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Barcelona Good News #2: the city as a fashion brand
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Barcelona Good News #2: the city as a fashion brand


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Published in: Business, Travel, Design

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  • 1. The city as a Flaixos fashion brand It is often said that fashion, design and trendscontribute to the economic revitalization and external projection of Barcelona, but the reverse is equally true: currently, the Barcelona brand contributes tothe economic revitalization and external projection ofinternational designers, manufacturers and investors who work in Barcelona. 1 Balcelona Good News July 2011. N. 2 Barcelona Business Magazine Fernando Echegaray, Barcelona Airport Director and Sixte Cambra, Barcelona Port Authority President Siemens: Innovation in their DNA Tuenti falls in love with Barcelona
  • 2. EDITORIAL2Barcelona Good News A city thAt hAs it All Barcelona has strengthened its character as an open and cosmopolitan city, meaning it can bring together highly educated and qualified human resources including both locals and people from all over the world. A glance at the international rankings shows that Barcelona the world, who are able to make the city a point of entry into COVER: Model on the catwalk currently is among the leaders in such crucial categories for the international marketplace. during a fashion show a 21st century economy as entrepreneurial character, quality This rich diversity is currently one of the driving forces be- by designer inmaculada García at BBWeek. the of life, support for innovation and creativity. If we look further hind the leadership role that the city has assumed since the picture was taken by Ugo back into the past, we can see that this position represents a industrialization began in Spain many decades ago. The city camera, BBWeek. the font used for the natural progression from a long tradition of industry, commerce continues to play this role thanks to its strenght of traditional masthead is called “lab and services that was at the cutting edge of 19th century and consolidated sectors, but also due to its status as a City of sans Pro” and has been designed by luis Alonso continental Europe and has evolved in order to establish Science and Innovation. Barcelona boasts a growing number of and Ricardo santos, from itself as a center of business attraction and promotion in the clusters and companies from industries with a high degree of lab sans Pro is a versatile globalized world, in the process becoming the capital of the international reach and with a very bright future, such as Media, sans-serif typeface with Mediterranean Union. Information and Communication Technology, Design, Bio- a technological and minimalist look, mixing As such, in this issue of the new edition of Good News, we technology, Energy, the Environment and Mobility, the electric subtle calligraphic take an in-depth look at a lively and wide-ranging sector that vehicle, the aerospace industry, higher education and multilin- influences with a geometric structure. encompasses fashion, the latest trends and design, and we gualism, all advancing thanks to the political groundwork laid see that the city’s history in the textile industry is now taking by the commitment and initiative of public institutions. the other fonts used in Good News Barcelona on a new form to boost its economy and reputation, helping to In short, Barcelona still has its own defining characteristics, a are Akkurat and itc launch the region’s long-established designers, firms, entre- consistent personality that includes ample space for the city Barcelona, the latter designed by Edward preneurs and manufacturers on to success, as well as newly to adapt to change. And its constant ability to strategically Benguiat for the 1992 arrived businesses. And this brings us to another of the city’s reinvent itself makes it one of the chief poles of attraction for Barcelona Olympics. defining characteristics, namely that due to its status as an individuals, professionals, capital and businesses in 21st cen- attractive and economically dynamic destination Barcelona has tury Europe. strengthened its character as an open and cosmopolitan city, meaning it can bring together highly educated and qualified Economic Promotion Area human resources including both locals and people from all over Barcelona City Council editor Barcelona City Council - Economic Promotion Area Llacuna 162, 08018 Barcelona (Spain) T. (+34) 932 563 915 BCN HigHligHts 3 /// staNdiNg Out 4 Fashion grows in Barcelona /// BarCelONa design and production: BPMO Edigrup - WOrld 9 /// spOtligHt ON 10 Fernando Echegaray, Barcelona Airport Director and Editorial Coordinator: Carmen Alcalde /// Creative Director: Paula Mastrángelo /// Art Director: Marta Solà /// Photo Editing: Carlota Prats, BPMO photo /// Sixte Cambra, Barcelona Port President /// dO it iN BarCelONa 13 /// tOp seCret 14 Language Coordinator: Raúl Pelegrín /// Print by Enlaze3 Print Management amb el cofinançament de / Cofinanciado por / Cofunded by: /// Wide aNgle 15 Siemens /// ZOOm iN 16 EV Battery Forum Barcelona /// NetWOrkiNg 17 /// departures aNd arrivals 18 Dentaid / Tuenti /// peNsat a BarCelONa 20 /// WHat’s COOkiNg 22 BIZBarcelona 2011 /// ageNda 24 Legal deposit: B-2229-2011
  • 3. casa Rusia to bring another Barcelona Activa wins the HIGHLIGHTStHe uNiversitat pOlitèCNiCade CataluNya (upC) tO Offera pOstgraduate degree iN perspective on the east to the city Jury Prize in the EuropeaneleCtriC veHiCles Barcelona, as capital of the mediterranean union, is readying Enterprise AwardsThe new postgraduate degree, the first of its kind the opening of Casa rusia, at the end of the year to join thein Spain, is also the first course adapted to meet already existing Casa asia and Casa marruecos, which is also Barcelona has been awarded the Jury prizethe criteria of the European Higher Education in preparation. in the 2011 european enterprise awardsArea (EHEA) for electric vehicles. During the given by the european Commission, withcoming 2011-2012 academic year, automotive Barcelona activa’s glòries entrepreneurialindustry professionals, design engineers and initiative Center chosen for the honorothers will be able to enroll in the Postgraduate over 399 other projects presented by 29Degree in Electric Vehicles and Other Propulsion european countries.Technologies as Applied to Automobiles at The European Enterprise Awards, now in theirthe UPC’s School of Professional & Executive fifth year, are designed to reward excellence in theDevelopment. promotion of entrepreneurial spirit and of small more info: companies at the national, regional and local levels. Casa Rusia is to be housed in the Marqués de Alfarràs palace, Through this prize, the European Commission hastHe City gets its seCONd home until a year and a half ago to the city ombudsperson’s of- given recognition to the Glòries Entrepreneurialapple retail stOre fice. According to Barcelona city council, the Russian government Initiative as a model to be followed internationallyPasseig de Gràcia 1, where the square meets has expressed a special interest in Barcelona due to its status as of effective and innovative ways to promotePlaça Catalunya, will house a new Apple Store capital of the Mediterranean. In addition, the move will help Russia entrepreneurship, business growth and job creation.with 2,500 square meters of floor space, making it to increase its influence in Spain and gain a foothold in the strategi- In 2010, the Glòries Center supported and assistedthe company’s second largest store in Europe. cally important Mediterranean Sea, an interest that stems from the 2,500 business projects, 70% of which have become more info: Russian oil company Lukoil’s recent decision to build an inflamma- ble liquid wharf in Barcelona Port, which includes a 40,000 square an actual company, which in turn have created over 3,200 jobs. In addition, since the launch of the Glòries 3festa al Cel Barcelona Good News meter platform to be used to manage the traffic of petroleum prod- Center in 2004 more than 6,000 companies haveThe 20 th annual edition of the Festa del Cel, ucts for the surrounding area. been created, generating over 12,000 new jobs.Barcelona’s air show, is to be held this year on more info: more info: www.barcelonactiva.catOctober 2. Mar Bella beach on the city’s coastlinewill be the vantage point from which visitors willbe able to witness the spectacular acrobatics ofover 70 planes. It also features the participation second place in the race for leadership in international congressesof four large teams: The Patrulla Águila, the Barcelona has held on to The data show that Barcelona increased the number of international congresses by 13 withPatrouille de France, the Patrouille Suisse and the second place in the world respect to 2009, and thus closes the gap on first place city, Vienna, with 154 meetings. Bar-Breitling Jet Team. in the list of cities that play celona is also in second place in terms of the number of participants in these international host to the largest number gatherings, with 81,933 attendees. The Catalan city thus overtakes the Austrian capital, of international congresses, which is fourth on the list in this category, but trails the worldwide leader Berlin, which according to the 2010 hosted 106,171 congress participants last year according to the latest ICCA data. Turisme de worldwide ranking from Barcelona’s Barcelona Convention Bureau is promoting the city as the ideal destination for the international Congress conventions and business travel. Over the last few years, the city has carried out joint promo- & Convention association tional activities along with Vienna in markets in other continents. (iCCa). more info: Barcelona assumes the presidency tHe glOBal CleaN eNergy fOrum of the Red iNNPUlsO is the world ready for more info: Barcelona is to assume the presidency of the governing renewable energy?searCH fOr taleNt gOes ON body of the red iNNpulsO, a network of Cities of science On October 26 and 27, Barcelona will play hostDo It in Barcelona presented its “Shine in and innovation made up of 30 spanish cities, which was to the debate on the future of renewable energy,Barcelona” project at Stockholm’s Start-up founded in order to meet the challenges of strengthening as well as its implications for political change.Day 2011, and at the same time launched its ties between cities and the exchange of ideas and carrying The construction of a new framework for energy is apromotion at the airport’s T-1 terminal. Do It out of projects. constant priority. At the Global Clean Energy Forum,in Barcelona is a program whose goal is to For a year, Barcelona will represent the Red INNPULSO, calling ple- the emphasis will be on studying the viability ofattract entrepreneurs, creative professionals nary meetings, directing deliberations and carrying out agreements. renewable sources of energy, both from the standpointand researchers to Barcelona, and the group Membership in the network lasts for three years of seeking out governmentis continually carrying out projects to promote more info: subsidies and regarding thethe city as a destination for people who want to development of this type offurther their professional careers. energy in urban areas. more info: headquarters of the European Among the most prominentguides tO Help yOu BegiN yOur Forest institute participants are Fritz Vahrenholt, Chief Executivestay iN BarCelONa The European Commission has selected Barcelona as the location Officer of RWE Innogy and“Welcome to Barcelona”, “Setting up in of the European Forest Institute’s Policy Advice Group office, as the José Manuel Entrecanales,Barcelona” and “Online guide to Master’s city beat out competitors Brussels, Luxemburg, Geneva and Helsinki. Chairman and ChiefProgram” are new tools designed to offer support The European Forest Institute is an international organization whose Executive Officer ofto foreign professionals and companies that are mission is to advise the European Union and promote the conserva- Acciona, among many otherlooking to begin a new stage of their careers or tion and sustainable management of European forests, as well as important leaders of thebusinesses in the city. scientific research in the field. The arrival of the new office could energy sector from around more info: help to develop an international hub of knowledge related to forestry, the world. the environment and climate change. more info: more info:
