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Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Meghan Faughnan Anthony Wachter Diane Barbosa Tyler Callahan Mena Samuel
  • 2. Acknowledgement We’d like to thank Mr. Jake Baron for his time and cooperation in this report. He was able to give us the ins and outs of Ruby Tuesday operations and we appreciate it greatly.
  • 3. About Ruby Tuesday     Founded in 1972, in Knoxville, Tennessee. Ruby Tuesday operates in over 800 locations in the United States and around the world. They are leaders in the casual dining industry. They focus on consumer research to determine customers preferences, trends, and opinions
  • 4. Their Mission     Their mission is to make all their customers feel at home and to provide them with AllAmerican quality cuisine. They strive for the best quality meals to be available for their customers. They want their customers to feel like family. With competitors such as Applebee’s, Cracker Barrel, and Buffalo Wild Wings, just to name a few, Ruby Tuesday has to maintain its stance as a quality casual dining restaurant.
  • 5. Flowchart
  • 6. Technology Used Everyday This includes:    The ordering process (POS System) The transition of the system going to the correct department within the store (order going to kitchen or bar) Table Management System
  • 7. POS System VIDEO v=a2OONNJnXNU
  • 8. Point of Sales    Ruby Tuesday uses a Micros POS system to track and manage customer experiences in its restaurants. Point of Sale systems are touch screen monitors that are used to input customer orders that can be tracked and sent to the kitchen so meals can be prepared and drink orders can be sent to the bar. After a customer’s meal is done, the server is able to print the check directly from the monitor and present it to the guest.
  • 9. Benefits of the POS System    Reduces the waste and operating time by using the specific button-timing and quality of service. Greatly reduces human error. Is quite beneficial for a fast-paced dining environment where you are getting hundreds of customers coming in and out all day long.
  • 10. Complications in the System    the processor on the monitor is very slow itself; it sometimes takes a few seconds to recognize when information is entered into the system The system is complicated for beginners whv v o are not familiar with how the system works. The system can shutdown/crash
  • 11. Operational Issues    Some of the operational issues faced by Ruby Tuesday is how to increase the guest counts to be flat or up by 5 percent. According to Mr. Baron, the key measure is to be flat or up in sales in a downward trending market. Operation managers get evaluated by guest count compared to last year and also by profit margin, because of the economy.
  • 12. Table Management System    Ruby Tuesday specifically uses Micros TMS (Table Management System) to view all customerdining experiences from the time the first customer of the day walks in until the last customer of the day pays his/her bill. Micros TMS provides a user-friendly way of managing reservations, customer preferences, seating capacity, wait list management, and other special requests. This system allows management tasks to be eased so the customer can remain as the focus.
  • 13. Table Management System VIDEO