Sectorial report - The Media sector in Barcelona


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Sectorial report - The Media sector in Barcelona

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Sectorial report - The Media sector in Barcelona

  1. 1. The Mediasectorin Barcelona
  2. 2. EditionBarcelona City CouncilArea of Economy, Enterprise and EmploymentLlacuna 16208018 the help of Table of contentsFront page photo: konic_Alcañiz2010 (i2CAT)Design and layout: g.graficD.L. (Copyright): B-20098-2012Barcelona, May 2012 01. Barcelona, the Mediterranean’s innovation hub 05 02. 10 reasons to invest in Barcelona 06 03. The Media sector in Barcelona and Catalonia 08 04. The 10 strengths of Barcelona’s and Catalonia’s Media sector 01. A strategic sector for Barcelona and Catalonia 10 02. Universities and research: Training and attracting talent 12 03. The Catalan audiovisual sector, a benchmark in Spain 13 04. Cutting edge facilities: Barcelona Media Park 14 05. Consolidated position in the animation and creative digital industry 16 06. Quality, tradition and innovation in the publishing sector 17 07. Public Administration support programmes 18 08. Support centres for innovation in the Media 20 09. Barcelona, a strategic European partner in the Media sector 22 10. Ideal city for Media congresses 24 05. Links 26
  3. 3. 01Barcelona,the Mediterranean’sinnovation hub Euro-Mediterranean region catalONIA BarcelonaBarcelona, located in north-eastern In 2011, Catalonia was home to more such, Catalonia accounts for 21.6% ofSpain and on the shores of the than 5,000 international companies Spain’s innovation-based companiesMediterranean, is one of the principal and it received 135 foreign investment and 22.5% of all Spanish spending onEuropean cities and the centre of a projects, 85% of which were located in innovation activities. 39% of companiesvast metropolitan region of more than and around Barcelona. and 49.3% of the city’s employees work160 towns, and with a population of in knowledge-based industries, wheremore than 4.8 million people. It is the Taking into account the distribution communication and the Media haveeconomic, cultural and administrative of gross value added across business major of Catalonia and the centre of activities, Catalonia is Spain’s top auto-an emerging area of economic activity nomous region in the industrial sector, The Media sector is highly significantin Southern Europe, with 17 million accounting for 23.6% of the total mar- for the Catalan economy both in termspeople and 800,000 businesses. The ket. In terms of services, it is positioned of its current size and because of its fu-Euro-Mediterranean region, including second regarding national gross value ture prospects. In fact, in 2010, Barce-the Balearic Islands, Valencia, Ara- added generated. lona accounted for 61.8% of all Media workers in Catalonia. This is much hig-gon and the south-east of France, is her than the city’s overall percentage ofpositioning itself in new strategic and Additionally, Barcelona’s entrepreneurial workers compared to the total numberinternationally-competitive sectors, activity rate in 2010 was 5.5%, above of employees in Catalonia, which stoodconsolidating itself internationally as a both the Spanish and European avera- at 33.2% for the same year.major European metropolis. ges according to the Global Entrepre- neurship Monitor (GEM) 2010. The Media industry in Catalonia hasWith a long industrial tradition and a large companies that reach a globaldense business fabric, Barcelona has a Barcelona’s international economic market, a variety of SMEs coveringhighly diversified economic structu- activities are mainly driven by the Trade the entire audiovisual production valuere. Its more traditional sectors coexist Fair, the Port, Airport, the Zona Franca chain making the whole system highly The Media sector in Barcelonawith new emerging ones, creating new Consortium, Barcelona’s Tourism Con- efficient and competitive, good voca-clusters of knowledge that prioritise spe- sortium, Barcelona City Council and its tional training centres and excellent re-cialisation and competitiveness, focusing new technological innovation districts. search at universities and R&D centres,on internationalisation and creating a dy- including some companies with theirnamic and innovative city economy. This In addition, Barcelona and Catalo- own research departments.has helped to drive Barcelona’s strategic nia are leading Spain’s movementleadership in these fields. towards a knowledge economy. As 05
