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Energy mobility and environmental sectors in Barcelona
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Energy mobility and environmental sectors in Barcelona


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Energy mobility and environmental sectors in Barcelona

Energy mobility and environmental sectors in Barcelona

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  • 1. Energy, Mobilityand EnvironmentalSectorsin Barcelona
  • 2. EditionBarcelona City CouncilArea of Economy, Enterprise and EmploymentLlacuna 16208018 the help ofBarcelona Energy AgencyLIVE (Logistics for the Implementationof the Electric Vehicle)Environmental Forum Foundation Table of contentsb_TEC, Campus Diagonal-BesòsDesign and layout: g.graficD.L. (Copyright): B-25044-2012Barcelona, July 2012 01. Barcelona, the Mediterranean’s innovation hub 05 02. 10 reasons to invest in Barcelona 06 03. The energy, mobility and environmental sectors in Barcelona and Catalonia 08 04. 10 reasons to invest in the energy, mobility and environmental sectors in Barcelona and Catalonia 01. Barcelona: towards a new city model with sustainability and energy-saving efficiencies 10 02. Commitment to renewable energies 11 03. Major operators in Catalonia 12 04. Large city infrastructures 14 05. Barcelona LIVE Platform: a benchmark in electric mobility 16 06. Energy Park, a strategic project for the future of the sector 18 07. ITER project in Barcelona 20 08. The Environmental Forum Platform 21 09. Culture of Research and Development 22 10. Urban ecology, a key factor in ‘Barcelona Smart City’ 24 05. Links 26
  • 3. 01Barcelona,the Mediterranean’sinnovation hub Euro-Mediterranean region catalONIA BarcelonaaBarcelona, located in north-eastern and it received 135 foreign investment internationalization of companies, theSpain and on the shores of the projects, 85% of which were located in energy sector is one of Barcelona’s andMediterranean, is one of the principal and around Barcelona. Catalonia’s key sectors.European cities and the centre of avast metropolitan region of more than Taking into account the distribution Barcelona and its metropolitan area160 towns, and with a population of of gross value added across business are home to the headquarters of themore than 4.8 million people. It is the activities, Catalonia is Spain’s top auto- biggest companies in the energy andeconomic, cultural and administrative nomous region in the industrial sector, renewable energy sectors in Spain. Incapital of Catalonia and the centre of accounting for 23.6% of the total market. fact, the city has become one of thean emerging area of economic activity In terms of services, it is positioned benchmarks in this sector in Spain, within Southern Europe, with 17 million second regarding national gross value examples that range from the 22@people and 800,000 businesses. The added generated. Barcelona district, a technological inno-Euro-Mediterranean region, including vation district par excellence, throughthe Balearic Islands, Valencia, Ara- Additionally, Barcelona’s entrepreneurial to a wide business network of leadinggon and the south-east of France, is activity rate in 2010 was 5.5%, above services companies, a deep-rooted en-positioning itself in new strategic and both the Spanish and European avera- trepreneurial spirit, and a long traditioninternationally-competitive sectors, ges according to the Global Entrepre- in both teaching and business in theconsolidating itself internationally as a neurship Monitor (GEM) 2010. energy sector.major European metropolis. Barcelona’s international economic Regarding the availability of anWith a long industrial tradition and a activities are mainly driven by the Trade educated workforce, in recent yearsdense business fabric, Barcelona has a Fair, the Port, Airport, the Zona Franca Barcelona has increased the amount Energy, Mobility and Environmental Sectors in Barcelonahighly diversified economic structu- Consortium, Barcelona’s Tourism Con- of resources available both in terms ofre. Its more traditional sectors coexist sortium, Barcelona City Council and its specialized education in areas relatedwith new emerging ones, creating new new technological innovation districts. to this industry and also in terms ofclusters of knowledge that prioritise new technology and infrastructurespecialisation and competitiveness, Barcelona and Catalonia are leading available for research. The city boastsfocusing on internationalisation and Spain’s movement towards a knowledge prestigious universities, researchcreating a dynamic and innovative economy. As such, Catalonia accounts centres and highly-skilled R&D labs,city economy. This has helped to drive for 21.6% of Spain’s innovation-based and intermediary institutions that helpBarcelona’s strategic leadership in companies and 22.5% of all Spanish the development of technology-basedthese fields. spending on innovation activities. projects that are driving new initiatives Regarding this last point, and given the via knowledge transfer.In 2011, Catalonia was home to more importance of innovation in generatingthan 5,000 international companies competitiveness, productivity and the 05
  • 4. 02 10 reasons to invest in Barcelona Barcelona offers a number of different 01. Strategic geographic location 06. Human resources prepared for the future Two hours by road from France and one day from the main European Barcelona has one of the leading labour markets in Europe in terms of critical elements that make it an cities. The gateway to Southern Europe and capital of the Union for the mass in high value-added sectors; highly productive, one of the best in Europe attractive place to live, Mediterranean, Barcelona’s port, airport, logistics parks, international according to the OECD; 8 public and private universities; a number of pres- work and do business. trade fairs and city center are found within a five-kilometer radius. tigious business schools including ESADE, IESE and EADA; 34 international Today the city is a highly schools; wide-spread use of new technology and a natural tendency for innova- interesting location for 02. Comprehensive transport infrastructure tion and creativity. new economic activities. Network of motorways connected to Europe, the fastest growing Euro- Some good reasons pean airport; Spain’s top port connected to the European railway network 07. Excellent quality of life to invest here are as on international gauge track, Europe and the Mediterranean’s top interna- For the 14th year running, Barcelona boasts Europe’s best quality of life for emplo- tional cruise port, placed 4th in the world ranking; extensive metro, railway yees*. It has a mild climate, sun, beaches, culture, splendid leisure time and arts follows and bus network, high-speed train that will connect the city with the programmes, a network of 4,500 educational institutions, modern and accessible European network in 2013. health system. It is easy to get around on the public transport system and boasts beautiful parks that surround the city. 03. Center of a large, dynamic and diverse economic area The Barcelona area has nearly 5 million inhabitants. It is the capital of 08. Large-scale urban-planning projects