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Assistive technology
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Assistive technology


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  • 2 individuals in study w intellectual disabilities 1 w/ autism; all testing below 70 IQSupported employment, 2> weeks on jobTasks chosen for coaching that were under par
  • Transcript

    • 1. ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY FOR FUNCTIONAL LIVINGPresenters: Barbara Serianni, Kathy Becht, & Kelly Schaffer
    • 2. BIG IDEAS for Today
    • 3. FOUR Everyday Tech Tools
    • 4. VIDEO Modeling - WHY• Teach new skills• Convenient reminders• Support independence• Increase self-confidence
    • 5. VIDEO Modeling – HOW• Create it from your desk or record it on the go from your smartphone• Edit video in iMovie (Mac) or Movie Maker (PC)• Push out to YouTube
    • 6. Let’s Do It! 1. Select a partner 2. Make sure one of you can record video on your phone 3. Pick something to demonstrate 4. Rehearse 5. Video demonstration 6. View playback
    • 7. How To Get it To Our Clients
    • 8. Covert Audio Coaching (Bug in Ear)• Effective in increasing the work performance of supported employees• Performance maintained several weeks following intervention• Intervention was effective across participants and work tasksBennett, K., Brady, M. P., Scott, J., Dukes, C., & Frain, M. 2010. The Effects of Covert Audio Coaching on the JobPerformance of Supported Employees. Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities (25) 173. DOI:10.1177/1088357610371636
    • 9. Bug in Ear Coaching - WHY• Discrete• Encourages Independence• Real-time Explicit Coaching• Direct Intervention
    • 10. Bug in Ear Coaching – HOW• Individual being coached wears a bluetooth ear-piece• Coach delivers prompts and corrective feedback through cell phone
    • 11. Bug in Ear Coaching - Example
    • 12. Let’s Do It!1. Get into small groups with at least one bluetooth device2. Pick someone to coach3. Determine an objective for your “client”4. Connect to “consumer” via phone call5. Coach “consumer” through bluetooth headset
    • 13. Video Email - WHY• Video instead of text• Improve understandability• Great for non-readers• Perfect for non-writers
    • 14. Video Email - HOW• Compose from your computer or smartphone• Compose on the fly• No editing required
    • 15. Portable Digital Video Tools First Then Visual ScheduleFirst – Then with a countdowntimer!
    • 16. Portable Digital Video Tools iPromptsVisual supports, schedules & pictureprompting
    • 17. Portable Digital Video Tools Picture Prompt TimerFirst – Then with a countdowntimer!
    • 18. Portable Digital Video Tools Video SchedulerPortable Scheduler PLUS VideoModeling!
    • 19. Questions? More Information? Email -