  4. 4. 02 10 reasons to invest in Barcelona Barcelona offers a 01. Strategic geographic location 06. Human resources prepared for the future number of different Barcelona now has one of the leading labour markets in Europe in terms of Two hours by road from France and one day from the main European elements that make it an cities. The gateway to Southern Europe and capital of the Union for the critical mass in high value-added sectors; highly productive, one of the best in attractive place to live, Mediterranean, Barcelona’s port, airport, logistics parks, international Europe according to the OECD; 8 public and private universities; a number of work and do business. trade fairs and city center are found within a five-kilometer radius. prestigious business schools including ESADE, IESE and EADA; 34 international schools; wide-spread use of new technology and a natural tendency for innova- Today the city is a highly interesting location for 02. Comprehensive transport infrastructure tion and creativity. new economic activities. Network of motorways connected to Europe, the fastest growing Euro- Some good reasons pean airport; Spain’s top port connected to the European railway network 07. Excellent quality of life on international gauge track, Europe and the Mediterranean’s top interna- For the 14th year running, Barcelona boasts Europe’s best quality of life for emplo- to invest here are as tional cruise port, placed 4th in the world ranking; extensive metro, railway yees*. It has a mild climate, sun, beaches, culture, splendid leisure time and arts follows and bus network, high-speed train that will connect the city with the programmes, a network of 4,500 educational institutions, modern and accessible European network in 2013. health system. It is easy to get around on the public transport system and boasts beautiful parks that surround the city. 03. Center of a large, dynamic and diverse economic area The Barcelona area has nearly 5 million inhabitants. It is the capital of 08. Large-scale urban-planning projects for the future Catalonia, with 7.5 million inhabitants, and the center of the Mediterra- A complete and renewed offer in terms of intelligent land for the development of nean Basin, an economic area with 18 million inhabitants. It accounts for new economic projects in the main sectors of the knowledge economy, which 70% of Catalonia’s GDP, and is the 6th largest urban area in Europe and is transforming more than 1,000 ha and 7 million m2 of build surface space in has the 5th highest concentration in Europe in terms of industry. Catalonia Barcelona’s metropolitan area. has nearly 7,000 businesses working in innovation related activities, most of which are located in Barcelona and its surrounding area. 09. Competitive real estate market 04. Successful foreign investment Wide range of offices, retail spaces and industrial warehouses with excellent Barcelona is ranked the 6th best city in Europe for business*, and Catalo- price/quality balance and a high occupation rate. nia accounts for approximately 36% of all foreign investment in Spain and is home to more than 5,000 foreign companies, most of which are located in the Barcelona area. 10. Unique public/private cooperation Barcelona City Council and the Catalan Government are highly committed to 05. Internationally renowned positioning companies; the success of traditional public/private collaboration has been key to Barcelona’s transformation. The Media sector in BarcelonaThe Media sector in Barcelona Barcelona tops a number of international rankings, which rate its urban environment, ability to attract foreign capital, entrepreneurial spirit and quality of life very highly. *According to Cushman & Wakefield, European Cities Monitor 2011.06 07
  5. 5. 03 The Media sector in Barcelona and Catalonia 10 reasons to invest in the Me- The Media sector, also This sector brings together a wide face similar challenges. The following The wide reaching and growing and productive environment. More dia sector in Barcelona called by other names like variety of industries, some traditio- graph shows a classification of the content sector has emerged as a recently, the growth of audiovisual nal and others emerging, and which various subsectors found in the result of the digitization process and creativity in television, adverti- 01 A strategic sector for Barcelo- the contents, communi- despite their diverse backgrounds Media industry. ongoing convergence of networks sing, animation, video and content na and Catalonia cation, creative or cultural and devices. What this amalgam of industries across new formats and 02 Universities and research: industries, or sometimes the industries has in common is that they services have leveraged the country’s Training and attracting talent copyright industry, brings Media subsectors are intensive users of ICT, with an resources in terms of human capital, 03 The Catalan audiovisual sec- together all those compa- increasing impact on the very heart infrastructure and entrepreneurial tor, a benchmark in Spain of the economy and in direct contact dynamism. nies engaged in the produc- 04 Cutting edge facilities: Barce- RADIO AND ART AND with millions of users through multi- tion, creation, publication, TELEVISION ADVERTISING THE PRESS SHOWS GAMES ple channels and devices. At present, new possibilities and lona Media Park distribution, operations and opportunities are arising thanks to 05 Consolidated position in the management of information Highly aware of its importance, the an increase in social networks, the animation and creative digital and experiences, amongst RADIO I SOCIAL RADIO I RADIO I RADIO I BOOK RADIO I SEARCH business sector and public adminis- availability of audiovisual content and industry others, with the common PLATFORMS TOURISM AND the future PUBLISHING ENGINES AND tration in Barcelona and Catalonia the rise of smart phones, tablets and TELEVISIÓ TELEVISIÓ LEISURE TELEVISIÓ TELEVISIÓ TELEVISIÓ 06 Quality, tradition and innova- ON INTERNET INDUSTRY PORTALS are developing the industry to make other mobile devices. goal of communication. it one of Europe’s core business tion in the publishing sector areas in this field. 