for the future Catalonia, with 7.5 million inhabitants, and the center of the Mediterra- A complete and renewed offer in terms of intelligent land for the development of nean Basin, an economic area with 18 million inhabitants. It accounts for new economic projects in the main sectors of the knowledge economy, which 70% of Catalonia’s GDP, and is the 6th largest urban area in Europe and is transforming more than 1,000 ha and 7 million m2 of build surface space in has the 5th highest concentration in Europe in terms of industry. Catalonia Barcelona’s metropolitan area. has nearly 7,000 businesses working in innovation related activities, most of which are located in Barcelona and its surrounding area. 09. Competitive real estate market 04. Successful foreign investment Wide range of offices, retail spaces and industrial warehouses with excellent Barcelona is ranked the 6th best city in Europe for business*, and Catalo- price/quality balance and a high occupation rate. nia accounts for approximately 36% of all foreign investment in Spain and Energy, Mobility and Environmental Sectors in BarcelonaEnergy, Mobility and Environmental Sectors in Barcelona is home to more than 5,000 foreign companies, most of which are located in the Barcelona area. 10. Unique public/private cooperation Barcelona City Council and the Catalan Government are highly committed to 05. Internationally renowned positioning companies. The success of traditional public/private collaboration has been key to Barcelona’s transformation. Barcelona tops a number of international rankings, which rate its urban environment, ability to attract foreign capital, entrepreneurial spirit and quality of life very highly. *According to Cushman & Wakefield, European Cities Monitor 2011.06 07
  • 5. 03 The energy, mobility and environmental sectors in Barcelona and Catalonia The energy sector is vital for Thanks to its industrial and entrepre- in terms of global strategic planning in of electric vehicles and the implemen- characteristic feature of the Catalan and Catalonia as an international player neurial culture, Catalonia has gathered the energy and climate change sectors, tation of associated infrastructure is management model, making it a in innovation and technology in the the economy and welfare tremendous energy-sector know-how, but also incorporating air quality issues a first step towards environmental benchmark for countries with a Medi- energy sector. of society, as much becau- developing a large number of R&D from the local perspective. Barcelona’s sustainability and improving air quality, terranean climate. se of the importance of the programmes and projects in the area Energy Agency is responsible for deve- but not enough. industry itself, but especia- of renewable energies, air conditioning, loping PECQ. So, Barcelona and Catalonia have lly because of its strategic natural and cooling technologies, instru- Environmental and Waste the tools to successfully face future 10 reasons to invest in the energy, mentation and electricity control. Electric mobility Management challenges and become a worldwide value; energy is an essential leader in the energy sector in the mobility and environmental sectors in element in any industry, Barcelona and Catalonia: Energy One of the sectors involved in the In the field of waste management, coming years: service and transportation energy plan, which has a big impact on Barcelona, and Catalonia as a whole, 01 Barcelona: towards a new system. For Barcelona and The Energy Plan 2006-2015, develo- the environment, is the mobility sector. boasts a cluster-like grouping of pu- - Firm commitment of governments city model with sustainability and ped by the Catalan government through Electrical mobility can help reduce C02 blic authorities, companies, universi- to create a model of sustainable energy-saving efficiencies Catalonia, in general, energy the Catalan Energy Institute (ICAEN), emissions, reduce energy dependency ties and socio-economic stakeholders development through the promotion is an essential factor in com- 02 Commitment to renewable has made a commitment to position and improve efficiency; its growth helps and experienced experts, a benchmark of renewable energy, encouraging energies petitiveness and economic itself at the top of the European energy to develop a more sustainable economy for similar areas in Latin America, energy-saving efficiencies and development. sector in the 21st century. The Plan based on innovation and research. the southern Mediterranean and the investment in infrastructure that balan- 03 Major operators in Catalonia will develop a diversification strategy Middle East. ce the assumption of growth in demand regarding energy sources by promoting Given the general context of research and sustainability. 04 Large city infrastructures renewable energy, improving efficiency and development, cities are emerging The operational management model 05 Barcelona LIVE Platform: a and energy saving, creating the energy as potential test banks to spread the of municipal solid waste (SW) in - Leading international entrepreneu- benchmark in electric mobility Energy, Mobility and Environmental Sectors in BarcelonaEnergy, Mobility and Environmental Sectors in Barcelona infrastructure necessary to support use of these technologies to citizens Catalonia integrates the hierarchy of rial culture specialized in different mar- research and development, and techno- and to create key environments for different waste management options ket segments: supply, distribution and 06 Energy Park, a strategic project logical innovation in this field. new and growing industries in the available in the EU, and through a commercialization of energy, technology, for the future of the sector electric mobility sector. Nearly 30% process of gradual improvement, design and manufacturing renewable 07 ITER project in Barcelona In 2002, Barcelona started its Energy of the automobile industry in Spain is these are applied to niche SW areas energy facilities, and an industrial sector Improvement Plan (PMEB), which concentrated around the metropolitan for optimal results. that produces capital goods for the 08 The Environmental Forum became the first structured approach area of Barcelona, which is one of energy business. Platform to the sector in the city of Barcelona. In Europe’s main centres for the sector. In particular, Catalonia has some of 09 Culture of Research and 2011, the City Council approved a new Supporting the development of electric the most advanced mechanical biolo- - A culture of research and techno- Development plan called the Barcelona Energy, mobility is vital for the global competi- gical treatment plants in the European logical innovation enhanced by the Climate Change and Air Quality tiveness of the automotive sector, but Union, which have been copied in creation of the so-called Energy Park 10 Urban ecology, a key factor in Plan 2011 - 2020 (PECQ). This plan also to improve the environment and countries like France or the UK. The and the European Fusion Agency’s ITER ‘Barcelona Smart City’ brings continuity to previous strategies quality of life in our city. The introduction treatment of organic matter is also a Project, which will position Barcelona08 09