  • 4. 4Barcelona Good News It is often said that fashion, design and trends The recently published European Cities attractive countries in the world for trad- and Regions of the Future 2010/11 report ers. That Spain and Barcelona are “desir- contribute to the economic revitalization and by FDi –a magazine in the Financial able” can be seen in that 47% of retailers external projection of Barcelona, but the reverse Times group– featured Barcelona as are international (compared to 57.6% in is equally true: currently, the Barcelona brand the continental city with the fifth best the UK and 54.5% in the Arab Emirates), prospects. This result, which is the fruit a trend that may become accentuated by contributes to the economic revitalization and of more than six months of research, the decline in rental prices for stores and external projection of international designers, reflects the city’s strength in terms of shopping malls. manufacturers and investors who work in creativity, design and fashion; a strength that has grown over time and which Barcelona, fashion place Barcelona. by toni güell today puts Barcelona in the top ten of The study by CB Richard Ellis confirms cities preferred by the international retail with sound research a fact that people sector. In another recent study, How have seen for some time in Barcelona. global is the business of retail, by real One of the main arteries of the city in estate consultant CB Richard Ellis, notes terms of fashion, Passeig de Gràcia, has that Spain wrested the fifth place from seen the arrival in recent months of an Germany in the ranking of most impressive list of international compa-
  • 5. STANDING OUT 5 Barcelona Good News © 080 Barcelona Fashionnies: Tiffany, Geox, Guess and Karen Mil- with one store in Los Angeles; in 2010 for children and women, will expand itslen, for example. It should be noted at this it had 355 stores in the U.S. and made international presence (it has stores in thepoint that the newly opened Santa Eulalia, the international leap opening stores U.S. and London) with a store on Ramblawith its 2000 m2 of surface area, is one of in Ireland and Barcelona. Similarly, the de Catalunya. Likewise, the Andrea Morellithe largest multi-brand stores in Europe. process of expanding the network of the footwear chain owned by the Italian com-Apple, Miu Miu (Prada) and Ferrari are Purificación García firm will make its first pany Calzaturificio Elisabet (which alsoother large groups that have set up shop in step by opening a flagship store in Passeig controls the licensing of Roberto Cavallithis street. Shopping malls also showcase de Gràcia. In statements made to fashion Angels & Devils, Liu Jo Girl y Byblos Junior-Barcelona’s strength as a magnet for re- portal, Textiles Lonia club, among others), has chosen Barcelonatailers with La Maquinista shopping mall, (owner of the license to manufacture and as the location for its first store in Spain.for example, seeing youth fashion chain distribute the brands Purificación García Thus, the magnetism that Barcelona hasForever 21 opening a 4000 m2 retail space and CH Carolina Herrera) explained that on international trends is reflected by thislast year. “The new Purification Garcia space will be famous firms and also in fashion sub-The case of Forever 21 is useful for under- a unique store in keeping with the style of sectors, creating a reputation that, as datastanding the position of Barcelona as an a city like Barcelona.” from Barcelona’s Tourism Board shows,international reference in trends. Founded In children’s clothing, Papa Pique et Ma- has helped local shops increase theirin 2005, the teen clothing chain started man Coud, the French firm of accessories sales to tourists by 25%.
  • 6. © 080 Barcelona Fashion FashIon & DesIgn events In Barcelona the brandery: urban fashion show promoted by the City of barcelona and Fira de barcelona. 080 barcelona Fashion: fashion show and showroom for emerging designers.6 barcelona bridal Week: international professionalBarcelona Good News exhibition for the bridal sector. Fad Fashion Show and Merkafad: initiatives led by FAD (Foment of Decorative Arts) targeting emerging artists. Changing Room: private biannual initiative. Mango Fashion Awards “el botón” Contest: international competition designed to promote young fashion talent. barcelona És Moda prizes: awards to recognize professionals and companies that have helped position the city as a benchmark of creativity and fashion. it’s © 080 Barcelona Fashion organized by the Chamber of Commerce of barcelona in collaboration with barcelona City Council. Desfilades de Moda al Carrer (Fashion Shows in the Street): organized by the Foundation barcelona Comerç, turn the city into a seasonal showcase of Past, present, public, training of young talent and serving and represents textile, clothing, fashion the trends generated by the city. private as an international center for creative and personal equipment companies. In Barcelona’s long business tradition, production. Others include the creation Moreover, in the area of training, Bar- the current vigor in its fashion indus- factories promoted by the Institut de celona offers a complete and extensive Stib: the barcelona international textile Show reaches try is the continuation of a historic Cultura de Barcelona, the Creamedia range of fashion and design schools its 20 th anniversary. strength dating back to the middle of program, with which the local develop- where more than 6,000 students study the nineteenth century, when Catalonia ment agency, Barcelona Activa, provides every year. barcelona Shopping night: December event when began in earnest an industrial revolu- support in human resources, intellectual Passeig de gràcia stores open at night. tion particularly related to textiles. property, marketing, etc. to entrepre- Barcelona activa provides Today, the city maintains its influence on neurs and to creative industries. Also of support in human manufacturing by promoting design and note is the recently launched Barcelona resources, intellectual oFFF barcelona: international festival of post-digital cultural creation. creativity as crucial factors in innova- Design Festival, a collaboration between property, marketing, etc., tion and competitiveness. This is the FAD, the Barcelona Design Center (BCD) to entrepreneurs and to approach underlying BDIC, the design and the city of Barcelona, to promote a creative industries bARCelonA DeSign FeStiVAl: includes two epicenters cluster of Barcelona stemming from macro design festival with more than 50 of activity: the FADfest, organized by the FAD and the the city’s innovation district (22@) and activities for creative professionals from From Barcelona City Hall, Liz Monfort, barcelona Design Week, organized by the bCD . managed from Barcelona Design Center different disciplines and recognition for director of Design, Fashion and Trends (BCD), BDIC brings together compa- the best design applications in all areas explained that, “in this field last year grafik Concert: international t-shirt design contest nies that offer or seek design services, of business with the award “Barcelona we dedicated a significant part of our design support organizations and public is Fashion” granted by the Chamber of efforts to meet and accompany the agencies. Public support for creativ- Commerce and the City, and many more. demands of attracting fashion firms barcelona Shopping night: Passeig de gràcia stores open ity is also channeled through various And recently the association of small and opening boutiques in Barcelona, their doors after hours offering a unique experience. government initiatives or in collabora- and medium enterprises in Catalonia, giving them logistical support both in the tion with the private sector. Among the PIMEC, opened a section devoted to facilitation of municipal procedures as JoyA barcelona 2011: barcelona Contemporary Jewelry Week most prominent are the creation and textiles and fashion to protect its stra- well as in terms of the relationship and implementation of DHUB, Design HUB tegic character in the Catalan economy, links to key stakeholders in the city. A Barcelona, with its showrooms and the headed by Joan Arnau of A&C Camiseros result of this, the international company
  • 7. the BranDery. UrBan Barcelona traDe show 2011 STANDING OUTThe next edition of The Brandery will confirm its desire to take the show far beyond Xperience, being located as it is in a city at the cutting edge of art and design. Thewhat is conventionally understood as a fashion show. The key to The Brandery. Urban show includes catwalks, the Blogger Meeting Point, exhibitions, competitions (inBarcelona Summer Trade Show 2011 is the hot spot concept, since the event is designed window dressing for stores in Barcelona, Madrid, Baleares and other parts of Spain,to become an intersection of urban fashion, live music (thanks to an agreement with for example) as well as a series of conferences such as The Laundry, the BranderyAdvanced Music, producer of the Sonar festival of advanced music and multimedia art laboratory of ideas, which will feature speakers like the economist Leopoldoand musical partner of The Brandery), trends, creativity, design and business. Abadía; Isabel Mesa, director in Spain and Portugal of Worth Global Style Network, neurophilosopher Inma Peñaranda, and Javier Nieto, professor of ESADE and EINAThe Brandery, therefore, is not only directed toward fashion but to a broader concept and president of the Santa y Cole group.of creativity, and in this sense, one of the strong concepts of this event is the Fashion 7 Barcelona Good News TODAy, BARCELONA MAINTAINS ITS INFLUENCE ON MANUFACTURING By PROMOTING DESIGN AND CREATIvITy AS CRUCIAL FACTORS TO INNOvATION AND GUESS opened a store in Passeig de in Latin America mentioned concepts online sales, which last year was 80%, COMPETITIvENESS. Gràcia in September and in November, from the field of creativity. reaching 21 million euros. the famous Tiffany Jewelry opened its In the same vein, one of the latest bits of first store in Barcelona in the same The Barcelona springboard news regarding Custo referred to their shopping boulevard. Secondly, we work Mango, in particular, is an example that intention of setting up shop in Peruvian actively with the events that promote the shows how Barcelona works to strength- cities in partnership with Ripley Chilean international position of Barcelona as en projects related to the fashion, design group of stores. The Catalan company a reference city in fashion and trends” and creativity sector, acting in many also plans to set up in Caracas (venezu- (events that are detailed in this article) cases as a springboard to grow interna- ela), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Quito (Ecua- “and we work for the recognition of the tionally. dor). These facilities would add to the 80 creative talent of the city”. This April, for example, it was announced stores that Custo already owns as well Finally, it is worth noting that the that Mango will create 1,500 jobs in as those that operate as franchises. promotion of fashion, design and the logistics park of Lliçà d’Amunt. The For its part, Desigual has strengthened creativity is not only a strategic Barcelona-based company’s complex its commitment to the German market approach by government agencies, but will be completed in ten years, but in and plans to open stores in the Hanover, rather a cross-cutting impulse that is just four years Mango hopes to double Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Nuremberg and shared with the private sector which sales, profits and open 700 new outlets. Munich airports, adding to its presence in also participates with initiatives such The Lliçà d’Amunt project will give the twelve international airports such as Par- as the global competition: “El Botón” company 400,000 m2 from which it will is, Miami, Atlanta and Houston. Desigual, Mango Fashion Awards, with its prize of distribute to everywhere except China, which closed 2010 with a turnover of 435 300,000 euros. It is not surprising then where it already has another hub. Mango million euros (44% more than in 2009). that in the recent study Barcelona als totals approximately 10,000 employees It will also launch an office in Shanghai ulls del món (Barcelona in the Eyes of worldwide, has 81% of its business in to prepare its entry into China next year, the World) by ESADE Business School international markets and more than and is also investing resources in its an interesting fact emerged: when 2,000 outlets in 103 countries world- launch into the United States. It is also asked about Barcelona, 56% of U.S. wide. Its turnover grew 11% in 2010 and worth noting recent movements by Puig, respondents and 44% of respondents mention should be made of the rise in which with the acquisition of France’s
