Members can report offensive or inappropriate content byemailing Customer Service. FAQ ~ Restrictions
    42. 42. How do you find these sessions?I’m planning on the next session onHow to use Linkedin as an overall product for business? _or-BRINGING THE POWER TO YOU!What other subjects would you like to discuss? Linkedin for Business