  • 6. 04 10 reasons to invest in the energy, mobility and environmental sectors in Barcelona and Catalonia 01. Barcelona: The Barcelona Energy, Climate Change and Air Quality Plan 2011 - 2020 (PECQ) involves a programme This should allow Barcelona to comply with the environmental and energy commitments acquired at the local 02. Commitment Within the group of renewable energies it is noteworthy the biofuels and the wind power: - Hydroelectric power: this is beco- ming a major energy source contri- buting 17.9% to renewable energy towards a new of local action plans aimed at achie- ving a more sustainable city model. It level (specified in the Energy Plan and Agenda 21) and internationally (the to renewable - Biofuels are in the approach phase to consumption in Catalonia. market introduction; it is the renewable city model with includes 108 projects, chosen becau- result of the Johannesburg, Kyoto, energies energy that has the highest energy - Biomass: strategies are concen- trating on promotion, identification sustainability se of their value in terms of energy Aalborg and Rio de Janeiro summits). potential in the short and medium term. and development of biomass energy use, local and global greenhouse and energy- gases, and an economic perspective, The work the Agency carries out is Renewable energy sources It is expected to represent 28.6% of renewable energy consumption in generation plants, overall biomass saving which provide different levels of the aimed at the sustainable develop- are a priority for Catalonia Catalonia, thanks mainly to biodiesel and biogas production will contribute around 512.1 ktoe to energy accounts efficiencies action plan, including local bye-laws, ment of the city by promoting energy to be positioned as one of with a consumption of 870,000 tonnes, grants for facilities, training programs conservation, energy efficiency and in 2015, which represents 17.4% of the main hubs worldwide in and it is expected to replace 18% of total renewable energy. and performance initiatives regarding the use and knowledge of renewable automotive diesel consumption. this sector. Barcelona is positioned as mobility to improve the city’s air qua- energy and optimizing the quality of - Wind power is one source that - Solar thermal: the goal is to reach lity. Barcelona’s Local Energy Agency services related to this sector and one of the major European presents greater possibilities, since its 1,250,000 m2 of collectors. Consortium manages this PECQ. improving air quality. capitals in the energy sector. Barcelona and Catalonia are associated technology is being develo- - Solar photovoltaic energy: With The city’s energy sector has Barcelona’s Local Energy Agen- committed to renewable energy ped to full potential, once it has passed a target of 100 MW, this energy The main objectives of the the stages of R & D and market pene- a large number of busines- cy Consortium consists of those Energy Plan 2006-2015 sets goals tration. Therefore, reaching the highest technology is still being fully developed. authorities directly involved in energy Agency are: Regards the importance of this energy ses, and attracts investments that go beyond the objectives set Energy, Mobility and Environmental Sectors in BarcelonaEnergy, Mobility and Environmental Sectors in Barcelona wind potential available to Catalonia and environmental management 1. Ensure the implementation of the by the EU. It is expected that the source in the future, it is considered from around the world as regarding the scope of action, and is one of the priority energy policies essential to continue supporting its Barcelona Energy, Climate Change percentage share of renewables in the part of its objectives for the for years to come. It is expected that whose mission is to promote and and Air Quality Plan (PECQ), with a primary energy balance in Catalonia development. the installed capacity in wind farms in coming decades. Barcelona position Barcelona as an example time frame of 2020 set for the new will go from 2.9% in 2003 to 9.5% Catalonia will increase significantly, has developed a plan with of how to deal with issues related to energy scenario and air quality. in 2015. Therefore, not only does it To promote these renewable energy given the potential already identified energy and environmental impact. Its comply with the European objective of objectives, the Autonomous Govern- the aim of increasing its aim is to help the city achieve, through 2. Encourage energy saving and in various studies and initiatives. Fo- doubling its percentage, but it is ex- ment of Catalonia, through the Catalan commitments to the energy consensus and participation, optimum energy efficiencies. pected to be multiplied by 3.3. Regar- recasts show wind power installations Institute of Energy, manages several could reach 3,500 MW, with 25.7% of sector. levels in the use and management of 3. Promote the use of local ding electricity power generation, renewable energy installation grants renewable energy sources. renewable energy consumption from local energy resources, and promo- it is expected that the percentage of in Catalonia. Barcelona’s Housing wind-based technologies. ting sustainable, rational and quality 4. Make progress on improving the renewable energy will reach a value of Consortium also provides grants for energy demand. quality of energy services. 24% in 2015. As regards the other renewable the installation of renewable energy in energies, we can highlight: city buildings.10 11
  • 7. Main operators in the energy sector in Catalonia 04 GAS NATURAL FENOSA, one of the leading multinational compa- 10 reasons to invest nies in the gas and electricity sector. Present in 25 countries, it has in the energy, mobility nearly 20 million customers and an electric power potential installed and environmental sectors for supplying a capacity of 17.3 gigawats. Following the acquisition in Barcelona and Catalonia of the electricity company Unión Fenosa, it became the largest inte- grated gas and electricity company in Spain and Latin America. With a fleet of 10 tankers, it is one of the largest operators in liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the Mediterranean and Atlantic coast, which operates 30 bcm. ENDESA, one of the top Spanish electricity companies and the leading private supplier in Latin America. It is the top distributor and trader of energy in Catalonia. IBERDROLA, also has a presence in Catalonia; it is one of the top energy companies in the world and occupies a world leading position in wind production. REPSOL, one of the ten largest oil companies in the world, and the largest private energy company in Latin America in terms of assets. In Catalonia, it has large biofuel plants construction projects. 