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SEO School


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Seo presentation given 3/22/12.

Seo presentation given 3/22/12.

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  • BARB - Basic welcome and thanks!
  • Pay per click management, conversion optimization, website design, responsive design
  • Go through slide then: Let us know if talking too softly, feel free to use the rest room etc.; Structure: 1st half, break & questions, 2d half (shorter).
  • When you see something that makes you laugh, this is when you can ask a few questions. You can also ask questions throughout if you ’re in a panic on Twitter with the #seoschool hashtag, we’ll answer those at break.
  • Intro we are – copywriter and seo geek. Why we put this together; LEARN SEO IN AN ORGANIZED WAY, you hear things, snippets here and there. ALSO to understand sales pitches and outsourcing JOKE: Google itself receives emails stating that they are not on the first page for their favorite keywords. ; LAST ethics!! It ’s an industry that really needs ethics. (next slide)
  • Here ’s what it is and some basic vocabulary you’ll need for this workshop
  • A set of factors used by Google to decide how they are going to rank pages. Google was started by two guys who just wanted to organize things. There are factors they use to determine “this is relevant”
  • BARB - SEO started as a profession in the mid-nineties. Google didn ’t really see it coming, no one did. Google went live in 1998, didn’t really start dominating until early 2000’s (though iseems like they’ve always been around). SEO is really a Google game. Reverse-stalking the stalkers. There are ethical concerns, SEO is largely unregulated meaning you can have people optimize your site, nothing happens, not much you can do. That may change. Also, it’s NOT always necessary!!! What industries are you in?
  • BARB -
  • BARB - Google dominates the search engine market. The discussions about monopoly are already heated, will get even more so when Google gets to 70%. Already under investigation by FTC Although there’s no hard and fast rule about what percentage = monopoly.
  • Like many industries, SEO has its fair share of black hats and snake oil sales people. Google does not have partners, automated software is often hyped and no one can guarantee #1 SEO Google results
  • BARB - The other nice thing about SEO is that it ’s a break from traditional marketing. People get tired of marketing inroads that take the same route! If print yellow page and local TV advertising are working, definitely continue to use them.
  • BARB; : 1. the audience is already active and engaged, looking for your product. 2. Often MUCH cheaper than “push. About SEO - breaks down into on-page and off-page
  • BARB - On page and off page (explain) Explain on page and off page: One is everything on your site/page - including coding, content etc. One is everything from other sites to your site/pages.
  • BARB - switch places with PAUL. There ’s something wrong with the squirrels these days!!!
  • PAUL JAHN : The elements of on page SEO. Start with techie stuff. Important, often overlooked. Some of this doesn ’t fit into what users view, but definitely fits into the on page category.
  • Make new slide showing incoming
  • PAUL JAHN: 3 things with Techie Stuff. WordPress and PageLime are two very clean platforms. WordPress includes SEO-friendly plugins such as one called Yoast. Note – WordPress is known for being a blogging platform. It ’s also a full CMS. You can see more at
  • PAUL JAHN: Explain how to view “page source” ONLINE DEMO show how to view page source: Clean code: Wordpress, Pageline, free sites from Google (see handout), This is localmn using Pagelime. Clean code and loads fast.
  • PAUL JAHN: Site speed: Check site speed with google tool. Mention firebug for firefox users
  • These are mostly for when you update your website and your URLs change. Everything else being equal, Google puts much more trust on a URL 5 years old than one that ’s 5 weeks old. Properly placing page-by-page redirects lets google know the new URL is actually 5 years old. LASTLY: Don’t build in flash, AND text CANNOT be images!!!! ******** GO ONLINE TO TECHNOLOGYFORCE.COM ************
  • PAUL JAHN: ends this section…We covered techie stuff….Moving on to the rest of on page SEO……. hand over to barb
  • BARB -- KEYWORD research is the first step in your SEO strategy. You do it before writing, even before design. And you do for each page. There ’s no particular recommended tool. We bolded the first example for a good reason  google insights search shows phrases or words that are trending shows over a timeline how many searches – can do it by state or metro – twin cities
  • The more items you search for, the more results you get. The total for this was around 100. This slide just presents the first few including ‘mobile dog groomer’ keyword ideas
  • This is a good example of keyword research on just one page. If you have another page on “dog walking in Minneapolis” you would search for phrases around that phrase. Also, quick tip. Look for lower levels of competition and higher levels of searches. **** ONLINE DEMO!!! ********
  • 1/4 of my keyword document. Also, SEO has a ton of factors, with experience you have insights. How pages are being used, how links and travel among pages can be used, hot to generate goals, how content structure and stickiness can be improved, etc. SEO is a SYNERGY
  • Once you have all your keywords, you ’ll refine for each page by analyzing competition and traffic. You’ll find some awesome ones that have low competition, high traffic. Those may become whole pages if it makes sense. We’ll talk more about other ways keywords come into play in off-page SEO. Here’s where they show up in on-page SEO. Paul will show you!
