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Skills acquired, faculty lists, student profiles, and alumni outlook for Barcelona GSE master programs

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Master Programs - Barcelona GSE

  1. 1. Skills Acquired Skills Acquired· Solid command of quantitative economics · Thorough understanding of the theory and practice of price· Expertise in a wide range of specializations formation in financial markets, with applications to equityin different fields of economics valuation as well as to the determination of the term structure· Competence in both theoretical and empirical of interest rates and contingent claim pricingapproaches, from foundation to applications and policy · Ability to analyze the problems of managing banks· Solid preparation for work in research centers, and other financial institutions using Economic Theoryconsultancy firms, corporations or government agencies · Ability to price and hedge derivatives and complex· Competence to command the tools and knowledge financial instruments in a dynamic setting applyingnecessary to successfully pursue a top PhD in economics the tools of Mathematical Finance · Ability to apply Econometric Analysis to implement asset pricing models and to measure and manage financial risksFaculty Include: Faculty Include: Director: Antonio Ciccone, UPF and Barcelona GSE Director: Javier Gil-Bazo, UPF and Barcelona GSE Jordi Galí CREI-UPF and Barcelona GSE !"#$%&#"()#*$"&+*, Xavier Freixas, UPF and Barcelona GSE Massimo Motta UPF and Barcelona GSE Sebastián del Baño Head of FX LM Quant Research, Citigroup Xavier Sala-i-Martín Columbia University and UPF Andrea Caggese UPF and Barcelona GSE Jon Danielsson London School of Economics Jaume Ventura CREI-UPF and Barcelona GSE!"#$%&"()*+,% !"#$%&"()*+,%· Graduates in economics, mathematics or engineering · Graduates in business, economics, mathematics, physics and· Aspiring PhD students looking for a rigorous master engineering with a strong interest in quantitative finance or bankingprogram in economics · Junior researchers and policy makers at central banks or· Junior economic analysts looking for a postgraduate supervisory authoritiesdegree with advanced tools in quantitative economics · Aspiring PhD students looking for a rigorous master program in financeDegree DegreeMaster Degree in Economics and Finance awarded by UPF Master Degree in Economics and Finance awarded by UPFCareer Outlook Career OutlookDoctoral Study: Doctoral Study:A number of students use the Economics Program A number of students use the Finance Program as preparationas preparation for entry into competitive PhD for entry into competitive PhD programs in Europe and the Unitedprograms in Europe and the United States. States.Potential Employers Potential Employers· Authorities and government agencies · Banks, investment banks and central banks· International organizations · Asset management firms· Research institutions · Risk management and finance departments· Banking industry of both financial and non-financial firms· Economic consulting firms · Financial consulting firms
  2. 2. Skills Acquired· Economic theory, especially in the areas ofmicroeconomics, industrial economics, informationeconomics, game theory and strategic behavior· Mastery of fundamentals of competition law and its sources· Understand theory and models of regulation and in particularthe basic regulatory framework of the main industrial sectors· Present cases in public, developing specific skills fordiscussion and arguments from different points of view· Write technical reports based on the combination of real dataanalysis, analysis of relevant economic literature and its own criteria· Be able to formalize theory in discussions on competitionpolicy using game theory or economic theory modelsFaculty Include: Director: Juan José Ganuza, UPF and Barcelona GSE Carles Esteve-Mosso European Commission DG Competition Massimo Motta ICREA-UPF and Barcelona GSE Jorge Padilla Head of Compass Lexecon Europe!"#$%&"()*+,%· Graduates in economics, business and engineering with astrong interest in microeconomics and the functions of marketsand organizations in a variety of industries· Junior consultants seeking in-depth training in competition andmarket regulation policies· Researchers at antitrust authorities looking for advancedtechniques and toolsDegreeMaster Degree in Specialized Economic Analysisawarded by UPF and UABCareer OutlookPotential Employers· International economic consultancies· Competition authorities· Research institutes· International corporations