03. Major by a team of professionals with exten- sive experience and expertise in capital markets and derivatives. Its electronic platform for trading over the Internet, it RED ELÉCTRICA, owns the electricity transmission network in Spain, with assets and offices in Catalonia. PRYSMIAN, world leader in the manufacture of electrical and communi- operators is the perfect link for SMEs and large companies wanting to access the mar- cations conductors, with its headquarters in Catalonia. in Catalonia ket directly. Agbar, the leading operator in the Catalonia has been a pio- Alstom, world leader in infrastructure renewable sources like wind, solar or integrated water cycle in Spain and one for the generation and transmission biomass. In 2006 it began its international of the world’s most important players, ELECTRO-MOBILITY COMPANIES neer in the creation of com- of electricity and rail transport, and a expansion with the dual aim of diversifying present in nine countries. Not only is it panies that are committed leader in innovative and environmentally- its business geographically and doing dedicated to managing water, but it also Energy OEM Investigation to developing the renewable friendly technologies. Some of its main more profitable business projects outside has a special emphasis on managing distributors Centres energy sector. Some of the activities include the construction of the Spain. It is present in nine countries with and generating knowledge about the in- ENDESA SEAT APPLUS -IDIADA world’s fastest trains and highest-capa- an installed capacity of 165.1 MW diver- tegral cycle to make it more efficient and most illustrative ones are: GAS NATURAL VOLTA MOTORBIKES CLUSTER MOTO city automated metro, providing integra- sified across four countries and with a sustainable. One example is the creation ted turnkey solutions for power stations portfolio of 1,000 MW under construction of the Water Technology Centre, based IBERDROLA QUIMERA and associated services for a variety of and authorized parks. in Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona). Recharging energy sources including hydropower, operators b_TEC nuclear power, gas, coal and wind. Cespa, Comsa Emte Medio Am- Gas Natural Fenosa, this market lea- Components MOBECPOINT biente, FCC Medio Ambiente, GBI ding gas and electricity operator in Spain manufacturer BDIGITAL Alstom Wind, based in Barcelona, has Serveis, Griñó Ecològic, Grup Hera, and Latin America is one of the largest SIEMENS REGESA CEEC been working in the renewable energy Ros Roca, Urbaser and Valoriza operators of combined cycle plants in CIRCUTOR SABA sector since its start in 1981, designing, Servicios Ambientales are companies the world, based in Barcelona. In the CITCEA-CIDEM (UPC) manufacturing and building “turnkey” in the field of waste management, all power generation business, the Group’s B:SM SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC wind farms. Integrated in the Alstom leading European players with a strong strategy is based on having a balanced Energy, Mobility and Environmental Sectors in BarcelonaEnergy, Mobility and Environmental Sectors in Barcelona CETIB group since 2007, it develops latest- international presence and world leaders generation mix that is competitive and SIMON generation, on-shore and off-shore wind in certain niche markets (mechanical environmentally friendly, in line with the Municipal CTAE turbines, and has installed more than biological treatment, equipment for refu- objectives included in the fulfilment of FICOSA services 2,100 in 114 wind parks in Spain, Portu- se collection, etc..). They have a market the Kyoto Protocol. CESPA CTM T-SYSTEMS ITC IBERIA gal, France, Italy, India, Japan, UK, Brazil share of 70% in the waste management The field of electro-mobility is an CLD IREC and the United States. sector in Spain, and together turn over TELVENT more than 3,000 million per year. opportunity for energy companies to FCC LEITAT Fersa Energia Renovables, the first expand their business lines, while it is COBRA SISTEMAS independent company trading on the SENDECO2, the European Carbon also an opportunity for companies from URBASER UPC Spanish stock market and the first in Dioxide Emission Trading (EUAs) and outside the energy sector to diversify GRUPO ETRA Europe dedicated to the development Carbon Credits scheme (CERs) is their activities. The following table shows TMB STA the major existing activities in the field of of clean energy. Its main objective is the specialized in SMEs. It is a secondary generation of electricity using 100% market created in 2004 and designed electro-mobility.12 13
  • 8. 04 10 reasons to invest in the energy, mobility and environmental sectors in Barcelona and Catalonia highly-efficient nature of the system, models in the field of energy services, a wide range of underground public Barcelona saves more than 50GWh and which is enabling a technological car parks, managed by companies like in primary energy, which equates an transformation of mobility, we can B:SM, SABA, REGESA or ESMAPARK, annual saving of 10,000 tonnes of CO2 highlight the rollout of recharging points among others, that have lots of rechar- emissions. for electric vehicles, which Barcelona is ging points for electric vehicles. developing under the umbrella of the so- 04. Network of Ecoenergies called LIVE Platform (Logistics for the However, in the future, most recharging The implementation of a new centralized Implementation of the Electric Vehicle) will be done in private car parks and climatization network in the district of La (see section 5). at night, which means cheaper prices Marina really strengthens Barcelona’s for the user and ensures the use of Large city DISTRICLIMA’s network map commitment to this technology, and the new development projects include In 2011, Barcelona became one of the leading cities in Spain because of its renewable energy production peaks. The long-term strategy of development infrastructures connections to all suitable municipal development of a network of public for the public network is focused on buildings from the district heating recharging points for electric vehicles. Barcelona’s underground car, either network. The city now has almost 250 points public or concession operations, with Another priority area for groups using combined cycle, with a currently being developed in Barcelona: in operation and next year aims to reserved spots on the street for emer- total capacity of 3,300 MW. covering the area of 22@ and the Fo- What makes the ECOENERGIES exceed 500. The goal is that every ci- gencies and for motorcycle recharging. Catalonia is the develo- network unique is that the system will tizen can find a recharging point within Also expected to continue is the de- rum (DISTRICLIMA) and the other, the pment of the necessary - Wind farms: forecasts show the Zona Franca free trade area and the get its ‘cold’ from glycol waters cooled five minutes of their house. Different velopment of a network of recharging infrastructures to achieve installed capacity in wind farms in district called Marina del Prat Vermell in the evaporation of ENAGAS (in a public bodies and initiatives are parti- points in workplaces and private esta- the energy demand growth Catalonia will increase significantly in (ECOENERGIES). regasification process of Liquefied Na- cipating in the deployment: Barcelona blishments in the hope that new state coming years to reach 3,500 MW. tural Gas-LNG, which comes in tankers Energy Agency, the Movele project and regional laws allow and ensure the over the coming years, DISTRICLIMA Network at -160°C and which is re-gassed to (IDAE) and grants from the Catalan deployment of charging points in com- considering the