  • 8. Jean Paul Gaultier strengthens its posi- the industry that goes back to the nine- the BrIDal sector tion in the fashion industry. The family teenth century), or Txell Miras, who has business closed 2010 with sales of 1,202 graduated from the ranks of promising million euros (up 22% over the previous young talent at the Passarel·la Gaudí to Barcelona Bridal Week year), and plans to inject resources into design a women’s line for Neil Barrett. Jean Paul Gaultier, which joins the Paco The 080 Awards have also launched The power of the Barcelona and Catalan bridal Rabanne, Carolina Herrera and Nina Ricci such names as Krizia Robustella, winner sector is patent in this trade show, that between firms, also controlled by Puig. of the last 080 Mentos Prize and creator 10 and 15 May attracted 235 bridal fashion brands of an eccentric and risky universe with an international representation of 40%. The Established talent that is at the same time elegant and fashion show includes Passarel·la Gaudí Núvies and young talent increasingly better known and also and the professional trade fair NoviaEspaña. The In addition, Barcelona has recently Juan Antonio Avalos. The strength of 2011 edition was attended by 15,000 professional celebrated the 50 th anniversary of the the city in creating trends in general is visitors, 60% of which were from some 50 foreign Andres Sardà firm with an exhibition of also shown by the profile of the Barce- countries. his most important work at the DHUB lona designer Estrella Archs, who after Museum, last February. The creative working with renowned professionals in Companies director of the company, Núria Sardà, Paris, Florence and Milan, developed a demonstrated the current strength of style centered on human movement that Pronovias: with 150 stores in 75 countries and 738 the firm with a collection inspired in has brought her to work with ballets, employees, closed 2009 with consolidated profit Mexican culture. The Sardà family is a sculptors and visual artists among oth- before tax of 50.5 million euros and sales of 140.88 clear example of the historical link be- ers. Estrella has designed for Nina Ricci, million, becoming the leading company in the tween textiles and Barcelona: they have Cacharel, Emilio Pucci with Christian sector. been a manufacturing family since the Lacroix, Prada and Emanuel Ungaro.8 nineteenth century, began exporting in 1965 and today have about 400 outlets MODEL KAROLINA KURKOvA AT THE BARCELONA Rosa Clarà Group: The last edition of “Barcelona és Moda”, organised by Barcelona Chamber of BRIDAL WEEK (PRONOvIASBarcelona Good News in Spain, Belgium, Germany and France. FASHION SHOW) Commerce, honored the Rosa Clarà Group in Armand Basi also forms part of this the category of “firm of international size and tradition. In 1948 it founded a workshop expansion”. The group sold over 40,000 dresses in that produced high quality garments 2010, with sales of around 71.4 million euros. It has and then built a great company; it is the 125 stores worldwide and is present in 4 continents. manufacturer and distributor of France’s Lacoste brand in Spain. In the 80’s, Basi Raimon Bundó: has been boosted with the licensing launched its own designs and currently of one of the most popular brands, Victorio & has over 400 stores in Spain, Europe, Lucchino, that it will distribute in its own shops North America and Asia. In a similar in Madrid and Barcelona and through its network vein, we find Sita Murt. Third genera- of 160 multi-brand clients in Spain and 200 in the tion of an Igualada textile dynasty, its world. Bundó, which has about 30% of its business garments have been seen in fashion in international markets, believes that growth will shows in New york, Paris, Berlin, as well reach 12% thanks to the new license. as Saló Gaudí and Pasarela Cibeles. It has stores in Spain and in Paris and their brands can be found in over 1,900 Data: outlets, 1,500 of them abroad. Catalonia exported 140.04 million euros in wedding dresses and accessories in 2010. the main the sardà have been a customers are eU countries (italy 15.7%, France manufacturing family 12.2%, Portugal 12%, germany 7.4%) and demand is since the nineteenth growing from eastern european and Arab countries. century and began in 2010, 45.06% of Spanish exports of wedding exporting in 1965 dresses and accessories were Catalan. the total Spanish exports reached 311.67 million euros. When speaking of Barcelona fashion, 10 out of 100 brides worldwide choose a Spanish mention must be made of Toni Miró, a design. pioneer of the sector in Spain who has in the evolution of Catalan exports non-knit achieved wide international recognition synthetic clothing has been particularly positive, in the fashion shows of Milan, Paris, increasing by 9% in one year, from 59.6 million in New york, Tokyo, etc. This designer is 2009 to 64.8 million in 2010. an example of the intrinsic relationship in Spain, almost 50% of companies specializing between Barcelona fashion and other in the bridal, communion and party industry are areas of creativity and art, as he has concentrated in Catalonia. the Spanish total is over worked with artists Antonio Canales and 700 and they employ around 13,700 people. Mariscal, the director Bigas Luna, Liceu the turnover of the sector of bridal, ceremony and Theatre (the stage curtain is a Miró de- accessories fashion amounted to 1,300 million sign) and the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. euros according to data from the textile and Apparel Currently, the Barcelona creative breed- information Center (CityC – initials in Spanish). ing ground continues to bear fruit and the average expenditure on a wedding in Spain new ground is broken every year by with a hundred guests is eUR 14,500. the great young designers such as those promot- Spanish tradition of marriage makes it the country ing the platform 080 Barcelona Fashion. that devotes most money to wedding dresses and Noteworthy in this regard is Míriam accessories, after italy. Ponsa, whose team is now working on the premises of the old family factory Source: Barcelona Bridal Week and Generalitat de in Manresa (with a family connection to Catalunya, Ministry of Enterprise and Labour
  • 9. FACTS AND FIGURES BARCELONA WORLDThe city’s facts and figures for 2010 shine by themselves, showing its will to grow anddevelop in many areas and the consolidation as an international benchmark in tourismand the organization of trade fairs and congresses. IntErnatIonal posItIonIng of BarcElona “Most admired city in the world for its city model and urban development” (Ernst & Young, 2011) “European Cities Monitor” (2010) 5th best European city for business / 2nd European city in progress / 1st European city in worker’s quality of life / 4th most well-known city in Europe / 6 th in internal transport / 8th in value for money in office space / 9 th in cost of staff 9 “Scorecard on Prosperity” (2010) Barcelona Good News 3rd in global prosperity / 1st in labour attractiveness “European cities and regions of the future” (2010) 5th in Europe / 1st in Southern Europe / 4 for human resources / 4th for facilities th “The Urban Elite-Global cities index” (2010) 26 th in the worldBarcelona is a dynamic economic motor with Barcelona has dynamic Leading Europeana diversified structure that is internationally renowned and flexible business activity city in quality of• Barcelona maintains its positive international positioning, in addition to being a highly • Barcelona is the headquarters of 458,918 life for thirteen recognized city brand. Barcelona is ranked among the top five best cities in Europe for companies, 14% of the Spanish total. They consecutive years doing business according to the Cushman & Wakefield European Cities Monitor, for the are mainly SMEs (98%), characterized by their • Barcelona was once again sixth consecutive year. Moreover, the city has maintained its top ranking on the list of the greater flexibility and ability to adapt to complex ranked first in 2010, for the best cities for workers’ quality of life, and stands out for its ranking as the second best environments. 13th year in a row, on the city in Europe as a business centre and fourth most recognized by European executives. • The rate of entrepreneurial activity (6.7%) sur- European Cities Monitor The city is also at the top of other rankings of international prestige, including that of FDi passes countries with long business traditions, list of the best European Magazine –a Financial Times magazine– which ranks Barcelona fifth in the list of European like Finland and Germany, as well as the Euro- cities for workers’ quality of cities and regions for the future 2010/11, and the Toronto Board of Trade Scorecard on pean (5.8%) and Spanish (5.1%) averages. A total life (Cushman & Wakefield). Prosperity 2010, on which it ranks third among the most prosperous cities in the world and of 6,094 companies were created in Barcelona in Furthermore, rankings first in attractive job markets. 2010, a rate of 3.8 companies created per 1,000 in American and British • The city of Barcelona’s gross domestic product (GDP) was €57,237 millions in 2006, inhabitants, and in the province of Barcelona 8.3 magazines like Forbes, with a per capita GDP of €35,800. In the distribution of gross value added by sector, the companies were created for each one that was Askmen, Monocle’s and Time significance of business services and real estate agencies is noteworthy, making up closed, putting it at the head of the ranking of Out show Barcelona among nearly one fourth of the total (24.3%), followed by collective services (20.7%), industry large urban areas in Spain in this respect. the best cities in the world (12.7%), retail and repairs (11.5%) and transport (9.6%). Additionally, the Barcelona • After the first ten years of the project, there are to live in, according to their Metropolitan Area has the most diverse productive structure in Spain. now 7,064 companies and some 4,400 freelance readers.• Barcelona has an important industrial sector, which employs 8.9% of all salaried workers located in the 22@Barcelona area, for a • In terms of sustainability, workers and makes up nearly half of all industrial jobs in Catalonia. Particularly strong total of 90,000 workers. Since 2000, some 4,500 the city is committed in this sector are the automotive (one of the main European producers) pharmaceutical new companies and 56,000 workers have moved to energy savings and and chemical, food products, electric materials and equipment, paper and graphic arts to the district, an average of 545 new companies efficiency, with considerable and waste treatment clusters. per year. Of these 4,500, 47.3% are new start-ups municipal effort going • The city promotes development of strategic value-added sectors like media, and the rest have moved from other locations. into developing renewable information and communication technology (ICT), biotech and medical technology, 30% of the companies are knowledge and energies and the generation energy, design, aerospace and mobility. It is also committed to research in the food technology intensive. of electricity. industry and the electric vehicle. • In the city of Barcelona, it takes 48 hours to start • In 2010, Catalonia’s GDP was €209,727 millions, 20% of the Spanish total. The Region’s up a new company. per capital GDP was 21% higher than that of the European Union. • The European Committee has shortlisted the ‘Barcelona Entrepreneurship Centre’ project for the European Enterprise Awards 2011, in the category of Promoting Entrepreneurial Spirit.
