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Young Kerala Technopark

Young Kerala Technopark






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Young Kerala Technopark Young Kerala Technopark Presentation Transcript

  • Young Kerala www.youngkerala.org
  • Disruptive thoughts
    • Can we create the next original Resul, Tharoor, Google, Facebook from Kerala ?
    • Can we have an active state VC fund of more than Rs. 20 Crores corpus ?
    • Can we change media output ?
    • Can we have a more mentors in non artistic fields?
    • Can we have a 40 - 45 year old CM ?
    • Can we have a mass movement of young people influencing policies
    • First generation garage entrepreneurs have given the world the most disruptive innovations.
    • Eg:- Microsoft, Apple
  • Ecosystem
    • External
    • Chief Justice of India
    • Productive Ministers in Central Cabinet
    • Notable diplomats and bureaucrats
    • Shashi Tharoor, Rajeev Madhavan, G.A Menon, Yusufali, Wahab, Mohammed Ali, TNC Menon, C.K. Menon,
    • 2 of Infosys Co founders and current CEO
    • Subex, Capt Krishnan Nair, Menon Pistons, KPP Nambiar
    • Resul Pookutty and other technicians
    • Internal
    • National award winners in the fields of arts
    • Technopark led to an Infopark and is still incubating more.
    • Notable firms in financial services, Jewellers
  • Core issue
    • Negativity leads to fear of failing:
    • Age group 15-30
    • Lack of confidence, motivation for achievement
    • Peer and family pressure
    • Discrimination based on age
    • No effective support system
    • State has not progressed with times
  • The negative society
    • Youngsters in the age group of 15-30,
    • Fearful, Lack of self esteem, Unable to take risks, Fear of failing
    • Societal ostracisation/discriminated, Depressed and suicide prone
    • Alcohol consumption(3 times national average) to boost self confidence? (ave age is 13.6)
    • ¼ th of the total production of psychotropic drugs are sold in Kerala.
    • State economic output is 1/3 rd of neighbors.
    • 83 days of production loss due to harthals (while sale of alcohol went up)
    • Crime rate is 2 times national average.
    • 23% of women are beaten up by their men
    • Unemployment @ 30 pct
    • Highest road mishaps in the Country
  • A Suicidal State!
    • About 28 persons die by suicide in Kerala every day.
    • The suicide stats are 3 times the national average & 2.5 times world average.
    • About 100 suicide attempts are made everyday - 25% of them find realisation.
    • More males than females kill themselves - the ratio is approximately 70:30.
    • 80% of those who die by suicide belong to the productive age group of 15-59 years.
    • Family Suicides are taking place increasingly. In year 2006, as many as 29 incidents of family suicides took place.
    • It only means that Keralites have 3 times lower self esteem compared to rest of India.
  • Kerala Youth scene
    • Suppressed - No first generation leaders in the 30 – 45 age group.
    • In the last 2 weeks, 2 young men murdered their mothers. (examine what lead to the event).
    • Ambalapuzha – teenagers rape and kill two female students.
    • 3 more teenagers found dead in a pond.
    • Young MD of a finance company jailed for defrauding depositers.
    • Involved in communal violence, terror activities within and outside the state.
    • Criminality is a function of individual socialization influenced by peer groups..
    • Chasing financial success compromising fundamental values – society values rich people.
    • There are support groups for negative activities!!
    • Migrate to Gulf, USA, Canada, UK – where does that leave the State’s future leadership.
  • What lead to these…
    • The current generation fails to discuss, what lead to these events..
    • Suicide
    • Murder
    • Alcoholism
    • Crime
    • Violence and aggression
    • Running away from home
    • The current generation needs to measure their responses to the younger generation.
  • Fragile ego – function of low self esteem
    • Age discrimination
    • – Sir, Chetta, touching feet, standing up
    • - respect in other cultures are mutual
    • This generation must take responsibility and focus on productivity
    • Culture refers to a set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices that characterizes an institution, organization or group.
    • Our culture has flaws that affects the state economic output.