political - Electricity power plants: forecasts In 2002, Barcelona decided to im- +15°C). In this process of heating the Institute of Energy, and private com- munity buildings and private housing, exploitation of renewable indicate that by 2015 the installed plement the first heating and cooling gas, the glycol water is cooled and this panies (SEAT, SIEMENS, ENDESA). in accordance with the facilities’ safety capacity in power plants, considering new network in the Forum area, and it is goes to a tank. In parallel, large shopping malls such regulations and ownership share coeffi- energy sources and energy infrastructures, will be the following: currently being expanded to cover part as El Corte Inglés and Servei Estació, cients, ensuring widespread recharging saving and efficiency. of the energy needs expected in the However, what makes the DISTRICLIMA eateries, including international chains, services for these vehicles. Neighbourhood acclimatization 22@ district. This network uses steam network unique is that it uses steam such as NH Hotels or infrastructure networks in Barcelona from the residual energy in the energy generated during the recovery of RSU businesses like Tabasa, are installing Electricity companies such as Endesa, Generation Sources Barcelona’s goal is to become a self- revaluation plant in Besòs (TERSA), carried out by TERSA to generate hot recharging points themselves. Iberdrola and Siemens are already Analysing infrastructure, the first item of sufficient and sustainable city. One of resulting in significant primary energy and cold water (with absorption machi- investigating new ways of recharging interest is the source of power generation. the ways to achieve this goal is by acti- savings. nes) for climatization. Barcelona’s network is an open model and standards to widen the current Energy, Mobility and Environmental Sectors in BarcelonaEnergy, Mobility and Environmental Sectors in Barcelona In this case, Catalonia, connected to the vely developing centralized climatization with several providers implementing supply. Schneider Electric, Circutor, national grid, has the most modern and systems using residual energy sources. DISTRICLIMA was the first of its kind The Zona Franca climatization network different technologies, which favours Scame, Simon, Mobecpoint, Atomelec, sustainable energy sources in Europe: in Spain and was created in 2002; it is is the second DISTRICLIMA facility in the emergence of entrepreneurs and Betterplace and Coloumbteach are Centralized climatization systems an urban heating and cooling network Barcelona. This is particularly important provides opportunities for transforma- some companies that are positioning - Combined cycle groups: the three provide buildings or shopping centres supplying heat, air conditioning, and because this type of network, well deve- tion into more established companies. themselves as suppliers of equipment nuclear groups currently operating in thermal energy in the form of hot and/ clean, warm water, and it came on-line loped in certain European countries, has The access points in public streets are for innovative automatic recharging Catalonia are going through a process or cold water for its climatization needs, in 2004. The project was developed hardly been used in Southern Europe. managed by the City Council by way of stations. In Barcelona, they are carrying of gradual replacement based on and this energy is generated in a cen- initially in an urban area that was being In this field, Barcelona has become a a municipal control (Network Opera- out pioneering projects, like the first conventional power stations. Among tralized production plant. The buildings urbanized for an event called Barcelona benchmark in southern Europe. tion Centre), which checks user iden- state-sponsored speed recharging these, the most appropriate technology being supplied are connected to the Forum of Cultures 2004. In 2005 a se- tification (ID card), and the interopera- station by Endesa and Cepsa. is fuelled with combined cycle natural plant through a series of pipes that cond phase started, with an expansion Other infrastructures: Infrastructure bility of different systems, centralizing gas, which has a low-environmental channel thermal fluids controlled and to the network across the 22@ district. for Electric Vehicle Recharging service incidents and monitoring all impact, because it is highly efficient. regulated from the central office. Today Districlima is the largest As an example of infrastructure that the charge points to handle any issues In Catalonia, there are currently eight Two large district heating networks are urban network of Spain. Thanks to the is bringing innovative new business in real time. In addition, Barcelona has14 15
  • 9. 04 10 reasons to invest in the energy, mobility and environmental sectors in Barcelona and Catalonia 249 current 05. charging points Barcelona LIVE Platform: Current charging a benchmark points in electric Future charging point mobility Map of the recharging points in the city, available at The LIVE Platform provides LIVE Platform 2012 board members - Promote the development of public Mission to Japan; LIVE presentation at - ­ romotion of pilot projects and P To ensure the successful introduction are: Barcelona City Council, ICAEN and private re-charging networks across EVS 26 in Los Angeles with the hand- development of new business models of this new technology, it is essential a unified and general im- (Autonomous Government of Catalo- the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. over to EVS27, which will be held in in the area of electro-mobility to boost that there is collaboration between the plementation strategy plan nia), IDEA (Ministry of Industry), BSM Barcelona in 2013, participation in the entrepreneurship and the transforma- different research centres and univer- for electric vehicles, which (Barcelona Municipal Services), SEAT, - Become a reference point for citizens, EV Battery Forum 4th Edition; participa- tion of industrial land: Honda EV-Neo, sities to develop new technologies and aims to support industry, ENDESA and SIEMENS. businesses and citizens in Barcelona for tion in the Ministerial Mission to China E-SEAT Fleet, MOTIT (Sharing 2.0), and business models along the whole elec- any aspect of electrical mobility, through and the Shanghai Motorshow as mem- MobecHotels MobecCampus, Chimera tro-mobility value chain. Some schools sustainable mobility and the Its main functions are: the creation of the first European tech- bers of the International Electric Vehicle Project, Tour Motorbikes, Chargelocator, and universities involved in electro- environment covering all nical and public information office for Pilot City and Industry Development among others. mobility in Catalonia are: Applus-Idiada, aspects along the electric - Support the development and pro- citizens for the deployment of electric Forum. Participation in the organization ASCAMM, Bdigital, b_TEC, CEEC, mobility value chain. This motion of showcase projects in electric mobility. of Expoelèctric, ECPSèries; Presen- -P ­ ­ romotion of the electrification of CTAE, CTM, Creafutur, IREC, Leitat, UB, is a public-private platform mobility (Living Labs), favouring the