  • 10. Fernando Echegaray, BarceloNa airport Director10Barcelona Good News By sea Barcelona’s port and airport are two of the city’s transportation and business nerve centers, and are indispensable to the city’s functioning. Here, we speak with Barcelona Airport and By air Director Fernando Echegaray and Barcelona Port Authority President Sixte Cambra to learn about the evolution of the two sectors, their special achievements and future plans. BarceloNa port authority presiDeNt Sixte Cambra,
  • 11. spotliGht oN The AirporT hAs Been selecTed As The BesT AirporT in europe By Aci europe And is 10Th in The Barcelona airport is here to serve the europeAn rAnking of catalan capital and the surrounding AirporTs. how hAve we territory as a whole, and it functions as a come so fAr? gateway to a region whose geographical The sizeable investments in the location is of strategic importance. in fact, enlargement of the airport, driven just this past March we received the skytrax by T1, the incorporation of the latest 2011 award for the best airport in southern technology in passenger services, europe, the importance of the prize the search for quality in everything stemming from the fact that it is based on that we offer our customers, surveys of over 12 million passengers from whether they are airlines or users,Fernando Echegaray around the world. this award is proof of the right now, we are preparing and great teamwork were the keythe enlargement that we have completed so privileged position held both by the airport both terminals for the arrival reasons why Barcelona Airport wasfar, with an investment from aena (the spanish and the region. of both the railroad and the chosen as the best airport by moreregulatory agency responsible for the country’s however, in addition to having a high- subway, and the spaces than 25 million passengers in Europeairports) of 5 billion euros has provided the air- quality and high-capacity airport, it is where the new stations will be in 2010.port with sufficient capacity so as to be able to important to create synergies among placed have been set aside. at Our goal now is to keep working togrow both in number of passengers, reaching the various infrastructures in order to any rate, the airport already achieve the best possible qualitya figure of 55 million, and in number of flights,with a maximum of 90 per hour. this has led generate more opportunities. one clear example would be the cooperation between has a connection via local train to the city center and results and to be innovative in the various services that we offer. 11 Barcelona Good Newsto new opportunities for airlines that, season Barcelona port and the airport, and since over 30 bus routes that cover We know we’re on the right trackafter season, have shown their commitment 2008 we have been working together to all the passengers’ possible thanks to the results of the latestto the airport by introducing new routes or streamline the visits of cruise passengers needs. in addition, the airport passenger surveys, wherein 92%increasing frequencies. this is clear from the to the city. in fact, with every season has free shuttle buses that of people in the survey rated the19% increase in total passengers over the first we institute new procedures and new take passengers from one airport’s services as either good orfour months of the year relative to last year. companies join in to become a part of them. terminal to the other. very good. What improvements haveWhat has the enlargement of theairport/port meant in terms of Thanks to this enlargement, how does Barcelona fit into been made recently in the train/subway connections keypassengers and traffic of goods? the global picture in terms of infrastructures? linking the airport/port and the city? quesTionSixte Cambra Barcelona port is a highly diversified over the last few months BArcelonA porT is 12Th inin 2008 we finished construction on two infrastructure, which has over 30 Barcelona port has made a europe in conTAiner TrAfficseawalls, which have generated a large specialized terminals in order to serve the 5.5 million euros investment And firsT in cruises. howspace of protected waters, where the various needs of all the economic sectors to adapt its two container did we reAch This poinT?port’s future cargo terminals are to be of its hinterland, which extends throughout terminals (tcB and tercat) to Within the new framework of world-located. the first of these new terminals the iberian peninsula and into the south the european rail gauge. this wide maritime trade (with a shift in thewill be the container ship terminal for prat of France. it is one of the Mediterranean’s makes us the only port on the largest amounts of cargo toward thewharf, which will be operational next year predominant logistical facilities, and its peninsula that is connected Asia-Europe axis), Barcelona Port hasand will have the capacity to process 2.65 aim is to become the chief logistical hub for to France via tracks of an unbeatable location that will allowmillion teu (a teu being the equivalent of southern europe, in part by consolidating international gauge, which gives it to continue to establish itself as thea 20-foot container) per year. the port will its role as the port of entry for asian us an important competitive main Euro-Mediterranean logisticalthus double its current capacity, which will products. advantage with respect to hub. With this goal in mind, the portreach the level of 5 million containers a Barcelona is the biggest spanish port in surrounding regions. drafted an ambitious strategic planyear. Barcelona port will also be finishing terms of international shipping lines, and that became a reality with the carryingconstruction on the enlargement of the it is also first in terms of turnover and of out of construction work to enlarge thesouth wharf during the coming year, which value of the goods that pass through it (in physical area of the port facilities andis the location of the Barcelona container 2010 the port handled products worth 55 with the development of the conceptterminal (tcB), which will allow this facility billion euros). of the “networked port,” which con-to gain 18 new hectares of operational as to trade of new cars, Barcelona is the sists of securing a strong presence insurface area. leading port in the Mediterranean and is the domestic market through a seriesas for passengers, the port has truly taken among the top four ports in all of europe. of maritime terminals in the Iberiangreat strides forward over the last decade. the port also has a central role in the Peninsula and the south of France.the port now serves over 3.4 million reception, storage and distribution of the We are determined to go aheadtravelers each year, 2.3 million of whom country’s energy resources, especially with this strategy and to developcome on cruises. natural gas (lNG). new policies geared to providing the best possible service to the final customer, and we intend to make Barcelona Port into a key link in foreign trade supply chains.