  • PAUL - You ’ll use keywords in several places: The Title Tag is the first place: Use once, possible twice: Example of using both ‘attorney’ and ‘lawyer’ in a title tag, plus creating a significant title tag for a chapter 7 bankruptcy page
  • Note – We used ‘beauty school’ for a keyword. Cosmetology schools do tend to shy away from that term, but more people do in fact type in ‘beauty school’ search queries more often. Next: Description tags
  • I also use keywords here. Here ’s an example of what a title tag looks like in the SERPs (explain the acronym – search engine results pages). Also give a mention to the meta description tag for the next slide
  • Readable description, includes a few keywords and a nice call to action. 95 chars to accommodate blended results. ****ONLINE DEMO search MINNEAPOLIS DOG GROOMER AND SHOW SERPS***** Next up: Image titles
  • Use keywords here. Flag image title isn ’t great for usability. Also, Paul to look for better images. If using a CMS, uploading a photo will just say “Title”
  • BARB TO START AGAIN HERE. Here is where you ’ll also use keywords. • But SEO content isn’t just about putting in keywords a certain amount of time in fact mention crack down on keyword stuffing with panda.• Duplicate content waters down results, content is also about stickiness, also about driving people to contact page, also about reviewing the content that’s on there: What format is it in? Is it html? Is it flash? Is it PDF? Microsoft word doc? As PJ mentioned has to be html not flash or images.
  • Content comes from an actual website from a personal injury attorney in Dallas
  • ********* ONLINE DEMO : NEED REPLACEMENT FOR CC: In title, in links, in title tag, at least 150 words on page (this has 300), in footer. ALSO TALK about creating blog, resource centers, tips, finding out about the PDF ’s, the names of pages, navigation item names
  • PAUL kick off ‘ offpage seo section ’ - Ask if anyone lives in a community that Patch is at. Get to know that editor. Inbound links arguably count more for the search engines than on-page factors. Also mention HARO (help a reporter out)
  • A link from Patch is golden. They ’re owned by AOL (insert 2003 punching bag joke) and their link authority is huge.
  • PAUL - Note – Screaming Frog is free and works with either a mac or pc. Screaming frog is great for smaller sites. Reads URLs, finds errors, what ’s in titles, tags, how many characters they are…
  • BREAK!!!!!! 15 mins barb and paul check twitter feed.
  • BARB - We ’ve gotten through here, we’ll start on PPC when we get back, 15 minutes to rock and roll (go to next slide for break period). After break get head count for happy hour. Mention free apps, cash bar but $5 off $20 if you check into foursquare.
  • PAUL intro ppc. The amount you pay for ad clicks does not solely determine where you are ranked. Click-thrus and conversions also greatly help.
  • You do it with Google Adwords, also mention Google Adwords Express. AdWords you can bid all the way to the exact keyword. AdWords Express limits you to categories. Go online and show interface.
  • This is the page your ads will go to. And, why you would want to send someone to a landing page instead of their home page. A nice lead generation example is on the next slide. Multivariate test is a fancy way of saying a/b/c testing. You would most likely need a developer for these.
  • Example of a landing page that has worked. They like to be called a cosmetology school but realize that more conversions came from people who typed in ‘beauty school’ type of phrases into Google
  • PAUL - cover Place Pages: Say how and where to sign up. Talk about the sign-up process, talk about verifying by phone Explain the verification step. Post card looks like junk mail, phone is instant.
  • Have some images ready that you want to use, even some video. For photos, it ’s important to compress them to the smallest size possible.
  • PAUL- Google search for “Minneapolis mobile dog groomer” These show up when you add city/states to search queries.
  • Some things like transit and word descriptors are algorithmically placed. The arrows show items that business owners can provide themselves.
  • Categories is sometimes hard to nail down. I ’m not an Internet Service Provider. Also, mention hiccups If you don’t include photos.
  • This appeared in the Localmn Google Places page. It ’s a picture from a blog post showing a boarded up Cedar Rapids business a year after the horrific 2008 flood.