ce in international fairs such as the public transport in the city –the bus fleet UPC or STA, amongst others. early deployment of electric vehicles and Since its beginnings until 2012, under International Motor Show, ExpoCarbon, (TMB) and taxi sector–, as well as the that promotes the use of obtaining results and best practices. the LIVE Platform (Logistics for the Smart City Expo and World Congress, promotion of car sharing that promotes electric vehicles in the city Implementation of the Electric Ve- Intertraffic, where experts in the LIVE the deployment of electric vehicles and Energy, Mobility and Environmental Sectors in BarcelonaEnergy, Mobility and Environmental Sectors in Barcelona as an opportunity to posi- - Providing the necessary tools and hicle), various programmes have been platform made technical and promotio- their use in the daily lives of citizens and tion Barcelona as a centre resources to create a network of inno- carried out primarily aimed at promoting nal presentations. tourism. vative, economic and industry assets the importance of sustainable mobility of innovation in electric to promote R&D. Support the creation and electric vehicles and its possible - ­ articipation and promotion of educa- P All these different promotional pro- mobility worldwide. of local partnerships in national and new market opportunities, addressed tional initiatives such as the first post- grammes are being carried out under European projects, and technology mainly to industrial sectors, but also to graduate specialized course in electric the guidelines and criteria set out for In 2013, Barcelona will hold the transfer and knowledge in university the general public: vehicles delivered from October 2011 urban mobility in the Urban Mobili- 27th edition of the EVS Electric and professional fields. at the UPC, or the future creation of a ty Plan, which defines Barcelona’s Vehicle Symposium, a benchmark - ­ reation of the 1st technical and C showroom designed to educate, inform mobility based on public transport, in the world of sustainable mobility. - Promote the organization and hosting public information office. and generally get citizens, students and intermodal systems -adapted and This congress is held every year on of events and activities that promote children involved. collective-, which favours mobility on a different continent. electric mobility in Barcelona. - ­ articipation in events such as the P foot and by bicycle. Summer Sessions b_TEC; Ministerial16 17
  • 10. 04 10 reasons to invest in the energy, mobility and environmental sectors in Barcelona and Catalonia 06. Energy Park, a strategic project for the future of the sector b_TEC Foundation is the Barcelona is leading the urban and members, laboratories and companies, responsible for supporting scientific economic transformation of the and ensures coordination of all parts and technological research for building promoter behind the Dia- Besòs area, with the creation of a of the park. components related to the ITER project gonal Besòs Energy Park know-how centre of excellence: the and establishing contracts with Euro- Campus. When finished, Diagonal Besòs Campus. This project The Energy Park will form a cluster pean industry for the manufacture of it will have a total area of is led by the Barcelona Technological that collects, integrates and coordina- these components. Innovation Foundation (b_TEC) and tes knowledge and innovation taking about 25,000 m2 and is its overseeing body (Diagonal Besòs place in Catalonia and Spain, whilst - In terms of companies: Improve designed to bring together Campus Consortium - made up of also looking for best-of-class interna- business competitiveness in the sector educational centres, R&D&i local authorities led by the Cities tional experiences. and encourage innovative companies centres and companies in of Barcelona and Sant Adrià, the from the sector to set up in Park, and the energy sector to genera- Polytechnic University of Catalonia Its main objective and chief assets are: create a business incubator specialized and the University of Barcelona) in the energy sector. te a continuous interaction and other institutions such as the - In terms of research: Acting as between these three stake- Autonomous Regional Government of a hub for technological and market - Another highlight is the Catalonian holders in a framework of Catalonia and Barcelona’s Chamber knowledge in the energy field, streng- Energy Efficiency Business Cluster excellence. of Commerce. thening R&D infrastructure in this sec- (CEEC), an active business cluster tor, acting as a node for participation with almost one hundred participating Diagonal Besòs Campus will focus its in technology platforms and European companies, created to improve the com- Energy, Mobility and Environmental Sectors in BarcelonaEnergy, Mobility and Environmental Sectors in Barcelona know-how on sectors related to ener- Union programmes and promoting petitiveness of companies in the Energy gy, water, transport, and production assessment and certification services Park by participating in technology technology and mechatronics, but the in the Park’s knowledge areas. projects and the transfer of research most important project is the Energy results. Park (EP). - Some assets that particularly stand out include the Institute of Energy - Finally, another objective is to ensure The Energy Park, located between the Research of Catalonia (IREC), set an ecosystem of institutions and coordi- cities of Barcelona and Sant Adria del up in 2008 and based at the Energy nators coming from the sector, that will Besòs, next to 22@Barcelona -the Park; it develops cutting-edge R&D in develop a collaboration strategy with the New challenges facing Barcelona in and technology of water manage- city’s new business and innovation the energy sector. The ITER project Public Administration. In this case, b_TEC, this field are the development of the ment, and secondly, the Mobility area- is designed to promote innova- and the European Agency Fusion for as the entity behind the promotion and so-called Water Park as a space for Park, a space for the development of tion and economic activity, activities Energy, founded in 2007 and also coordination of the Energy Park, is a research, innovation and knowledge knowledge dealing with sustainable that promote research from Campus based at the Energy Park, is mainly key element. sharing, dealing with the economics mobility.18 19