  • 12. spotliGht oN F. E. since the new t1 terminal was opened, we have been continually instituting fernAndo echegArAy new systems and services with the aim Fernando Echegaray, Director of Barcelona Airport, was of improving and easing the passage the rise in fuel prices is an issue that born in 1959 in Barcelona. He has more than 20 years of of passengers through our facilities, has a direct impact on airline policy. experience in the aeronautical sector, both nationally and we have also been modifying some however, on an airport-wide scale i and internationally, and he previously held the position operations so as to adapt the airport to can tell you that since November 2009 of Airport Director of Grup Canarias, with over 32 meet the needs of the passenger flow the airport has been experiencing a million passengers, and was also Airport Director at12 and the installation of new airlines. We have incorporated new and improved steady increase in passengers. in 2010 we exceeded 20 million users, 6.5% Tenerife Sur Airport. After starting to work for Aena in 1985, he held variousBarcelona Good News information and security systems, more than the previous year, and the management positions in several departments of Palma increased the number of products on forecasts are still very positive. in fact, de Mallorca Airport. Later, he was Technical Operations sale and improved quality in several for the current summer season there Director of the Sociedad Mexicana Aeropuertos areas. at the same time, we are working are 22.2% more seats on offer from the Mexicanos del Pacífico, S. A., the company through on the t2 to optimize and unify the airlines, a figure that is evidence of the which Aena, by way of its subsidiary Aena Desarrollo terminal’s different spaces. recovery of the sector. Internacional, S. A., carries out work as airport manager of 12 airports with over 20 million passengers. Fernando Echegaray has degrees in Information Systems and Technical Industrial Engineering, and a postgraduate degree in General Management from IESE. What future enlargement What is being done to and renovation projects are stimulate the sector? planned for the airport/port? sixTe cAmBrA Sixte Cambra was born in Barcelona in 1952, and was named president of the Barcelona Port Authority by the Catalan government’s Territory Ministry last January. Cambra has a degree in Business Administration and an MBA from ESADE, and he has worked in S. C. Barcelona port is carrying out two key management positions in the textile industry in the total level of investment that initiatives to contribute to stimulating Catalonia, his most prominent activity being his Barcelona port will have attracted port activity. First, May saw the role as executive vice president of the executive between 2000 and 2014 will reach the launch of the new port de Barcelona headhunting firm Seeliger y Conde, of which he was one figure of 4 billion euros, 1.912 billion of efficiency Network quality program, of the founders (1990). He was also a CiU senator for which correspond to public investment which at its start had 35 member Barcelona following the Spanish general elections of by the port authority and 2.011 billion companies from the port community, 1993, 1996 and 2000. of which were provided by the private representing 60% of the volume of Apart from his professional activity, Cambra was sector. Between this year and 2014, foreign trade that passes through the vice president of FC Barcelona, and he was director construction work worth 852 million port. this is a quality assurance plan of the Trofeo Conde de Godó tennis tournament euros is to be carried out. as to public that guarantees that when goods pass from 1985 to 2008. investment, there are several projects through the port they do so according to worth of special mention (currently in a series of standards of quality, safety, various phases of planning or execution) transparency and efficiency. in the port Vell area, such as the at the same time, the port has designed wholesale renovation of the pescadors an ambitious program of rebates of pier and the second phase of Bocana port fees with the aim of increasing Nord. With respect to private sector strategically important traffic and activities in the port, the coming years contributing to improving the market will see a large degree of movement. in position of our clients’ products abroad. addition to the investment being made by hutchison to make its container terminal operational (500 million euros), there are several companies that operate in the port that are in the process of enlarging their facilities.
  • 13. DO IT IN BARCELONA Nicolas Zink “Barcelona allows me to develop Both personally and professionally” 13 Barcelona Good News student first Nicolas Zink was born 28 years ago in Saint Germain en Laye (Paris), and although it was for reasons of work that he came to Barcelona, Nicolas had already decided that this city would be his living destination when he visited as a student. What i like the most… What I most like about the city is the quality of life and the overall atmosphere, which is relaxed and professional at the same time. I feel that the city is a perfect location, and its relatively small size allows for easy movement. It is also a very dynamic city in our sector, with a lot of motivated, skilled and well-educated people.“i fell in love with the city when i was Concentration of talent laborate with hundreds of agencies in Spain and Latin America who usea student and i came here to spend One of the key factors regarding work in his decision to come to Barcelona our generic template to develop digital publication projects with flash.four months interning at a large was the city’s role as a leader when it comes to design and the latest trends. We have technical offices in Paris and Romania (35 people), and our salesadvertising agency. When i finished As Nicolas points out, “Barcelona is an extremely dynamic city in the field of staff is present in about 20 countries. Here in Barcelona there are five ofmy studies, i decided to return to design and advertising. Beyond the big international agencies, I would point us, who work to provide support to our clients in Spain and our distributorsBarcelona to begin my working life to the multitude of small design and web agencies that seem to me to be in Latin America,” explains it was a real challenge!” says very dynamic and well integrated into the market. There is always a wide va- Barcelona also has served the company as a launching pad for the man-nicolas. during the last four years, riety of projects, ranging from local work to projects for international clients.” agement of relations with South America. “In Barcelona we are in constanthe has more than met the challenge, These conditions are highly positive when it comes to attracting talent contact with our two technical offices, which allows us to give completeas he has been building and opening from abroad, which livens and creates a positive feedback loop in the city’s support to all of our clients in South America. Through our web page andthe market for the company professional network, enriching the city’s labor supply. “I have noticed Google campaigns, from here we manage our strategy to continue to makeWebpublication, a complete online that there are more and more foreign designers that set up here to serve inroads into Latin America through distributors or our own employees,service for digital publications. customers outside Spain. The quality of life in Barcelona, along with its such as those in our office in Buenos Aires.” proximity to countries like France and England and the technological Innovation and renovation are also among the company’s chief and advances that make it possible to telecommute all lead me to believe that constant goals. “ This year we plan to launch hundreds of applications for the communication/design/publishing sector still has a lot of potential for tablets (iPad…), which will allow us to continue to develop digital publica- development in this city,” he says with conviction. tions that are ever more interactive and are for all kinds of devices (Inter- net, CD, iPad or Android tablets, etc.). The idea is to keep giving support to Webpublication the agencies that use and distribute our solution so that they can offer a And what is Webpublication? “Webpublication is an online tool that allows comprehensive digital publication creation service for all kinds of projects you to create interactive and personalized digital publications. We col- and all kinds of final clients,” he sums up.
  • 14. top secret Uninhibited, elegant and sUrprising fashion making a difference Room, Antonio Miró’s concept-store and Nani Marquina’s new designer rug shop are the two starkest symbols of Barcelona’s continually exquisite taste in fashion. There is a seemingly endless variety of new ventures in the fashion industry in the city. New shops and projects related to design, the cutting edge and elegance are always opening for business in this city that has these same attributes. The exciting experience of Changing changing room in the chic&Basic nani marquina rooms fUll of antonio miró concept-store rUgs With fashion synonymoUs personality changing room is a chance for fashion With elegance there’s great news for fans of the lovers and anyone else who is interested in getting an up-close look at their favor- and simplicity italian brand nani marquina. the brand, whose rug designs are ite designers and their new collections. antonio miró’s new concept-store in contemporary and traditional in the rooms of hotel chic&basic, located barcelona unites all of the barcelona- equal measure, has opened its first in barcelona’s born neighborhood will be based designer’s minimalist, easygoing barcelona shop on avinguda diagonal. filled by designers overflowing with ideas and chic style in a single space. now customers can see first hand and new ways of approaching fashion. the brand is in a constant process the whole range of these magnificent the changing room project was of reinvention, and with this new products in the best possible launched in 2006, and since then it has store all of the brand’s product surroundings, as the shop’s interior become an obligatory visit for those lines are available under one roof: design provides an ideal atmosphere. interested in fashion, both professionals fashion, household goods, watches, the shop is divided into several areas and consumers, who take advantage of kitchenware, perfumes, etc. there is with objects from different parts of the event both to socialize in pleasant even a small courtyard that sheds light the world, so the visitor goes on a sort surroundings and to buy and sell exclu- on one of antonio miró’s new ideas. of tour through various atmospheres sive clothes. the space is dedicated to lovers of that put each of the rugs in the proper good taste, and is packed with lovingly context. The summer edition will be held on wrought details, such as the glass also, the other products, such as July 2, with 29 participants including cases embedded in the dark wooden cushions, table cloths and tomatoes14 La casita de Wendy, La marthe, gori de Palma, Lawhite, comentrigo, Luxoir and walls that are used to display the brand’s crown jewels, its accessories (cushions for sitting on the floor) are extra flushes of color in the storeBarcelona Good News el delgado Buil. The friO edition is held and perfumes. of this brand which was created in in december. this urban living room is completely 1987 and with each passing year the last edition of changing room new in barcelona, as it goes beyond gains more loyal enthusiasts for its brought together 25 different ways of simply offering a product, as customers products. looking at fashion in 25 rooms, occupied can also visit art expositions made up nani marquina has become an by designers such as Juan Vidal, irismo- of the most select and chic works, use indisputable point of reference when it rata, comentrigo, LaWhite, hoet, dora it for professional presentations or comes to design in the city. romero, as well as german firms such participate in wine tastes at the same fUrTHer infOrmaTiOn as potipoti, genz.suarez, io, franzius, place. all this is perfect complement to nani marquina talkingmeanstrouble and presque fini, antonio miró’s elegant objects. carrer del rosselló, 256 as germany was the featured country at fUrTHer infOrmaTiOn Tel.: 934 871 606 the event. this activity was evidence of rambla de catalunya, 125 Web: changing room’s interest in becoming Tel.: 932 389 942 an international event and its larger mis- Web: sion of being a forum for the exchange of contemporary and cutting edge points of view. changing room is a good opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind pieces and to get the advice of designers themselves, while at the same time enjoying the great atmosphere at chic&basic. With the sonic backdrop of the dJs who will be spinning throughout the day in the hotel from left to right: 1: nani marqUina lobby, barcelona’s fashion community is 2, 3: changing room in for a great event. 4: antonio miró’s concept store fUrTHer infOrmaTiOn Princesa, 50 Tel.: 932 954 652 Web: 1 2 3 4