  • Also appeared in the Localmn Google Places page
  • If you wind up doing a Google search for Lord & Faris, they ’re Yahoo Local profile does show up on Google’s first page
  • Claim your Bing Local profile online, confirmation code is sent via standard mail for solidification purposes
  • Works best for businesses who sell products vs. services
  • Switch places
  • BARB ******* – fill e’m out, branded searches will always come up on google, if you have a citysearch profile it will come up on google
  • Here ’s where we are and what we’ve covered…. On to Google Analytics! DON ’ T SWITCH PLACES YET
  • BARB – INTRO ANALYTICS whose coming; search terms, what city, state they ’re from, how long they spend on page, what page they land on, what page to they exit from, There are paid analytics platforms which require advanced-level knowledge. Google Analytics provides the same level for those who are not Analytics experts.
  • BARB - Talk through the sign up process, adding code snippet.
  • PAUL take over – First select the admin button in the upper right corner. Talk through the sign up process, adding code snippet.
  • PAUL – Now you have the code to copy/paste and send to your developer. This should be done on every page
  • PAUL - Do this case study of how analytics can impact business decisions: example of an anonymous business that measures their conversions/goals by leads.
  • The majority of their traffic came from Minneapolis and western suburbs who they do not wish to target.
  • Home tab is a customized dashboard, Standard Reporting is automatically set up. Custom Reporting allows you to create reports very granular (talk about the details that you can get into, give example)
  • Standard reporting is available right out of the box
  • You need to create your own custom reports – very powerful
  • Google Analytics was not the sole reason for a Plymouth location, but it was indeed the starting discussion point. Finance and real estate team was also involved. This was also a 7 figure decision
  • PAUL – Anyone remember the old Google analytics where you could produce reports in PDF. It’s baaaaack.
  • Questions about ANALYTICS?
  • Local Search and Web Analytics embrace both SEO/PPC and Social Media/Online Reputation Management, hence the bold
  • BARB: The main point of social media is to not just claim your listings but to be active in social media outlets that your potential customers/clients are at. Google plus & google plus 1.
  • BARB: Why you care…
  • BARB: Your presence on these social media sites is one click away from your own site. Turn back over to paul
  • PAUL: Story goes, when Sonic burger moved to town, mpls was a buzz with the news. I took a Flickr set just for fun.
  • Google Insights is also a great keyword research tool
  • Next example: I won some meat…here ’s how it worked (next slide) explain hash tags
  • Example from the Vikings home game vs. the Denver Broncos. All I did was use the hashtag #tailgating tweet to win their prize pack
  • Omaha Steaks is a great example on how they integrated traditional and online marketing to promote their brand.
  • Paul continues Barb may have comment After this tweet, Cisco negated their job offer - Make no mistake, angry customers can do serious damage. March cites a loyal Sears customer who spent $5,000 annually on tools but was denied a replacement because one tool broke 31 days after it was purchased, a day after the warranty ended. March says the customer blasted Sears on its Facebook page, ripped up his Sears credit card, and vowed that he would never shop there again. A Sears' customer service rep read the customer's note, shipped him a new tool, and included a gift card. Reassured, the customer took out a new Sears' card. "In social media, customers control the brand," Hougland says.
  • See when people are writing about variations of you….
  • Note the quotes to show an Exact Match. Use quotes to limit it to those exact words
  • PAUL
  • Transcript

    • 1. SEO SCHOOLSearch engine optimization 1.0
    • 2. Thank you to our sponsor!
    • 3. Feel free to keep smart phones on!• Feel free to take pictures of slides• Feel free to take pictures of anything you find interesting• Feel free to use the #seoschool Twitter hashtag for this event (questions, comments, wardrobe critique)• Feel free to turn your ringer to vibrate mode  #seoschool
    • 4. Seo School designated humormoments
    • 5. Seo School goals• Help you understand how SEO works and how it doesn’t work! “Black hat” vs. “white hat” SEO.• Help you understand what questions you can ask when fronted with sales pitches and knowing when it’s to your advantage to out-source• To instill honor, pride and a rigorous moral code with which to use in all your SEO dealings henceforth!
    • 6. What? When?Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process ofimproving the visibility of a website or a web page insearch engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or“algorithmic”) search results. In general, the earlier (orhigher ranked on the search results page), and morefrequently a site appears in the search engine resultspage (SERP), the more visitors it will receive from thesearch engine’s users.