07 Public Administration support INTERMEDIA- programmes AUDIOVISUAL The Media sector in BarcelonaThe Media sector in Barcelona CULTURAL TION AND Catalonia has highly favourable HERITAGE PRODUCTION ELECTRONIC MUSIC DESIGN 08 Support centres for innovation AND ANIMATION conditions for the development of a COMMERCE in the Media powerful content industry. Historica- 09 Barcelona, a strategic Euro- lly, the publishing, film and graphic pean partner in the Media sector and plastic arts industries have all make the most of Barcelona’s and 10 Ideal city for Media congresses Catalonia’s traditionally creative08 09
  6. 6. 04 10 reasons to invest in Barcelona and Catalonia’s Media sector Imagina building and Mediapro’s headquarters Distribution of the number of Examples of business - Media Planning Group: Foun- employees in terms of activities leadership: ded in 1978 as the first media related to the Media in Catalonia. agency in the Spanish market, it 01. In terms of regional areas (2010) - Grupo Planeta: Media group with remains the leading player in this almost 5,000 workers, a leader in market. After a merger with the the production of cultural content for French media agency Mediaplis in 12% Spanish language markets. Based in A strategic Barcelona, it is the leading Spanish 1999, it is now part of the global communication Havas Group, which sector publishing group and among the is the sixth largest media group 26% in Barcelona 62% three major Media groups operating in Spain. The Group has positioned in the world. It has a network of agencies specializing in interactive and Catalonia Catalan Audiovisual Council headquarters itself in the top 10 publishers in the conventional media, in sports spon- world over the last decade, becoming sorship and branded entertainment a leader in the Spanish language and an alternative network of media Catalonia is a country animation, advertising, video games and the creation of one of the main Media market. It offers a wide range of agencies. with its own culture, and content and services distributed on the centres at both the European and Barcelona culture, information, training and internet and through mobile devices. international level. Thanks to public- as such it is sensitive to private collaborations across different Rest of the metropolitan area of Barcelona entertainment products. - Mediapro: One of the leading Rest of Catalonia European audiovisual groups. It has the consequences of the Another noteworthy addition was the projects (such as Barcelona Media - Grupo Godó: Important leader operations across the whole value growing process of cultural creation of the Catalan Audiovisual Park) and new investments by compa- Source: The Work Observatory. Autonomous Regional in Catalonia across all relevant chain in audiovisual production, globalization. This is the Council (CAC), a pioneering regulator nies, Catalonia is both a competitive Government of Catalonia (2011) communications Media. Its origins management of sports rights and reason why governments responsible, among other things, for and modern location for the sector. date back to 1881 with the creation film, and the production and distribu- ensuring respect for the rights of As such, we can highlight specific As such, in 2008 this sector’s con- of the newspaper La Vanguardia. and public authorities have viewers and the freedom of partici- tion of entertainment, with 2,000 initiatives at both the city and the Cul- tribution to Catalonia’s Gross Added It was reorganized in 1998 as a professionals and offices in Spain, been carrying out specific pants in the audiovisual market and tural Strategic Plan level, which is led Value was 6.525 billion Euros, almost multimedia holding company with Lisbon, Porto, Madeira, Amsterdam, programmes to support the for ensuring regulatory compliance by the Institute of Culture, and at the 4% of Catalonia’s GDP. On the other activities in newspapers, magazines, Budapest, Miami, Los Angeles, Media sector. and the impartiality of public broad- metropolitan level, via the Barcelona hand, the number of people working digital publications, Internet portals, Qatar and Dubai. Mediapro is also a casters and media. Metropolitan Strategic Plan. in this sector rose to above 155,000 radio, television and in the field of shareholder