  • 15. WIDe anGle SiemenS InnovatIon In theIr Dna HiStoric mileStoneS Siemens is a century-old company that has since its earliest 1847 Siemens AG is founded in Berlin by years of existence displayed a commitment to innovation Werner Von Siemens and Johann and to technological excellence in order to meet the needs of George Halske. individuals and their environment. Barcelona, as part of its cutting-edge and entrepreneurial character, has for years made use of technology developed by the German giant. The latest 1870 The Indo-European telegraph line stroke of genius: the first driverless subway in Spain. becomes a reality, and two years later the first Transatlantic telegraph wire is installed, connecting Europe and America. 1878-1896 In 1878 Siemens creates a new system for the electric lightbulb, in 1879 it presents the first electric train with an external energy source, and in 1896 it builds Europe’s first 15 Barcelona Good news underground subway system in Budapest. 1923-1925 In 1923, Siemens begins to develop, produce and sell radios under a joint venture agreement with Telefunken. In 1925 the company takes on the monumental project of providing electricity to all of Ireland. 1939-1958 In 1939, the electron microscope isIdentity and values By numbers made ready for mass production,Innovation is built into the very Dna of Siemens. Since the company In 2010 Siemens had a total turnover of 76 billion euros, with a profit of and in 1958 the first pacemaker iswas founded over 160 years ago, it has been built on a foundation 4.068 billion. this figure is possible thanks to the fact that over 2 billion implanted in a patient with severeof responsibility, innovation and excellence, and now, in this era of people use its products and services every day, and that 20% of the world’s cardiac arrhythmia.innovation and technological sophistication, Siemens continues to be a energy is generated by Siemens equipment.model for companies around the world.the company invests around 3.9 billion euros in r+D+I, and more andmore aims to concentrate its business in high-growth sectors, such as Siemens was the first company to certify its range of products and solutions as being 1964 In 1964 Siemens builds a satellitethe market for sustainable products. Siemens was the first company respectful to the environment, and it is now a station in Bavaria. Two years later,to certify its range of products and solutions as being respectful to the giant in the area of green infrastructures the company takes on its new name,environment, and it is now a giant in the area of green infrastructures. Siemens AG.the company has also instituted an anti-corruption program in countries In addition, Siemens is one of the companies that spend the most onall over the world, laying out specific policies that go beyond the require-ments of current legislation and include a series of effective measuresdesigned to prevent and detect any activity related to corruption and investments in innovation, as evidenced by the fact that in 2010 it spent 3.9 billion euros on r+D+I, a task on which no less then 30,000 of the companies employees worldwide are at work, along with 17,000 software 1974 The Company establishes its firstbribes. this responsibility displayed by the company is evidence of the engineers. this work bears fruit in the form of 58,000 active patents, with factory in Barcelona (Cornellà).commitment and character that have allowed it 35 inventions per day for a total of 8,800 inventions last year survive and to grow over these many years. 2005In the worldSiemens is made up of three divisions: Industry, Underpinning innovation The world of medical science is revolutionized by the new dual digitalenergy and healthcare, and it is the second most in Barcelona tomography scanner, company in the world, with 405,000 Over the last few years, Siemens technology both leading Barcelona’s University Hospitals,employees in 191 different countries. the Germancompany divides these countries up into 17clusters, which provides it the ability to be closer has had a role in some of the city’s new projects. The driverless automated operation of Line 9 of the city’s subway system has made Clínic and Vall d’Hebron. Siemens is also a partner in the Live Project, a group created by the Barcelona city council to promote 2008-2011 The company establishes its currentto its customers and to take fuller advantage of it the first driverless automated subway in electric vehicles as part of an effort to make structure with three main divisions:opportunities for synergy. Spain is part of the Spain, and the company has accomplished Barcelona one of the worldwide centers of Industry, Energy and Healthcare.Southwest europe cluster, which is made up of 15 key clinical and technological contributions to innovation in electric mobility. This is another In 2011 Siemens presents itscountries including France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, R+D on Imaging-Based Diagnosis, Information example of its commitment to its values. new strategic framework, OneSwitzerland and Greece. Technology and Laboratory Diagnostics at Siemens. Creation of a new sector: Infrastructures & Cities.
  • 16. EV BATTERY FORUM BARCELONA ZOOM IN BARCELONA, LEADER IN ELECTRIC MOBILITY The importance and the proven interest in the automotive sector in Barcelona and its metropolitan area were central reasons why it was an excellent host for the electric mobility industry’s most important convention on April 12, 13 and 14. It was also an ideal showcase for Catalan companies such as Volta-Motorbikes and RIEJU to present their new electric motorcycle models. The Battery Forum was held for the third time High-level participants Barcelona’s commitment in Barcelona, and during the event participants The debates featured contributions from notable to electrical energy were able to attend debates and presentations individuals who, with their experience and knowledge, The city’s interest in the subject of electric mobility is of the latest developments in the field of electric brought with them a fascinating perspective on all of readily apparent due to the several infrastructure plans mobility. The international nature of the Battery the topics under discussion. Among all of these speak- that have already been designed. In addition, there are Forum is one of the most positive features of the ers, special mention should be made of Olivier Paturet, several private projects that will allow for the rapid meeting, as it allows for an exchange of ideas General Manager of Nissan Europe’s Zero Emissions implementation of electric mobility in the metropolitan and concepts between experts from different program, Yoshio Ukyo, a member of Toyota’s Central area. Barcelona is committed to continuing to help or-16 backgrounds. R&D Labs; Robert Stussi, the President of the WEVA (World Electric Vehicle Association) and Aravapalli ganize this type of international gathering, and in 2013 the city will also host the next World Electric Vehicle Technological brainstormingBarcelona Good News Srinivas, the Vice President of Mahindra & Mahindra. Symposium (EVS), the meeting that gives the best The convention included three thematic sessions overall picture of technology and mobility worldwide. that offered an in-depth look at the subjects The international nature of the covered. The first of these dealt with the Battery Forum allows an exchange More information: infrastructures necessary for battery charging of ideas between experts from from the perspective of the innovations and the different backgrounds experiences gained by other counties. AND TO MOVE AROUND THE HISTORIC CITY Another of the issues discussed at the event was The Battery Forum also gave companies from the CENTER, MIUS 40 the systems and new applications associated electric automotive sector the possibility to show off Catalan company RIEJU presented an electric scooter model designed with electric motorcycles, otherwise known as their new innovation projects in the space dedicated for urban trips within city neighborhoods that are off limits to e-bikes. Strategies for the implementation and to these exhibits. More than 30 manufacturers, conventional vehicles and for areas with noise or emissions restrictions. development of sustainable mobility through institutions and related companies such as ENDESA, The scooter can travel up to 40 km per day, and it consumes up to seven EV-Marketing were also among the central topics Iberdrola, Mobecpoint and Clustermoto took advan- times less than a conventional motorcycle. of this edition. tage of this opportunity to display their work. THE ELECTRIC VISITORS AT ThE MOTORCYCLE IS HERE! BATTERY FORUM © David Farran Ruiz Company Volta-Motorbikes presented a prototype of its Volta Ev.01, the first 100% electric motorcycle for urban use designed in Barcelona, with a sporty design that sets it apart. A commitment to electric motorcycles as a means of urban transport is a huge step forward that will help to lessen the effects of pollution in cities. The project was spearheaded by Marc Barceló, a young entrepreneur from Figueres (Girona), and production has already begun on the motorcycle, which is expected to be available on the market early in 2012. On hand for the presentation of the Volta Ev. 01 electric motorcycle were Barcelona mayor Jordi Hereu, General Manager of the Institute for Energy Diversification and Savings, Alfonso Beltran, General Manager of Clustermoto, Inocencio González, and Volta-Motorbikes founder Marc Barceló himself. The City Council announced that it would like the motorcycle to bear the name Barcelona, as the electric motor- cycle and the city have several characteristics in common, namely that “we are both interest- ed in energy, in motorcycles and in design.”
