Casting call unique staging stories


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Casting call unique staging stories

  1. 1. Unique Staging Stories and Case Studies Told By Accomplished Accredited Staging Professionals® Accredited Staging Professionals®
  2. 2. Unique Staging Stories and Case Studies Told By Accomplished Accredited Staging Professionals® works closely with media outlets – television, radio, newspapers, magazines, bloggers, podcasters and many more – and we are often asked to contribute stories. Recently a national magazine asked us to provide clever ideas and tips, as well as anecdotal stories about how Home Stagers and/or REALTORS ® made an important tweak to a house that helped it sell. We asked Accredited Staging Professionals® for their stories and today I am proud to publish what they shared from literally every corner of the United States.   Barb Barb Schwarz, ASP ® , ASPM ® , AB, IAHSP ® The Creator of Home Staging ® CEO® Founder/Chairwoman
  3. 3. Pictures I recently staged a home that needed entire paint and repairs. The original owner had a wet bar in the entry and the next owners had put a bathroom vanity in its place and was calling it a wet bar. I immediately removed the bath vanity and added a table with a bottle of wine, glasses, opener, scarf and a small note that indicated the wall had plumbing for a wet bar......also had my trim man make a frame for the plain mirror on the more bathroom vanity in the entry..!!!!   Linda K. Southard, ASP, IAHSP First Impressions House Staging Rockport, TX
  4. 5. Pictures Hi Barb, I recently staged a very unusual property. It was a "shell" of a house being sold as bath, no kitchen, no walls, etc.  People could not wrap their heads around the layout...the owner tried placing "graphic art" in each space to show prospective buyers what it "could be."  When that didn't work they hired me to stage it.  It was a very good marketing tool for an unfinished house. Below find the listing and the Realtor’s reactions to the staging. Jeanne Monaco, ASP® Staged to Perfection, LLC. Boxford, MA
  5. 10. I have to say I am sooo impressed with your creation....everything from the geometric mirror above the fireplace, to what I like to call the "earth angel bedroom" on the top floor. I walked about in a daze for about a half hour with my jaw dropped to the floor, it's absolutely amazing....your talent for definition, placement, depth,  along with the knack for creating little vignette's in corners and closets makes what was once a shell of a structure into a full fledged home.  I cannot thank you enough.   Although I had a small turn out at the Open House this afternoon, the people that did show up were impressed as well....(a couple of those were neighbors who came in when another agent had the listing) couple in particular who saw the house before stayed for a 1/2 hour...they need to juggle a few things financially  before making an offer, but in any event, were scheduled to talk again this week.....another was a summer neighbor of mine (I live on Rowley Shore in Lanesville), his daughter and son-in-law are looking for a 2nd home, they live in Austin TX and own a few "Planet Hollywood" restaurants and recently sold "World Gym" to an investor. She's coming up in 2 weeks and she's rather nostalgic for the area, as she summered here as a child...(we get a lot of those!) Continued on next slide   Jeanne Monaco, ASP® Staged to Perfection, LLC. Boxford, MA
  6. 11. From this long e-mail what I am really trying to say is, "thank you so much"  for creating such a buzz in such a short period of time, without the staging I know this never would of happened.   On a side note, Steve briefly mentioned that you and your partner have expressed some interest in the property as well? Isn't his home spectacular, I feel like I'm somewhere else when I'm up there. I especially love the granite fire place and the teakwood throughout. The summer rental units are very nice too, (2 bedrooms on opposite sides of the unit, for privacy), radiant heat, fireplace and modern touches. It also brings in a hefty weekly rent as well, with a strong repeat business.   Also, please extend a thank you to your crew as well, there hard work, especially in the sweltering heat did not go unnoticed.   Warmly,   Mary Matthews, Realtor, ABR  Jeanne Monaco, ASP® Staged to Perfection, LLC. Boxford, MA
  7. 12. Pictures This past spring I was asked to stage a vacant home that had been on the market for 2 years. The issue was outdated finishes, such as lots of wall mirrors and tongue and groove wood paneling. It was not in the homeowner’s budget to remove these items. The solution: stage it with just the right modern furniture, art and accessories so the outdated finishes no longer “appear” outdated. Using a modern white sofa, modern glass accent tables, along with very contemporary art and accessories achieved our purpose. After staging, all of the mirrors and paneling looked modern and fresh. The feedback was phenomenal. Several Real Estate agents commented: “This CANNOT be the same house!” It sold just a few weeks after staging. Michele Nowak, ASP®, IAHSP® Moving By Design Wake Forest, NC