in La Sexta television The Media industry in Catalonia has in the same year in Catalonia, which programme production. channel and several other themed large companies that reach a global Amongst the common features seen is clearly higher than the Spanish channels. market, a variety of SMEs covering in the various activities that shape average, and which makes this the the entire audiovisual production the media sector we find a high level leading sector in the knowledge- At the time, the creation of the Catalan value chain making the whole system of expertise and modern network based economy in Catalonia. Broadcasting Corporation (CCMA) highly efficient and competitive, good operations that facilitate the entry of Barcelona, capital of Catalonia, is in Barcelona as a percentage of The Media sector in BarcelonaThe Media sector in Barcelona was the starting point for many of the vocational training centres and exce- new innovative companies into the With its very high growth potential, where we find the majority of these all workers in Catalonia during the businesses, professionals and artists llent research at universities and R&D value chain. this sector helps foster the deve- activities. According to 2010 data, same year. that today make up this dynamic centres, including some companies lopment of ICTs, which are used this city accounts for 61.8% of all industry. Because of its size, it played a with their own research departments. The Media sector is highly significant intensively in this business, and the Media workers in Catalonia, well central role in the development of the for the Catalan economy because promotion of local culture globally at above the 33.2% level which repre- audiovisual industry, which has since Regarding challenges for the future, of its current size and its future the same time. sents the total number of workers been complemented by such fields as Catalonia has laid the foundation for possibilities.10 11
  7. 7. 04 10 reasons to invest in Barcelona and Catalonia’s Media sector 02. Universities 03. The Catalan and research: audiovisual Training and sector, a attracting benchmark Cadena Ser radio studios, previously Ràdio Barcelona Blanquerna Faculty of Communication Sciences, University Ramon Llull talent in Spain In terms of the radio, Barcelona was In the world of cinema, Catalan produ- In Catalonia, the Media Universities and other training the development of enabling techno- a pioneer in Spain (Radio Barcelo- cers are leading a resurgence in this sector is among the leading institutions logies. We also find other essential re- Catalonia has been one of na issued its first 30 minute news business thanks to important national search for the communications sector the drivers of the televi- bulletin in 1924) and remains a leader and international projects. As such, knowledge-intensive indus- Catalonia has a total of 12 univer- including the study of users both at the tries. Its continuity and future sities with more than 300,000 stu- sion, radio and film industry in programme production, having we can highlight activities in areas like dents. There are under graduate and sociological, ethnographic, psychologi- launched new creative talent that production and distribution. development requires an cal, cognitive and perception levels, as in Spain, because of its graduate studies in virtually all areas leads audience figures and that in environment that will attract well as in the more functional aspects precocity, size and innova- related to the world of communi- many cases has made the move to Apart from large production compa- and generate the talent nee- cation including audiovisual com- of use and interface design. tion in terms of content and other forms of mass communication nies, there are nearly 200 smaller ded to continuously stimu- munication, advertising and public formats. (television, film, literature, etc). television and film producers in Cata- relations, translation and interpreta- In terms of business studies, Barcelo- lonia that generate some of the most late the innovation process. na has several international renowned tion, linguistics, computer science, Regarding television, Catalan produ- unique and groundbreaking Spanish Catalonia and Barcelona business schools, including IESE, cers are amongst the most successful audiovisual content. Apart from journalism, telecommunications, guarantee this stimulus be- information technology, audiovisual ESADE and EADA, which complement in Spain, responsible for some of successes in terms of fictional feature cause they have knowledge media, cognitive science and langua- other institutions offering training in the most successful and influential films, a significant group of creative centres that provide greater ge, amongst many others. the Media field. programmes seen in the last decade, entrepreneurs have found successes competitiveness for industry which in turn has also promoted the and international recognition for their In terms of specialized training