Hosting Site For New Bloggers


Published on New Bloggers First Hosting Account is a major step in getting your blog/website online, finding a hosting company is the second step in your blog/website process.

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Hosting Site For New Bloggers

  1. 1. Step By Step Video Tips On How To Get Your First Hosting Account For New Bloggers You need to have a hosting account to be able to install a WordPress blog and/or get your website up and ready for business. There are so many companies to choose from it can be difficult deciding which one is right for you. I use and recommend Host Gator. Host Gator is very reliable hosting company and I have used it for years and have never had any issues. If you have problems their customer service people are great and respond quickly to take care of any problem you many have. HostGator has several different packages available for you to choose, so there will be one that fits your need. They also have several different reseller packages as well for you to choose. I would suggest you pick one of the individual web hosting packages unless you plan on setting up several different blogs or websites like I have. Fact is that you can use one reseller account to host many different blogs or websites. If you are not sure whether you will be setting up any other websites at this time just pick one of their other packages because you can upgrade at any time.
  2. 2. Remember you will need a domain name before you sign up for your hosting account. If you have not signed up for a domain name yet I would suggest you read Step By Step Video Tips On How To Get Your First Domain Name For New Bloggers first. Remember I use Host Gator for my host company and this is what you will see in the video below. This video will show you how to get registered with your host company. Next step is to learn how to redirect your Nameservers, not as scary as it sounds. Really it's not I promise. Let's take the next step together with Step By Step Video Tips On How To Redirect Your Nameservers For New Bloggers. Barb Sibbing 317-250-3324