  • 11. 04 10 reasons to invest in the energy, mobility and environmental sectors in Barcelona and Catalonia sustainable solutions, in order to reach a - In the area of managing change and consensus diagnosis, highlight challen- the economics of climate change, FFA ges, and agree on policies to manage is a key stakeholder that has been them, and create opinion in society. working for years with the objective of spreading knowledge and promoting FFA activities include: initiatives to develop carbon markets. Initiatives like the launch of SEN- - The creation of the Centre for Inno- DECO2, the organization of conferen- vation and Technology of Municipal ces under the brand ExpoCO2, or work Solid Waste (CITREM), in order to meet done by the FFA to host Carbon Expo the technological and organizational Barcelona, show some of the results of 07. 08. challenges of Catalonia’s Municipal Solid this commitment Waste sector. - The ITER project, led by the FFA - The work of a Think Tank on waste and with the participation of all regio- ITER Project The and climate change, with the parti- cipation of the Solid Waste Agency nal governments and the Ministry of Environmental and Rural and Marine in Barcelona Environmental of Catalonia, with the understanding Affairs, has brought about a unified Forum Platform that improvements to move towards system and language so transport more sustainable waste management companies and management can com- represent a significant improvement in ply with statements about hazardous emissions of greenhouse gases, and a waste using a single on-line proce- Barcelona is on the inter- ITER (the meaning in Latin is ‘the way’) F4E’s location in this facility makes the positive energy balance, and in order dure working within an autonomous is an international collaboration project Energy Park into a key stakeholder in The Environmental Forum to influence public policy regarding the community, between communities and national energy map and for developing nuclear fusion and its the international energy sector. Foundation (FFA) provides a control of climate change, energy and across the whole of Spain. hosts the European Fusion final objective is the building of a large sustainability. space for debate and reflec- Agency, Fusion for Energy, experimental fusion reactor in the cen- F4E is an educational and research - The FFA organizes a yearly event tion for companies in the en- responsible for supporting tre of Cadarache (France). Barcelona leader in this area, with more than - The group’s R&D Waste unit, a FFA called the Sustainable City Awards, is playing host to the European Fusion 300 technical experts in the fusion vironmental sector, bringing initiative that helps create a process with Barcelona’s Trade Fair, recognizing scientific and technological Agency (F4E), a body set up to control area, plus others in related disciplines together interested stakehol- of dialogue between public authorities, the efforts of those municipalities or research for the construc- local authorities that have undertaken all the project’s construction contracts that takes the total to somewhere ders, besides the develop- waste management companies and tion of ITER components and business relations, and the develo- around 450. But the presence of F4E innovation centres on the trends in innovative, sustainable development Energy, Mobility and Environmental Sectors in BarcelonaEnergy, Mobility and Environmental Sectors in Barcelona ment and promotion of local and establishing contracts pment, operation and decommissioning in Barcelona represents a great oppor- R&D&i in the Catalan municipal waste initiatives, or started plans for medium- of the project, with a total budget of tunity for business in the city because economic activities related sector, with the aim of carrying out term action towards sustainability. with the wider European more than 5,000 million euros. its proximity is a clear incentive for to environmental issues in more and better research in Catalonia. industry to manufacture businesses in Catalonia and Spain Barcelona and Catalonia. Barcelona also excels in the field of components. The ITER reactor mission is to de- to participate in the project. As such, - Completion of ‘Study on the econo- change management and the eco- monstrate the scientific and technolo- Barcelona City Council, through the mic sector of the environmental sector nomics of climate change, thanks to gical feasibility of fusion energy as a b_TEC Foundation, helps organize and In recent years, FFA has promoted a in Catalonia,’ a biennial study, now in SENDECO2, the emissions trading re- renewable energy source that is clean facilitate the participation of companies number of public-private collaboration its seventh edition, which has become ference market in Spain, Italy and Por- and inexpensive. This experiment is from the city in the project, ensuring initiatives to share information and a reference for the industry, and tugal, especially in the SMEs market, carrying out research required to build the integration of knowledge generated evaluations between companies and features all the key data on industry and the trade fair Carbon Expo, which demonstration units that will be the at Fusion for Energy in the city. public administrations, to ensure that size, trends, mid-term prospects; it has already been held in Barcelona on direct precedent for the first industrial environmental management is advancing also sets out future challenges and two occasions. Both initiatives were unit for electricity production. towards effective implementation of more opportunities. launched by the FFA.20 21
  • 12. 04 10 reasons to invest in the energy, mobility and environmental sectors in Barcelona and Catalonia Institute of Energy Research of Catalonia (IREC) headquarters 09. Culture of Catalonia has a strong network of sup- port for research and technology transfer and its government is clearly committed - Network CERCA: Includes 39 centres of excellence dedicated to research in Catalonia. In 2009, its turnover was The Institute works on four complemen- tary technologies: electrical networks, capture and confinement and uses of to industry and provide solutions to new technology needs required by the market, especially SMEs. CITCEA’s activity is Research and to research and development. In fact, 187.5 million euros with the support of CO2, bioenergy and offshore wind, with divided into three areas: mechatronics, Catalonia is Spain’s most important more than 2,750 researchers. transversal areas including advanced energy and education. Development scientific lab and the leading city in the materials for energy, electricity and power Mediterranean. In 2009, some 3,284 mi- - Network of Science and Technology electronics, and socio-technical research. Finally, regarding the field of research llion euros were invested in R&D, 1.68% Parks (XPCAT): Brings together large IREC’s mission is to help increase the and development in electro-mobility, In recent years, Catalonia has of GDP. Its R&D production represents production facilities for transferring, competitiveness of industry through collaboration between different research seen a progressive increase almost a quarter of the total in Spain, and promoting and making use of knowled- research and technological development. centres and universities to develop new in R&D&i technology in the nearly 1% of the world’s R&D produc- ge; it is the contact point between the technologies and business models along energy sector. This increase tion, similar to countries such as Finland communities involved in research and - Reference Centre for Advanced Ma- the value chain is essential to ensure the and Scotland. Barcelona’s strategic innovation. terials for Energy (CeRMAE): Consists successful introduction of this new te- is gradually placing Cata- commitment to develop a knowledge- of seven research groups and has priority chnology. Some schools and universities lonia at the same levels of based economy has meant that the city