pro- emergence of local television stations, documentary productions, TV series professionals, both locally Higher Education and grammes, there are technical and de- theme channels, etc... .At particular and TV movies. and internationally. gree level courses as well as masters Research related to the Media: moments, companies like Gestmusic- in a wide variety of materials such as - University Pompeu Fabra Endemol, Mediapro, El Terrat or Lavi- Catalonia and Barcelona in particu- video gaming, creative documentaries, - Autonomous University of Barcelona nia have been responsible for much lar has established itself as one of design, performing arts and special of the innovation in Spanish television the benchmarks in advertisement - University of Barcelona effects. and in some cases the world. production in Europe. We shouldn’t - Polytechnic University of Catalonia forget that at present investments in - University Ramon Llull In fact, in Catalonia the audiovisual traditional advertising are decreasing, The Media sector in Barcelona Regarding university research, Ca-The Media sector in Barcelona talonia has more than 550 research - Open University of Catalonia sector is one of the few that has lea- and now the focus is on Internet groups, 137 R&D centres and over (UOC) ding large company decision-making advertising. The presence of first rate 300 university departments, among centres, like Filmax, Mediapro, Cinesa, advertising creatives, talent, produc- - Higher School of Cinema and which we find several groups dedica- Audiovisuals of Catalonia Manga films and Planeta, amongst the tion and support industries has made ted to research into the creation, distri- most noteworthy. This sector is capa- the city into an inspiration, source and - Higher School of Music of Catalonia bution and use of content, especially in ble of forming a powerful industry. setting for many global campaigns.12 13
  8. 8. 04 10 reasons to invest in Barcelona and Catalonia’s Media sector Pompeu Fabra University’s Tànger building 04. Cutting edge BASSAT Ogilvy, Apuntolapospo, Ca- nonigo Films, Cuatro, Garage Films, Sonoblok, Vistaprint, the publishing innovation in a sector that is highly technological and evolving at high speed, and also to orient university equipped with a 2,000 m2 studio set and other smaller sets, and post production rooms, satellite transmit- group RBA, Miraveo, Apeer, BMAT research to market output. ters and receivers that are used daily facilities: and InOutTV, amongst others in the Some of the most prominent centres for programmes on la Sexta, GolTV, Barcelona Barcelona Media Park sited in 22@Barcelona private sector. are the Barcelona Media Innovation BesTV, La Fabrica, amongst others. Media Park Centre (CIBM), Barcelona Digital 4. Media-TIC building: 14,000m2 - Benchmark Institutions Technology Centre ICT, the Internet of space for companies, research, The Catalan Audiovisual Council Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) and the training and exhibition projects. Catalonia is a privileged Media companies and traditional of companies from the Media, Medical (CAC) and Barcelona Media Founda- eLearn Center at the Open University 5. Creative Talent Factory: The location for Media compa- operators that have set up all over Technologies, ICT, Energy and Design tion are representative examples, with of Catalonia. Furthermore, the location Barcelona, and audiovisual and media sectors have located. This area boasts the latter being the overall manager of the first European research labo- Digitalent Foundation (promoted by nies that regard user-centric Abacus and Cromosoma, amongst companies that have located in the cutting edge telecommunications and of the Cluster and whose task it is to ratory Yahoo! Research Barcelona in innovation as their present south of the city, and the rest of transport infrastructure, and here we ensure the connection and interaction Barcelona Media Park is a clear exam- others) with a 100,000 m2 studio set and future. What we find in the Media sector now have modern also find different public and private of its different parts and the promotion ple of how innovation ecosystems and other technical areas. Barcelona and its hinterland facilities available in the so-called Bar- sector backed projects being developed of initiatives to strengthen companies’ like 22@Barcelona are determining is a dynamic business envi- celona Media Park sited in the 22@ with the aim of promoting the competiti- competitiveness, and finally to improve factors in attracting talent. Barcelona technology district, which veness of firms located in this area. the position of Barcelona as a bench- ronment, made up of large is undergoing constant consolidation mark in this area. - Other knowledge infrastructure in and small businesses, with and growth. We also have the recently Barcelona Media Park is the most the vicinity of the Park: an influx of talent, training created Catalan Audiovisual Park in important flagship project being deve- - Universities