  3. 3. Skills Acquired Skills Acquired· A rigorous understanding of economic theory behind the · Health technology evaluation and a critical appraisaldesign and evaluation of public policies. of current methods· Ability to apply state-of-the-art empirical tools to evaluate · Identify and integrate ethical issues in health technologypublic policies. evaluation as well as in health policy· An understanding of institutional frameworks in which public · Policy-oriented decision-making, both in the short runpolicies are designed and implemented. (e.g., pricing, reimbursement of pharmaceutical drugs)· Ability to write technical and non-technical reports on public and in the long run (e.g., R&D incentives)policy. · Compare and assess the performance of different health systemsFaculty Include: Faculty Include: )#*$"&+*,(Nezih Guner, ICREA-UAB and Barcelona GSE Director: Pau Olivella, UAB and Barcelona GSE Caterina Calsamiglia UAB and Barcelona GSE !"#$%&#"()#*$"&+*, Guillem López-Casanovas, UPF and Barcelona GSE Joan M. Esteban IAE and Barcelona GSE Michael Greenacre UPF and Barcelona GSE Gabrielle Fack UPF and Barcelona GSE Pere Ibern UPF Ramon Marimon UPF-EUI and Barcelona GSE Xavier Martínez-Giralt UAB and Barcelona GSE!"#$%&"()*+,% !"#$%&"()*+,%· Graduates from business administration, economics and other · Graduates in economics, business administration, engineeringsocial sciences (demography, political sciences, sociology) with · Junior scientists and consultants with some background ina quantitative background. economics looking for advanced tools in health technology· Professionals from governmental and nongovernmental evaluation and health policyinstitutions who want to upgrade their skills. · Aspiring PhD students looking for a rigorous master· Aspiring PhD students who want to build a solid foundation. program in health economicsDegree DegreeMaster Degree in Specialized Economic Analysis Master Degree in Specialized Economic Analysisawarded by UPF and UAB awarded by UPF and UABCareer Outlook Career OutlookPotential Employers Potential Employers· Public Institutions · Health policy and pricing divisions in pharmaceutical companies· Non-government Organizations (NGOs) · Health technology evaluation agencies· International Organizations · Consulting firms for the health industry· Consulting Firms · Health authorities2012-13 is the first edition of this program. Placement 2011-12 is the first edition of this program. Placementinformation will be available in Spring 2013. information will be available in Spring 2012.
  4. 4. Skills Acquired Skills Acquired· Gain a deep understanding of the economics of international · Gain a deep understanding of the economics of internationaltrade, finance, and development trade, finance, and development· How to apply economic concepts to pressing policy issues, · Econometric techniques required for a state-of-the-art appliedespecially those related to growth, economic stability, and poverty analysis· Rigorous training in basic and advanced econometrics and · Numerical methods and simulation techniques useful instatistics, with a view to analyzing data both in cross-sections quantitative macroeconomics and in policy design andand time-series evaluation· Personalized coaching in how to present, both orally and in · Ability to write technical and executive reports and the skillswriting, cutting-edge research and policy recommendations to publicly communicate and discuss research workFaculty Include: Faculty Include: Director: Fernando Broner, CREI-UPF and Barcelona GSE Director: Francesc Obiols, UAB and Barcelona GSE !"#$%&#"()#*$"&+*, Albert Marcet, IAE and Barcelona GSE Antonio Ciccone ICREA-UPF and Barcelona GSE Nezih Guner ICREA-UAB and Barcelona GSE Jaume Ventura CREI-UPF and Barcelona GSE Joachim Voth ICREA-UPF and Barcelona GSE Jordi Galí IAE and Barcelona GSE Christopher Telmer Carnegie Mellon University, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland!"#$%&"()*+,% !"#$%&"()*+,%· Graduates from all fields with a strong quantitative background · Graduates in economics, business administration,(e.g. economics, business, engineering, mathematics, physics) and engineering· Junior professionals from private firms, research centers, · Junior practitioners in central banks and public institutionscentral banks, financial institutions, the civil service, and NGOs seeking an improvement in their skills and an upgrade of their· Aspiring PhD students looking for a solid foundation professional profilein the theory and econometrics of international trade, finance, · Prospective PhD students looking for a solid master programand development in economicsDegree DegreeMaster Degree in Specialized Economic Analysis Master Degree in Specialized Economic Analysisawarded by UPF and UAB awarded by UPF and UABCareer Outlook Career OutlookPotential Employers Potential Employers· Authorities and Government Agencies · Research departments in financial institutions· International Organizations · International institutions and government agencies· Research Institutions and Consulting Firms · Financial operators in the private sector· Financial Industry · Central banks and investment banks· NGOs