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Mme Group 2 2011
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Mme Group 2 2011


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Overview of MME Group

Overview of MME Group

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  • 1. Integrated manufacturing solutionsCollaborative, Proven & Fast
  • 2. Overview Integrated manufacturing solutionsMME is a custom contract manufacturer producing OEMcustomer’s products in a collaborated, proven and fastmethod. Driven by it’s main core competencies:MME leverages it’s 35+ year history, background workingwith Fortune 100 customers, engineer based talent pool &technical expertise to bring products to market on-time andto budget.
  • 3. Integrated manufacturing solutions Business Overview Key Markets• Established 1974 • Medical• 75,000 SF Mfg- 2 plants • Consumer electronics• 5,000 SF Design Center • Health and Safety• Full Contract Mfg• ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 13485 • Government
  • 4. Integrated manufacturing solutions Key Traits Key Deliverables • Engineering• Collaboration • World Class Tool Fabrication• Proven • Quality Controlled Services• Fast • Plastic, LIM & Metal Molding • Precision Value-Add Assembly • Supplier Consolidation
  • 5. Core Competency Integrated manufacturing solutionsA Survey of MME’s Customers confirmed: MME excels on projects that need coordinated front end design and development of mechanical sub-assemblies. MME’s equipment and expertise fits products that are the size of a large laptop or smaller with complexity of design that require interaction between engineers & designers
  • 6. Core Competency Integrated manufacturing solutionsA Survey of MME’s Customers confirmed: Leveraging expert technical resources plus providing DFMA (Design For Manufacturing & Assembly) aides successful launches The ability to tool or source plastics, metal & electronic components with speed and quality expertise allows customers to focus on their own core competencies Superb team work , integrity & responsiveness building a mutually agreeable execution strategy to meet program needs.
  • 7. Some of our Customers
  • 8. Collaboration Integrated manufacturing solutions• Four Disciplines under one Business Model• Supply chain management qualified by ISO 13485 Standards• Low Cost country Partners available for varied cost models• Program Management acts as one point of contact• Multi-Industry exposure leads to coordinated expertise• Experience with all sizes/types of businesses
  • 9. Proven Integrated manufacturing solutions• Established in 1974• Working with Several Fortune 100 Customers for decades• “Dock-to-stock” Certified Supplier Status• Awarded many time-sensitive/crucial projects by Key Customers• Confidentiality Agreements in place and honored• Multiple technologies show engineering savvy and strength• References available regarding past successes• Set the standards for large companies performance• ISO Certified for 9001-2008 & ISO 13485:2003 for many years
  • 10. Fast Integrated manufacturing solutions• Entire Supply Chain constructed for speed• DFMA completed in days (2-10) not weeks• Production Tooling delivered in 4 weeks• Parts provided in 1-2 days from tooling completion• Revisions & reactions measured in hours & days• Assemblies and Automation timed with FOT• Process Validation timely and concurrentEntire Company Built for Speed!
  • 11. Integrated manufacturing solutionsWhy partner with us? •Combine 4 disciplines into one •Expedite time to market •Multi industry expertise •Turn-key manufacturing solutions
  • 12. Integrated manufacturing solutions Engineering Services• Industrial Design• Mechanical and Electrical Engineering• Mechanical architecture development• MCAD/ECAD data exchange• Design for reliability• Prototyping & Testing• Contract Engineering• Specialize in ESI & DFMA• Database creation• Complete 3D Mold Designs• Mold Flow & CAV
  • 13. Integrated manufacturing solutions World Class Tooling “Fast Lead Times on Tooling”• World class tool quality• Fast Lead Times on all tools• Consistent On-Time Deliveries• Multi-Industry Experience• Prototype-Bridge-Production Tools• Bandwidth to Handle Large Projects• 30+ Year History• Fortune 500 Clients