and other training 1. Barcelona Activa’s multi sector Barcelona Media Park in and research, and signifi- the neighbouring city of Terrassa. In loped in 22@Barcelona and the city centres related to the Media incubators: Glòries Business Incu- figures cant infrastructure projects addition to these two strategic areas of Barcelona regarding creative and cul- The UPF’s Communication Campus bator (4,000 m2) and Almogàvers in this sector. for the sector, we need to include the tural industries. It has 115,000 m2 avai- (24,000m2), where we find the Audio- Business Factory (1,000m2) with a - 15,000 m2 for offices for the BZ Barcelona Innovation Zone, located lable for companies and 60,000 m2 for visual Communication, Journalism, and high percentage of projects linked to audiovisual industry in Barcelona’s Zona Franca, which is services in the communication sector. Advertising and Public Relations Fa- the Media and audiovisual sector. - 60,000 m2 for services related to set to become a new cluster promotion It is made up by the University Pompeu culties. Additionally, the campus also 2. The Tànger building: Focused on the communication sector for the Media sector. Fabra, 22@Barcelona, Grupo Mediapro plays host to the Centre of Resources and Barcelona Media Innovation Centre for Learning and Research (CRAI), the University Pompeu Fabra research - Over 6,000 m2 for studio sets and Barcelona Media Park is an open (the management company), and it University Audiovisual Institute (IUA), groups or start-ups linked to the Me- spaces equipped for productions, space at the heart of the city, well boasts all the necessary requirements the Science Communication Observa- dia world, such as the UPF’s Musical post-production, etc..., making ap- positioned in the sector in the South of to make this cluster a success: tory (OCC), and the Graduate Institute Technology Group (creators of the proximately 10 studio sets and Europe, providing an environment for of Applied Linguistics (IULA). Nearby popular musical instrument, the Reac- 42 post-production facilities. collaboration and exchange between - Large, medium and small is the SAE Institute, an internationally table) or the Computational Imaging Research Group and Biomedicine - Creation of 1,000 jobs The Media sector in BarcelonaThe Media sector in Barcelona companies, universities, institutions businesses renowned higher education centre and citizens, focusing on excellence in Some of the most representative related to the Media world. Simulation Technologies (CISTIB), also - It plays host to between 3,500 research, technology transfer, inno- companies are: Spain’s National part of the UPF. and 4,000 members of the univer- vation and training and culture. It is Radio (RNE) and Barcelona Tele- - Technology Centres, R&D and 3. The Imagina building: With almost sity community (students, teachers, located at the heart of 22@Barcelona, vision (BTV), in the public sector, technology transfer 12,000 m2 for companies and institu- researchers and administrative the city’s new centre for knowledge and Mediapro, Lavinia, International These are key and essential require- tions involved in the media sector and staff) economy activities, where the majority Sound Studio, ADN, Cromosoma, ments to ensure continued and shared a large audiovisual production centre14 15
  9. 9. 04 10 reasons to invest in Barcelona and Catalonia’s Media sector 05. Consolidated 06. Quality, Barcelona is the capital of the book small and medium sized publishers. As Position in the tradition and sector in Spain and it is the worldwide market leader in Spanish-language such, the distributor Libranda, founded by 7 large Spanish publishers (Planeta, animation and innovation books. Books are amongst Catalonia’s Random House Mondadori, Roca Edi- creative digital in the publishing highest volume exports, which are torial, Grup62, Grupo Wolters Kluwer Video game produced by Digital Legends destined for markets in the European and Grupo SM) offers digital services industry sector Union and Latin America. management to on-line market publis- Barcelona is the capital the publishing hers and retailers. market in Catalan with Enciclopèdia Catalonia leads the animation The animation industry in Catalonia in order to make products for the Catalonia has a longstan- has built up a group of cutting edge global market. A case in point is lea- Catalana and Grup 62 leading this At the same time, the book business industry in Spain, with some of ding publishing tradition sector. and bookstores in particular are also professionals involved in some of the ding video games producer Ubisoft its most powerful companies represented by large pu- On the other hand, digital books are moving towards the world of digital most important American and Euro- and social games specialist Digital making the move to European pean animation productions. Digital Chocolat. blishing groups like Planeta, gradually gaining market share in books, with initiatives like e-llibreries. leadership. In 