  8. 16. I was asked to Stage an occupied house for sale.  In the kitchen they had removed fluorescent lighting and put in recessed light fixtures.  When they removed the prior light fixture and re-did the ceiling there was a line between the new and the old area that did not blend well with the rest of the ceiling.  It stood out and would have been an issue for Buyers.  My simple suggestion was to “trim out the line/edge with decorative molding.  It would not only set apart the lighting area in the kitchen but it would solve the issue of the odd transition. The Seller did what was suggested and it looked great.  Investment:  $50 in molding and paint.  Alternative:  Re-do the entire kitchen ceiling (texture, paint) - $1,500.   Jennie Norris, ASPM®, IAHSP®, WCR® Sensational Home Staging Denver, CO
  9. 17. I was working with an elderly Seller that took a LOT of medications.  There were at least 75 bottles of pills, prescription meds and so forth in his bathroom on shelves.  In the kitchen he had a large box of syringes and other medical supplies on the kitchen counter that he used every day.  It was cluttered looking and needed to be streamlined.  For Staging, I knew he needed to be able to access his medications, and yet I did not want buyers to know anything about his health or form opinions about the Seller based on seeing all the medical things.  Perhaps a buyer could be concerned about contracting something themselves or make a lower than normal offer if they felt the seller was in poor health. Continued on next slide
  10. 18. Pictures What I did was create a privacy curtain that hung in the bathroom to hide the medical items while still allowing him access to the things he needed.  In the kitchen I put all his medical syringes and supplies in an attractive box with a lid I found on his shelf in the living room.  It allowed him to have access to his things but the Buyer could not see what was inside. Jennie Norris, ASPM®, IAHSP®, WCR® Sensational Home Staging Denver, CO
  11. 20. I had a very different staging experience this summer.  I was called by a Realtor to stage a home AFTER they received an offer.  This was a unique historical property--an old Friends Meeting House in Pennsylvania that had been restored by a renowned architect.  Although it was on the tax roll as a two bedroom, it really wasn't.    Before it was officially on the market, they had an acceptable offer, but the original appraisal came in at about 2/3 of the generous offer they had received.   Our job was to make it appraise!  Removing some of the beautiful antiques made the spaces appear larger, but the real trick was making creative use of a sleeping porch and small adjoining room.   We managed to make  a bedroom suite, complete with office space, so it could qualify for the two bedroom distinction.    Kim Dillon, ASP®, IAHSP® Creative Eye Home Staging Cochranville, PA
  12. 21. I was asked to stage a home that had been on the market a yr. The problem was the Master BedRoom was actually a room called a FROG: "finished room over garage". It had the typical sloping walls so there did not appear to be a wall to place the bed. Otherwise the room was very spacious. I used a piece of metal wall art as the "headboard" and placed the bed on the low wall. I staged the rest of the bedroom as usual and due to it's size was able to add a sitting area too. The house sold in 10 days, the builder was in shock but he was telling everyone about my "selling his house". Around the same time I staged a house that had a room that was very confusing to buyers. It was supposed to be a bedroom but the builder put in french doors that opened onto a Carolina room (not very private!). I immediately knew it needed to be staged as an office. It then became a wonderful sunny space that had a great view of the water just outside the Carolina room. It sold in a week after being on the market for a year. I told the builder he needed to call me sooner and he said he had already put me on his speed dial!! Kim Trudo, Accredited Staging Professional®, ASP® Bella Mia Home Staging New Bern, NC
  13. 22. I approached a friend from my church whose house had been on the market for over 2 years and not selling. I convinced her to give me a chance to prove my abilities to properly stage her home and help prepare it for the market to be SOLD!  The home was in need of many home improvements, updates, de-cluttering and room flow. No doubt working on updating the bathrooms made a huge improvement!!!  The cabinets went from either a dark walnut or pine stain color to being painted the crisp white color of the trim and beautiful classy upscale knobs were added to enhance these freshly updated cabinets. Removing and replacing  the outdated mirrors with more transitional pivoting oval mirrors in a lush polished or brushed nickel finish and of course new lighting fixtures truly helped to transform these tired old bathrooms to new tranquil personal retreats. Layering the rooms with textural towels, plants, stylish bath accessories always helps to appeal to the 'personal touch' that is so pleasing. Continued on the next slide Maureen Poole, ASP®,ASPM®,IAHSP® Astounding Surroundings Staging           Scituate, MA