  • 14. Integrated manufacturing solutions Custom MoldingMultiple Deliverables delivered FAST• Quality Controlled injection molding• Two Manufacturing Locations• Low to high volume production runs• Medical clean room molding• Lean Manufacturing driven• 15 ton to 900 ton press size• 24 hour operations
  • 15. Integrated manufacturing solutions Custom Molding• ISO 13485• ISO 9001-2000• TS 16949• Qualified ASL• Continuous Training• SPC, Sight Boards, PCB’s• Government & UL Certified• CPK, FAI, PPAP
  • 16. Custom Molding Integrated manufacturing solutions•Class 100K Clean Room•LIM (Silicone molding)•Vertical Insert molding•Thin Wall Molding•Two-shot molding•Rare materials•Complex molding solutions
  • 17. Unique Metal Molding Integrated manufacturing solutions Ground Breaking Technology!• AIM – Alloy Injection Molding• Amazing thermal management material• 3 dimensional net shape molding• Part designs similar to plastics• Mold life comparable with plastic molds• Fast cycle times with close tolerances• Can • Help you with thermal mgmt • Replace machined parts • Replace die cast parts • Replace plastic parts • Provide cost reductions
  • 18. Contract Manufacturing Integrated manufacturing solutions Shared strengths within four disciplines
  • 19. Contract Manufacturing Integrated manufacturing solutions Value Added Services By collaborating our Four Diamond Process Flow, our knowledge platform and approved suppliers, we group provide FAST turn key solutions. We are staffed and managed by business graduates, engineers, trained specialists with manufacturing experience geared to meet aggressive deadlines while maintaining certified quality standards.
  • 20. Integrated manufacturing solutions Value Added Services•Program Management•Supply Chain Management•Sterilization Services•Packaging Solutions•Qualified ASL•Inventory Control•Tooling Amortization•Off shore Sourcing and Support•International Shipping
  • 21. Integrated manufacturing solutionsValue Added ServicesExperience With:• Simple-Complex Assembly• Lens Solutions• Decorating Applications• Paint Deliverables• Metals Sourcing• Sonic Welding• Laser Etching• Testing Stations• Sterilization
  • 22. Industry - MedicalProduct – Pacemaker ProgrammerChallenge -• Short time to market• Tight tolerancesThe MME Group Advantage -• 3 Tools• 4 week lead-time• Plastic PaintingValue added -• Up front involvement
  • 23. Industry - MedicalProduct – Air Filter MaskChallenge -• 3-4 Tools• 6 Week Lead- TimeThe MME Group Advantage -• Insert Shot MoldingValue added -• ABS / Santoprene
  • 24. Industry - MedicalProduct – Catheters AngioplastyChallenge -• 2 Tools• 4 Week Lead- TimeThe MME Group Advantage -• Over- Molded Guide WireValue added -• Clean Room Molding
  • 25. Industry - MedicalProduct – Heart Monitoring DeviceChallenge -• 6 Tools• 5 Week Lead- TimeThe MME Group Advantage -• Design InvolvementValue added -• ESI (Early Supplier Involvement)
  • 26. AssembliesIndustry - CommunicationsProduct –Cradle KitChallenge -• Highly Cosmetic• Engineered Custom ProductThe MME Group Advantage -• Purchased Components• In House ManufacturingValue added -• Dock to Stock Shipment
  • 27. Industry - MedicalProduct – Insulin PumpChallenge -• 7 Tools• 4 Week Lead- Time• Cosmetic SurfacesThe MME Group Advantage -• Speed to MarketValue added -• Mechanical Design
  • 28. Industry- AutomotiveProduct- Automotive, HousingsThe Challenge -• Asian tooling• Asian molding, plating & assemblyThe MME Group Advantage• Asian sourcing partners• MoldingValue Added –• Chrome Plating
  • 29. Additional Products
  • 30. Summary Integrated manufacturing solutions•Expedite time to market- fast tooling, molding & development•Multi industry expertise to help expand your expertise•Turn-key manufacturing solutions- Design thru distribution•Bandwidth and Flexibility to handle entire programs•AIM – Alloy Injection Molding- Precise & industry changing
  • 31. Integrated manufacturing solutions Thanks for your time!Thanks for your Time!