In the energy field, the Autonomous research areas in new materials, methods involved in electro-mobility in the country Energy, Mobility and Environmental Sectors in BarcelonaEnergy, Mobility and Environmental Sectors in Barcelona research and technological is 15th in the world ranking of scientific Regional Government is developing the and processes for the production of are: Applus-Idiada, ASCAMM, Bdigital, b_ innovation as the most ad- production and 6th in Europe. following: Energy Plan with the aim of energy, materials for storage and trans- TEC, CEEC, CTAE, CTM, Creafutur, IREC, boosting research and technological port of energy, materials for the rational Leitat, UB, UPC, and STA, among others. vanced countries developing Catalonia has an extensive network of developments in the energy field. Some use of energy, and materials for safety, R&D. research support and technology transfer examples of existing research centres efficiency and emissions reductions in facilities, comprising: based in Catalonia that play an important energy use. role in R&D in the energy sector are: - Network TECNIO: Includes more - Centre for Technological Innovation than 100 stakeholders and 3,000 - Institute of Energy Research of Ca- in Static Converters and Actuators researchers, its turnover was over EUR talonia (IREC): Was established in 2008 (CITCEA): It is a research a research, 146 million and 10 new spin-offs were with the goal of becoming a centre of ex- development and technology transfer created in 2009. cellence in the field of energy efficiency. facility which aims to transfer innovation22 23
  • 13. 04 10 reasons to invest in the energy, mobility and environmental sectors in Barcelona and Catalonia 10. Urban ecology, a key factor in ‘Barcelona Smart City’ The concentration of popu- Barcelona has been leader in taking - Districlima and Ecoenergies, The City wants to make Barcelona the role of local energy planning in this made Barcelona the first city in a world reference in the Smart City lation in cities brings new order to improve energy efficiency, southern Europe to develop distribu- network, promoting a new approach to political, economic and social combat climate change, local pollution tion networks that used cold and hot cities, bringing planning, ecology and challenges that will mark and promote renewable energies water heating for whole neighbour- information technology together to much of the global agenda in across the urban territory. As such, hoods with energy-saving efficiencies take technology to all city districts to since the year 2000, Barcelona is by taking advantage of energy sou- improve citizens’ quality of life. the coming years. In addition, carrying out all its energy plans within rces like biomass waste from parks the criteria applied in the a detailed energy planning framework, and gardens, municipal solid waste Specifically in the energy sector, conception, design, planning with noteworthy initiatives, including: that the city generates, whilst the cold Barcelona is concentrating its efforts and building of cities deter- comes from a process derived from on reducing the energy consumption Energy, Mobility and Environmental Sectors in BarcelonaEnergy, Mobility and Environmental Sectors in Barcelona - The Mayors Agreement (signed regasification of liquefied natural gas of its buildings, by planning out the mine the energy efficiency by Barcelona) was established in 2008 and promotes the develop- that arrives in LNG carriers at the whole territory under the concepts of of urban systems. Given this city’s port. saving and self-sufficiency. Self-suffi- ment of local energy plans to combat background, one of the most climate change and reduce emissions - Sustainable Leadership with the Live cient blocks of buildings will be plan- Another asset Barcelona has regarding creation of the Smart City Expo & World important challenges facing by 20%, confirming the importance of Platform. ned and there will be new campaigns the Smart Cities programme is its great Congress, the first international Smart to refurbish buildings under energy expertise in organizing avant-garde Cities exhibition held in Catalonia, as cities across the world, and the local level as an essential element So, Barcelona is already setting ben- of energy planning. guidelines. So, Barcelona continues technology events. Barcelona is second part of Barcelona’s bid to consolidate its Barcelona too, is the pro- chmarks and has numerous ‘intelligent’ to open new channels in the area in the ICCA (International Congress & position as a Smart City and benchmark. gress toward self-sufficient - Solar Thermal Bye-Law (1999) assets in areas like energy, transport, of innovation and urban ecology to Convention Association) standings for Its objective: to show technology that can requires solar panels on all new buil- urban planning or the use of ICTs, but cities with low energy emis- this is a vibrant city that is continuously become a benchmark smart city, also being an ideal city to host conferences be used by cities to make them more dings, with nearly 70,000 m2 installed in the field of self-sufficiency. and professional meetings. A clear exam- sustainable and efficient and to improve sion levels. to date, making Barcelona a pioneer moving with the times, and now it ple of this Barcelona leadership is the citizen quality of life. with this initiative. has a key role in the future of cities.24 25
  • 14. 05 Links Education centres Local entities Spanish entities Barcelona GSE: Graduate School of 22@Barcelona CDTI (Centre for Industrial Economics Technological Development) www. Barcelona Energy Agency EADA- Higher School in CSIC (Higher Council for Management and Administration Scientific Research) Barcelona City Council Area of Economy, Enterprise and ESADE Business School Employment Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport IESE Business School Barcelona City Council – Environ- mental and Urban Services Area Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona) Barcelona Activa Funding sources UB (University of Barcelona) Barcelona Metropolitan Region’s ACC1Ó – Autonomous Regional Industrial Agreement Government UIC (International University of Catalonia) b_TEC Foundation Catalana d’Iniciatives UOC (Open University LIVE Platform Catalan Institute of Finance of Catalonia) Institute of Official Credit UPC (Polytechnic University of Regional entities Catalonia) ACC1Ó - Autonomous Region of Catalonia Avalis of Catalonia UPF (Pompeu Fabra University) ENISA (National Innovation FECYT (Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology) Company) URL (Ramon Llull University) Energy, Mobility and Environmental Sectors in BarcelonaEnergy, Mobility and Environmental Sectors in Barcelona FFA (Environmental Forum Foundation) Business entities R&D&I and knowledge transfer Barcelona Chamber of Commerce Barcelona Supercomputing Centre Research Support Institution Foundation of Catalonia Spanish Association of Solar and Barcelona Digital Foundation Alternative Energy Catalan Energy Institute Network of Science and Technology Parks in Catalonia (XPCAT) IREC (Institute of Energy Research of Catalonia) www.irec.cat26 27
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