  • Cost of exclusion
    • Cost of not investing in the emotional wellbeing: $10b
    • $ 4 bil is remittance
    • + $ 1 bil spent on alcohol
    • $ 4.5 bil lost productivity due to anti productivity activities
    • $ 7.3 mil income lost due suicides/attempts
    • $ mil lost due to poor emotional well being
    • $ 0.6 bil lost due to unemployment
  • Feudal Kerala – negativity inbuilt
    • Unproductive activities around religion
    • Inequality and class system
    • Movies with confrontational dialogues
    • Infighting within leadership teams
    • Ambassador engine in Honda body
    • Media failed to pick up the positive side of Rahul Gandhi’s speech at TVM
    • Stands in the way of productivity
  • Unhappy Young Mind Leads to low Self Esteem Negative Inputs Negative social economic output Feudal norms abuse Constant criticism No emotional support
  • Resul Pookutty
    • Lower middle class background
    • Determination and love for his profession
    • Alternate career
    • Scale of success is always huge
    • Encouraged by an ecosystem outside Kerala
    • How do we create Pookutty’s in an internal ecosystem.
    • How do we eliminate fear of failure
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystem
    • Availability of risk capital
    • Creating a risk taking team
    • Mentors, Finance Directors, Angels
    • Mindset against risk taking
    • Support systems – family, friends, non family
    • Ostracisation upon failing
  • Political leadership
    • Doesn’t encourage young leaders in 30 – 45 age group.
    • Infighting among leadership teams for the last 10 years.
    • Some leaders do well as Cabinet Ministers than within Kerala.
    • The root issue is negativity in Kerala.
  • Human rights and the Young
    • Human rights are rights relating to life, liberty, equality and dignity of the individual guaranteed under the Constitution
    • These apply to the Young Person as well
    • Indian Constitution does not impose respect for elders, it is an automatic outcome of elders inputs to the next generation
    • Discrimination based on age is illegal
  • Solution
    • Invest in the wellbeing of youngsters :
    • Engage 15-24 years olds in – paid or unpaid Jobs and training and skill development
    • Show case role models
    • Foster a culture of benevolence and mentorship towards the young
    • Positive effect on their well being
    • Enhanced emotional health and well being
    • Encourage non mainstream career options
  • Target Group
    • Unemployed
    • Educational underachievers
    • Young offenders and ex offenders
    • NRKs resident children (children who do not have parents at the first line of defense)
    • The aspiring commoner
  • 4 Pillars of Yk
    • Well being of Youth – Self esteem.
    • Break barriers in our feudal traditions
    • Mentor and foster a confident Young generation
    • Create an ecosystem for Young people to succeed within Kerala – Support groups
  • Output
    • Youth with a better self image
    • Less crime and corruption
    • New generation of fearless leaders
    • Enhanced state economic output
    • Creation of opportunities within the State
    • Fewer people leaving the State
    • Fewer suicides
    • Fewer derelicts
  • Happy Young Person Positive Social Economic output Self Esteem Break Feudal traditions Mentor and foster Support Groups
  • Year 1
    • Show Case Role models
    • - Media Campaigns focusing on self esteem of the youth.
    • - Media Campaign to encourage alternate careers (non mainstream professions)
    • Create a Support Group
    • Leverage Web 2.0 forums – blogs, video messages.
    • Create an Advisory Board of high achievers.
    • Define core deliverables of Yk to Society.
    • Measure outcomes
  • Year 2
    • Help lines
    • More publicity, leaflets, pamphlets
    • Monthly seminars
    • Annual event and awards for the Youth Icon.
    • Handhold 2 more chapters in North and South Kerala.
  • How you can help?
    • Join the facebook group
    • Volunteers for research and propagation
    • Realize there is an issue and find solutions around it
    • 4 pillars
  • Message
    • Stay bold, take intelligent risks
    • Seek mentorship
    • Keep costs variable
    • Simple living, high thinking
    • Getting funding is not the end game
    • Focus on margins and relationships
    • Never ever confront
    • Remove failure from mind – Play to Win
  • Savari Kiri Kiri
    • [email_address]