    • 7. Google’s mysterious “algorithm”……
    • 8. The industry step-child
    • 9. Why you care about SEO• December 2011: 18.2 billion core search queries, 12 billion Google• Same time previous year: 16.4 billion. Year before that 14.7 billion. This is not reversing!• Google owns marketshare (consistently more than 65%) followed by Yahoo (hovers around 16.1%)
    • 10. Fun facts about SEO As of January 24, 2012 Google: 66.1% Yahoo: 16.2% Bing (Microsoft): 13.8% Behavior on Google 20% searches are local
    • 11. Not-so fun facts about SEO
    • 12. “Push marketing”• TV ads• Print yellow pages• Local direct mail• Local billboards
    • 13. “Pull marketing” or SEM (YAY!)• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 1.On page 2.Off page• Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)• Local search (local listings)• Directories• Google Analytics• Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr)• Online reputation management
    • 14. Search engine optimization• On page SEO: The stuff of websites – technical, content, tags. On your own pages.• Off page SEO: Links from other sites – off your pages to your pages.
    • 15. On page SEO• Techie stuff (On page is the closest this fits into)• Keyword research• Title tags• Meta descriptions• Image titles• Content
    • 16. Google account: Kind of techie stuff•• Welcomes either a Gmail address or your preferred existing email• Having a Google account gives you access to: (next slide)•••
    • 17. Google Webmaster Tools: Techie Stuff•• Impress your developer!! Learn how to:• Verify your site w/ Google Analytics (more on GA later)• Make a geographic target (US)• View incoming links• View Google crawl errors (happens to the best sites)• Set preferred domain (www vs. non-www)• Get HTML suggestions straight from Google• Much more
    • 18. Links from other sites
    • 19. Tools: Techie stuff• Clean code or content management system (CMS)• Site speed• If changing URLs, using proper redirects (301)
    • 20. Techie stuff: Clean code, PageLime
    • 21. Techie stuff: Site speed•
    • 22. Techie stuff: 301 re-directs
    • 23. On page SEO• Techie stuff• Keyword research• Title tags• Meta descriptions• Image titles• Content
    • 24. Keyword research• The foundation of your SEO strategy.• Measure popularity and competition• Many different keyword research tools (free & paid)•••
    • 25. Search query for ‘dog groomer Minneapolis’ – 100different keyword ideas
    • 26. Download right to an Excelspreadsheet! Relative # between 0 and 1
    • 27. Why would anyone out-source???
    • 28. Have keywords. Now what?• Off page: May inform linking strategies, blogs and more• On page: Will use in title tags, desc tags, image description, content
    • 29. On page SEO: Title tags• Keywords in title tags are very important• Try to keep the tag under 70 characters• Title tags are unique to each page• Minneapolis Bankruptcy Attorney | MN Chapter 7 Lawyer Chapter 7 page for an attorney who specializes in bankruptcy
    • 30. Title tag example•• Title Tag Example:• Minneapolis Beauty School | Plymouth & Woodbury Map, Location, Hours & Contact• Appears in Firefox
    • 31. Dog grooming title tag as shown in theSERPs Title tag as shown in the SERPs (Meta description tag coming up)
    • 32. Meta description tag Call to action
    • 33. On page SEO: Image titles• They’re for use not abuse!• Mildly effective in SEO,• Great for usability• Very easy to do if using a content management system
    • 34. On page SEO: Content• Search engines weigh content heavily• Web users are compelled by well-written content• Keyword stuffing is bad
    • 35. Bad• Contacting a Dallas car wreck lawyer, who also may be referred to as a car accident injury lawyer, 18-wheeler accident lawyer, or semi truck accident lawyer , depending on the type of vehicle wreck or car wreck injury cases handled, may be the most important move a car wreck victim can make in receiving a car accident injury settlement. • Actual website content
    • 36. Not bad
    • 37. Search engine optimization• On page SEO: The stuff of websites – technical, content, tags. On your own pages: Techie stuff, keyword research, title tags, meta descriptions, image titles, content• Off page SEO: Links from other sites – off your pages to your pages.