  • 17. welcome! networkingfrom all over the worldOur city welcomes companies from all over the world to provide differentmeeting points to bring concepts and ideas together. It also travels to Munichand Washington to promote its talent.China at oCtoBer 4-6 BarCelona BarCelona at BioBarCelona 2011, eXPoreal networking internationalSummit in muniCh day Convention 17 Barcelona Good Newsoctober 19-21 2011, the first event The catalan government and over 40 networks of entrepreneurs on June 27-30 2011, the branddedicated to chinese investment Barcelona city council are to present and businesses in Barcelona Barcelona Biotech has beenin southern europe and the their most important urban planning will present their network presented during the world’smediterranean region. and real estate projects through the offers, advancing a tool that is largest international biotech Barcelona economic Triangle from indispensable to cooperation convention, to be held inChinese companies are going to have a october 4 to 6 in munich. between companies and generates washington.unique opportunity to get a closer look new business the economy of Barcelona and Spain. for the third year in a row, real estate Barcelona Biotech is the brand nameit is without a doubt an excellent oppor- developers, agents, investment banks the second edition of Barcelona net- that has come about as the fruit of antunity to learn about the advantages of and a host of other economic players working day will be held november 11 agreement between the Barcelona cityinvesting in the city and the key factors to will be able to visit the Barcelona-Cat- 2011 within the framework of global council and Biocat, the organization thatbear in mind from experts, analysts and alonia stand to learn about the latest entrepreneurship week, the worldwide coordinates, stimulates and promotesChinese company executives. projects designed by the Barcelona celebration of entrepreneurship that has biotechnology, biomedicine and medi- economic triangle. been held annually in several parts of cal technology in Catalonia. one of thethe organization of the event is as fol- the world since 2004. organization’s aims since its foundinglows: the first day there will be a lecture the 2011 eXPo real is an essential has been to ensure that companies anddiscussing the key areas of interest event for professionals in the sector from among the associations of entrepre- institutions from Catalonia are able toto Chinese investors. the rest of the around the world, and is the perfect ven- neurs that will took part in the event be present and participate in the world’sdays will be given over to more practi- ue for making contact with international will be Xarxactiva d’empreses from greatest showcase for biotechnology, thecal sessions, such as the launch of an participants at this real estate show, Barcelona activa, which supports new- Bio convention, held each year in a differ-investment support program designed while at the same time learning about the ly created companies in the process of ent uS evaluate the potential of Chinese latest developments in the sector. becoming consolidated, and which hascompanies, with a personalized program over a thousand members, and private the difference this year is that the newincluding information sessions on legal in addition to the three large-scale proj- entities such as first tuesday, a global brand name Barcelona Biotech hasissues and government subsidies, and ects that are part of the Bet (the Parc de program for the exchange of ideas been presented, a move that Barcelonavisits to the city’s main economic driving l’alba, 22@Barcelona and the delta BCn/ related to new technology. city council hopes will promote the cityforces such as the Barcelona Port. in BZ Barcelona innovation Zone), the mu- through participation in forums, con-addition, the organization will help bring nich stand will also feature a space de- More information: gresses and fairs that are consideredtogether potentially key suppliers of the tailing other significant public and private to be of strategic importance in order toclients or partners and the investors. entities that are promoting or developing spread the word about the new brand, asCompanies interested in attending projects in the area. well as to boost Barcelona’s reputation asthe event can send an e-mail to an attractive and dynamic More information: for the biotechnology, biomedicine and medical technology sectors.More information: More information:
  • 18. Departures DeNtaID WorlDWiDe experTS in oral healTh Since the company was founded in 1980 in Barcelona, Dentaid has made a name for itself as an oral health company that is able to offer the latest in solutions to the problems of most concern to the population. The company’s firm commitment to science, research and to the constant development of new products has been a determining factor that has helped the company to take the next step and to become a leader on an international level. With its ability to offer the best and latest solutions for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases produced by biofilm in the mouth, Dentaid is the leading oral health company in pharmacies,18 with a market share of 18.8%. these figures have led this family business to become an influential playerBarcelona Good News both in the national and international markets. among the company’s bestselling products is VItIs®, a leading toothbrush, toothpastes, mouthwash and dental floss brand, with market shares of 46.6% and 51.6%. DeseNsIN®, which offers solutions to treat sensitive teeth, has a market share of 33.1% for toothpaste and 42.7% for mouthwash for sensitive teeth. INterprOX®, toothbrushes to clean between teeth, includes the widest range of products on the market and has a market share of 78.1%. although the company is headquartered at the parc tecnològic del Vallès (Barcelona), Dentaid also has six other business offices in spain, and the company has subsidiaries in Holland, France, Belgium, Germany, the uK, peru and Chile. But the company’s international presence reaches beyond these countries thanks to an exhaustive network of distributors that allows Dentaid to be present in over 40 countries. New European logistics center the companies that make up the Dentaid Interna- tional group currently account for 31% of total sales. this process of internationalization began with the aim of consolidating the company’s position in a series of european, Latin american, Middle eastern and african countries, where the company does business in two different ways, either through its own subsidiaries or through distributors. Over the last five years, 26 new markets have been opened and turnover has doubled. as a result of this strong international expansion, the company opened its new Dentaid International Logistics Center for storage in 2010. the 18,000 square meter facility is located in Llinars del Vallès in Barcelona. the strength of this national and international expansion is fruit of the company’s firm commit- ment to r+D+i. the company’s results have also been supported by research studies carried out at important european and american universities and published in prestigious international journals. To knoW more
  • 19. arrIVaLs falling in love tueNtIWiTh BarCelona Tuenti, Spain’s most popular social network, has settled in Barcelona, right in plaça Catalunya. The company’s new offices take up over 500 square meters on the second floor of the Triangle building. This is the second office Tuenti has opened in Spain, as the initial office is in madrid. tuenti, which has a staff of 160 in Madrid, plans to hire from 50 to 60 engineers, both from Catalonia and abroad, over the next few months to work in Barcelona on strengthening the company’s product development and web engineering. the company was drawn to the Catalan capital due to its status as one of the most desirable foreign destinations and a place that workers find attractive. that’s why they have put their faith in the Barcelona brand to act as a magnet for talent for the online company, 19 Barcelona Good News which already boasts employees of a variety of nationalities. tuenti plans to take on at least six new employees per month, and is especially interested in hiring en- gineers, web designers and user interface experts. the company is a prime example of the type of eco- nomic activity Barcelona is trying to attract in that it is one of the leading social networks on the Internet and is a recently founded company with a young staff, most of whom are under 30. the opening of this new office will also contribute to job creation and deepen the city’s commitment to creativity. Origins the social network was founded in 2006 by Zaryn Dentzel, Félix ruiz and Joaquín ayuso, and was originally intended as a communication tool for uni- versity students. the site’s success later prompted the company to include other users, although unlike other social networks, users must be invited to join by a member of tuenti. tuenti currently has over nine million users, a large percentage of them university students and school children. A promising future In 2010 tuenti’s turnover reached 10 million euros. Last august the telecommunications company telefónica acquired 86% of the internet company, although tuenti continues to operate independently. the relationship with the telecommunications company does however offer the network enormous opportunities to expand its business abroad, and in fact it is already considering entering markets such as Germany and the uK. as for its future plans, tuenti wants to strengthen its presence in mobile phones, allowing users to com- municate with one another and to access discounts for local businesses through their smart phones. an- other of the company’s goals is to grow in Catalonia, where there are currently about 520,000 users, by further building on its relationships with companies and encouraging them to become involved in the social network, also available in Catalan. To knoW more
  • 20. desiGN joiNs forces with New techNoloGy Ecology, fashion, new technology, design… Concepts that come together to create new generations of original and unique products and services that are both practical and sustainable.20Barcelona Good News 22@urbaN lab beauty:K lÉKuÉ 22@Urban Lab is one of the projects The Sabadell-based company has found a Lékué is a Catalan company that was supporting the innovation strategy of way to bring together cosmetics and fashion founded in 1980 selling brooms and rubber 22@Barcelona and the city, being offered to in its products aimed at women who like to ice trays. 2005 was a strategic year of companies and entities as a laboratory where take good care of themselves. All the fabrics change for the group, materializing in heavy they can put into practice new technologies used in BEAUTY:K products have beneficial investment in R&D for research into new and initiatives on an urban scale, collaborating cosmetic properties that actively work to materials and the optimization of designs. to make Barcelona a benchmark for innovation, improve women’s skin. in all of its fields. lékué is now the world leader in innovative prod- beauty:K’s newly launched collection of designer ucts for the kitchen made from platinum silicone. the urban lab is characterized as a “base for tests pants contain active cosmetic agents that gradually Practical, quality, innovation and cutting-edge and pilot studies” for products and services with are transmitted to the skin, achieving the same design are behind the philosophy of lékué. these urban impact. it is a space for innovative tests re- effect as cosmetic cream applied several times values have allowed the company to grow rapidly in garding unresolved needs and initiatives that benefit during the day. this is possible thanks to a new recent years. residents of the city. system of controlled release, specially designed for textile fibers, which allows the cosmetic agents to Lékué has many household The Eco Digital SIIUR lighting gradually move onto the skin as the pants are worn. product lines, but their most system recently won the Eindhoven successful, innovative and Living Labs Global Award and The cosmetic agents are gradually revolutionary is the steam or as a result it will be installed in transferred to the skin as the papillote case, made from 100% Eindhoven’s Strijp-S district Beauty:K pants are worn platinum silicone this model has already seen a number of projects with these pants, taking care of yourself is as easy lékué is currently collaborating with different put into practice, such as the implementation of 12 as putting on a pair of beauty K pants, and you’re industrial designers to create new products for its points of eco digital exterior public lighting with led ready to go! the cosmetic pants from cosMoModa® kitchen and household lines. one of the most fruitful technology. this eco digital siiur lighting system offer two different treatments: redu-care and collaborations is with the swiss designer luki huber, recently won the eindhoven living labs Global award hidrya:care. the former improves microcirculation who lives in barcelona and works with the idea of and as a result it will be installed in eindhoven’s and the elasticity of the skin, reducing the presence combining functional design with the properties of strijp-s district. there are also two recharging points of bumps on the skin and preventing rough skin. the platinum silicone to achieve, improve, facilitate and for electric cars with management and analysis of latter treatment, beauty:K hidra:care, combines reinvent known objects and processes for use in the system from one central control point. the properties vitamin e, aloe Vera and jojoba oil to professional and private kitchens. additionally, pilot studies have been carried out on moisturize the skin and Project it against premature lékué has many household product lines, but their regulating traffic lights automatically depending on aging, pollution and uV rays. most successful, innovative and revolutionary one is traffic, crossing lights adapted for sight-impaired this product is truly a revolutionary development the steam or papillote case, made from 100% plati- persons, different types of bicycle lanes, fibre optics that lets us take care of our bodies in an easier and num silicone. lékué was awarded the 2010 cambra a to homes (ftth) and remote gas, electricity and wa- more comfortable way: If our clothes are our second la Gestió del disseny prize by the commerce cham- ter meter reading for more than 150 homes. skin, why not let them take care of us? ber of barcelona and barcelona design center (bcd).