  14. 23. The Master Bath had an encounter with a fabulous treatment by Miracle Bath. The garden tub and a single strip of tile were miraculously altered from a drab taupe color to a clean white finish. Topping off the transformation with new shower plumbing, curtain rod adorned with a sophisticated shower curtain and shower embellishments. Everyone knows most of us begin and finish our days spending time in the privacy of our bathrooms. It's important to have these rooms feel and look as beautiful as the rest of the home, I believe it's good for the soul! Maureen Poole, ASP®,ASPM®,IAHSP® Astounding Surroundings Staging           Scituate, MA
  15. 24. In July my company, Flourish Home Staging of Bend OR, was asked to Stage a home being featured in the Central Oregon Builders Association (COBA) Tour of Homes. The house was newly built and the proud builder gave us a tour. He shared that the only negative comment he'd received from Realtors was questioning the purpose of a small room off the kitchen.  It was quite small, had a high window and was painted gray. It has lovely glass doors and could have been used as a home office. The home is located in Northwest Crossing, a popular family community on the west side of Bend, OR. As ASPs we are trained to understand who the potential buyers may be for each home we Stage, and to assign a purpose to each space as we "set the stage" for the home to shows its very best and appeal to those buyers.   We assumed this would be a family home and purposed the "mystery room" a playroom.   Continued on the next slide    Pam Kahle, ASP®, IAHSP® Flourish Home Staging, LLC  
  16. 25. Picture To make the room inviting my partner, Megan, applied a brightly colored tree, flowers, and animal themed removable decal to the wall. Since the room was near the kitchen we elected to furnish it with children's kitchen so the children could be cooking and playing house while mom and dad just a few feet away in the family kitchen. Not only did this space win rave reviews from Realtors and potential buyers as they toured the home; but the children were drawn to the room and played while the parents toured the home.  We are pleased to report the home sold the first weekend of the Tour!     Pam Kahle, ASP®, IAHSP® Flourish Home Staging, LLC Bend, OR
  17. 27. Picture I was approached to furnish and stage a new construction log cabin that sat unsold for six months.  The mountain cabin was floor to ceiling pine and smelled fantastic.  I didn't use any candles in the home because I did not want to detract from the pine aroma.  I used all earth tones in the home - soft greens, browns, tans - and accessorized with artwork, bedding and towels in a botanical theme.  The property swiftly had two offers, and went under contract in about two weeks.  My staging of this property also went on win a state award for interior merchandising.   Joan Inglis, Accredited Staging Professional Master®
  18. 29. House 1 ~ Selling the view ~ I was staging an occupied townhouse that was boring and just like every other one on the street – except for one thing:  this unit backed up to woodlands and was the only one with a ‘view’.  I removed most of the oversized furnishings in the living room , but left a large nice chair by the window.  A stunning floral on a stylish table by the window drew the buyer’s eye right to the view when they entered the living room.  Sold on ‘sight’!   House 2 ~ Making music from dead space ~ How many houses have ‘living’ rooms that are ‘dead’ space?  By using musical instruments that the owner already had, this room was turned into a fun and useful family space.  Now the kids can practice and the family can gather for sing-alongs.  Previously on the market for several months, it sold in a couple of weeks after staging. Continued on next slide
  19. 30. Pictures House 3 ~ Does Aqua-Man live here?  ~ The homeowner moved and this became an empty house.  But it still was all aqua!  Under the carpet was hardwood – yea!  Refinished floors and neutral paint, plus furniture from my own stock made this house instantly lose 40 years.  TWO OFFERS WITHIN TWO DAYS!  Was the work worth it?  The homeowner is convinced is was and so is the Realtor (who never lists a house without staging it first)! Continued on next slide Barb Gros, ASP, IAHSP Refreshing Space Woodridge, IL
  20. 34. This is my Listing Presentation when asked "why stage"... About 30 years ago I became the second listing agent on a well priced, vacant, great location home in Long Beach,Ca. After two weeks and several showins, I decided the house was totally without spirit. I went home and brought back all of my live plants and placed them strategically in the house.  That week I received 4 offers.  The seller asked me what I did and I said "You would not believe me...."  I have been staging my homes ever since. When I moved to Bellingham and Worked for Douglas T. Gray Real Estate over 20 years ago, I met Barb, and we coined her technique "Barbarising" our listings. I now stage for other realtors with Becki Taylor and we have our own storage space.  It is absolutely a necessary ingredient. Jo Ann Wyatt Windermere Real Estate Bellingham, WA
  21. 35. Thank you so much to all ASPs ® and ASPMs® Who Shared their Unique Staging Stories Barb Schwarz, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP®, AB The Creator of Home Staging® CEO® Founder/Chairwoman IAHSP® and The IAHSP® Foundation