    • 38. Off page SEO (inbound links)• Blog page, press releases• Hyper-local News Mentions (, community online news outlet)• Local associations (industry associations, BBB, etc.) Press Release for Cyber Monday Revenue includes a link to their website
    • 39. Patch categories
    • 40. Business description and link fromPatch
    • 41. SEO tools and resources•••
    • 42. “Pull marketing” or SEM (YAY!)• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 1.On page 2.Off page• Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)• Local search (local listings)• Directories• Google Analytics• Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr)• Online reputation management
    • 43. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising
    • 44. Google AdWords options• Immediate results (kind of)• More keyword structured than a SEO campaign• Ability to show in addition to organic and local listings• Landing pages Best for the savvy or outsourcing Best for the N00B
    • 45. Landing pages for PPC advertising• Great for lead generation: more call to action and less options• Ability for A/B and multivariate testing (A/B/C/D)• Great for using Google’s website optimizer tool•
    • 46. Landing page for a Utah University
    • 47. Place pages & local listings• Yippee! It’s free!:
    • 48. Please claim and fully fill out your placesprofile!Opportunity to showcase so much great info!• Name, address, phone # (N.A.P.)• Website• 200 character description of business (tip, include keywords)• Hours of operation• Links to social sites• Coupons (offers)• Affiliations and associations• Business photos• YouTube videos• Ratings and reviews
    • 49. Place pages & local listings• Part search engine listing, part social media influence• “Blended results” (organic + local)• 3, 7, or 10 pack results• Local directories
    • 50. Globe University, Sioux Falls campus• Filled out Google Places listing
    • 51. Google place page hiccups
    • 52. Nothing says “trust me with your marketing”like a boarded up building!
    • 53. Or a blue port-a-potty!
    • 54. Yahoo Local•• Also free, not as comprehensive• Positions well in Google’s search engine
    • 55. Bing Local•• Not as comprehensive as Google, but still powerful• Add images• Create free QR code (point to Google Places page?)• Option to create free mobile site (owned by Bing)
    • 56. Example Bing Mobile Site and QRCode
    • 57. Bing’s comprehensive local portal
    • 58. Map included
    • 59. Halloween, 2010
    • 60. Local directories: 1. Citysearch•• Portal to and many other directory sites• Shows up well for Google, Yahoo and Bing searches• The more information included, the better
    • 61. Local directories: 2. Yelp• Yelpers are faithful users• Business owners can interact with Yelpers•• My customer profile• Works great for storefronts
    • 62. “Pull marketing”• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 1.On page 2.Off page• Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)• Local search (local listings)• Directories• Google Analytics• Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr)• Online rep management QUESTIONS THUS FAR?
    • 63. Google Analytics – Creepy in a goodway!• The most important thing you may learn today• Analyze your site visitors behavior to the most detailed level imaginable (that’s the creepy part)• Today’s focus is on Google Analytics – enterprise level (free)
    • 64. Web Analytics – Sign up here!
    • 65. New account or property process Best for sole businesses or Best for agencies
    • 66. New Google Analytics code for yourdeveloper
    • 67. Paid vs. organic search traffic (30 days)
    • 68. Web traffic via location – Woodbury (Plymouth) Woodbury
    • 69. Standard and custom reporting• Countless standard reporting right in the box• Custom reporting
    • 70. Standard reporting - visits by city
    • 71. Custom reporting - leads by city
    • 72. End result? New location in Plymouth! (Not Actual Grand Opening Balloon)
    • 73. It’s back – reporting in PDFs
    • 74. Ok this isn’t humor, just cute asheck!
    • 75. “Pull marketing”• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 1. On page 2. Off page• Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)• Local search (local listings)• Google Analytics• Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr)• Online reputation management
    • 76. Social media + online rep management• Google loves social media so much that it’s part of their algorithm• Pages within social media sites often top Google results (with use of titles, descriptions, tags)
    • 77. Social media + online rep management• 800 million active users on Facebook and 100 million on Twitter
    • 78. Social media sites• YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr – allow you to title, describe and tag each photo/video (all unique pages)• Facebook - #1 overall used site• Twitter – listen, engage, engage more, then talk• LinkedIn – not just for job seekers.• Foursquare – works well with store fronts• Google + – getting in the game• Blogs – the sky is the limit
    • 79. Flickr – 1st Minnesota Sonic drive-in• 1,685 views for this picture only – Flickr set of 18 photos were all over Google
    • 80. Google insights for ‘Sonic Minnesota’• Photos posted on Flickr June 12, 2008•
    • 81. Result?• Flickr set went viral w/ thousands of views: I was “That Sonic Guy”• Resulted in leads? No. Resulted in branding? Yes• Most likely brought in $$ in sales for Sonic
    • 82. Omaha Steaks on Twitter: Freemeat!•!/OmahaSteaks
    • 83. The tweet that got me meat
    • 84. End result?• 8 burgers• 8 brats• 8 franks• Four months later, where’s the meat Omaha Steaks?!?
    • 85. Online reputation management• Citizens using social media and impacting online reputation• Google Alerts• Twitter searches• Premium options
    • 86. Google Alerts
    • 87. Twitter real-time searchReal-time Tweets for keyword combos you choose.Results appear below.
    • 88. Premium online rep management firms•  inexpensive price point••
    • 89. Google loves you! They also love trusted sitesyou’re connected to within one click. YOU
    • 90. Thank you!