1984 we saw creation has also led to significant Ca- Random House Mondadori Spain. In 2011 this product sector cat, part of the Catalan Bookstore (part of the Bertelsmann represented 17.9% of all book titles, Owners’ Guild, which aims to become the first computer animation talan companies working in the area As well, the film and TV and video 55% more than the previous year, a real solution for achieving Internet that allowed local companies of videogames, television design and industries have benefited from inves- Group), Océano, RBA, according to data published in a report presence and that can be used to sell special effects with a strong presence tments in the digitization of a large Salvat (part of the Lagar- to position themselves in on digital books by the Ministry of books or to get updated profiles on in local, European and North Ameri- number of cinema halls. the international market with can markets, like Digital Legends and dère Group), Zeta and Education, Culture and Sports. social networks. innovative proposals. Today, Novarama. Both animation and digital The latest trends in performing arts other smaller publishers. In these pioneering companies creation or video games companies also benefit from the innovative capa- addition, Catalonia, together This data shows that Spain’s publis- As such, as noted in a report on digital hing industry, with a majority of compa- books over the coming years we will are now fully consolidated, have significant growth potential be- city of the digital artists, with theatre with Andalusia and Madrid, cause of the universal appeal of these groups and internationally renowned nies headquartered in Barcelona, are continue to see an important increase having been joined by others head the rakings regar- committed to digital books. in the Spanish digital book market, products and their ability to generate artists producing shows that incorpo- that have also exported their ding the digital and ebook thanks to an increase in supply and additional revenues through the sale rate innovative digital content from The Media sector in BarcelonaThe Media sector in Barcelona successes around the world, of licensed products. local creatives, which afterwards is sectors across Autonomous As such, one example is the case of the proliferation of bookstores and such as Cromosoma, with released in other parts of the world. Communities. Edi.Cat, a pioneer regarding the pro- platforms which cover the distribution motion of digital books in Catalan and and sale of eBooks. their hand-crafted quality This quality and abundance of talent So, it’s not surprising that Barcelona has resulted in leading international hosts several internationally renowned the sale of electronic books and digital products. readers, and made up by independent companies making large investments festivals in these areas. to set up in Barcelona and Catalonia16 17
  10. 10. 04 10 reasons to invest in Barcelona and Catalonia’s Media sector 07. Public R&D&I cooperation projects with between research organizations and sing computer and Internet connec- tions to improve business processes. - Loan guarantee lines: Loan guarantees given by Avalis de companies. Catalunya for loans with predetermi- Administration The Catalan government is commit- ned conditions for financing capital Support - Individual Research and Deve- ted to creating a powerful Media in- expenditures. lopment Projects (PID): Individual dustry that is innovative and a leader Programmes Research and Development projects in the European framework. One of - Tax incentives for R&D: Deduc- (PID) are applied business projects the key agencies in this policy is the tions against income tax. Catalonia and Barcelona With the objective of improving Directorate General for SME Policy. designed to create and significantly Autonomous Regional Government’s is an ideal environment for and raising innovation capacities, It focuses on the use of new financial improve production processes, Department of Enterprise and - Help to find capital, investment innovative companies in the Spain’s Administration has made a instruments to support SMEs. They products or services. These projects Employment that aims to foster the forums, Network of Technological significant commitment to R&D and offer equity loans. may include both industrial research competitiveness of companies and Springboards and XIP (Network Media sector that enjoy a innovation with significant increases and experimental development. provide alternative financing: of Private Investors or Business competitive and innovative in public investment in these areas. - Torres Quevedo: Part of the Angels). environment and are able Ministry of Economy and Competiti- - Innpronta Programme: This is - ACC1Ó Risk Capital Funds: to take advantage of all the Some of the most significant Spa- veness programme offer, it provides one of the central government’s ACC1Ó currently participates in Meanwhile, the European Union R&D carried out by different nish funding