  • 21. London, IstanbuL, PeNsat a barceloNa arouNd the world nEw York CItY and nÎmEs We travel trough the world’s major cities looking for small and large businesses inspired by our city. Barcelona Showroom NYC Where? 35 east 21st street, 3rd fl. 10010. New york What? barcelona showroom Nyc sells and distributes spanish bathroom-related products: bathroom fittings, tiles, chromo- therapy and ecological air-conditioning. this showroom in New york represents four leading spanish brands which have put down roots in the us: roca, laufen, climastar and hidrocrom (ramón soler.) Why? “barcelona is a city that you can relate to design and architec- ture. americans love the city and are very interested in it”. 21 Barcelona Good News Barcelona Tapas Bar & Restaurant Where? 1. unit 1, beaufort house, 15 st botolph street 2. 24 lime streetcases i associats 3. 481 lordship lane, dulwich What? barcelona tapas bar y restaurant has been opening its doors to theCases i Associats is a Barcelona design public since 1991. in the 15 years since Martin and david dalmaustudio with offices in Buenos Aires and Miami started the company in bell lane it has grown into a large and flourish-specializing in press information. The firm’s ing business with two restaurants located in the city of london and oneactivity began over twenty years ago with the in dulwich.concept and design of paper publications, Why?and the company’s work currently sets “our aim is to provide quality authentic spanish food to our clientelethe standard worldwide for the design of and above all, quality service. we are very proud of our spanish heritage”.digital information products in more than 30countries. Barcelona Cafe Beyoglucases i associats has led the processes for the re- Where?design and renewal of more than 100 mastheads in istiklal cad. No: 126/aeurope and latin america. the barcelona-founded Galatasaray beyoglustudio has become a world leader in periodical istanbuldesign, and their activity includes the design of new What?printed media and the redesign of already-existing it is a restaurant, cafe and patisserie where different kinds ofmedia, allowing the studio to cover all aspects from meals and deserts are served. you might find various tastesthe analysis and layout of contents to page naviga- in a single place. it presents delicious examples of spanish,tion, graphic design and fonts. Mexican, italian and turkish cuisines. Why?The Barcelona-founded studio “we’ve been in barcelona many times and we enjoy and lovehas become a world leader in the city and its couisin. Moreover, as two partners, we love howperiodical design fc barcelona play. in short, barcelona has a lot of meanings like istanbul for us”.increasingly, all of this can entail restructur-ing newsrooms, changes to the organizationalcharts of sections and systems and work flows, Barcelona & Coand optimization of pre-printing and printing Where?processes, etc. 735 chemin de blazincases i associats began adapting information to 30000 Nîmesdigital media 10 years ago. the firm has become What?a specialist in setting up and renewing websites located in the south of france, this communication agency is a specialistlinked to newspapers and communications groups, in institutional identity and creates business communication strategieswhere global thinking is applied to editorial and communication plans that implements and evaluates from the begin-products but with the specific language and focus ning till the end of the project.required by multimedia information. Why? “for us barcelona means fashion, dynamism, it’s a worldwide trend setter.”
  • 22. BIZBArceloNA 2011, eNTrepreNeurs’ FAIr Barcelona has hosted the annual gathering of all entrepreneurial and innovative capital again, together with those institutions that provide support in this area, at a unique meeting last June 15 and 16.22 In the current international climate,Barcelona Good News entrepreneurial spirit is ever more necessary and indispensable. BizBarcelona provides these “idea inventors” with the chance to share and exchange experiences in order to help spur on actions which help them to make their entrepreneurial goals a reality. Anyone looking to create a company can participate in a series of conferences featuring success stories and get advice on planning a good commercial strategy This is a space in which business growth, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and internationalization take center stage throughout BizBarcelona. Activities for all participants The exhibits and contents are structured to enable those looking to create a business or make their company grow to find inspiration, practical and innovative solutions, institutional support, collaboration, advice and, above all, financing. The event included more than 90 workshops and conferences, meetings between entrepreneurs, presentation of ideas and projects to executives from different sectors, investors and representatives of capital risk funds and “speed networking” to find collaborators. Anyone looking to create a company could participate in a series of conferences featuring success stories and get advice on planning a good commercial strategy and
  • 23. WhAT’s cookINGfind clients or learn to prepare a viable is the place to find technology offers international policymakers involved A single showcase 23 Barcelona Good Newscompany plan, among other topics. and demand in the sectors of food, the in defining and implementing The biggest difference in the currentparticipants had access to personalized environment, materials and IcT-Media. policies geared towards providing edition of BizBarcelona was that thisadvice on legal company status, financing, This year there was also a tracking of support for entrepreneurship, year only the umbrella event took place,business plans, etc. The Tech Market activities aimed at national and enterprise and innovation, and concentrating all of the consolidated to discuss and learn about good annual activities in a single space so as practices and strategies. to bring together all the entrepreneur- ial capital, support for innovation and A newly consolidated entrepreneurial activity into a single initiative event. This way, the participants interact BizBarcelona is fruit of the merger of directly, thus encouraging the leverage the city’s traditional entrepreneur’s and promotion of the complex and fas- Day with hiT Barcelona innovation cinating fabric of the world of entrepre- summit, and thanks to the neurship and innovation. combination of these two events BizBarcelona has become a one-of- Promoting innovation a-kind showcase for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship that promotes inspiration, creation, BizBarcelona is a joint project of growth and business finance. The Barcelona city council, the catalan results below and the activity that government, Barcelona chamber of takes place at the conference are commerce, the Barcelona provincial proof that the event has made a council and la caixa, with the aim permanent place for itself in its of once again becoming the annual role of strengthening Barcelona’s meeting point for innovation and leadership role as a capital of entrepreneurship on a national and entrepreneurship. international level. IN pIcTures: DIFFereNT MoMeNTs AT BIZBArceloNA 2011 figures 13,300 people Almost 1,000 consultation sessions 54 private investment funds and business angels 1,800 interviews aimed at promoting new business projects 22,300 m2 dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation 88 M€ of average financing present per investor
  • 24. July 2011December 2011JUNE 28-OCTOBER 21 2011 OCTOBER 19-21 2011 Harley Davidson takes Also coming up…BARcElonA DEsign cHinA AT BARcElonA over BarcelonaFEsTiVAl summiT July 8-10 2011Barcelona Design Festival includes two epicenters China meets the Mediterranean: a conference This summer Barcelona will once againof activity: the FADfest as the starting point, which around Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in Europe. welcome bikers, enthusiasts, tourists andwill take place between 28 June and 14 July, and A simple and practical program: 1 day top level spectators to Barcelona Harley Days 2011. Onthe Barcelona Design Week as the closing event, conference and 2 days investment platform, with July 8, 9 and 10 you will be able to share yourwhich will be held between 17 and 21 October. These full government and institutional support. interests, attend concerts and watch the flagtwo events will be linked together over time by a parade, among many other activities.multitude of activities, exhibitions and tours to www.barcelonaharleydays.comenjoy design in the city. OCTOBER 17-20 DisTRipREss Festa al Cel October 2 2011 The 51st annual Distripress Congress is to be held atJUlY 13-15 2011 the CCIB. This international convention is geared to It’s the 20 th annual edition of Barcelona’s airTHE BRAnDERY summER anyone with an interest in the marketing of newspa- show, featuring the spectacular acrobatics of over 70 planesEDiTion pers and periodicals. www.festaalcel.comA new season means new fashions, and that’swhy The Brandery Summer Edition is coming to NOVEMBER 5-13 2011 ‘The Mexican Suitcase’Barcelona. It is a new multidisciplinary space where October 6 2011- January 15 2012the very best in urban fashion comes together. The BARcElonA The Museu Nacional d’Art de CatalunyaFira de Barcelona Convention Center will play host inTERnATionAl BoAT sHow (MNAC), with the collaboration of theto this event. The Barcelona International Boat Show is the International Photography Center in Newlooking further, 080 Barcelona Fashion will take biggest in Spain and one of the most important York, will be hosting a three month exhibitplace next Spring-Summer 2012. Creativity and in Europe and is celebrating a very special event: of a collection of photographs entitled Theinnovation are the concepts that inspire this event, its 50 th anniversary. The show will be featuring Mexican Suitcase. This exhibit is made up ofwithout forgetting the importance of the market and numerous new products, plus leisure, sporting and images that were captured by Robert Capa,the need to give fashion a commercial outlet. cultural ideas. Gerda Taro and David Seymour “Chim” the Spanish Civil War and whose had been unknown since 1939. NOVEMBER 29-DECEMBER 2 2011 16-20 2011 smART ciTY jsp?lan=001iJcAi 11 The Convention on Urban Facilities and the Environ-This year marks the 22nd International Joint Roxette Concert ment will take place in Barcelona next fall. At thisConference on Artificial Intelligence. This November 19 2011 international convention, there will be presentationsinternational gathering, breaking new ground in AI This 2011 tour is a presentation of the on the latest in the field of urban facilities, such as(Artificial Intelligence) research, has been held in a group’s new album, Charm School, which is green spaces and sports and leisure areas in cities.different city every year since 1969. already out. www.firabcn.es NOVEMBER 29-DECEMBER 1 2011 AutoRetro Barcelona19-23 OCTOBER 2011 EiBTm 2011 December 2-6 2011BARcElonA mEETing The Global Meeting & Events Exhibition, EIBTM, This collectors’ car and motorcycle show ispoinT is designed for the meetings and events industry, coming to the Fira de Barcelona, and willVisitors to Barcelona Meeting Point, the interna- and is to be held in the vibrant business and feature participants from various countries,tional real estate convention which is to be held at tourism destination of Barcelona. The event lasts and these cars for collectors will be on sale atthe Fira de Barcelona Convention Center, will be able three days at the Fira de Barcelona, and will focus unbeatable make contact with highly prestigious engineers, on the access to a dynamic business environment, www.autoretro.esconsultants, lawyers, builders, etc. There will also thought provoking professional education andbe a symposium featuring real estate developers, business networks.public institutions and real estate agencies. DECEMBER 2-4 2011 BARcElonA DEgusTA This exhibition is intended for anyone interested in cooking, health, quality, symbols of identity and new trends in gastronomy.