cPanel For New Bloggers


Published on New Bloggers Your cPanel is the road map to installing your WordPress blog/website. Deciding and registering your email is the first step to take before getting online

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cPanel For New Bloggers

  1. 1. Step By Step Video Tips On How To Use Your cPanel For New Bloggers Your cPanel is your roadmap to working with your host site, setting up your email, checking out your website stats (your traffic) and so much more. I'm going to cover a few main areas of the cPanel you need to know to get started. Do take time to check out all the other areas that are not covered here to see what is there and what can be done, there is so much here so get familiar with your entire cPanel. You will need to set up your email first. At the top of your cPanel find the button that says mail and click on that button. Next click on add/remove/manage accounts, next at the bottom of the page click on add account. I would use your name for the email for you blog, however, you can set up whatever name you want. For the quota I would delete any number in there as this will then give you unlimited space. The next are to look at is where you can upload you files, pictures and many other things you would possible need for you blog/website. Find the button that says file manager and click on it, next look for and click on the public_html (click on the folder not the words.) This page is where you will see all the WordPress files that you will up load later. Look it over and get familiar with this area.
  2. 2. Then next area to look over for now is your web stats, this where you can check out how many people have visited your website, the number of pages and so much more that can help you later in getting more traffic to your site. Find the button that says Web/FTP Stats and click on it, now you will have several to pick from but my favorite is the Awstats, click on this to look it over. Remember you just set everything up and have not installed your WordPress at this time so there may not be any information to show at this time. If that's the case come back later to look it over. Check out the rest of the cPanel and get comfortable with the layout and where everything is located. The following video Step By Step Video Tips On How To Use Your cPanel For New Bloggers will show you step by step your cPanel. Next step is to install your WordPress blog through your cPanel. Let's take the next step together with Step By Step Video Tips On How To Install WordPress Blog For New Bloggers. Barb Sibbing 317-250-3324