sources include: subsidies to companies, business policies designed to promote the following active venture capital also participates in this group of associations and other technology public-private R&D in strategically funds: Ingenia Capital, Inveready institutions involved in aiding Media programmes. - Neotec: Coordinated by CDTI centres for the hiring of researchers. important areas for developing the Seed Capital and Ysios BioFund I. sector growth in its own territory, (Centre for Industrial Technological Spanish economy. offering a range of support program- Development), it aims to support the - Inncorpora: This is a Ministry - BCN Emprèn, Spinnaker Media, mes and grants: creation and consolidation of new te- of Economy and Competitiveness This programme is designed to fund Nauta Tech Invest II, Nauta Tech chnology-based companies. It offers programme that aims to support and large integrated industrial research Invest III, Highgrowth Innovació - Seventh Framework Programme 0% interest loans, long repayment strengthen the recruitment of highly projects that create new technolo- and Catalana d’Iniciatives, with the - Media Programme terms that do not require additional qualified personnel in order to stimu- gical applications in areas that will participation of other Autonomous The Media sector in BarcelonaThe Media sector in Barcelona guarantees, and which cover up to late the transfer of knowledge and have an influence at the interna- Regional Government of Catalonia - Structural Funds 70% of the total project budget. technology to the productive sector tional level both economically and agencies. and promote business innovation. commercially. - Enisa: This is the National Innova- - Credit lines: Financing provided tion Company, financed by the public - Innpacto: This is a Ministry of - Plan Avanza: This Ministry of Indus- by the Catalan Institute of Finance, purse, part of the Ministry of Industry, Economy and Competitiveness pro- try, Energy and Tourism programme is the INICIA network, CDTI, ACC1Ó’s Energy and Tourism, through the gramme for financing public-private based on loan financing for purcha- NEBT loans, ENISA and ICO.18 19
  11. 11. 04 10 reasons to invest in Barcelona and Catalonia’s Media sector 08. Support centres for innovation in the Media To achieve a competitive In Catalonia, following the European Barcelona Media Yahoo! Research Barcelona i2CAT Media sector it is neces- model adapted to local conditions, This is a private foundation for re- An example of integration in the This Foundation is dedicated to there are complementary organiza- search and innovation in the com- innovation system: The new global promoting research and innovation sary to have both powerful tions specialising in the promotion of munication sector. It is an Advanced media company Yahoo! has decided into second generation internet. The R&D&I and the right infras- knowledge transfer from universities to Technology Centre, member of the to increase its investment in R&D i2CAT Audiovisual Unit is a joint tructure and support tools business. Autonomous Region Government of and that’s why it is always looking for department, made up by i2CAT and to facilitate technology Catalonia’s TECNIO network, which environments with the best talent and the UPC, that has different research and knowledge transfer to works with companies and institutions where it can facilitate its integration interests related to technologies used companies from the public to boost competitiveness. They carry into the European research system. in multimedia, cultural, education and out transfer and innovation projects in Managed by Dr. Ricardo Baeza-Yates, tourism industries. Thanks to their and private research that is the contents area, with extensive expe- Yahoo! is based in Barcelona Media participation in various national, state, generated. This transfer can facilities, which provides the profes- European / international projects via rience in the creation of large consortia be seen in terms of new for collaboration projects, and it is also sional research and management collaboration with leading Catalan R&D&I projects, the com- a leader of European Commission capacity for outsourced management audiovisual companies, they have been mercialization of patents or projects related to the Media sector. and R&D hosting, and which was the able to achieve a huge step forward in the creation of new tech- Framed in the Barcelona Media Park reason that Yahoo! Research ended the state-of-the-art especially in the The Media sector in BarcelonaThe Media sector in Barcelona initiative, this foundation acts as a up committing to Barcelona for its following areas: coding and the distri- nology-based companies, regional cluster and independent mee- first European site dedicated entirely bution of audiovisual content across amongst others. ting place for industry, academia and to research. the net, videoconferencing, metadata different levels of government and mobility services. www.i2cat.net20 21